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Deliah Adams
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This book started off as a vehicle for self-pity and thankfully, it evolved into a piece of inspiration from which others can draw wisdom and strength. Writing this book has transformed me, as I hope it will transform the reader. No life is without challenge but some choose to remain immersed in it, while others use it to step into the next level of existence, usually, a better one with a better view, not only of the self but of the grand plan we call human existence.

In writing this book I had no clear plan regarding its format and what started off as a collection of unrelated stories has evolved into a tightly woven thread of inter-related experiences in which. my “mistakes” were clarified to me. Often I had to re-write the same passage five times before it became clear that there was a lesson to learn. Only once I understood the lesson, did I no longer need to revise the passage.

Isn’t life wonderful? As soon as the lesson is learnt, the challenge is gone. Though more challenges will appear, at least if you’re aware that there is a lesson, you will be willing to embrace it and life becomes more meaningful.

I berate myself often for ending up in situations, I expected to be able to predict due to age and experience, but if the lesson isn’t learnt, the challenge will persist. Accepting this is like weeding a garden. You will keep weeding, the weeds will keep growing but until you get the right poison, it won’t go away. Please see the word “poison” as a metaphor for consciousness.

If you weed your life constantly and you will experience ever expanding consciousness and you will become more equipped to deal with challenges.

I pray that this book speaks to you as I believe God has spoken to me through it.

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