God forgot about me

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Drama / Poetry
Felipe Gonzalez
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pride makes you conquer the mountain, but then is it good to rule the red heaven?

God´s cursed me

Twisting my destiny

Because of my sacrilege.

Once risen strong!

I´ve fallen as the lightning

Knowing my divinity turned into profanation.

Agonizing is a synonym for breathing

Wind lacks of hope

I don´t care how bad I was

I don´t care how realistic I am.

God forgot about me, but

Didn’t forgive my sins

Everything is for the superior purpose.

One week or thousand years

What is the difference?

I´m right here, prostrated

In a morbid bed.

Once I rose strong!

Never exhausted

Now is all a dream for my mind

I don´t recognize me.

God forgot about me, but

Didn’t forgive my sins

Anything may come, it’s a cursed.

Agonizing is a synonym for breathing

Wind lacks of hope

God doesn´t care how I am

God doesn´t remember my soul.

I´m writhing on my fleshed jail

This feeble body of mine

Decaying around.

My life is consumed

Faith can´t cope

Should I care more?

God´s cursed me

Twisting my destiny

Because of how I became.

God´s cursed me

Twisting my destiny

Forgetting me

Now I wallow in my grief.

I will conquer the red mountain,

then the red heaven...

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