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Chapter 9 - Dylan

Today had gone so slow, although filming had gone brilliant, it just felt like the day was going so slow and I had to wait till 10pm before I would see Kenny. We had text all day, her even replying when I knew she was in class and should be paying attention. I knew I should let her pay attention in class, but this was the same girl who slept through most of her classes before. She didn’t seem to mind. Jasmine was driving the director nuts still and I tried not to just be sat texting because that would annoy him too. When I got home it was 6pm, so I just had a few hours. I talked to Milo online on the PlayStation, Not about Kenny although he had asked if I had heard anything from her. I said I had and she said could he wait till after her 18th birthday on the 10th of May because then she could do everything herself without need on an adult he agreed quickly. I tried not to keep looking at the clock but I couldn’t help it. I invited Milo over tomorrow night knowing Kenny wouldn’t be here, I invited Tyrone Hunter Zach and Owen from the band to. Then I thought about it and invited Jesus and Wyatt as they were mutual friends of ours. Actors like myself, hey guys night whilst Kenny was working that be normal for me, I didn’t need to mention the fact I had a girlfriend just yet. Although I might have to mention it to Milo soon. “Hey so guys night tomorrow, everyone’s up for it.” I told him on the PlayStation. “Sounds brilliant.” Milo said. “Watch your left zombie.” He said. I shot the zombie on my left. Kenny didn’t text me back from the moment she arrived at work and she should have finished, I realized looking at the clock. Okay I admit it I had clock watched, I realized she might be busy and was why she hadn’t replied to my texts since starting work, but she was finished now. Maybe her phone was flat. 20 minutes later of me getting ready to ring her to make sure she was alright the buzzer went. I looked at the screen and it was Kenny’s car. I buzzed her in and the car came down the drive. When she parked up she climbed out with her school bag and rucksack, still in her work uniform. She looked so cute in it, was it possible for someone to look cute in an apron polo shirt and baseball cap? Yes it obviously was. “You alright?” I asked her as she walked up the stairs to the door with her bags. “Yeah are you?” she asked me worried, I moved so she could come in the house, the moment she was in the door I kissed her hello and felt the worry leave her she dropped her bags at our feet and wrapped her arms around my neck. Was this how we were always going to say hello because if it was it would make going to work worth it. “I am now I just got worried when you didn’t reply and I knew you’d finished.” I told her after we broke apart from our kiss. “Sorry cleanup took longer than normal.” She told me. Alright so don’t expect her home at 9.45 in future got it. “Phone flat?” I asked her, already guessing the answer. We had been texting on off most the day mine had gone flat and I had changed it, whilst Kenny wouldn’t have been near a plug. She nodded answering that. “Did you know you had given me a love bite?” she asked me, her lips turned up in the corner like she was trying hard not to laugh, I had to laugh though. “I saw it this morning, just before you left. I didn’t realize it would take you till after lunch to see it.” I admitted to her, I had noticed it when I went into the kitchen this morning, to her and Helene. Helene kind of understood but she said that Kenny was to skinny and needed to eat more than pancakes here that her shift was ridiculous for a child her age. I explained Kenny wouldn’t let me support her, that she didn’t get her dads money until she turned 21 and Kenny plans to go college, that she’s saving every penny she could so she could move out of her home the moment she turned 18 and go college. “Next time I’ll give you one.” Kenny told me, wait she was going to give me a love bite? “Oh really is that so.” I said lifting her up she laughed and wrapped her arms round my neck tighter. I took claim of her lips and soon we were making out in the hallway, but I didn’t care and with how Kenny was kissing me back neither did she. Her legs wrapped around my hips my arms holding her to me, my hands holding her ass, her perfect little ass. When we broke apart Kenny and I were both breathless. “Is this how I will be greeted every time?” Kenny asked me breathless smiling at me. “Oh defiantly as often as I can.” I assured her. She laughed then started kissing my neck I felt her suck, hey she was actually purposely giving me a hickey? “Makeups going to hate you tomorrow.” I told her laughing putting her down, she