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“Yep your clean you’ll do.” her dad said. “Actually is that mud behind your ear?” her dad teased her. “Uncle Fern and I had a mudpack.” Makena told her daddy with a grin. My name is Makena Rosebud Gibson Allen Stone. i was once the daughter of a very famous rock star and daddy's bands biggest fan. unfortunately he passed away when i was 8 years old. leaving me an orphan in the care of my evil super-hot big chested did i mention evil stepmother Jasmine, or as i like to call her Jasmean and my stepsister famous known bitch of a movie-star Sea. Not to mention my gorgeous model/child actress Half sister the reason i cope most days. Ive been counting down the months until my 18th birthday and until I'm off to college to get away most of my life. with the days getting closer i know that I'm not going to be Cinderella. There is no prince charming. there is no fairy to come and save the day. there's no big ball unless you class prom. its all up to me i decide what i want with the rest of my life. the problem is i don't know what i really want. i love writing music, i used to love performing. but is that still what i want? I don't know maybe? My story started with my birth and its still being written. the thing is i write my own destiny and lets find out where that goes together. one thing i do know. i am not going to be Cinderella!

Drama / Romance
Katy Rayne
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Makena wasn’t the type of girl to let a little thing like deadlines ruin her creativity. The fact she was the daughter of a famous Rock star was just one of those things that showed good things can’t be rushed. She was thinking that exact thing as she sat in her art class at school, only 10 minutes left of the lesson and still with about lots of work to do. She was only in kindergarten currently, but that didn’t mean anything she might only have been 5 and finger painting but she was going to show everyone that she wanted to be taken seriously for her art, just like her father did. Her dad had dropped out of school when he was 16 to follow his music dream and he had hit it big. He still hit it big. Makena was his little princess and she knew it. Her mom and dad barely talked except through lawyers they couldn’t put anything aside even for her but she saw her daddy every other week, as long as he wasn’t away touring. Even if he was touring he’d occasionally take her with him. She loved her life, nothing could go wrong. But when you think that, that’s when things do go wrong. When the teacher told them to put their art stuff away she did. But she would finish her work another day, the rest of the class had rushed but she was a tiny bit of a perfectionist and she knew it. As all the kids were loaded onto the big yellow school bus she stood waiting for her Daddy to pick her up next to the teacher. This was going to be an amazing weekend, he had a concert and it was always so fun seeing him. As she stood there waiting and the buses had gone and still no Daddy still no limo still no red convertible that speed along amazingly. Still nothing, she looked at her mobile yeah she already had a phone and he was late. Mom had said he would be here at 3.15 and he still wasn’t here and it was now 3.55. Makena saw the teacher still stood waiting and went up ringing her daddy’s mobile. “Daddy are you coming?” Makena left on her daddy’s answer phone as it was engaged. The teacher took her back inside the school. She got taken into the office. They rung her mommy and daddy no answer from either, so they rung her dads studio, they were told a PA would be there to pick her up. Makena didn’t mind that much, she got it both her mommy and daddy were both very busy and worked a lot. She was spoilt rotten normally and they would spoil her with their time when they had it. She had everything a little girl could have. When she got to her daddy’s studio she ran in playing in the spiny doors, the doors were fun. The doorman just smiled at her, it was something shed been doing since she learnt to walk. She went in the studio expecting to be shown were her daddy was. “Have the papers got hold of the news.” She heard one say. “Yes and Carlos can’t get out his home from paparazzi.” She heard. Oh daddy wasn’t here yet Paparazzi wasn’t something new to her, she’d seen them following her daddy all her life. “Hello Cheese.” One of her dad’s band mates said picking her up and swinging her over his shoulder straight onto his back. Makena laughed it was Grey. Or as she called him Uncle Grey. Grey took her to the music room and she watched him practise the guitar, he put a guitar on her lap, most kid’s dream of learning to play an instrument, being taught by a famous guitarist was a dream and it was her reality. Fern arrived as well after a while. He looked at Makena really worried. “What do you think kid a few months on the road with us?” Fern asked her. “I got