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Chapter 11 - Dylan

“She really is amazing Dylan.” Hunter said as soon as Kenny had left. “Yeah she is.” I said, meaning that. Tyrone looked at the song again, “She shouldn’t have given this to us yet.” Hunter said looking at it over Tyrone’s shoulder. “But we can practice it, we just won’t record it until she’s 18 and signed it over.” Tyrone said shrugging. “Doubt she’s going to sue us, I think it’s a case she just wants to hear the stuff again.” Tyrone said looking at the song. “She can really fucking sing though.” Hunter said. “Yeah I know.” I said. “She could come in on a song.” Tyrone said. “I’m not sure if she has decided if she wants to sing and perform yet.” I admitted. “Well she can always do it whenever she decides.” Hunter said looking at the song. “She actually going to contact Mike?” Hunter asked me. “I don’t know.” I admitted. “She really should, he has pictures of her as a little kid still on his desk, and he would give her a music contract instantly.” Hunter said looking at the song. “So isn’t she getting in trouble for sleeping round yours with her stepmom?” Tyrone asked, yeah that hadn’t come up till then. I didn’t know if I should say. “They had an argument Kenny moved out.” I said trying not to give away too much. “So that answers the do they get on question I take it?” Hunter said. “Yeah.” I said. “You’re going to be vague, you’ve got your acting face on.” Hunter said. “I am an actor I don’t have an acting face.” I said. “Well the drums are all set up for her, it’s up to you when you show her the room.” Hunter said shrugging. “Keyboards fine as well and sounds similar to the one she plays already.” Tyrone said calmly. “I can’t wait to give this a go, might go now so can show the rest of the band tomorrow.” Tyrone said. “That’s cool I’m going to go up to bed to, I’m going to go to school tomorrow, I will make it my last day as I start being on set everyday soon.” I said not mentioning I wished I could stay. The guys went home at 11pm. I went upstairs to my own room, peaked in on Kenny she was fast asleep, curled up in a ball. Then I went bed.