laughed. “Mind if I wash my uniform and dry it for the morning?” Kenny asked me. “Go get changed and I’ll put it on. Did you want anything to eat?” I asked her. “No I’m fine.” She told me she gently kissed me, it was so gentle to a minute ago, her lips were puffy from our kissing so was my own. “How was work?” she asked me, looking fully interested, like my work was important to her, that my day was. “I told you in my texts.” I told her smiling though. “I know but I want to hear you tell me.” she told me, I gently kissed her again. “You know you stink like garlic.” “Yeah welcome to my life.” She said laughing. “Want to go for a swim or have a shower?” I asked her, tempted to scoop her up and go chuck her in the pool again in her uniform. “Swim with you defiantly swim, then maybe shower.” She said thoughtful. “Go get your costume on, bring your pjs down we can use the showers in the pool room.” I told her, but I was still debating chucking her in her uniform. I took her hand and led her upstairs, it was 10.30pm. I knew she would be awake 48 hours tomorrow so she needed an early night tonight and at this rate that would be midnight. I kissed her goodbye then went to my room to get changed. I took my clothes of and threw my swim trunks on, I would grab a towel from downstairs. I grabbed some lounge pants and a t-shirt to sleep in tonight and went along the corridor, I would start the washing before we went in the pool. Then put it in the dryer before we went bed. Then it would be dry in the morning. The quicker I got her uniform in the machine the more time she would have in the morning. I walked to her bedroom door and knocked. “Kenny have you got your uniform?” I asked the other side of the door. “Yeah two secs.” She said, now I should have realized Kenny would be in a bikini I had told her to get changed into a costume, but the sight of her when she opened that door actually made me speechless for a while. I took the basket from her for something to do and a better view of her in that costume, she was all curves where she needed to be curvy and skinny and small everywhere else. She was perfection. Bit too skinny I suppose Helene was right on that but she was perfect and she was her. I tried not to eye her up not wanting her to be embarrassed or anything, but I think it was her that needed to remember not to stare with her mouth open, she was taking me in as much as I was her. “Let me just grab my pjs and I’ll be right down.” She told me after taking in my pjs on my arm after taking in my muscles on my arm. “Alright I’ll go put this on.” I told her. “Just a quick wash will do Dylan.” She told me, yeah so we can get it in the dryer before we go bed got it. She seemed to think then went to pull her jeans out the basket. “I got two don’t worry I’ll do a dark and light wash.” I told her. She dropped them back in the basket “Thanks.” She said grinning still taking me in, I kissed her hoping I could calm myself down a bit before we went swimming. I started walking away from her, I was half way down the stairs when I realized she hadn’t moved? “Are you checking me out?” I asked her with a smile on my face. “Yes nice ass.” She told me, I laughed as I went down the stairs at least she told the truth spikey Kenny wasn’t afraid to say what she was thinking. I went into the laundry room put the jeans and her work trousers and black apron in one washing machine. The two tops in the other, it seemed a waste of two machines for such a little load, maybe she should get more than one uniform. Did she not wash it every day? Or did she normally have more than one? I remembered it was something she forgot to pack. I would ask her later. She came in the room with her pjs just as I had pressed the on button and they came on. I looked at her, I was tempted to sit her on the washer and make out. I picked her up she laughed, I then walked through to the pool. “Dylan.” She laughed as I went to throw her in. “Pjs.” She reminded me. I laughed. Put her down just to put the pjs down on the side and grab towels. I went back over to pick her up so I could jump in with her. “Did you buy the guitar?” I asked her. “No I didn’t have time.” She admitted. “I got to the mall with only a few minutes till my shift.” She admitted. “I can go get it for you.” I told her. She seemed to think. “You can buy it.” I told her. She laughed. “It means you can have it for Wednesday after school.” I pointed out. “Or will you just come and collapse after school Wednesday?” I asked her. “Come and collapse.” She admitted. “I’m really worried that you used to drive as tired as you were, can you get one of your friends to drive you home after school Wednesday? Or I can come get you. Or send the limo.” I told her. “I’ll see if Max can bring