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Chapter 10 - Makena

Leaving Dylan this morning, I had been tempted to just say couldn’t we both just ring in sick, but I knew we couldn’t. He had work to do, I had school and work to do. We both had busy lives. School went fast till lunch time, a few texts from Dylan and to Dylan when I could. Joking with the girls and Max, school felt so much better than it ever had. I stayed awake during class and I so far hadn’t got a detention at all and been at school early, much to my tutors shock. I had booked the music room again for the hour, hey I normally only booked it 2 days a week and I think the band could suffer me using it a few days a week. They hadn’t started turning up before now. Maybe I should hear them out. I was texting Dylan whilst in the music room as he was on break it seemed. When they came in I wasn’t even playing I was writing and texting. So they might think I was using it to annoy them. But the guitar was on my lap. “See you’re not even playing your just booking it to annoy us.” Black haired said. “I was just replying to my boyfriend and jotting something down sorry.” I said trying my hardest not to laugh. “Surely we can come to a compromise.” Brunette said weakly. I looked at Brunette. “Yeah I only book 2 hours a week in here you got 3 I think that’s a compromise enough its one hour each for you 3 and 2 hours for me as it’s the gentleman thing to do.” I pointed out. He seemed to think through what I said. “She has a point.” He said. “Stop it Tyler she doesn’t have a point. Every time we’ve come in she’s not even playing!” Black haired said. “Can she even play or does she use this room to sleep in as its sound proofed.” Blue haired said. “Oh you’ve heard my reputation!” I said with a grin. “You’re the one who’s in detention for sleeping through your classes.” Blue haired said calmly. I looked from one of them to the other. “What did you three do to get detention yesterday?” I asked them interested. “Nothing we just went.” Blue haired said shrugging. I laughed, “I bet you were made to stay the whole hour too.” I said with a grin. The three of them nodded. “People sneak out of detention not into.” I pointed out still with a smile. I knew they weren’t trying to be funny which was why they were. “How do you just leave when you’ve done your homework?” Black haired asked me. “They know I’m going work after school, they also know I’m an AP student who gets straight A’s even sleeping though class, and that I long ago just decided detention is an extra subject.” I said shrugging. “I’m not even sure if I still have detention as they don’t comment on days I don’t go.” I mused. “Remind me to find out in detention tonight.” I told them shrugging. “You’re kidding right?” Black haired asked me. I shrugged. “Can I ask what you 3 actually want because you’re cutting into my half an hour, which is strange as I know I booked an hour.” I pointed out. “Can you play the drums?” Blue haired asked me. “Why do you want to know?” I asked them. “Because we need a drum player for a gig on Saturday and ours is of sick.” Blue haired told me. “I can play drums but I can’t help you.” I admitted. “Cant or wont.” Black haired said. “Cant. Sorry to disappoint you all but I’m not old enough to perform in a club even not drinking they won’t let me in and I do a night shift on a Saturday night.” I told them. “Fuck was worth a shot.” Black haired said. “Sorry.” I said with a weak smile. “But you never know he might get better.” I pointed out. “Hopefully so but we wanted an emergency plan and someone to practice with.” Brunette admitted. “I can help with the practice at lunch if you really want. Not tomorrow as I will be sleeping though lunch break as got a night shift tonight but today I can help.” I said. “Can you actually play?” Black haired asked. “I can play.” I said rolling my eyes. “Prove it.” Blue haired said. I put my notepad away. “Want me to prove I can play this first?” I asked them. “Yeah!” Blue haired said. I shredded the guitar. The three of them looked at me amazed. I laughed. “Are you in a band?” Blue asked me. “I’m concentrating on graduating school and work currently. I need to pay for college.” I admitted. “But