school, mommy won’t let me.” Makena said giggling, she thought they were both joking. She saw the looks they both gave each other but she hadn’t been told. It wasn’t until her dad arrived 2 hours later that she found out. Her mom had been in a car crash, she was gone. Her dad tried to explain. Tried to explain so much to her but she didn’t hear much of it at all. He offered her staying in LA with a nanny, he offered giving up his career and staying home for a while. She said no, she knew he had tour due, she knew that it was only 4 months and then he’d be studio again. So she went for the Nanny option. She was heartbroken, she should never have thought her life was perfect and she regretted that. In her 5 year old head she was responsible. After her mom’s funeral a few weeks later, her dad went back to work he had to. Makena missed her mom a lot, she missed her dad to. So a year later she said yes to touring with him and having tutors. It was only for the 4 months and it was amazing. She loved it Grey Fern Nike and her Dad spoilt her rotten and she got to learn how to play all there instruments, yeah she wasn’t aware at that age about Nikes drug problems, Greys infidelity issues. Or Fern being gay even when she was aware she didn’t care that he went through guys as much as Grey went through women, as much as her own father went through women. That was until her! She was a girl at a concert. Girls that won competitions to come behind the stage were all laughing, she liked to peak at them. She saw the gorgeous woman and something about her made her nervous. “What do you think Becky do you think Carlos likes a bit of skin.” She asked the other girl pulling her top lower. Makena didn’t get it, her daddy liked her covered completely although she wore a band logoed long sleeve t-shirt, she never understood why he liked his girls almost naked. “What you doing out here.” One of the guys in black asked her, he had an earpiece on. “Can I go get a corndog?” Makena asked him hopefully, she could alone at some concerts, she was 7 now a big girl. “I thought you had an English paper to write?” A voice said behind her oh fiddlefaddle. She looked up at the guy in black and realised it was Graham. “Nut uh that’s not due until Montana we have like another week until we are in Montana.” Makena told him. He smiled at her. “Let me just clear it alright Mac.” He said she nodded excited. Looking through the curtain at the girls backstage again. That’s when her dad and the band walked past on their way back to the changing rooms to get changed the girls went crazy. Especially when they handed them there towels, Mac had seen them do this at millions of concerts. She kind of thought it was gross. But the girls all increased there squealing. Her dad was only 24 so he was still in a very party stage of his life. Makena wanted to run after her daddy but knew he’d send her back to do her homework, with her tutor Jenson. But Jenson was god knows where with one of the groupies, he had set her work to do and disappeared leaving her doing it. “Alright Makena all cleared should we go get a corndog?” Graham asked her. She grinned nodding. “And candyfloss?” She asked him as he held out the curtain for her to go through. “Popcorn I can swing for candyfloss I remember is still a not after 6pm item.” Graham reminded her. The girls all looked at them as they came into their sight. That was also when her dad went running back past with the band. The girls all irrupted into screams again. Her dad nuzzled her hair picked her up and swung her slightly. “You alright kido?” He asked slowing down slightly. “Just going for a corndog.” Graham assured him. Dad smiled and nodded. “Can I have candyfloss?” Makena asked. “No it’s after 6pm.” Her dad said putting her back on the ground and nuzzling her hair. He then run back off onto the stage after blowing the girls a kiss. Makena looked at them all looking at her, she shuffled nervously in her shoes. “Should we get that corndog Mac then get back to work on that English you’re meant to be doing.” Graham pointed out. “Can’t we watch Daddy and the guys?” Makena asked. “Alright an hour at most.” Graham said. “Yes softy.” Makena said laughing. They went and got the corndog. Then Graham helped her get a safe spot to watch her daddy on stage. He was amazing, the way his fingers moved on the guitar, and the way they all moved and sung. They were amazing. She loved them all to pieces and they were her family. The crowd all screamed at the band. Graham stood over her the whole time. His tight black shirt showing his muscles no one wanted to come near him when he looked so serious, but he was such a softy with her. They watched 3 songs and then when the band went in to get changed she went in again with Graham. He took her straight passed the girls again. She looked at them all interested, she sat and did her English work, then her maths her dads and the band voice flooding her ear drums.