me, if not I will say yes to you picking me up.” She said which surprised me, she would. I kissed her scooping her in my arms. Touching her bare skin and seeing her in this little amount of clothes was affecting me, but not as much as her admitting she would let me help her. I jumped in the pool with her in my arms. She splashed me laughing when we came up. “So boys night tomorrow?” she asked me. “Oh you saw that text?” I asked her. “I just did, plugged my phone in.” she admitted. “That alright with you?” I asked her. “Of course it is Dylan. You can have guy’s night as often and whenever you want.” She told me. “You know you can invite your friends here to Kenny.” I told her. “Thanks Dylan.” She said kissing my cheek. “Race you.” Kenny said swimming of faster than she moved in her clothes on Friday. I followed her over taking. I got to the wall, when she arrived 20 seconds later she grinned at me. “I will beat you one day.” She told me. “I look forward to seeing it.” I teased her. “Wow that hickey is huge.” I said looking at her neck, where the makeup had come off in the pool. “I blame you.” She laughed. “Yours is tiny, it looks like a little bruise.” Kenny laughed. “We really shouldn’t do hickeys if we want to keep us in the dark for a few more weeks.” I said realizing if I get pictured with the hickey they might try find out who gave it to me. “Your right, I shouldn’t have given you one.” Kenny admitted but she smiled. “But I don’t regret it.” She admitted. I laughed pulling her to me. Then I chucked her. She went under and came up laughing. She swam back and climbed on my back wrapping her arms around my neck I started swimming with her clinging on to me, she laughed the whole lap of the pool. It wasn’t long though till I saw how tired she was, believe me I was shattered quickly myself. “Come on let’s get out have a shower and go bed.” I told her. We did that, she went into a room to have a shower and get dressed and I went into another. When I was in my pjs I knocked on the door she was in, “2 minutes.” She shouted at me. “I’m going to go put the stuff in the dryer, did you want a drink?” I called to her. “Yes please.” She yelled at me. I went and did just that. Went and put her clothes in the tumble dryer and two cups of milk in the microwave. She came in just as the microwave pinged. “You know you could afford a kettle.” She told me sitting on a stall at the breakfast counter. I took her in she was wearing a rolling stones baggy t-shirt and a pair of pink yoga pants and her hair in a plait. I put the hot coco in front of her after putting some marshmallows in. “I got one.” I said pointing at the coffee machine. Getting it ready to make the coffee for the morning and setting the timer on it. “Want me to wake you again sleeping beauty?” I asked her. “Yes.” She said. “What you fancy for breakfast?” I asked her looking in the fridge. We had pancake mix but there was bacon and I found loads of different flavor bagels in the cupboards. “Bagel and cream cheese would be good.” Kenny laughed as a packet fell out the cupboard and hit me. So I put them on the side. “You don’t need to do me breakfast in bed.” Kenny told me. “I don’t but I want to.” I told her kissing her head gently. “What do you normally have for breakfast?” I asked her. “A bowl of lucky charms.” She admitted. “I will put some on the grocery list.” I told her. “So why don’t you order the guitar and pay over the phone, I’ll go pick it up or send Helene or Frank.” I told her. “You sure?” she asked me. “Yeah I’m sure.” I told her. “I can have it delivered to the house.” She admitted. “Alright you need to put it on my account then.” I told her. She yawned. “Do it in the morning, I’ll bring the laptop in when I wake you.” I told her laughing. I picked up her hot coco and we went up the stairs. “Thanks Dylan.” She said meaning it. “No problem Kenny.” I told her kissing her head when we were upstairs I kissed her lips gently. Then I handed her the hot coco. “Goodnight Rock star.” I told her. “Good night fairy.” She told me kissing me gently again. “Can you charge your cell at work?” I asked her. She shook her head. “I got a portable charger somewhere, I’ll find it for the morning.” I told her. “Did you need to have a shower in the morning?” She shook her head. “Nope.” She assured me. “Okay I’ll let you have half an hour longer in bed than today.” I told her. “Night Kenny.” I told her kissing her. Then I realized something. “Were your sheets changed?” I asked her. “Yeah, all clean fresh bedding.” She assured me. She kissed me. “Night Dylan.” She told me gently kissing me. I looked at her hickey and smiled. She went into her room. I stood there until I heard her climb in the bed, I heard her yawn. I then went to my room.