if I ever think I need a band I will let you three know.” I told him with a wink. “Who taught you how to play?” Blue asked me looking at me amazed. “My dad.” I admitted I don’t know if they saw the hurt flash across my face. “Can he play the drums?” I was asked. “Are you really that desperate for a drummer?” I asked them. “It’s a big gig.” Blue haired admitted. “Ask Mr. Gresham who he would recommend, I know I’m not the only kid at the school who does the exams with him.” I said shrugging. “Wait you do the exams?” Blue haired asked me. “Yeah in all the instruments here, Mr G tried to push me into Julliard but I’m still Rock all the way.” I said calmly. They all looked at me opened mouthed. “What’s wrong with your drummer?” I asked them. “Wish I bloody knew, hes saying he’ll be back for Saturday but he can’t guarantee.” Blue haired told me. “Maybe pull out the gig or play without the drum and put the drums on tape?” I suggested. “Put the drums on tape?” Blue haired asked me. I rolled my eyes. “Means record someone doing the drums for you and play it.” I told him. “It’s an idea would you do it?” Blue asked me. “Talk to your drummer, if he can’t ask me Thursday. Don’t attempt to talk to me Wednesday I will have been up 48 hours and be a walking zombie and anything I agree to in that state is not likely to happen.” I informed them. “Fair enough.” Brunette said. “You still haven’t proved you can play.” Black haired pointed out. I handed him the guitar. I went to the drums picked up the sticks. I got a secret smile on the corner of my lips. “Can you do me a favor?” I asked Brunette. “Um?” he said. I handed him my phone on the camera. “I hardly ever play the drums can you record for me.” I told him. “Um sure.” He said. “Just press the red button when I’m ready.” I told him. “alright.” He said. I went up to the drum kit calmly. Plugging in my earphones. Hey I would show them what I got, I took a deep breath. “Sorry first time I’ve performed to anyone other than Mr G in a few years.” I said truthfully. “When I nod my head press record.” I told Brunette. He nodded. I nodded to him when I was ready. Then I started playing, and then I started singing fun house by pink. The three of their mouths dropped, I tried not to react, but I knew a smile spread on my face. I did the whole song. When I finished Brunette put my phone down. “You stopped it?” I asked him. “Yeah.” He said, still looking at me like I had 3 heads. “You can sing?” Blue head said. I shrugged. “Music prodigy according to Mr. G.” I said shrugging. “So you really can play everything in here?” Black haired asked me. “Not really just the guitar base drums and keyboard well and Piano. I can play the cello as well which is what Mr G wanted me to go Julliard on. He says it’s a waste of my musical talents not to use it.” I said shrugging. He also said how any fan of my dad’s music would be amazed to see little cheese grown up. I thought about it, “Did your dad have a failed music career?” Blue haired asked me interested. I wanted to laugh I was tempted to say who said it failed. “The only failure guys is not trying in the first place.” I said seriously. That was another thing daddy used to say. I had to think about that. “Can I hear you 3?” I asked them. “What?” Blue haired asked me. I took my phone back from Brunette. He was looking at my picture of Dylan with a raised eyebrow. “Really you’re into that dude like the rest of the girls at this bloody school?” he asked me when he handed it over, hey at least he hadn’t seen the one I snapped this morning, he was just looking at my background picture which was of Dylan in the kitchen the other night. “My boyfriend says the same thing, he can’t see what I find attractive.” I said with a smile, wanting to laugh. “Can he play the drums?” Blue haired asked. “Not that hes ever admitted to.” I said calmly. “Ask Mr. G who at school can play. Then go pick on them or your drummer. If you do need me to record some beats onto a cd let me know on Thursday lunchtime in the caf and I will.” I said calmly. Then I picked up my bags and said. “Well I better get to homeroom, nice meeting the 3 of you again.” I said calmly. “Thanks for listening to me play.” I said calmly. Then I walked out.

