Deja Vu of the Third Kind:The Remembrance Coming to Life

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Chapter 14:

Troy gets into his car and begins driving the twenty something odd miles to his construction job. It’s not that difficult getting out of the

school parking lot and premises, but it becomes more challenging when he turns onto the main road. There are more people on the road just like before, and they all seem to be either angry, frustrated, or absent minded. He says another prayer for the umpteenth time that morning for his wife, his kids, himself, and others as well. He prays for patience and safety. Traffic is moving slowly, but at least it’s moving. His cell phone rings and he immediately flips it open hoping it’s his wife. It’s his co-worker asking, “hey Troy how far are you from the job?” Troy responds with, “I’m on my way there now, Phillip. What’s up?” “Do you think you can pick me up from my house? My wife is bugging out and she says she needs the car home today for she and the kids. They couldn’t get on the school bus, so she has to drive them to school. Shit is crazy!”, Phillip says with this kind of weird high pitched voice”. “I know what you mean, man. I just dropped my kids off at their school too because they couldn’t get on their school bus neither”, Troy responds. He continues with, “I’ll come and get you, but I don’t know how long it’s gonna take me to get there. There’s a lot of abnormal traffic today, you know what with the new curfew law and all”. And as if on cue, several people begin blowing their horns in front of him. On a normal day it would take Troy maybe twelve minutes to get to his co-worker Phillip’s house for he lives right off the main road. But

today there are so many more cars on the road that he knows it’s going to take him much longer to travel. So he tells Phillip to call their boss and let him know what’s going on, and that they are going to be late getting to work.

Troy’s commute to work is nothing like Asia’s. Oh it’s not his usual daily routine where he drops the kids off at the school bus stop, then leisurely drives the twenty odd miles to work. And that there hardly aren’t any major mishaps, until today’s incidents. This makes him remember the hectic scene with all the parked cars waiting for the school bus, and how crazy his neighbors were acting. And now there is more traffic and cars on the road than ever before. He begins reasoning why and these thoughts lead him to the conclusion that people have to do and take care of the same things they did before, but now with a shorter time span to do them. He’s contemplating this as he pulls up to Phillip’s house. Phillip is standing in front of his home waiting for Troy. Phillip is a short and stocky built white man. Troy once described him to his wife as a real mountain red-neck who was born and raised in the Poconos. But even though he’s a red-neck, he is not prejudice. Phillip is a truly genuine person who likes and gets along with all types of people. And he is normally a laid back, and goofy man. But today he looks different.

Phillip just doesn’t look different, he’s also acting differently. Troy can sense something is not the same with his co-worker. Phillip gets into Troy’s car and is all flustered speaking weird and talking erratically. His eyes are red and puffy and his hair looks like he didn’t even bother to comb it. He’s wearing the same dirty construction clothes he had on yesterday, and there’s a not so kosher smell coming from his body. “Troy, I don’t know what I’m going to do!”, he says this as he runs his hand over his entire face and continues. “I have to stay out every night in the bar drinking just to get my wits about me before going home to the wife and kids. Now I can’t do that anymore and I know it’s going to drive me crazy!” Troy tries to make light of his confession saying, “yeah you might not like it but your wife sure does”. He glances over

at Phillip and gives him a slight smile. But Phillip hardly even notices, and he continues to complain and vent to Troy about how this curfew is going to destroy lives. And “how can the government get away with something like this in today’s days and times”. That’s all Phillip has to say because this gives Troy the lead he needs to begin preaching to his co-worker.

Even though the traffic is moving, it’s moving slow. This gives Troy some time to speak. He begins with, “Phillip can I ask you something?” And not waiting for him to answer, Troy continues. “Do you believe in God as our father and the Lord Jesus Christ as his son?” Now Troy waits for his response. And Phillip says, “I believe there’s a God in heaven, but I’m confused about everything else when it comes to religion. Shoot, I’m not really sure about much anymore. Look at what this world’s come to! – natural disasters, terrorism, economic distress, crime, sicknesses, wars, and the list goes on with what other shit I just can’t think of from off the top of my head!” This is more than Troy expects from Phillip. Oh, he knows that Phillip came in the car different this morning, but he doesn’t know how different. Wow! Troy thinks as he considers his next words and takes his time before replying, “yeah Phillip, I know, that’s why I asked you if you believe in God. I also have to tell you that we are in the last days and times of this world as we know it. And you need to give yourself to the Lord and be saved. That’s going to be the best way to be able to survive what has begun with some type of wise understanding”. “See, that’s what I’m talking about”, Phillip replies. “That’s the shit that’s making me confused. I don’t know what to think or believe!” By now, Phillip is excited and he’s waving his hands around in the air. Troy continues with, “it’s alright Phillip”, trying to calm him down. However, Troy knows it’s going to take a lot more to calm down just not Phillip, but millions of other people as well.