My alarm woke me, I looked at the time and wanted to roll back and go sleep, but I wanted a bit of time with Kenny before she went school then work then work then school. She had a busy day. I didn’t need a shower this morning. I put jeans and a top on that was fine for the day, I would be changed by wardrobe the moment I got to the set, so it didn’t matter if I even went in jogging bottoms but I didn’t think they’d appreciate that. I would drive myself today I decided. I went downstairs and made 4 cream cheese bagels. Hey quick breakfast today meant more time talking with Kenny. I pulled her uniform out the dryer. It was dry so I carried it and the tray up and went in her room. She was fast asleep curled up, it took a few minutes to see the lump that was her, in the huge bed. “Good morning Kenny.” I told her. Putting the tray on the bedside table with our coffees and bagels on. She stretched yawning. “Morning Dylan.” Kenny said with a smile. I climbed in the bed with her as she moved up. She sat up. I handed her a plate and a bagel. “Thank you.” She said kissing me. “Yum peppermint.” She said with a sleepy smile. I handed her, her coffee. “Wait here, I’ll be right back.” I told her. “Do you have to go?” she asked me as I stood up. “Yeah I’ll be right back.” I said. “Your uniform is there all dry ready. Give me 5 seconds.” I told her and walked out, I went and got my laptop from my bedroom, I realized she had her own a few seconds later oh well. Was she even attached to my Wi-Fi as she hadn’t asked for the pin? When I went back in her room she wasn’t there, the bathroom door was locked and she had taken one bite out her bagel and drunk her coffee. “Kenny?” I said. “Just getting dressed be out in a second.” Kenny told me. I climbed back in the bed. Kenny came out the bathroom, in a black off the shoulder skater dress that was way too hot for school on her. “Kenny.” I said. She looked at me trying to pretend innocence, but I saw the smile. She knew what she had done to me. “Don’t you like the dress?” she asked me innocently. “Kenny I love the dress and you look gorgeous, I’m just jealous I won’t get to see you in it all day.” I told her. She grinned at me. She came up to me and climbed into bed, her hair was loose now and wavy from the plait she slept in. “your jealous are you?” she asked me, “I wish I had longer at the school, I did plan to. I haven’t actually canceled coming back. I might even come Wednesday. But I have a feeling my biology partner might sleep through the class.” I told her. “Yeah she might.” Kenny admitted. “If you can I would love to see you, but only if you can Dylan.” She told me. “Okay Rock star.” I told her. I handed her two portable chargers. “Will that see you through till Wednesday afterschool?” I asked worried it wouldn’t be enough. “I can charge my cell on my graveyard shift don’t worry.” She assured me. “Alright.” I told her. Kenny chucked jeans and a t-shirt into her rucksack and her uniform for the pizza place and a uniform for Walmart. Then she bit into her bagel. “I put the laptop in front of her. “Order the guitar of your dreams.” I told her kissing her head. She typed in a shop name, and started looking through the guitars. She didn’t stop. She sighed. “What?” I asked her. “It’s not on the site.” She admitted. “You really want a particular one?” I asked her. “Yeah.” She admitted. “Want me to go buy it for you.” I said kissing her head. “No I think you buying a pink guitar might raise a few eyebrows.” She told me. “Yeah maybe a few.” I admitted laughing. “Tell me about this guitar.” I said to her. “It’s a bright pink Gibson Memphis 2016.” She told me. “Explain it to me like I know nothing about guitars.” I said to her she laughed and started telling me about her guitar she wanted whilst we ate the bagels and drunk our coffees, unfortunately both having to pay attention to the clocks. I groined when the alarm I had set of as my 10 minute till she had to leave went off. “We better go work and school.” I sighed. She smiled. “Talk about the guitar on Wednesday if you’re awake. If I was to mention it to Milo and he said it was a bad guitar?” I questioned her. “Then ask him what he recommends but dad always had Gibson’s and I learnt to play on a Gibson and I have Gibson in my name. I’m afraid to tell you it will be a Gibson no matter what.” She laughed. “Alright note taken.” I told her kissing her, she put on her converses. “With that dress?” I asked her. “Yes got a problem with the dress?” she asked me with a smile. “No with the shoes.” I told her laughing. Kenny put her school bag on her shoulder and her rucksack. I sighed knowing it was time to go downstairs. I grabbed the stuff leaving the laptop on the bed after turning it off. We went downstairs. “Dylan say cheese.” Kenny said snapping my picture I just had time to stick my tongue out at her. She laughed. “Brilliant.” She said with a grin. “Hey I haven’t got a picture of you since you changed your hair.” I realized. Kenny rolled her eyes at me. “Hey you just took one Rock star.” I pointed out. She laughed. “But your used to having your picture taken.” She pointed out. “Is there any pictures of you after your dad died?” I asked her. Kenny shook her head, “not that I know of. Except the ones Pam and Laura have taken no. I’ve even missed school picture day for the last 4 years.” She admitted. “Kenny have you had anything for your birthday the last 10 years?” I asked her. Kenny didn’t say anything. “Kenny.” I said her name she would have watched her sisters get spoilt rotten whilst she was the forgotten kid. “It’s just another day Dylan it just marked down the days until I was free, the guys have been getting me presents the last 4 years and they mean a hell of a lot as there always personal.” She told me. “Okay stand next to that white wall there.” I said pointing at the wall, she pulled a face at me. “Please Kenny.” I said putting my hands together and giving her a look. “Okay but only if you never use that look on me again.” Kenny laughed. “Agreed.” I laughed she went and stood where I told her to. She glared at me it made me chuckle and take the photo. “Knock knock.” I said. “Who’s there?” Kenny asked me suspicious. “Tank.” I said. “Tank who?” Kenny said looking at me like what the fuck. I took that picture too. “Your welcome.” I told her. It got a reluctant smile out of her. “That’s the worst joke I’ve ever heard Dylan.” Kenny informed me. “I’ll tell my director that as it’s a line in my script.” I admitted. That got a real smile from her, I took that. I went up and kissed her, taking a selfie of us kissing. When we broke apart she rolled her eyes, “Fine but you got to send me that.” She told me. She looked at her phone. “I got to go. Bye Dylan.” She told me kissing me. We both left at the same time. I got my sports car out the garage, Kenny looked at it. “Impressed?” I asked her. “I’m impressed with you without your toys.” Kenny told me, and then she laughed. “That sounded so dirty.” I told her laughing myself. “See you Wednesday.” Kenny said. “Enjoy guy’s night.” She said, she threw her bags in her car then climbed in and drove off. I drove off after her, leaving the opposite gate to her so I didn’t follow her all the way out like I was tempted to.