I went to detention after all my classes, I looked at Mr. C. “Do you know how many more detentions I have?” I asked him. “You’re in credit by 27.” He said looking up. I laughed. “Alright mind if I go.” I said calmly. He waved me off, I walked out there without going to a table. I went to the mall, I was at work a total of 50 minutes early. I know Dylan had said not to buy the guitar yet, I didn’t as didn’t want it to sit in the car in the carpark alone all that time but I went in the shop. I looked at it, wondering if I should just order it to pick up Thursday after school and pop here. I kept an eye on the time, I was looking at the other guitars, cheaper guitars but the Pink Gibson was the one I wanted. In fact I was already the only guitar I could imagine playing for a while. “Can I help you?” a sales guy asked me. “Yeah I was wondering about ordering the pink Gibson Memphis 2016.” I said pointing at it. “It’s a hell of a lot.” He told me looking at me in my pizza uniform. “I know.” I said knowing it would be a hell of a lot. I looked at the guitar that had been there all these months calling me. “I’ve been saving to buy it and doing overtime.” I said calmly. “Don’t worry I got to get work.” I said looking at it, with a longing. “Want to put a deposit down?” he asked me. “Yeah.” I said. “Have you got any Photo ID?” he asked me. I hesitated. I looked at the guitar and hesitated. Fuck I had the choice here show who I was or ask Dylan or one of my friends to buy it for me and send them the money. “I will have to get some, sorry got to go work.” I said and left quickly. I didn’t realize buying an expensive guitar would be so hard. You know what I doubted they even knew who I was. I could just show my drivers license on Thursday and walk away with my dream guitar that’s what I would do.

Work went fine, I was on delivery today, so spent most the evening driving around and handing kids my age and adults that had screaming kids there Tuesday night takeout. Then going back to the restaurant then back out. Then back. Then out. It was fine really. Then I went Walmart. Dylan text me, whilst I drove and the car read it out. I understood Milo wanted the songs. I didn’t blame him, but I knew by law they were mine to give and my stepmom didn’t even know about them, I could just claim they were mine and no one could even say any different. But I had my songs and I had daddy’s, I wanted people to know they were daddies. Or at least the person I sold the songs to, so I could have a good life that my dad would be proud of me for. I plugged my phone into charge under my till. Hey I knew it was frowned upon but they all knew if I didn’t they wouldn’t be able to reach me. My manager had smiled as I came in. “Feeling better Kenny?” he asked me. “Yeah thanks.” I said truthfully. I spent hours at the till scanning peoples stuff and coupons, now I really hate coupons those people that spend hours clipping them out, I hate them! But I admit when I see a mom with kids get her shopping for £3 it does make me smile, knowing how much that’s possibly helped that mom out. The fact that she waited until we weren’t busy as well was defiantly a thumbs up to her. It was 3am when I came off the tills and started stocking shelves, I think because I had fallen asleep at the till as it was empty in here. I stocked the shelves singing along to the soundtrack on the works speaker. No one was down my aisle and they wouldn’t hear me anyway. At 5am zombie mode hit and constant trips for coffee happened. I wasn’t the only one. Then at the end of my shift I went into the staff room and changed out my uniform and into my jeans and t-shirt I had put in my bag yesterday morning. One of the girls I worked with handed me a coffee. “At least its bedtime now.” Natalie told me. “School time.” I yawned. “I don’t know how you do it, I’m exhausted with nights and a 2 year old.” She said with a friendly smile. Natalie was only one year older than me, she had gone to the same school, she had fallen pregnant and dropped out although she had never told me who Neive’s dad was I had a guess due to rumors, but I didn’t ever want to say that to her. She worked the night shift three times a week whilst her parents watched her little girl. She was amazing she loved that little girl and she showed me every time I saw her what a real mom should be like with her kid. When I started to think it was me that was the problem. I drove to school after a coffee, the door wouldn’t be unlocked for another hour so I locked my door and went to sleep, setting an alarm.