The next week in Montana she was having a guitar lesson when her dad came in the girl from last week hanging from his arm. She looked at her daddy really confused. He never introduced the girls to her unless he thought they were going to be a thing for longer than a few days. “Darling.” Her daddy said to her with a huge smile. “Yes?” she asked confused. “I would like to introduce you to someone. Let’s check you, yep still got snot everywhere.” He laughed. Makena went and stood by her daddy. “Darling I would like you to meet Jasmine.” Her dad introduced her to the 20 something old. “Hey dude.” Mac said going to high-five like she normally would. The girl looked at her like she was confused. “Jasmine I would like to induce you to my little girl, Makena or as we all call her Mac.” Her dad said so proud. Ruffling her hair. “Carlos you didn’t tell me you had a child.” The girl said in shock. “I have a child? I thought I had a spoilt brat.” Dad teased me. “Hey mtv called.” Grey said loudly. “Really what they want?” Dad yelled at him. The girl kind of squeezed her dad’s hand. Makena looked really confused at her daddy’s hand. “Makena Jasmine here is an actress.” Her dad said with a grin. “Really I haven’t seen you in anything.” Grey said. “I’m only a background at the moment, but I’ve got a few auditions I’m hoping to land the main.” She said. Grey scoffed. “Carlos I thought we had the no introducing women to cheese unless they made it past the 6 month trail.” Fern said to Carlos like what the fuck are you doing man. “I thought it be best to introduce them early on as the tabloids may get hold of the story what with Jasmine in the running for one of the leads in a new movie.” Her dad started and was chatting on, Makena was looking at the woman, not sure what the hell was going on. She was looking at her like and you’re going to be a problem. “Makena would you like to come for dinner with me and Jasmine?” Her dad asked her. “Okay Daddy.” Makena said happy enough. “Go get changed into a less messy outfit.” Her dad told her. “Would you like some help?” Jasmine asked her worried. “No I’m fine I’m a big girl.” Makena told her. “Oh I can see that, how old are you princess?” Jasmine asked her, she looked so worried. “I’m 7 almost 8 and for my birthday.” Makena started. “Um didn’t we just celebrate your 7th birthday?” Dad asked me. “Yeah okay for Christmas.” Makena started. “Talk about what you want later monster.” Dad said roughing her hair. “Maybe I should help her choose an outfit.” Jasmine said. “Sure Mac will show you to our trailer.” Dad said. Makena nodded nervous but she took the lady with her. “Not cool man dropping a woman on Makena like that if you don’t plan for her to stay.” Fern said the moment they were out the room. “Maybe I’m thinking this one might stay a while.” Carlos admitted running his hands through his hair giving himself the messy rock star look. The guys didn’t say anything against the woman they didn’t know her. “Just make sure Makena understands.” Fern informed him. “Will do.” Carlos assured him. Makena led the woman to her and her dad’s trailer. “This is where your daddy lives?” Jasmine asked with a voice of disgusted. “Only when we are touring, we have a 9 bedroom home in Malibu with 2 pools a hot tub and the music room is amazing.” Makena said. “But 4 months a year or when on tour we live in the trailer or hotels.” Makena said. “What does your mom think of you traveling with your father?” She asked Makena looking annoyed. “My mom died a few years ago. It was splashed all over the news, even I saw a newspaper article about it. Where are you from?” Makena asked her. The lady flushed. “New York.” she said. “You sound like daddy when hes trying to tell me something won’t hurt and he knows it will. Are you lying? So why are you in Montana?” Makena asked her with childlike curiosity. The woman looked at her as if Makena was something that disgusted her. “Where are your clothes?” Jasmine asked her. “This way I have my own room.” Makena said walking through the trailer to her bedroom. Jasmine looked around it. “You’re a girl.” She said. “Don’t tell my daddy that it will scare him.” Makena told her with a jokey smile. She wasn’t used to people judging her like this. Who was this woman her daddy hadn’t said was she a reporter? No an actress Makena remembered. “I have a daughter a bit older than you.” The lady said after a while. “Really, what’s she like?” Makena had to ask excited. “She is already acting.” Jasmine said proudly. “You must be so proud.” Makena said with a smile. “Yes I am. What can you do?” Jasmine asked her not friendly. “I’m having guitar keyboard drums bass lessons. I’m also doing 4th grade work, I start my 5th as soon as I’ve finished.” Makena admitted. “Your father must be proud.” Jasmine said. “He says as long as I graduate school and go college I’ve done more than he ever did so he can’t comment. Not that hes not got his GED now, they all do.” Makena said with a smile. “They all did it together when I was 3.” Makena said with a grin. “Do you have any dresses?” Jasmine asked Makena going through her wardrobe slightly disgusted. “No I’m not a dolly I’m a rock star.” Makena said what her dad said all the time. “Are you two ready?” Carlos asked coming in the trailer. “Yeah I just got to get a different t-shirt daddy.” Makena said with a grin.