When I got to the set I managed to get a space with my name on. Hey pre warning I would drive myself helped. I saw the space reserved for Stasia had a car in already. I still didn’t know how to get Kenny on the site to see her sister without her stepmom here. I recorded a few scenes with Stasia and a few without. I was stood at what looked like a park with Stasia on the swings kids who were just here for the day ran around the park. Stasia was nervous. “Come on Stasia we rehearsed this all evening.” Jasmine yelled at her. “Cut.” The director shouted. “What she was doing fine.” Jasmine yelled at him. “Yes she was, in fact she was doing fine before you yelled at her. It’s because of you I had to cut.” He yelled at her. Stasia looked like she was about to cry. “Knock, Knock.” I said to her quietly. “Who’s there?” She said weakly. “Tank.” I said to her. “Tank who?” she asked me, looking at me suspicious. “Your welcome.” I told her, she weakly smiled in fact she gave me the same look Kenny had given me earlier that I liked to call her what the fuck look. “That was a really bad joke.” She told me. “Yes I’m aware it’s one of my lines, should we tell him together it might stop him blowing a casket at you mom.” I told her, she smiled at me seemed to think then shook her head to say no. “Fine maybe tomorrow.” I told her winking. She giggled, the director and her mom were yelling at each other. I just pushed her on the swing. “So how you getting on at school with being here most days?” I asked her. “Mom pulled me out on Friday.” She admitted. “Oh so you have a tutor?” I asked her. “I’m meant to be getting one but he quit.” She admitted. “He quit?” I asked her. “Yeah.” She admitted. “That bad at school?” I teased her friendly, smiling so she would realize it was a joke. “I’m not sure.” She admitted looking at her mom. “Stasia as long as you try your hardest those that love you will be proud of you no matter what, as long as you’re happy they’ll be happy.” I told her, she looked torn. “What’s up?” I asked her bending in front of her. “My sister used to say something similar.” She admitted. “I’m sure Makena knows what she’s talking about.” I told her. “How do you know it was Makena and Not Sea?” she questioned. “I’ve met both your sisters and that’s a Kenny saying not a Sea.” I told her. “You know Makena?” She whispered. “I’ve met her a few times.” I told her. “Have you heard from her recently?” she asked me. “Yes why?” I asked her, she looked hurt oh no I didn’t want to hurt her I was trying to make her happy. “Do you know if she’s okay?” She asked shuffling slightly. “Why don’t you know?” I said trying not to act too much as if this conversation interested me and not act like it didn’t at all. “She moved out to go college early according to mommy.” Stasia said looking hurt. “Well I’m sure she will love college.” I said calmly. “Yeah.” Stasia said weakly. “Didn’t you want her to leave for college?” I asked her. “She didn’t say bye.” Stasia said looking hurt. “I know she texted you goodbye Stasia.” I said calmly in front of her. “I don’t have my cell currently mom took it off because I didn’t learn my lines like I was meant to.” Stasia admitted. “Well how about this, you tell me a message for her, I will email her and give you her reply when I see you.” I told her. “You would do that?” she asked me giving me a look I had seen once on Kenny’s face. Fuck Kenny you can’t leave your sister with your stepmom. “I might even see if I can convince her to come here at the weekend or pop into her work at the pizza place.” I told her with a wink. “Would you?” she asked amazed. “Yeah what’s your message?” I asked her. “Will I see her again?” Stasia said weakly. “I will ask her, but do you want to see her Stasia?” I asked her. “I love my sister.” She said looking at me with a look that said I dare you to claim I don’t and I will rip you to shreds. It was a look I got in biology from her sister. “Makena loves you too.” I told her squeezing her shoulder calmly. “Don’t tell your mom I know Kenny, I know Kenny doesn’t like getting attention from this world and I think that will annoy your mom just as much as she is currently.” I told Stasia. “Yeah it would.” Stasia said. “Will you tell her I miss her and love her?” Stasia said. “Dylan place please!” the director shouted at me. I moved back behind Stasia. “Of course.” I said, to both the director and Stasia. I saw the smile on her face come back. The rest of the recording with Stasia went a bit smoother. Jasmine had stormed off leaving Stasia here. “What happened to Jasmine?” I asked the clapper when the next scene started. “The director told her if she didn’t want him to fire her daughter she would go sit in Stasia’s trailer.” She whispered to me. I smiled. I texted Kenny.