I woke to my phone alarm. Turned it off looked at myself groggily in the mirror yeah my hair was fine. So I went into school. Got to my desk before most the kids had even got here, I put my bag on the floor and was out like a light at my desk. Until I felt prodding. I looked up at Max blurry eyed. He handed me a coffee. “Did I mention you’re the best?” I asked him. “Every time I give you coffee.” He said calmly. I sat at my desk and looked around. Not class time yet. Our tutor was sat at her desk. She looked at me like I was a mystery she wanted the answers to. “I changed my availability I won’t be doing Tuesday night shifts anymore.” I told Max. “Good because we graduate in a few weeks!” Max pointed out. “Yeah I know.” I yawned. “Mrs. Baxter do you mind if I sleep through homeroom?” I yawned. “Are you actually asking to do something we know you’ll be doing even if I say no?” she asked me. “Yeah I thought I’d be polite today and ask so I don’t get detention.” I said with a sleepy smile. She started talking about how I should sleep at home more. I didn’t comment, neither did Max. She didn’t write me a detention though when I woke up to Pam prodding me. “Time for next class.” She said. I went the next class, the day went in a zombie blur, of people talking around me and me replying but not fully sure what we talked about or learned. I had a few texts from Dylan and I know I replied but I couldn’t say what I replied. It was lunch time when I was asleep in the cafeteria when the 3 idiots came over. “I thought I told you blue not to talk talk me today that I’m in zombie mode.” I said blinking at him after he tapped me awake and none of my friends had stopped him. I looked at Vincent the traitor, he was looking at the guys petrified. “You broke Vince.” I accused blue blinking at him half asleep. “We didn’t break anyone.” Black haired told me. “Shut up black.” I moaned. “You’re lucky you’re a girl.” Black told me. “Oh because I’m a girl you won’t threaten me, that’s rather sexist don’t you think. That I’m weak and can’t be threatened just because I’m a girl” I yawned turning my head away. “She doesn’t know what she’s saying.” Vince quickly said in my aid. “Vince shh sleep time.” I mumbled to him. “What are you wanting from Kenny?” Max said finding his voice, come on Max a celebrity hadn’t tongue tied you as much as these three guys? “Don’t worry just forget it till tomorrow.” Blue said marching off. “What the fuck Kenny.” Max asked me. “There drummer is sick and they got a gig, they’ve been cornering me in the music room to try see if I could play drums to cover their drummer. I told them if he was still sick by Thursday I would record some beats for them on cd to play. They must want the cd.” I yawned. “That’s actually nice of you Kenny, but you know Toms the guy who beats up.” Max started. “Which ones Tom? Black Brown or Blue?” I asked. “KENNY.” They all said as I yawned. I missed the rest of the sentence, as sleep claimed me again. The next thing I knew I was being woken to go back to class. I drifted in and out of sleep for last two periods, I at one point wrote notes I hoped they make sense to wake Kenny. I woke up roughly last period enough to look at my texts with Dylan. I looked at them and wondered if this was how a drunk would text. None of my texts made sense at all and Dylan had obviously decided that he wasn’t going to bother with the tired texts. Just telling me to text him when I came to the world of the living. He had text me asking if I wanted picking up and I had said No that I would drive, to which his reply was. No you won’t Max will drive you, hes taken your keys away :P I saw his point I was likely to fall asleep at the wheel, Max often took my keys away to and would take me Pam’s or his anyway. It wasn’t unusual. I would just not go detention today. I went to my locker, when I noticed Brunette in the corridor. I went up to him, hey I wasn’t sure which one of the guys was which. “Sorry I told you 3 not to talk to me today as I would be a zombie. What were you after at lunch?” I asked him. “You’re still a zombie.” He said calmly. “Yeah I know.” I said. “Kenny!” Max said in shock a bit loudly as a stage whisper. “Isn’t he that science geek?” Brunette asked me. “Nothing wrong with being a geek, as long as your you and do what makes you happy then you can never go wrong.” I said calmly. “Unless the you that you want to be hurts people then that’s