Funkle Fattie

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Peter Funkle, a young man coming of age in Ipswich, MA in the 1970s, struggles with being raised by a single mother, feelings of not belonging and his giant size. Daily he is tormented by four local bullies who make his life unbearable. But things soon change when he realizes that what he chooses to believe, even about himself, can create a brand new reality. Told through the eyes of the now adult, but former bully, Tom Greene, Funkle Fattie is a story that transcends age, race, social class or gender. It is the nostalgic tale of two boys from opposite sides of the track, whose lives intersect during the summer of 1974. Each makes choices that put in motion a chain of events that neither one could have ever predicted. This is the story of Funkle Fattie.

Drama / Children
Heather Langone
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Chapter 1: Reflecting...

A nurse enters a visibly posh medical office. She hands the doctor --a curious, red-headed man who looks to be about fifty and is buried in a case -- a stack of folders. He sits comfortably in a very expensive high-backed leather cushioned chair. His desk is scattered with patients’ folders, conspicuously color-coded and numbered, that rub against framed photos that decorate his desk.

The nurse is a lovely, middle-aged woman who wears pink scrubs that hug her low-riding breasts which unfortunately meet her protruding gut. She stands at the entrance to the office. She has strawberry blonde hair and uneven skin with one big bump on the fold of her mouth. It is the kind of bump that should be a mole but has no clear color. It’s simply a pinkish, unsightly bump. So, the bumpy lady interrupts politely in a pleasant voice --- one that doesn’t really match the mole --- and breaks the doctor’s busy work.

She interrupts, “Sir, you asked me to let you know when the jazz series at the park begins.”

The doctor pays attention now, “Yes.”

She continues, “I have the flyer with the schedule. It came yesterday. Shall I leave it on your desk?”

He affirms, “Yes.”

She turns to exit but then remembers, “Oh, and your schedule at the hospital has changed for next week so I may have to move some of our patients’ appointments. But I will certainly let you know.”

He smiles again in agreement, “Perfect. And please ask

Angela to restock the lollipops. We are dangerously low,” he laughs, his dentist bleached veneers peeking out.

She scratches her pink bump as she speaks, “You got it, wouldn’t want to have a lollipop emergency.”

Upon leaving his office, she laughs at her own witty repartee.

The doctor ruffles through the jazz series flyer, He suddenly finds himself lost in thought. Triggered by the photo of the jazz impresario on the cover, he grazes his palm over the glossy flyer. Soon he is transported back many years. He remembers the sound of the saxophone and the web of lies that permanently changed his whole world one fateful summer.

This is the tale of Funkle Fattie.

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