Dylan – talked to Stasia she misses you, she wants to know why you went college and didn’t say goodbye. She wants you to know she loves you and misses you and wants to know if she will ever see you again.

Kenny – I love her so much, she’s not thick Dylan deep down she knows I haven’t gone college.

Dylan – I know and I think she’s worried about her big sister.

Kenny – tell her I’m fine that I love her.

Dylan – will do now pay attention to geography.

Kenny – I’m in history but good rough guess J

Dylan – I don’t think you can leave your little sister with her mom Kenny.

Kenny – What can I do Dylan take her court I’m living in my boyfriend’s spare room secretly un wed. I’m 17 I work two jobs and am still in school. Her mom’s a rich actress supermodel who is her mother. A court would laugh me out.

Dylan – not if you come clean about the abuse Kenny.

Kenny – If Stasia wants me to try I will.

I looked at that text, if Stasia wants me to try I will. “Dylan on set please scene 4.” The director yelled. I put my phone in my pocket of my jacket on the back of my chair. Its pin protected so I don’t need to worry about anyone reading my personal texts if they got hold of it. Or seeing my pictures.

Getting home at 5pm I just had time to have a coffee before the gate buzzed and Jesus arrived, he didn’t have any projects currently, we had worked together twice growing up and screen best friends had progressed into real friends. We started playing on the PlayStation. Chatting about new roles he was applying for. I didn’t have to compete with Jesus he and I got completely different roles. He went for films with a lot of dancing in them. He was also a backup dancer in music videos. 50 minutes later and a lot of zombies dead. Wyatt arrived. He came bearing beer. “That good a day on set?” I asked him laughing. Wyatt was on a TV series currently on its 3rd season. “We have a guest star for a few episodes and omg.” He said opening a beer. Jesus and I laughed. It was 2 hours after that the Milo, Tyrone, Hunter, Zach and Owen arrived. “Funny 5pm.” Jesus said for me as they plopped themselves on the couch and grabbed a beer. “Don’t start him off.” Tyrone said pointing at Milo. “3 songs in a month and we all have brain fart.” Milo moaned. “Maybe I know what could cheer you up.” I said. Milo looked at me hopeful. “You have a friend who has agreed to?” Milo started. I shook my head. He looked slightly defeated. “Maybe in 3 weeks.” I told him. He seemed to think and realized. “Yeah that makes sense.” He said smiling. “What do you need help in, it’s not with girls again?” Milo teased. I pushed him off the couch he laughed. “You need help with a girl Dylan?” Wyatt asked me. “Nope none at all.” I said trying not to smile too much. “That’s why he has a hickey.” Jesus said from the other couch. Wyatt looked at it. “That’s a bruise.” He said squinting. “I don’t need help with girls.” I said rolling my eyes. “Believe me you all need help with girls.” Zach said, he was the only one of the group currently in a relationship. “Yeah Zach knows all about girls now, the man’s practically married. Hes been with the same girl 5 months now.” Hunter said. “You can’t even keep a girl interested one night.” Zach said to Hunter then shot him on the game. “If it’s not girls what do you actually want help with?” Owen asked as he was waiting to respawn. “I might have decided that I fancied a music room. Wondered what I would need and what you guys would recommend.” I said seriously. “Why don’t you show me the room your thinking and I’ll give you a few suggestions.” Milo said standing up. I quit the game. “Yeah there’s 3 different rooms I’m thinking off, let me know what you think.” I said and we walked off. We went down the corridor, we could hear the guys yelling at each other. “If the buzzer goes it should be the Chinese.” I yelled. “Noted.” Wyatt yelled back. I took Milo to one room. “Yeah this room would do.” He said calmly. “There a particular reason for the music