In the morning I went and made two coffees, made two bowls of lucky charms, that Helene had brought for Kenny and went upstairs. She was still fast asleep. “Morning.” I said kissing her head. She blinked at me looking so tired still. “Morning Dylan.” Kenny yawned, she moved up so I could climb in the bed with her. “I’m sorry I surprised you with my friends.” I told her. “That’s fine Dylan they seemed nice.” Kenny assured me. “I don’t want to get in the way of you with your friends.” Kenny said, she yawned stretching. “You’re not at all.” I assured her. “I don’t actually see them that often.” I admitted. “You don’t?” she asked me. “Nope we all have busy lives Kenny.” I pointed out. “Did you record yourself playing the drums and singing for me?” I asked her. “Yeah.” She yawned. “Your amazing Kenny, apparently you could just walk into the studio and Mike would give you a record deal.” I told her. “I want to get it for my talent Dylan not for who I am.” Kenny said. I looked at her. “I already have an idea and I don’t know but I’d like you to be there.” Kenny blushed. “I will be there.” I told her. “You don’t know when it is and if you’re recording.” Kenny said rolling her eyes. “Alright I will be there if I can, but I will support you 100% even if we don’t work out I will still be there for you Kenny.” I told her. “I’m hoping we do work out though.” I said quickly. She chuckled, “I’m hoping we work out to.” Kenny assured me. “So there’s this talent contest.” Kenny said after she was sat up and I had given her, her breakfast. “You want to audition?” I asked. “Yeah Nike is a judge.” She said. “So you don’t want him to recognize you until after you’ve sung?” I questioned. “Yep and if he doesn’t like it, not knowing who I am I will know it isn’t my talent.” Kenny said. “What if he recognizes you?” I asked her. “They only turn to see the singer if they like it.” Kenny told me. “I hope to audition on my birthday, if he doesn’t like it, I will just give the songs over. If they do like it I might go into music. What do you think?” Kenny asked me. “You’re already a Rock star in my books. I can’t wait to see you Live.” I said. “You’ll need to practice.” I pointed out. “Would you mind if I practice here?” Kenny asked. “Of course.” I told her. “Did you get the guitar?” I asked her. “I’m hoping to go to the mall tomorrow after school and buy it. You know I do night shift Friday night and Saturday night? And a day shift?” Kenny asked me. “I got your shift.” I assured her. We ate are breakfasts. “I’m going to hit the shower. We got an hour.” I told her. “Alright I will be ready.” She assured me, kissing me. “Dylan.” Kenny said as I was about to leave the room. “Yeah Kenny?” I asked her. “I’m glad you’re coming school with me.” Kenny said. I looked at her confused. But then I left I went and got ready for school. Had a shower, when I was done I went and knocked on her bedroom door. “You can come in.” Kenny said, I went in. She was dressed and was just straightening her hair. “Almost ready?” I asked her. “yeah.” She assured me. I looked at her, she was wearing denim shorts today, with ripped black tights underneath, a long black tank top that said when all else fails take a nap. I had to chuckle. She looked at me, like what is funny. “Your top honestly Kenny did you buy it for the slogan?” I asked her. “Oh I brought a few like it.” She admitted with a grin. Having finished doing her hair. She had applied a slight bit of makeup not much at all, I wouldn’t even have noticed normally. “Who you dressing up for?” I asked her. Kenny came over and smiled. “Myself, do you know how good it feels to know longer be in Seas baggy hand me downs?” she asked me. “I can guess.” I assured her. Kissing her lips. “You don’t need lip-gloss.” I assured her. She grinned “no because you’ll end up wearing it.” She teased me. “This is my last day coming your school Kenny, until I take you prom.” I told her. “After my birthday I’ve got less than a month left of school, do you really think I can do this Dylan, I’ve got enough credits. Everything’s ready for me to leave.” She told me. “Then we just need to get you through the next 2 months without you becoming stalked by the paparazzi.” I told her. “Thankyou Dylan.” Kenny said kissing me. We left then I drove her in my sports car. We got school early and she climbed out, there weren’t that many people here, no cameras either as they didn’t know I would be here. We went in school, Kenny didn’t care about being seen with me. “You’re not worried about someone seeing us together?” I asked her as I drove before we got school. “If they do Dylan, I don’t care, I love being with you, your brilliant. As long as you’re not embarrassed about being seen with me.” Kenny said. “Believe me I’m not, I would take you on a date straight after school.” I told her. She grinned at me. “Going mall with Max.” she reminded me. When we went into homeroom we were still early but Mrs. Baxter was already at her desk drinking a coffee. “Miss Allen have you moved onto school grounds?” the teacher asked Kenny. “Nope just closer.” She admitted. Max ran in the class then. “Mr. Henderson this is a school not a playground.” Mrs. Baxter told him. “Sorry Mrs. Baxter.” Max said. He put a letter on Kenny’s desk, Kenny looked at it. “Fuck.” She said. “Language please!” the teacher said. “Open it!” Max told her. Kenny looked at it, then me, then Mrs. Baxter. She took a deep breath and very slowly opened it, I saw that it was a big envelope. “What it say?” Max asked her. “I’m in.” Kenny said looking amazed. “I got in.” Kenny said amazed. “Well as long as my final grades are up to scratch and I can afford it.” Kenny said. “Can you afford it?” Max asked her. “If I don’t buy the guitar yeah.” Kenny said amazed. “Did I apply for this college?” Kenny asked Max. “Yeah when you were half asleep one day.” Max told her. Kenny looked at the letter. “Thankyou Max.” Kenny said holding the letter tight. He sat at his desk. I sent her a text

Dylan – good news?

Kenny – I got in an LA music college.

Dylan – that’s brilliant Kenny go for it!

Kenny – even if I do release an album Dylan. I can still do this course, in fact it will help me, song writing. Music production. I could one day do what Nike does.

Dylan – you know he would let you intern. Do it Kenny, I know you don’t want me to buy your guitar but I do need to get you a birthday present!

Kenny – I can’t let you buy me a $4,000,00 guitar

Dylan – hmmm slightly pushing it I suppose. What about if I ask Milo if you can borrow a guitar whilst he borrows your dads?

Kenny – would he let me?

Dylan – texting him right now

Dylan – can Kenny borrow a guitar of you whilst you borrow her dads?

Milo – I will buy her the guitar for that song!

Milo – can I meet her tonight I want to hug your girlfriend!

Dylan – she’s working tomorrow night so tonight’s date night.

Milo – I understand I do but I really do love her!

Milo – tell her she can borrow any guitar I own of her choice, except Paul.

Milo – I would go buy her guitar if that’s what she wants for the song!

Milo – I’m sure Nike would buy it her for an 18th birthday present!

Milo – The guys said you said she didn’t want to talk him?

Dylan – Have you heard of a talent show hes judging on the 10th of May?

Milo – heard of the one hes judging yeah didn’t know the dates. Why?

Dylan – she wants to sing at it, see if he turns for her so she knows it’s her talent hes turning for not because of who she is.

Milo – Okay so she’s going to come sing to him on her birthday. Is she going to tell him who she is?