Fast forward another 3 months and they were back in LA. “Let’s have a look at you my monster.” Carlos said coming in her bedroom. “Yep your clean you’ll do.” her dad said. “Actually is that mud behind your ear?” her dad teased her. “Uncle Fern and I had a mudpack.” Makena told her daddy with a grin. He laughed “I thought uncle Fern was taking you to a spa not to the wilderness.” He teased “that’s where the mud pack was silly daddy.” Makena told him. Her dad scooped her up. “God when did you get so big?” Her dad asked her hanging her upside down. “It’s amazing what food and water does.” Makena teased him. “Less water, we shouldn’t be watering you anymore, you got to stay smaller than me I insist. You’re growing up so quick one day you’re going to be older than me.” Her dad teased her. “No you always get older too.” Makena told him laughing as he put her under his arm and carried her like she was his guitar case. “Where are we going daddy.” She giggled as he started going towards the stairs. “Out for dinner daddy wants you to meet someone who might become a part of your life. Is that okay sweetheart.” Her dad asked worried. “Okay daddy.” Makena said. “Alright kido you are the most important person to daddy you know that right sweetheart, if you don’t like her or anything just say the word. Okay baby I just want you to be happy.” Her dad said. “I want you happy too.” Makena said. He slipped his hand in her hand. “She must be special.” Makena said with a grin. “You’ve met her sweetheart.” Her dad said nervously. “I have?” Makena asked. “In Montana.” Her dad said. “Oh okay daddy.” Makena said not so sure. “Mac if you don’t like her sweetie its over but give her a chance okay baby and who knows you might like her little girl and have a friend to torture. I mean play with.” Her dad teased. Makena giggled. An hour later they were sat in a restaurant as a women came in. “I’m so sorry we are late Carlos my audition run over.” the lady said, she made Makena nervous, but maybe that was because she was so made up so perfect, not a single hair out of place. She had a little girl behind her. “Ah this must be Chelsea.” Makena’s dad said with a smile. “It’s Sea now my agent said Chelsea is to common Sea will help me.” The little girl said, Makena didn’t hear the rest of it. she was too busy looking at the girls bleach blonde perfectly styled long hair her pink dress with matching handbag and shoes she was the mini of her mother, then there was Makena in her jeans yes designer but nothing special and blue short sleeve top that just said Daddy’s little monster her natural sandy blonde hair in short shoulder length pigtails that Fern put them up in at the spa that morning before the face pack. “Sea I would like you to meet my little girl Makena.” Carlos said so excited. “It’s nice to meet you.” Sea said but she didn’t sound like she believed her own words. They all sat at the table. “How old are you?” Makena asked trying to be friendly, she was hardly around kids her own age. “10 you’re a baby.” Sea told her. “I’m not a baby I’m 7.” Makena said. “You’re a baby and dressed like a boy.” Sea told her. They all talked together, but whenever Makena went to say something Sea would butt in or her mom would. Makena thought she’d give them the benefit of the doubt it was after all there first day meeting her daughter. “So the reason we have you both here today is.” The lady said so excited. “Oh you tell them I cant.” The lady said so excited. “Well the truth is.” Her dad said running his hand through his hair that normally meant he was either trying to show off or he was nervous. Makena looked at him worried. “Well I know it’s a shock it was a shock to both of us.” Her dad said worried, he looked at Makena so worried. “We are going to have a baby.” Jasmine said quickly. Sea squealed in delight, but Makena looked confused at her daddy. “How?” she asked him. “Don’t you know where baby’s come from?” Sea asked her giggling. “I know it’s a rush girls but we are going to try be a family for a while. What do you girls say?” Her dad asked. “Okay Daddy.” Makena said. Sea squealed again in delight. “Two siblings in one day.” Sea squealed. “When I get back from my 8 week tour in Europe we shall move in together.” Her dad said. “We also have a wedding to plan quickly as I want to be married before the baby arrives and before I start showing of course.” Jasmine said. “You’re getting married?” Makena asked, whilst Sea just squealed again excited. “Can I be a bridesmaid mommy?” Sea asked. “Of course darling.” Jasmine said. “When do we go on tour daddy?” Makena asked wondering when her last time with her daddy alone would be. She wasn’t sure this was a good idea. “Well Makena I thought it would be a good idea, for you to stay at yours with Sea and myself and get to know us. A trailer isn’t a place for a child to grow up in after all.” Jasmine told her. “I think it’s a brilliant idea sweetheart let you get to know your new step mommy and sister.” Her dad said. “Okay Daddy.” Makena said. “All say cheese.” A man said appearing with a camera, Makena tried to smile at the camera but she couldn’t, she weakly smiled at the camera trying to absorb what had happened. How had this all happened so fast.