room?” he asked me. I pulled out my phone. “She’s taken.” I told him firmly. “Hey I’m your friend, bros before hoes and all that.” Milo said firmly. “I know you’re interested I wouldn’t ever go for a girl I know my friends are interested in. Even if she was to ever become interested in me.” he said calmly. “I know that’s why I’m going to show you Makena’s picture I took earlier.” I said calmly. I loaded the one up that she was smiling at me a real smile and showed him. “That’s Makena?” he asked amazed. “Makena Rosebud Gibson Allen Stone.” I told him with a smile. “Can I flick?” he asked me as I moved it onto the picture she was giving me a what the fuck look in. “There’s only 10 pictures of her on it.” I told him. I flicked to the next of her, then the next. We got to the selfies. “She’s grown up to be really pretty.” Milo said calmly. “She is going to buy herself a new guitar.” I told him. “What’s she thinking of getting?” he asked me. “A Gibson Memphis 2016.” I told him. “So basically an update of her dad’s guitar.” He said calmly. “She said she learnt to play on a Gibson that she has Gibson in her name so her first guitar she buys herself has to be a Gibson. She won’t let me buy her a guitar.” I said seriously. “So you plan to buy her drums bass and keyboard?” he asked calmly. “Pretty much.” I admitted. Milo laughed. “You can borrow if be better.” He said calmly. “In fact I’m sure Hunter has an old drum kit he wants rid of to buy a new kit.” Milo said. “Yeah I do.” Hunter said walking in the room. “Chinese is here.” He told us. “You want to learn to play the drums?” Hunter asked me. “Dylan’s new girlfriends a musical genius, he wants to make her a music studio here to get her round more often.” Milo said. “You actually have a girlfriend?” Hunter asked me. “Thanks Milo, Thanks. Yes I do but no we aren’t going public.” I said calmly. “Why not?” Milo asked me confused. “She doesn’t want to until after her 18th birthday. In fact she doesn’t want to do anything until after her birthday.” I said calmly. “Because she don’t want to have to have her stepmom sign?” Milo guessed rightly. I nodded. “Fair enough but she is willing to?” Milo asked me. “Yep she said she wants to give you a few songs but she knows she can’t until after her birthday.” I told him. “But she’s willing?” Milo said. “Yeah but she’s not willing to do the song with you currently.” I said to him. “Who’s the girlfriend if she’s actually got Milo interested in hearing her songs?” Hunter laughed. “Is she alright with the band knowing?” Milo asked me. “As long as you don’t tell anyone until after her 18th birthday even Nike. She says she isn’t ready.” I said calmly. “She works same studio as us? Surely Mike will let us co-write with her at least for one song?” Hunter said. “It’s his niece Makena. Dylan’s dating Makena Stone.” Milo said. I saw Hunters draw drop. “And she’s writing us a song?” Hunter asked amazed. “She has a few of her dad’s old songs that never got released, she actually wants you as a band to release for her but she can’t hand them over until she’s 18.” I said calmly. “Which is less than a month’s time and 6 days before Mike wants to see what we got.” Milo said. “Slightly pushing it.” Hunter said. “Yeah but if she gives it to us before her stepmom can sue.” Milo said. “She would do that.” Hunter said. “She would?” I asked, I didn’t doubt it but hearing them say it shocked me. “She tried when we released a few others of Mac and Cheeses songs. But Nike has the copyright on them. She couldn’t touch them.” Milo said calmly. “But songs never released would be different only person who has rights to them is Makena.” Milo said calmly with a smile. “Not Stasia and her mom?” I asked him. “I think Stasia might have, but I would have to find out. Maybe if I talked to Nike I could find out.” Milo suggested. “Let me text Kenny, but she’s on a night shift.” I said pulling my phone out. I looked at the time. 9.45pm. “I might just catch her on her break.” I told Milo.

