Deja Vu of the Third Kind:The Remembrance Coming to Life

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Chapter 3: The Funeral – Part 2

Junior squirms next to Asia nudging her in her side, and this snaps her back to the present. “The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want…”, says the minister. As she bows her head and tries to focus on his

words and not her own thoughts. It takes a concentrated effort to stay in the present. “Mom”, says Beary, her youngest son pats her on the hand. “I have to go to the bathroom”. He has a strained look on his face. Asia nudges her husband and tells him, I’m taking the boys to the bathroom”. She makes apologies to the people sitting down as she and the boys maneuver their way past them to get to the aisle, saying “be careful boys not to step on anyone’s feet”. They make it to the aisle without any mishaps and she continues, “give me your hands boys”, taking each boy’s hand in her own and leading them to the back of the funeral home to search for the bathrooms. “The bathrooms are over there mom”, exclaims Junior pointing towards the right of some sparkling, gleaming mirrors that reach from the ceiling to the floors. They walk in that direction reaching the bathroom. “Junior, watch and take care of your little brother in the bathroom”. “Okay mom”, he says as he and his brother go into the men’s room. She watches the door close behind them, then heads to the Women’s bathroom which is right next door.

When she enters, she sees two of her husband’s cousins, and his sister, standing at the mirror patting their eyes and fixing their makeup. “Oh Janet, Joy, Rachel, I’m so sorry”, she says as they hug each other. Joy is her husband’s sister, and Janet and Rachel are his older cousins. Even though they are cousins, Joy and Janet look like twins. They are both extremely thin and beautiful woman with dark smooth skin and long black straight hair. Joy’s hair is styled in an upsweep flip that goes all around her head. Rachel is a little taller than Janet and two years younger than her sister. She is also beautiful having a little lighter complexion than her sister but having the same smooth and creamy skin and long black straight hair. Rachel’s hair is flowing straight down her back and past her shoulders. It has a very nice shine to it thinks Asia as the women end their exchanges and greetings, and condolences. The three women head out the door leaving Asia alone in the bathroom. She hurriedly uses the toilet, washes and dries her hands, takes a quick peek in the mirror and quickly leaves the bathroom not wanting the boys to be alone outside of the bathrooms waiting too long for her. Her two sons are standing right there outside of the Ladies room waiting for her just like they should be. She once again grabs both of their hands and begins walking back to their seats with each child on either side of her.

Asia’s mind begins to roam again after they have been seated. She begins reminiscing on bits and pieces, scenes, and different events that she can remember about her husband’s now deceased cousin. Family functions, barbeques, parties, get togethers, etc. where she saw him. Good times from the past. It now seems like those times are ions away. It seems like it was ages ago when they were young and invincible. She was nineteen and her husband, Troy was twenty-one and they had no children. Just the two of them, free to come and go as they pleased. Free to party, have fun, and stay out all wee hours of the night and morning. Now they have responsibilities – two children to take care of, a home – mortgage, a car – car note…….Life…….to deal with! These are her thoughts as the eulogy is being read and the funeral is wrapping up. She looks around her at all of her husband’s family and friends and surmises that they’re all grown up now. With their own families to take care of too. Just as she is finishing up this thought, John, her husband’s brother walks up to them, “Troy, Asia, I’m glad you guys were able to make it.” “Yeah John, we had to make it to this!” says Asia. Troy also responds and says, “you know we had to pay our respects”. And just like that it hit Asia. It hit her like a runaway freight train! What hit her is the reason why she’s having the ominous thought so often now. She doesn’t know why she has been recently thinking more often about the Mark of the Beast story. She couldn’t figure it out. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it until now. Being at the funeral and listening to what the minister was saying allowed her thoughts to come together. Things begin to make sense. The minister spoke about this being the last days and times and Asia believes and knows exactly what the minister said is true. Her childhood friend knew about it and told her all those long years ago.

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