Deja Vu of the Third Kind:The Remembrance Coming to Life

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Chapter 4: “The Day of The Story”- Part 2

Ms. Sinch claps her hands. “Okay class, please put away your arithmetic books inside your desks and pack up for lunch”. Asia and

Chasity do exactly as Ms. Sinch instructs and then sit down at their desks and fold their hands in front of them. Chasity leans over towards Asia and whispers, “Asia, I have something very important to tell you at recess today. I’ve been praying that we go to the gym so we can talk. You know what, we are going to the gym, God already showed this to me!” Chasity says this with a strange, glowing look on her face. Her eyes are shining brightly, but it’s a strange and weird kind of brightness. Just then, Ms. Sinch says, “Chasity, is something wrong?” “No Ms. Sinch, nothing’s wrong, I’m sorry for talking when I shouldn’t have been.” Ms. Sinch is a little concerned. This is the first time Chasity talked in class when she should not have. All the children know don’t talk especially not right before lunch or else they might forfeit recess for their class. And once again, everyone turns to look at Chasity and of course they look at Asia too. For the kids know this is an out of the ordinary event for the teacher’s pets. And Asia feels like this is De Ja Vu. She remembered all the kids turning to look at her and Chasity earlier that morning. And it felt strange. She doesn’t know what this strange feeling is. She doesn’t know that this strange feeling that she’s feeling- like this just happened before-is called De Ja Vu. It feels weird again and she doesn’t like it.

Nevertheless, Ms. Sinch lets the incident pass without making a big deal about it. Asia would find out later on that this is part of God’s master plan, as Chasity puts it. Asia continues to just sit there with her hands folded and look right back at every face that’s staring at her. Chasity sits there looking back and waiting. It seems like everyone looks at them for a long time, but in reality, only a few seconds go by. Ms. Sinch then calls the girls to line up on the side of the classroom where the closets are. All the girls quietly line up in size place order from the shortest to the tallest. Asia is always the last girl on line because she is the tallest. Chasity is usually right in front of Asia because a girl named Betty who is between them is often absent from school. It seems to Asia that Chasity can not stand still like she usually does. She seems extremely fidgety today. Even though her hands are at her sides, Chasity continues to kind of quietly scrape and shuffle her feet slowly from side to side. She tries to remain calm, but you can see and feel a restlessness about her. Come to think of it now, Asia has felt some kind of restlessness about Chasity since the beginning of the school day. It was there from the beginning, but it was also hidden under Chasity’s cool demeanor. But now it seems to be escaping from every pore of her body. And Asia starts to feel this thing that’s pent up inside of her good friend. Asia begins to feel this thing escape from Chasity and enter her own body. There it goes again. That strange feeling like this happened before - De Ja Vue. She continues to feel this way as Ms. Sinch lines up the boys in the front of the classroom. The children leave the class and march down the hallway with their hands at their sides to lunch in two straight lines towards the cafeteria.

The cafeteria takes up the whole front of the school. When you walk up the thirty-one front steps and enter the school building, you walk directly into the cafeteria. There are spaciously wide corridors on either side that have six staircases leading to every floor, and the lunchroom is in the middle. It’ s fifteen large hard glass windows look

out onto the front of the school showing a small yard with some grass. There are tall, black, wrought iron gates which surround the entire school building. There are no gates on the windows, for in those days gates were either not needed or thought of. Unlike these present days where almost, if not every, elementary school in New York City has gates on its windows.

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