The Boy in the Bin

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The previous reading material is a piece of fictional literature, based on actual events. Back in 2008, I sold my restaurant businesses due to health issues. My residence at the time was with my parents. This allowed me to live cheap and care for them.

My two sisters were graciously handling grocery shopping, doctor visits . Since the folks were in their 80’s, the care giving became involved. Through many family discussions, we decided the best option, would be to place them in a managed care facility and sell their house.

This settled dealing with their care but did nothing for my personal living arrangements. Poor financial decisions on my part in the past left me without a place to live when the house went on the market. I filed my application for Social Security Disability, but the approval dragged on and on and I ended up broke; not affording to lease an apartment.

I arranged to rent a room from my friend Laura’s boyfriend. Our agreement didn’t last long. This guy became so jealous of the relationship between Laura and I, he booted me out of the house after about six weeks.

My only recourse for survival turned out to be living in a commercial bin where I stored my personal property. I would visit public facilities like Target and Kmart for bathroom breaks and cleanup. At night after dark, I would sneak into the storage unit, to sleep on stacks of blankets and clothes I arranged for my comfort. For hygiene, I relied on the generosity of my friends, using their showers and cooking an occasional meal.

Most of my day, activities included running errands and spending time at the local library. Through daily visits, I could access public internet facilities, and keep in touch with the world. Through this constant exposure, I developed a friendship with several of the staff employees, who remain friends to this day. In conversations, I disclosed to them the details of my meager existence. They joked about how inconvenient my life must be and began to jokingly call me ‘The Boy in The Bin’. Fortunately, my life in the bin didn’t last too long.

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