wrong you. But you don’t seem the type to pick on someone because there smarter than you, you seem more intelligent than that.” I mused. “Kenny!” I heard Laura say. “You sound like your drunk.” Brunette said calmly. “Told you not to talk me when I’m a zombie. What did the 3 of you want?” I asked him. “They wanted to know if you would come practice lunch tomorrow and record that CD for us.” Brunette told me. “Yeah that’s fine.” I said yawning. “Night.” I said. “Bye.” He said laughing I walked over to Laura. “You have a death wish.” She said in shook. I wrapped my arms around her and went to Max’s car with her. Deciding they really wouldn’t care if I didn’t go detention. Max drove me to Dylan’s. I grabbed my Drivers license and pass before we left leaving my car at school. “So how is it going living with Dylan?” Max asked me when we were on the road him driving. “Really good.” I assured him. “Are you both well?” Max started. “What sleeping together?” I asked Max rolling my eyes. “No I’m not going to ask you if you’re having sex Kenny. We are mates but we aren’t that kind of mates.” Max said pulling a face. “I was going to ask if you were dating!” he said. “But now I think I know the answer.” He said. “Yes we are dating.” I told him. “Although we’ve only been on one actual date.” I said calmly. “Because you can’t be seen in public together without the world going nuts.” Max said. “Precisely, if it comes out I’m dating Dylan people will accuse me of dating him for the publicity.” I said having watched Grey go through something like that when I was a kid. “Kenny.” Max said. “Or it will rush me into the spotlight to quickly.” I said. “Kenny.” Max said. “Or his fans will hate me and I’ll get death threats for dating him or.” I started talking. “It will take away my normal life.” I told Max. “Kenny you can’t make him not go public with you because you’re scared of what ifs. You want to be with him right?” Max said. “Yeah but what if I ruin his reputation what if.” I said. “Kenny you like him right?” Max said. “Yeah.” I said calmly. “Hes your fairy.” Max said calmly. “I admit it okay hes my bloody prince charming.” I admitted. Max laughed, “Kenny what is your plan go back into the celebrity world, start doing your own music. Or just slip your dads and your songs to Milo.” He asked me. “I’m not sure, one way that’s what I want, the other way I want to drive away for college get out of LA and never come back.” I admitted. “In another an even weaker one but one I would love to do the most.” I said thinking about it. “What?” Max asked me. “I want to perform I want to get custody of Stasia and me and her get our happily ever after’s.” I told Max. “Alright and how would you achieve that?” he asked me. “I would have to be brave, approach Nike. Or.” I said. “Or.” He asked me. I fidgeted “there is one way I could do this without my dad’s reputation giving me any advantage. Then if I succeed I know it’s me, not daddy or Dylan or Milo.” I said. “It will mean I know I’m good enough.” I told him. “What’s the idea Kenny?” Max asked. “There’s a talent show. One like the voice but it isn’t the voice, but Nikes meant to be a judge for it.” I said. “The thing is it’s the day of my 18th birthday.” I told him. Max grinned. “I will give Milo the songs. I want him to have the songs. His voice is so like daddy’s it feels right for him to have the songs.” I said. “I will sign them over to him. I will let him have dads and my songs. But I won’t let him have mine alone until I know for sure what I want.” I said seriously. Then I thought about it. “Max can you do me a favor?” I asked him. “What Kenny?” he asked me. “Can you go register me for the contest as Kenny Allen? Not Makena.” I asked him. “Yeah I can.” Max told me. “So what’s your plan, you’re going to sing in the contest in front of Nike and hope he doesn’t recognize you until after you’re finished and hope he gives you his honest opinion?” Max asked me. “Exactly that, but they don’t turn unless they like you. Like I said it’s like the voice.” I told him. “You’ll blow them all away.” He told me. “What song you going to sing?” he asked me. “I kind of want to sing a song that isn’t a rock song but it’s how I want to feel that day. I’m not going to tell you what I’m going to sing unless they need to know. I’m going to surprise you too.” I told him. “I can’t wait to watch Kenny.” Max told me. “You need to tell Dylan though.” He told me. “I