Eli Fletcher: The Golden Orb: Book 3

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We walk along the sandy beach. I don’t know how we got here, but it’s the one He and I always meet on.

Jason Kisner
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We walk along the sandy beach. I don’t know how we got here, but it’s the one He and I always meet on. This time we aren’t sitting in lounge chairs sipping on colorful slushy drinks, though.

“I thought we’d hang out and talk as we walk along our beach,” Jesus says; I call him Jesus instead of Joshua now. He taught me recently that they’re basically the same name, just a variation of the name Yeshua. But, I call him Jesus.

“Good idea,” I say.

“Thank you.”

We walk for another minute or so in silence, just listening to the waves crash on the shore. I’m really beginning to like the ocean. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the beach when I was in California, but this one doesn’t seem as harsh, and it definitely isn’t as crowded. In fact, we’re the only ones on it, and the sand is much softer than anything I’ve ever walked on.

“So, where were we?” Jesus asks. I know He knows where the story stopped before; He’s just prompting me to go on. There’s still a lot to tell.

“Abby had just been adopted and Marco was dropped on Miss O’s doorstep. I think the next major thing to happen was right before my next birthday.”

“Yes, eight months later.”

“Was it only that long? It seemed so much longer with no demons to fight.”

“You’re welcome, once again.”

“I’m beginning to pick up a trend here.”

Jesus chuckles. “I protect when needed and I allow trials when needed. You needed a break after what you had just gone through; especially with the memory loss, killing the Adlers and accidentally killing Aiden, allowing Tentatio to take over his body.”

I sigh. “Yeah, You’re right. That was quite a bit to experience.”

Jesus just nods and goes silent. That’s my cue to continue the story.

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