Troy pulls onto the construction job site road and sees two more co-workers’ cars ahead of him. This is a dirt only back road where basically the workers travel, so he doesn’t expect to see anyone else

except them, but there are actually some other cars and jeeps there too. He again glances at Phillip and says, “if you want to, we can continue this conversation later”. Phillip just stays quiet not saying anything. As they near the other vehicles, both men notice that they are stopped and not moving. They pull up behind a jeep and that’s when they see people standing in a circle surrounding something. “What’s going on?”, Troy asks aloud. And Phillip replies, “I don’t know”, as a reflex response. Troy stops the car, they get out, and then walk to where everyone is standing. Two women, one short and chubby, the other a little taller and slimmer are over to the side away from the others with their hands over their mouths looking sick and pale. Five men are surrounding what looks like some sort of animal in the middle of the road. Phillip asks one of the men, “what happened?” The man looks up from the grotesque form on the ground and says, “we’re not sure what happened but that lady over there drove up to this a little while ago. And I’ve lived up here for over forty-five years and I ain’t never seen anything like this before.”

Phillip and Troy look at the creature the men are staring at. Troy thinks the man is right. It’s hard to figure out what it is. It’s a large animal that looks like Big Foot to Troy. It has to be at least twelve feet tall, give or take an inch or two. It has brown hair all over its body that is clumped up and caked with blood. Its eyes are shut closed and it’s not moving. It seems to have arms and legs but they are all twisted up and look deformed. There is also fresh blood oozing from beneath it somewhere but it’s hard to know from exactly where. And it’s emitting a putridly, and disgusting smell. All the men except for the fellow who answered Phillip’s question have their hands over their noses and mouths. Troy and Phillip find themselves doing the same thing too. They are also scrunching up their faces because the smell is so bad. No wonder those two women are looking the way they are, Troy thinks. He and Phillip then see their boss and two co-workers walking towards them.

“Hey, guys”, Troy’s boss says as he waves his hand at he and Phillip. “I see you twos made it”. “Yeah, Jake, with God’s grace and mercy”,

Troy responds. Phillip says, “yeah sorry we’re late but you know what’s going on so we couldn’t help it”. “Yeah, I know”, says Jake. The other two co-workers, Mason and Gil, also greet Troy and Phillip. Everyone there exchange cordialities. And then Jake takes the lead role by saying, “you guys see this right?”, talking to Troy and Phillip. “We think we’ve found Big Foot. I’m gonna be rich!” And Phillip says, “but he’s dead”. “I don’t care. This is the first time anyone ever seen him dead or alive!” Jakes says this with excitement. Troy just stands there quietly staring, not saying a word. One of the other men ask, “did you call the troopers, Jake?” “Yeah I did, a while ago, but I think they’re busy because of the new curfew law, so I have to take care of this myself.” “Well you just make sure you report it to the state officials”. This is said by the elder gentleman who has lived in these woods for over forty-five years. Jake looks at him and says, “okay, my guys are here now, so y’all can go. We’ll handle it and take it from here.” Jake directs this statement to the elder gentleman, the two ladies who remained over to the side, and the other two men who are part of the spectators. Jake continues to look at them as if to say, okay so get going. They look at him and then slowly begin walking to their cars and jeeps, get inside, and pull off still trying to look at the creature until they can no longer see it.

Jake immediately turns to his four workers and once again says, “boy am I glad you guys made it in today”. Troy knows this means trouble. He’s standing in front of Big Foot, can hardly breath because the smell is that horrific, and his boss has a crazy look and sneaky smile on his face. Not good, he thinks. And he’s right.

Jake continues with, “guys this is our job for today”. Phillip shakes his head from side to side and says, “oh no, Jake, you’ve got to be kidding me! We don’t even know what this thing is!” Troy jumps in with, “we also don’t have the credentials to be doing something like this either”. “I have the credentials”, Jakes says. And continues on, “this is my land and property, so I can do whatever I want! Listen, I’ll pay you guys time and a half for the day.” He looks around at all the men to see if any of them are taking the bait. Mason and Gil first look

at each other, then at Jake, then at Troy and Phillip and at Jake again. Jake can see they are taking the bait but he’s not so sure that Troy and Phillip are. Troy is just standing there with a blank look on his face, and Phillip has a frown on his.

Troy finally speaks up, and with a serious look on his face says, “Jake, I don’t think I can do this. I think you should get professionals who do this kind of stuff to gather up this creature. Like I said before, we don’t have the right credentials nor the correct equipment for this job”. Jake puts up his hand and interrupts Troy responding, “what are you talking about, Troy. I have the necessary equipment, plus we don’t need any credentials, like I said before, this is my land and property so I can do whatever I want!” Troy knows it’s futile to contest his boss, but something is telling him that this is not right. He has a funny feeling inside him that’s screaming, “no, don’t do this!” And he actually tells this to Jake. Even though Jake looks at him and says, “yeah, yeah, yeah, Troy I know you’re religious and all so I’ll let you off the hook with this one”. Troy knows that Jake’s not happy because he says it sarcastically and with a rolling of the eyes and looking up at the sky. Jake then turns to Phillip and asks, “so are you in?” And Phillip shrugs his shoulders and says, “I guess so if you’re gonna pay us time and a half”. And with that, Troy shakes all of their hands, says, “good luck guys”, gets in his car and drives back home. He guesses that one of the other guys will have to take Phillip home.

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