know and I will, because I want him there.” I admitted. Max grinned. “I get it if he doesn’t have time, but I do want him there.” I told Max we were at the gates to the entrance, Max handed over my drivers ID his and the pass. The guard took our ID’s away. I looked at Max. “I want to do this Max, if I do this I want it to be for me not for me being daddy’s daughter.” I told him. “Okay.” He said with a smile. “So college do you still want that Kenny?” he asked me. “I still don’t know what I want to study.” I admitted. He laughed so did I. “Yeah you just wanted away, I think we all knew that Kenny. It never was about college with you just an escape. You’re free now and so you can go after your real dream. Singing performing writing.” He said calmly. “You’re a song writer Kenny, you’re an artist in your own way. It’s time for you to go release your art. Your free now go live the life you want.” He told me. “As long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters.” Max said. I grinned at him as the guy came back with our IDs. “Max you know you’re like the best friend a girl could ever ask for.” I told him. “Yes I am aware.” Max said calmly. “I will book you onto the show, just give me the details. Anything else you need me to do?” he asked me. “I’ve got the money to get a guitar, the guitar of my dreams.” I told him. “Then what’s stopping you buying it?” he asked me. “They asked to see my Drivers license to put a deposit down on it.” I admitted. “Can’t you buy it straight up?” he asked me. “Yeah I can.” I said. “Then why do they need the ID?” he asked me. “I think because I wanted to go back and collect it not take it that day.” I admitted. “We can try after school tomorrow. Just buy it straight up. If they need to see ID you can buy it and ill show my ID should work if worst show them your ID they might never have heard of you Kenny.” Max said. I smiled at him. “Thank you so much.” I said. “What for the reality check?” he asked me. “yep.” I said. The guard came back with the ids and my passes. “Have you just moved into the neighborhood Miss Stone?” He asked me calmly. “Currently yes.” I said calmly. He nodded. “If you come fill in paperwork you will not be stopped each time if you have an owners pass.” He said calmly. “Oh I will mention that tonight at dinner thank you.” I said. He nodded and the gates opened. We drove in. “Miss Stone?” Max laughed. “You can’t laugh Mrs. Baxter calls me Miss Allen all the day when she gives me detention.” I reminded him. “Yeah I know. But that’s the first time I’ve seen a grown man do it.” He laughed. I laughed to. We were still laughing when we got to Dylan’s and went in the gate. Max parked up the car and Frank had opened the door. “Do you want me to pick you up in the morning?” Max asked me. “You can come in Max.” I said. Max looked at the house. “Yeah you can come in Max.” Dylan said coming out the house. With another guy it took me a few looks to realize it was Hunter the drum player to Miles off. “Hey.” Max and I said looking from Dylan to the other guy. Dylan came up and gently kissed me hello. “You awake?” he asked me. “More than I’ve been most the day.” I admitted. He smiled, “Did you cancel your Tuesday night shift?” he asked me. “Yeah I just said it was because my situation currently. The manager was very understanding.” I admitted, he really had been, he knew I was currently couch surfing and I think he decided not to question me. “Max Kenny this is” Dylan started. “Hunter from Miles off.” Max said. “Yeah.” Dylan said like he was clueless how to do this. “Hunter this is Max and my girlfriend Kenny.” Dylan said. “Nice to meet you both.” Hunter said calmly like this was normal. “Nice to meet you Hunter.” Max said amazed. Max and I both stood in silence. “You didn’t even flinch when you both met me.” Dylan said. “That’s because I didn’t have a clue who you were and you walked into me.” I pointed out. “Then what’s Max excuse?” Dylan asked with a smile. “I’m a huge fan of Miles off but wasn’t a fan of yours.” Max said. Hunter laughed. “See Dylan I told you people like a drummer more than a movie star.” Hunter told him. “So are we going to go in or stand out here all evening? As I want to get back to the game.” Hunter said. Dylan slipped his hand in my hand, I smiled at him nervously. “Sorry I should have warned you better but your texts made little sense.” Dylan told me as Hunter smiling walked back into the