Teebone's Turn (The Streets Book 2)

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Robert "Teebone" Jackson had a secret life when he was just the average contract killer, when he lucked up on the gig of a lifetime. He landed a contract with Cain Lucas, notorious gang alpha and drug kingpin. Teebone dislikes Cain, but is wickedly jealous of his power and money. He vows to not only be like Cain, he wants to be Cain. With a little luck and a 45mm colt, he kills Cain in order to get his hands on everything Cain ever was. Teebone manages to pull this off. He now has the woman of his dreams and all of Cain's money. Follow him through his growing pains as he learns that he should never mix business and friendship, for it is now his turn in the shadow as the largest drug dealer in the city.

Ripley Bellers
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The notorious Cain Lucas is dead by the hand of one of his own. Me. I have since moved into Cain’s house and taken over from where he left off. No one fucks with me because no one knows I am the king. However, I do have a small thorn in my side. Cain’s best friend Adrian has vowed to avenge Cain’s death if he had to die himself. Will Adrian succeed where so many others have failed? I doubt it. My name is Robert “Teebone” Jackson, and now it’s my turn.

One year has passed since Cain died and everything seemed to be quiet, at least for now. Keona and Jackson went to California for their honeymoon, and they still haven’t come home yet. Maleah was a little upset about it, but I told her I would be Tori’s father if Jackson didn’t come back. I did love that little girl. Maleah tells me Frankie, Sista, and Talia moved to D.C. and everything was going great for them.

Sista got what she wanted. A little family of her own. Talia met a special man, but none would ever take the place of her beloved Big Baby. It’s a shame when a man dies and leaves the ones he loves behind. I don’t plan on doing that.

I heard Janae and Adrian were married and living in Brooklyn. I can assume they’re happy, but I know Adrian is still obsessed with killing me. Adrian not being able to get to me has to be driving him crazy. Ha, ha! Forgive me. It strikes me funny. I know he’s not going to give up until he kills me. I wish him all the luck in the world.

Though I am essentially the king of the city now, I’m not as reckless as Cain was. I also have the woman I love next to me. I think about how perfect things are, and then I think of the one thing that is missing from my life. Jasmine.

My best friend from back when I first started. She was heavy on my mind these days and I wanted her to be here to share in my happiness. I had no idea, but she was alive and kicking right across the Hudson.
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