Dylan – Kenny does Stasia have rights to the songs as well?

Kenny – no because I co-wrote them with dad and there in my writing, there’s no evidence their dads songs except he corrected my spelling in a few of them. His copies were on the plane.

Kenny – but if Stasia ever needed money I would support her, I wouldn’t ever let my little sister go without. But the answers no as long as I do it after my 18th birthday, Jasmine can’t stop me or them.

Kenny – My phones going to go flat in bit will plug it in when I get Walmart.

Dylan – alright let me know when you’re at work safely

Kenny – will do fairy.

“Am I even to ask why she calls you fairy?” Milo asked after reading the texts. “Nope it’s a private joke.” I said calmly. “Fair enough but you could have a more manly couple name.” Milo told me. “No offence guys I want to hear this, but the guys have the Chinese and I want to eat it!” Hunter said looking at us. “Kenny’s still a hush subject till her 18th in case it doesn’t happen.” Milo informed him. “Got it no mentioning Dylan’s girlfriend who lives with him until after her birthday.” Hunter said. “What she lives with you?” Milo asked me. “How’d you know she lives here?” I asked Hunter suspicious. “I went to throw my stuff in the room I normally use and it has loads of girl stuff in. Also this text just before you sent this one.” Hunter said showing me a text from Kenny earlier on my phone, where he had been reading the conversation with Kenny just now.

Dylan – do you recon you’ll have time to pop home after your night shift and I’ll make you a coffee or will you go straight school. Because the guys are going to stay the night?

Kenny – going to go straight school, I get an hour to sleep in homeroom before school starts then and I don’t get detention for being late to class.

Dylan – She will give you a detention if you sleep in homeroom.

Kenny – detentions just an extra lesson every day that I do my homework in

Dylan – that’s not the idea of detention

Kenny – sure it is, a lesson to sleep and do homework after all other lessons have finished, it’s another study hall.

Dylan – I might come school tomorrow, if I do I’ll bring you lunch.

Kenny – am I still on the fattening me up diet?

Dylan – Helene insists

Kenny – she scares me

Dylan – she scares me to she’s like another mother

Kenny – got to go the 3 idiots from yesterday are back. I’m not sure what they actually want, I’ve booked the music room for an hour.

Dylan – I will let you get on, if I don’t come school. I will see you when you come home.

Kenny – finished detention on way work.

Dylan – text me when you’re at work, and when you leave

Kenny – at work

“So you got her living with him from that and her stuff in a spare room?” Milo asked him interested. “Yeah and his face when I said it.” Hunter shrugged. “I want to meet her Dylan.” Milo said giving me a look that said please. “Alright we will arrange it, but it’s still hushed up until she’s 18.” I told him. “10th of May.” Hunter said calmly. “How come you all know that.” I sighed. “It’s on hers and her dads Wikipedia. But there’s been no pictures or information about her since she was like 9.” Hunter said. “Dylan has a picture of his girlfriend and she’s gorgeous.” Milo informed him. “Can I see and I’ll give you a spare drum kit.” Hunter said. I showed him the picture of Makena smiling. “She really is gorgeous.” Hunter said looking at her picture. “I’ll help you make the music room tomorrow.” Milo told me. “Same, we can all help move the furniture out this room tonight.” Hunter said looking around the room. “Now can we please go eat the Chinese?” He said. I nodded and went with them. I got sunk on the couch and was on my 3rd rib when I got a text from Kenny.

Kenny – at work and phone plugged in charging.

Dylan – alright you eaten?

Kenny – yes Dylan I’ve eaten. I’m fine I’ve got bad coffee and zombie night staff we are all fine

Dylan – working with zombies is not fine, they eat brains.

Kenny – go shot your zombies on your PlayStation I will feed mine coffee.

Dylan – alright see you tomorrow. If you’re too tired to drive just ring me and I’ll come get you.

Kenny – thanks Dylan got to go talk in the morning

I played another few rounds of zombie killing. Ate loads of Chinese. Moved furniture out the new music room. That I would keep Kenny out until it was ready. We eventually all fell asleep at 4am. Everyone claimed a room except Kenny’s room. I left a letter for Helene knowing it was her day in the morning. Saying all the guys would be here.

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