house. “It’s okay but is the whole band in there?” I asked worried. “No.” Dylan assured me. “But who is?” Max asked for me. “Hunter Tyrone and Jesus.” Dylan said. “Who’s Jesus?” Max and I said together. “Really guys really?” Dylan asked. We both looked at him, “Honestly we are going to have a movie night one day after school okay?” Dylan told me. “Okay.” I laughed. We walked into the house, Dylan taking us towards the living room. I hadn’t really planned much except sleep when I got home. But I think Dylan had slight plans. “What would you all like for dinner?” Helene asked as we walked past the kitchen. “Anything.” Dylan said, he looked at me and Max and we went into the kitchen. “I don’t mind whatever you want.” I said not sure. “So I could give you all worms and spicy chilies and you would eat them because you both said anything.” Helene huffed opening cupboards. Dylan laughed. “Whatever we got enough in to feed everyone, you’re the best cook I’m sure even your worms taste excellent.” Dylan said putting the coffee pot on. “Thanks.” I said as I watched him start make me one. “Do you mind if I put my uniforms into wash?” I said indicating my bag thrown over my shoulder that Max and I had rescued from my car. “Yeah go ahead.” Dylan said, I did I went and put my washing on in the two machines. When I came out a coffee was waiting for me, Dylan and Max were gone and Helene was still in the kitchen. “Is chili con carnie okay with you?” Helene asked me calmly. “Yes mam.” I said. “Please call me Helene Kenny.” She said calmly. Indicating my coffee. I took a sip of it. “Good day at school?” she asked me. “I can’t really remember much of it.” I admitted. She looked at me saddened. “Okay now serious moment, food allergies?” she asked me. “I’m allergic to latex but that’s it.” I said truthfully. “No food allergies?” she asked me. “Not that I know off.” I told her, I didn’t think it would be wise to tell her I had basically lived on cereal for the last few years as I think that pitying look would come back. “Any eating disorders?” she asked me. “No.” I assured her, she looked at me like she wasn’t fully sure if she believed that. “I’ve been put on every diet going at the house. Vegan, no carbs, all carbs, all meat.” I was going to carry on. “So extreme to another extreme.” She said calmly. “That was a few years ago. Recently I just had a bowl of lucky charms for breakfast and a bowl in the evening and maybe some fruit.” I admitted. “And dinner at work on nights I worked.” I admitted. She swore in Spanish. “I’m not fussy though I will eat anything.” I assured her still nervous. “Did you have a cook at home?” She asked me. “When Jasmine could keep staff.” I said truthfully. “Not for a few years, that was one of my chores.” I shrugged. “Or if it was an event we would have caterers.” I said. “Kenny.” Dylan said coming in the kitchen. “Sorry.” I told him. “What are you sorry for?” he asked confused. “I was just asking Kenny the foods she likes and for any food allergies.” Helene told Dylan calmly. “Oh okay.” Dylan said calmly. “Want to come meet some of the guys?” Dylan asked me. “Sure.” I said meaning it. I took Dylan’s hand calmly. “Do you have any food allergies?” Dylan asked me. “Nope you?” I asked him. “Nope.” He said. I smiled “easy then we can eat anything and anywhere.” I pointed out. “Yeah.” Dylan said with a smile. We went into the lounge where Max and 3 guys were playing on a PlayStation. “Guys Kenny, Kenny Tyrone and Jesus you’ve met Hunter outside.” Dylan said calmly. “Nice to meet you all.” I said not sure what else to do. I tried to tell myself this was just meeting my boyfriend’s friends and then even that sunk in my boyfriend’s friends. I was still tired. But Dylan sat next to me and the guys all played on the PlayStation and we talked. The fact I was living here didn’t come out. Hunter asked me what I thought of 6 piece Drum kits and we talked about the new set he had brought himself. It was a talk I could do. Tyrone talked the difference of a keyboard and piano and what his favorite voices. I said how the only ones I’ve got experience of the last few years are the school ones. But I admitted I had still done my exams with my tutor until 4 years ago and with my teacher at school, after dinner Max and I did our homework whilst they all played on the PlayStation still. Dylan and his friends seemed like just normal mates hanging out. Although I was told a few