A month later Makena stood on the drive whilst movers brought Jasmine and Seas stuff in. “This is going to be so amazing getting to know each other. Maybe when we are all done we can have MTV come do a documentary on us. Wouldn’t that be great showing off our stuff?” Sea asked her. “Yeah great.” Makena said weakly. The limo pulled up then. “Daddy your cars.” Makena started. Her dad came down. He gave her a quick hair mess. “I love you princess be good.” Her dad said kissing her head. “You to Sea. Look after each other.” Her dad said and he went and got in the car. Makena chased the car down the drive waving to her daddy.

Those 8 weeks, she felt like a stranger in her own home. Jasmine had party planner after party planner in. the wedding was all set she was fitted with a dress. The days seemed to go in slow motion as she was pushed out her own world. Although she kept her own bedroom, her daddy’s bedroom was changed to the floor below as Jasmine said that floor got the most light, so her daddy and her new family would be in the other side of the house to her. She wasn’t in the attic but she wasn’t close to her daddy anymore. She had her room though. When the limo came down the drive with her daddy she ran and greeted him. “I missed you so much my monster.” Her dad said greeting her before Jasmine. Jasmine went and kissed him. Then she handed him a baby scan. “We are having a little girl.” Jasmine told her dad. “Another princess what a lucky guy am I going to be 4 gorgeous princesses.” Her dad said. Makena went and hugged Fern Nike and Grey. “Missed you guys, please can I come next time.” Makena tried not to beg. “We will see kido. Missed you.” Grey said ruffling her hair. “What you say we go out have some uncle and Mac time.” Grey said. “What you say to that Mac and cheese.” Nike said. “Yeah I want to.” Makena said hopeful. “Not today guys her dads just got home we have to do things as a family. We have the wedding planner coming in 3 hours. A reporter 2 hours after that.” Jasmine said. “Then I have an audition tomorrow and so does Sea. Maybe next week you can arrange.” Jasmine said. “Oh Carlos what do you think of.” Jasmine said changing the subject straight away. “Are you okay Mac.” Grey asked her, was it obvious tears were welling in her eyes, as Jasmine pulled her daddy in the house with Sea away from her. “Daddy didn’t greet me how he normally does.” Makena said weakly. “You know your daddy adores you princess hes missed you so much these 8 weeks. He rung you every night he hated the fact you were always in bed.” Grey said bending over. “He rung, Jasmine didn’t say.” Makena said weakly, rubbing her eyes. “He rung your cell too it was always turned off.” Fern said bending down to hug her. “Jasmine took it off me, apparently having a cell at my age is wrong.” Makena said weakly. “Makena you tell daddy or us if you’re not happy at all okay princess.” Grey said quickly looking at the little girl. “Guys are you coming in. Mac.” Her dad said coming out. He held his arms open and Mac ran and hugged him. “I missed you daddy so much.” Mac said in his arms. “I missed you more monster.” Her dad assured her.

I can’t honestly say how her dad missed it, but Jasmine took control over everything. He married her a month later in a huge ceremony, the band even played. For the first father daughter dance she kind of said to dance with Sea as he was her new daddy and Carlos did. He was trying his hardest to make the little girl feel welcome, meanwhile his own daughter was being pushed to the side.

When her little sister was born everything was about her. Makena lived for the hours Grey Fern and Nike nicked her and took her out. Or the hours they would go down the studio. “How you coping being a big sister Mac?” Nike asked her. For Nike to ask something she knew it was serious. “Stasia poops a lot.” Makena admitted. “Yes baby’s do.” Fern said weakly looking at Mac. Who used to be full of smiles but now seemed a nervous little girl. “Jasmine was talking about a school.” Makena said nervously. “What kind of school princess you’re doing brilliant with your tutors I thought you were happy with Dominic.” Grey said worried. “The Boarding School Sea goes to.” Makena said weakly. “She said she will be talking to daddy about it how good it would be for me, as I haven’t got many social skills with my own peers.” Makena said. “Not going to school didn’t hurt any of us did it Mac?” Nike asked her. “Nope.” Makena said. “Talk to daddy darling, as you’re not your bright happy self.” Grey said so worried. “I will.” Makena said bursting into tears. Her daddy came in then with Jasmine hanging of his arms and Stasia in his arms. “What’s wrong princess?” her daddy asked. “She’s jealous Carlos. It’s common she’s suddenly become a middle child and having to share her daddy. Don’t acknowledge it and she will get over it.” Jasmine whispered to her dad. “She’s used to having everything she wants and now she can’t.” Jasmine said. “Oh fuck of bitch.” Nike said. “Nike language.” Everyone said, but Makena run out the room then not wanting to be seen that way, her step mom’s words hurt her. She wasn’t jealous was she?

