Deja Vu of the Third Kind:The Remembrance Coming to Life

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Chapter 18:

The emergency broadcast that Chasity’s son receives is only for the city. The new directive is for the five boroughs, including all surrounding areas. There has been a specific threat concentrated on the city, and all

civilians have been ordered to remain in doors. It is being reported that if you are not an official, then do not venture out at this time. This is for everyone’s safety. They are not yet saying what the specific threat is, but they are making it clear that it is an extremely dangerous threat and that they are not taking any chances. As Chasity, her son, and daughter intently look at and listen to the emergency bulletin on Jacob’s phone, she thinks about her husband. She is so worried for him because he works out doors doing construction. He’s working on a site downtown and he’s basically situated outside, Chasity thinks as she tries to remember how the building looked when Harry drove by it one day and said, “this is where I’m working”. Anyway, she thinks, what is going to happen to all the people who work outdoors? Are they going to lose their jobs? What about those who work during curfew times and their families rely on their paychecks and salaries to live and survive? What’s going to happen? Harry is a construction worker who pours the concrete for construction sites. Most of the time, this particular job is done outdoors, and because of this, Harry and his crew are outside when the emergency bulletin about everyone remaining indoors comes out. He and his workers all look at each other somewhat confused about what to do. As the foreman, he takes control of the situation, calling

all his guys on their hand- held radios and saying, “this is directed to all personnel-listen up all workers who are currently outside must find somewhere to go inside”. He repeats himself again adding, “there has been an emergency bulletin stating that all persons get indoors immediately!” He and his co-workers, plus many others just walking by on the street, all begin crowding into the lobby of the unfinished building. Some are pushing and shoving to get into the building saying that the police are right now arresting people who are on the street. One man who’s being shoved irritatingly asks, “now what’s going on!?” And someone else replies, “there’s been another terrorist attack”. A tiny woman who any one can see is extremely rattled, desperately cries out, “how long is this going to go on!? I cannot take this much longer!” And everybody nearby vigorously shakes his and her heads up and down. Chasity and millions of other people are asking these same questions and many more, but are not being given satisfying answers. Of course, the government is doing its best answering questions, providing safety for its citizens, trying to make sure there are sufficient supplies, enough food, and a multitude of other needs to be met. The government is using its resources to accommodate people during this situation to the best if its ability. But it doesn’t seem to be enough. Too many people, heck, almost everyone is confused. And it doesn’t seem to matter for things seem to continue getting worse. And people are panicking and bugging out even more thus leading to more problems. This is what Harry reports to she and the children, when he returns home from work. This is also something that Chasity knows, which prompts her

to begin talking to her husband about trying to leave the city.

Chasity puts away the groceries which Harry was able to get, evidently with a lot of struggling involved as she listens to his harrowing day. She nods her head and asks questions at the appropriate times showing him that she is listening. She’s patiently waiting for him to finish, so she can tell him of her God given revelation. Caitlin and Jacob are running up and down the hallway hitting each other, playing tag, and releasing pent up energy as their parents talk. Jacob hits Caitlin and says, “you’re it!”

She screams, hits him back, runs away, and responds, “now you’re it!” Harry yells, “you two stop all that running and screaming!” They stop for a moment, standing there huffing and puffing, catching their breaths. Chasity looks at her husband, says a prayer under her breath and quietly says to him, “Harry it’s going to be alright. Let the children burn off some of their frightened nervousness. We’re all scared, and this is why I want us to start making plans that’s going to give us a better chance of survival until the Lord comes back.” “Yeah, you’re right”, he responds back with a big sigh that shakes his large chest and belly. “We’re going to need to do something because I don’t think we have a good chance here in the city”. “We’re going to need God’s help and guidance so let’s start praying on it now”, Chasity responds back as she takes out pots and pans and begins cooking their dinner.

After dinner, Harry tells her that his boss said he and his crew should not report to work tomorrow. Chasity says, “this might be a blessing in disguise right now so we can begin making plans to leave”. “I sure hope you have a plan because we don’t have much money”. “This is when we have to put our trust in the Lord. He said that he will provide for us and I believe it! Don’t you?” She asks him. And Harry nods his head up and down saying, “yes, I do”. “Well the first thing we must do is see how we can get by with what we have now, and continue to pray for guidance and favor from God. I am also going to see if I can contact someone we know who lives outside of the city that we might be able to stay with”. Harry nods his head again saying, “get a pen and paper and let’s start writing down what the plan is, what we need, and exactly how we can accomplish it. But let us first pray”. Chasity calls the children to the table, she picks up her Bible, they all bow their heads, and she begins to pray.

Chasity has heard through the grapevine that her childhood best friend Asia, had moved to the Pocono Mountains years ago. She just didn’t know how to get in touch with her. She thinks Asia’s mother still lives in the same building where they grew up in and she writes that down as a part of her plans. That might be a good way of getting

in touch with her. Chasity doesn’t really know of anyone else who has moved far enough away from the city. She knows of another girlfriend who lives in New Jersey, but she’s not so sure of her attitude or beliefs. Her brother, Denny also lives in New Jersey; however, she and his wife don’t see eye to eye, and she doesn’t want to cause any trouble. Harry has some relatives who live down south, but he says he’s not sure if he can trust them. They rack their brains thinking of various people and keeping all their options open until they are exhausted. Harry finally says, “my temporary layoff may be good for now so we can begin making plans, but I hope it’s only for a short period of time because we’re gonna have to try to save as money as possible!” And with that, they all get ready for bed. Harry, Caitlin, and Jacob all dream about their survival plans except for Chasity. She instead dreams about the same Mark of the Beast nightmare that her friend Asia is having.

In this dream, Asia is now shouting something to Chasity, but Chasity cannot hear her friend. Chasity knows Asia is talking because Asia’s lips and mouth are moving in slow motion, but try as hard as she might, Chasity cannot make out the words. She can smell a horribly, putrid smell that’s making her gag, and she puts her hand over her nose and mouth to dwarf the odor. She’s trying not to throw up. Just as in the dreams before, they are all running from the Mark of the Beast. The Beast is chasing them and spitting sharp objects out of its mouth and some of them are narrowly missing Chasity and her family. Other people are not so lucky for they are being hit with the objects. One lady gets sliced across the face with a knife and it leaves a slash on her forehead. Another man is hit straight in the middle of his back with an ax and he falls to the ground dead. Chasity turns away in her dream so she doesn’t have to witness children being slashed, stabbed, and viciously cut down. And all of a sudden, a hand sticks out from the running crowd and grabs her hand. It jerks her away from the crowd of people pulling not only her but her whole family along with it as well. It is a strange hand for she doesn’t recognize it. However, she is extremely grateful for the person doing it whoever he is, and she says a grateful prayer.

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