interesting stories from Jesus about what they all got up to sometimes. Including jumping from the landing onto a trampoline. Until someone broke an arm, I asked about mattress surfing, they didn’t have a clue what I was going on about. So I said about how at Nikes when I was a kid he used to bring a mattress into the hallway and we used to take it in turns going down the stairs on it. To which I was told Mike would freak out if they risked breaking their necks like that from Tyrone. But he did ask for one of the most fun things I remembered doing with the band. I admitted how they were the best and there wasn’t one thing in particular I could say was the best thing ever. Then Hunter asked me what the worst thing I thought the band did was. I had a few, I went quiet and they all looked at me. “Sorry.” Hunter said. “Na its fine, there’s just quite a few.” I admitted. “I remember when I was 6 and uncle Fern decided to fill the bath with spaghetti. Not the best idea, fun but he got in such deep trouble with a plumber, and then he blamed me saying it was my idea.” I said laughing. “I wouldn’t mind so much if I hadn’t told him it wasn’t a good idea.” I admitted laughing. At 5.50 Jesus left, at 6 Max said he had to go home as well. “Do you need me to pick you up?” he asked me. “Na that’s fine I’m not recording tomorrow, I will come school.” Dylan said. I grinned at him, I would have him at school tomorrow. Helene left at 6 as well, so did Frank. Leaving me in the house with the 3 guys. I looked at my notepad, and then I started writing. They all looked at me as my pen moved fast. “What are you doing?” Dylan asked looking at me whilst his player was respawning. I finished pulled it off turned it into a paper plane and threw it towards Hunter and Tyrone who were sat next to each other. They opened it, “Fuck.” Tyrone said looking at it. “That enough to keep you busy for a few days?” I asked them. They both nodded. “Milos going to love you.” Hunter said reading it, I looked at Dylan and smiled. “You are going to do not good for you right?” I asked them. They nodded. “We are already practicing it.” Tyrone assured me. “Your all okay with using Dads guitar?” I asked them. “If you’re really sure you want us to, we know how much that guitar is worth.” Hunter said. “It deserves to be played, it’s been sat in that box for so many years.” I said. “Why don’t you play it with us and come in one song?” Tyrone asked me. “I haven’t performed to anyone since dad died, except my teacher.” I admitted. “Who says I can sing.” I pointed out. “The video of you singing.” Hunter told me. “I was eight it was almost 10 years ago.” I pointed out. “I’ll think about it.” I said, I did think about it. I thought about it long enough that I handed Dylan my cell. He pressed play, watching it. Hunter came and pushed him up on the couch to get a view. So Dylan and I were practically squashed and I was almost on Dylan’s lap. “I would love to go set my dad’s house on fire.” I mused. They all looked at me. “Hey I didn’t actually say I wanted people to be in it.” I pointed out. “Who are the evil clowns?” Tyrone asked. “So what would you say was your dad’s bigger mistake of this Kenny marrying Jasmine or the Christmas song album?” Hunter asked me. “The Christmas songs were a sellout that the whole band regretted whilst still recording it, but it was such early days for the band when they did it and earnt them millions.” I pointed out. Not really answering the question, I owed Jasmine my life when I thought about it. If it wasn’t for her I would have been on that plane. I would be dead. But then I wouldn’t be an orphan alone in the world. No I wasn’t alone, I had Max Pam Laura and Vince. I even had Dylan, well I think I had Dylan. With how he hadn’t let go of my hand most the night even playing on the PlayStation, I think I have Dylan. “Do you all mind if I go bed?” I asked them. “No.” they all shrugged. “Night then.” I said taking my phone back from Dylan he kissed me goodnight and I went to my room. I didn’t mind him surprising me with the guys. The fact was it was nice talking instruments and music. It wasn’t like he abandoned me either he held my hand the whole time and tried to join in the conversation. It was him who was lost in the conversation. His didn’t bad mouth Jasmine, no one did except that question. Did they know why I was living with Dylan?

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