A Woman's Trouble (The Streets Book 1)

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Keona Clark, in a crew and could easily go to jail for the things she has done. Drug dealing, extortion, illegal weapons, and murder are all on her street resume. She will do what she must to escape. Keona Clark. A woman in her early twenties, in a crew, and she could easily go to jail if found guilty of the things she has done. Drug dealing, extortion, illegal weapon possession, and murder are all on her street resume. Growing up on the Harlem streets, she joined Leon's crew when she was very young. Many years later, she betrays her leader, and spends a few years in a mental institution. Those two things combined, changed her life completely. Released from the hospital, she will find that she is the same person in a brand new environment. As she matured, she found love through both her crew and her man. As the many crews on the streets consolidated into three, she found that the life she chose to live was not the life she really wanted. Keona will do what she must to escape the life she currently lives.

Drama / Romance
Ripley Bellers
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Brooksville Psychiatric Center is where I live. It is early Saturday morning and I’m lying in my bed thinking of nothing in particular. Perhaps what kind of slop they are going to feed us for breakfast this morning. I hate the food here, but since I’m locked up, I guess I have no choice.

Suddenly my room door opens and it’s my nurse. She’s a pretty black lady. She’s also pretty nice. She doesn’t talk to me much, but she always has a smile on her face. I wonder if she is really happy or is it an act.

“Surprise Keona, a letter came for you today. You haven’t gotten any mail for a while have you?”

I reached for the letter. A letter. I hadn’t gotten as much as a hello from anyone since Cain had me committed. I feigned a smile and reached for it. “No. Thank you.”

The nurse turned and left the room. I looked at the envelope to see who it was from. It was a letter from Cain. Turning over the envelope, I opened it. As I unfolded it, I couldn’t help but wonder where he’d been. I hadn’t seen my one and only friend in months. The letter smelled of the cologne he was wearing the night he brought me here. I was excited to see what was going on in the outside world.

Keona, I’m sorry I haven’t come to visit in a while but business has been great. I’ve gotten out of Harlem and moved to lower Manhattan. I now live in a seven-room penthouse with everything I’ve ever wanted. The East River is so soothing at night. If I were there right now, I would give you a big hug and say thank you. After all, it was because of you, Leon’s territory came into my possession. I should’ve let you kill yourself because it would’ve been easier than writing this letter, but I didn’t want your death on my hands. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to visit you for a while. I need to give you some time to heal. Let’s see, that should be in about three years. Thanks for betraying everyone for me. Have a nice life! Cain.

Thinking back on that night, I remember it being one of the most horrible moments of my life. How could I let him just trick me like that? I wasn’t in my right mind then. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever be right again. How in the world did I let myself get put in a crazy house? I lay back on my sterile white sheets and thought about it.
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