No Looking Back

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A love story intertwined with complicatied pasts, a young man and woman learn what it means to trust and love again. Dani Hopkins can’t stand being herself anymore. Crippled by her painful past she makes the decision to change her entire self, including her name. Leaving Dani Hopkins behind on a counter Riley McArthur decides to go anywhere but here. Wesley Thornston is a straight laced book shop owner who moved to a small town to get away from a past that he’s ashamed of. Keeping everyone at arms-length he is surprised how easily he lets beautiful young Riley McArthur in when she shows up unexpectedly looking for a job. As they begin to spend more time together they both begin to let down their walls but Wes knows that there is something the mysterious Riley is hiding. When the past catches up to Dani, Wes must decide if he’s ready to face his.

Drama / Romance
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People lie, it’s inevitable. Whether their reasons are simple or complicated people lie. I often look back on my life and wonder if I lied less I would be in a different position? Safer; happier? Maybe even a different person.

Today, November 30, 2011, I got my life back.

I breathed a sigh of relief as the verdict was read.

“It’s all over sweetie,” the prosecutor said to me, “You can go home and feel safe.”

Safe; a beautiful thought but until he was six feet under I would always be looking over my shoulder.

I looked over at the man I thought I once knew. His hair was more grey than I remembered, and his age had really started to show. He looked over at me and I froze. This man tormented me for four years, and it took five years for justice to be served leaving him haunting me for almost a decade. The man who I thought I could trust most, the first and only man I ever loved.

I entered my friend’s apartment- he wasn’t home. My feet padded quietly against the laminant flooring as I made my way to the bathroom. I pulled a box of black hair dye out of a drug store bag. I started to apply it to my roots slowly rubbing it in- the smell of hair dye consumed the small space. It smelled like freedom.

I had never dyed my hair before, I had always been so proud of my naturally red hair- but I no longer wanted to be Dani Hopkins. I wanted to start new. As I blew dry my hair running my fingers through the raven colour I smiled to myself. My bone straight hair fell flat to my side. I felt weird, my hair so dark yet my skin so pale- my brilliant green eyes didn’t seem to go with the black. It was perfect.

I slowly made my way down the hall to my bedroom and pulled out an army green duffel bag. I put in two pairs of jeans, a pair of yoga pants, three t-shirts and some underwear. I dropped a few hair ties in and my hair brush. I looked around at the room I had called home for five years. I didn’t know where I was going next, but I knew it would not be anywhere in Boston. I had two thousand dollars to my name which I figured would be enough to get myself a place for a couple of months while I looked for a job.

I put my apartment key on the counter and picked up the ID’s my friend had made for me. Riley Louise McArthur, I smiled. I put my old ID on the counter, Dani Hopkins was no more. I walked out the door not sad to say goodbye. I walked and I walked until I reached route 77. There I stuck my thumb out and waited for someone to take me somewhere, anywhere but here.

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