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Task Force Corpus Christi-Storm Rider and the Specter

By Jim E. Johnson All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama


Two men, both Desert Storm veterans, whose families have partnered in ranching since Vietnam. Two men, whose paths cross now, at a time when one of them will endure a trial that will alter both for a lifetime!



14 July 2013 1800 Hours CST

Matthews Ranch

Abilene, Texas

Dr. David Matthews assisted his father, retired Marine Corps Colonel Paul Matthews, as the elder Matthews guided a 250 lb. bullock into a small steer trailer. David and his wife Dominique, DMD International CEO, visited the home ranch with their pre-teen twins Sean and Katherine. The visit came at a time when Paul prepared to visit the Flying V Ranch in Snyder, Texas-80 miles north and west of Abilene. “You think Chester will like the ladies at the Flying V Dad?”

Paul smiled as David helped push the young bull into the trailer. Most of the new hands marveled at David’s strength. But Paul and the rest of the family knew why David possessed such strength. David held the distinction of being a Terru–an ancient race known for hunting soulless vampires. In fact, David’s entire immediate family became Terru eleven years ago; prior to the defeat of their adversary-Dmitri Rasputin Sardovsky. “I haven’t been to see Jim Vaughn in over twenty years. His son Jason works for the NCIS office in Corpus Christi and he’s had his own troubles of late. And Chester will love the heifers.”

“I’ve heard that about Jason,” David shook his head as Sean came out to the trailer. “What’s going on son?”

“Mom wanted to know if we were going with Grandpa to see the Vaughns in Snyder.” Sean asked curiously.

“Not sure, but we can if she’d like to check their ranch out.”

Sean smiled. “I’ll go in and ask her.”

Then a telepathic thought pierced their minds gently. Sounds intriguing–I’d let Nick know before we leave boys. Dominique already synced into the minds of her men. Dominique walked out with her mini me Katherine. David’s hair grew long to compliment his relaxed acumen as a research scientist. His piercing green eyes surveyed the beauty and her daughter. While Sean shared his father’s eyes and dimples, Katie, as she was known in the family, shared her mother’s hazel eyes and now light brown hair. “Dad, is Chester ready to go?”

David looked to Paul who nodded to him. “Grandpa says, Chester’s ready to travel. So…Mom, you want to venture further into the West Texas bush country?”

Dominique smiled. “Why not? It will give me an opportunity to meet the keynote speakers for this year’s Criminology Conference. Lady Cecilia Vaughn plans to introduce her son Jason as a guest. And, I hear there is a tribe of Comanche who live as nomads on that property.”

“And David might get lucky,” Carolyn came out and smiled. “I just spoke with Cecil–Jason and his family, are visiting now. Apparently, Jason’s about to retire and is doing some of the filling in at the Flying V.”

David shook his head. “After thirty years of hit and miss, I finally get to meet another CMH recipient.” Dominique gave David a curious glance. “Jason received a mountain of decorations for his actions in the UN peace keeping operations in the Balkans. He heroically dragged his SEAL Team CO and an SAS officer over three kilometers under heavy Serb and Bosnian mounted patrol.”

“Sounds cool,” Sean said as David lightly tapped him on the back of the head. “Hey Dad…what’s was that?”

David sat down with Sean on the trailer’s back bumper. “To remind you no power usage while we’re there. I don’t want either Mr. Vaughn to see our full capabilities.” Then David looked over to Nikolai Glazunov. “Nick, the whole family’s going to Snyder. Call us if there’s a problem please?” Nikolai nodded as the Matthews family loaded up and headed to Snyder.

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