She was in her bedroom with her guitar on her lap when her daddy sat opposite her. “You alright baby, I know everything happened so fast princess I’m sorry cheese.” Carlos said. “It’s okay daddy.” Makena said looking at her daddy with tears running down his face. “Would you like to help your old man write a new song Cheesy.” He asked. “Yeah.” Makena said with a grin. They run over the lyrics for hours. Jasmine came in but her dad waved her off. “I’m just writing a new song I need to think.” he said. “Wouldn’t it be better if you did that in the other room?” Her step mom suggested. “No because my little muse is right here.” Carlos said. A few hours later he tucked her into bed. “I know it’s all new and scary baby but you mean the world to me never forget that princess. I want you happy more than anything.” Her dad said. “I never want you to feel like you have to play Cinderella. Understand you are nobody’s Cinderella you’re your own prince charming and you will make all your dreams come true.” Her dad said. He kissed her on her head then left. “I’m never going to be Cinderella.” Makena said with a grin.

Less than a year down the line and Makena was sat playing with Stasia. Sea was at an audition for a TV show and had actually made call backs. Her dad sat down on the floor with them. “Guess what princess.” He said. “What daddy?” Makena asked. “You’re coming to tonight’s concert go get changed.” He said with a grin. Makena run off. When she came down she heard yelling. “And how do you think Sea feels to know you’re only taking Makena she will feel like she’s never good enough for you. Makena is growing up to be a spoilt brat and no matter what I do you.” She heard her step mom yell. “Fine go.” She heard her step mom scream. “No Jasmine you go, I want you out my home. I will take Stasia and Makena but I want you out.” Her dad yelled at her step mom. “You don’t mean that Carlos!” Jasmine cried. Makena came down scared then not wanting to be caught listening. “You ready princess.” Her dad asked her she nodded worried. Her dad marched her out the house. They were at the concert she hugged all the guys, even Graham who actually said he’d missed her. All of them had. She was all smiles watching her daddy and the band from the side like the good old days. When they came back behind Grey handed her a guitar and pointed out on the stage. “Out you go.” he said with a smile. Her daddy picked up the guitar and took her hand. He gently pulled her on the stage. “WHATS UP LA!” her dad yelled. “I am going to treat you all too a song I wrote with my little girl here! My monster of a child. She’s my middle baby now and this is her first time playing for a crowd so give her loads of encouragement.” Her dad yelled. The crowd went wild. “This song is dedicated to my 3 little girls. Sea Mac and Stasia. It’s called Cheese.” Her dad said then he started playing a song on his guitar she knew from practising the night before. She copied him they sung the song her and her daddy had wrote together. The crowd went wild. “My eight year old Makena!” Her dad yelled. Then they went back behind. “Well done princess see you’re a natural, if this is what you want in life darling you chase your dreams. As long as you live your dreams I don’t care what you do.” Her dad told her, that was what the song was about. Her not growing up to fast her living her dreams her and Sea and Stasia becoming sisters becoming a new family. He had written the song about her and his new family. Makena hugged her daddy until he went back out with the others of the band. She stood with Graham who was smiling watching. When they got home her step mom was so mad at her father. “Well I will take Sea next time.” Her dad said. “Fine.” Her stepmom said. “Why do you have to be so impossible?” Sea snared at her. “You’re ruining my chance to land my audition.” Sea said. “Sorry.” Makena said and she run to her room.

She wrote a few more songs with her daddy. She had them all in a little notepad and he had matching copies. He never got a chance to print them though. He went to do a concert 4 months later and the plane went down, with Fern and Grey with him. Nike wasn’t he was in rehab at the time. He tried to get custody of her but being a recovering drug addict and not a blood relative meant he didn’t get it, even with all the money he spent trying. Her dad had a will thankfully and everything was split between the three girls. But there was a huge catch she couldn’t have her money until she was 18 and until she was 18 she was stuck with her step mother, and unfortunately the girl who her daddy promised would never have to be Cinderella had to be Cinderella.

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