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Several months ago, Ava Stevens ran away from home to live with her boyfriend. She is reunited with her family several months later. Will it be the happy reunion she was expecting or will her family abandon her once they find out some news?

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‘The truth was that she didn’t like living with Zane, but she felt that she had nowhere else to go.’ -- Broken- Book 1 of Ava’s Second Chance(s) Trilogy

Ava Stevens was your typical teenager before she met Zane. Close family, straight-A student, loving boyfriend, great friends. That all changed when she broke up with her boyfriend and Zane fed on her vulnerability. Now she is living everyday in fear as she tries to find an escape from his violent clutches.

Mitch and Connie Stevens fought tooth and nail to try to keep their naïve daughter away from Zane Roberts. Tired of having to keep dragging her back home kicking screaming only to have her sneak out to be with him every time, they stop trying to fight her on it and allow her to live with him in the hopes that she will soon come to her senses.

Mitch and Connie get their wish when one night they are informed of an accident that their daughter has had. It’s a blessing in disguise when Ava tells them that she wants to come back home with them. They do everything they can to bring her home for good as little by little Ava reveals what she has lived through the last several months cohabiting with Zane.

Ava drops a bombshell about something that resulted from her time with Zane. Mitch and Connie make plans for after she comes back home as they all worry about the missing Zane. They’re all worried about him showing up out of nowhere and hurting Ava again.

Ava moves on and tries to put her time with Zane behind her. She tries to get aspects of her old life back as the threat of Zane’s return hangs over her. Will Zane be found and pay for what he did to her or will the fear always hang over Ava’s head?

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