Dylan – only if he turns that day, if not she’ll come a different time but she’s got into college. She can’t buy the guitar as she needs to pay college

Milo – does she know she actually inherits Ferns money on her 18th?

Dylan – what?

Milo – I swear she does, I thought that’s what Nike arranged when he froze her money. None of them had family or kids. Makena inherited Ferns and Greys just herself they didn’t leave a penny to Stasia. She gets her dads at 21. She also inherits Mikes if he doesn’t have kids. According to some articles. Don’t quote me on it though, I would be able to find out if I talked Nike. But you still want this hushed?

Dylan – until after her birthday, it’s only a few weeks.

Milo – yeah I know

Milo - let me know which guitar she wants to borrow.

Milo – got to go back to practice this amazing song!

Milo – can I borrow hers the same day I lend her mine?

Dylan – will ask her, talk later homerooms almost over.

Dylan – Milo said you can borrow any guitar except Paul and he loves you enough to buy you a guitar for that song.

Kenny – so that song was okay?

Dylan – he loves you :P

Kenny – ask him if I can borrow blueberry.

Dylan – can Kenny borrow blueberry

Milo – Yeah she can borrow blueberry

Dylan – yeah you can borrow blueberry.

Dylan – time to go class.

I put my phone away and went about the school day. I talked to people who wanted to talk me. Sat next to Kenny and Max in science and joked around. At lunch I was at the locker next to Kenny when a guy came up to her. She had told me about these 3 idiots. The one I took she called Blue came up. “Hey are you awake?” he asked her. “That really depends.” Kenny told him. “On?” he asked confused. “Are any of us awake?” Kenny told him. I groined taking a book down from her top shelf and putting it lower, when I saw her standing on her tiptoes to grab it. Blue looked at me like I was a 2 head monster. “Your drummer still off sick?” Kenny asked him. “Yeah but hes said he can do the gig now.” The guy with Blue hair told her. “That’s brilliant.” Kenny said. “Yeah hes coming back school Friday, so would you practice with us just today?” he asked her. “Alright.” Kenny said. “You’ll do it?” he asked her. “Just today, for a few conditions.” Kenny said. “What!” he asked her. “When I put my name down you don’t cancel my time slot.” She told him. “We got to practice for prom.” He said. “Yeah I get that, I got a date for prom and I won’t take up to much time in there as I want to enjoy my date.” Kenny assured him. “The other condition?” He asked her. “If I ever need a band you’ll help me out.” She asked him. “You want to sing with a band, I thought you were a loner?” Blue said. “I might need a band when in college, I’m hoping to do my music production degree.” Kenny told him. “Alright Deal.” He said, holding his hand out. Kenny shook his hand. “You ready to come now?” he asked her. Kenny looked at me briefly. “Yeah okay.” She said. “Thanks Dylan.” Kenny said as I got her last book down. “I’m going to miss you when you aren’t here to get things down for me.” She said with a smile on the corner of her lips. “Can I suggest a lower locker, it must be so hard to be 5.2” I teased her. “5.4” Kenny said but she smiled. She left then with the guy. I wished she hadn’t. I went through to the cafeteria where a cheerleader hung from my arm. Even though I tried to get her off quite a few times. To be honest I was happy when lunch was over and I was on the field with the football team. The quarterback running me through a few more plays. After classes were over I went to the office and told them today was my last day. Thanked them for having me and handed over a cheque as a donation towards something that I couldn’t quite remember but my agent came and he was all smiles for it. A few students came to have pictures of me handing over the cheque, a few papers took pictures too. In one way I was glad it was over when it all finished in another I wish I had longer here. I watched Kenny with her friends with a smile on her face, her car was parked here so she would drive herself home, but she looked at Blue haired and said something rolling her eyes at him. He grinned and she followed him.

Kenny – Going to do an hour playing drums for blue after school instead of detention, are you going home staying or going out with your agent?

Dylan – going out with the agent, but I won’t have anything big to eat if you fancy going out for dinner?

Kenny – what do you fancy?

Dylan – my girlfriend took me to a great restaurant the other day, does she know of any others she likes. That we can eat in peace?

Kenny – I know a fantastic one we can walk along the beach too?

Dylan – same one?

Kenny – same one but its taco Thursday

Dylan – tacos sounds great

Kenny – want to meet me at the restaurant?

Dylan – sounds great. Name a movie you haven’t seen that you want to and I will buy it if we haven’t got it to watch tonight.

Kenny – anything you’re in and my family isn’t

Dylan – does that mean you won’t watch my new movie :P

Kenny – oh no that movie has two people in that mean a lot to me, I can’t wait to see it.

Dylan – hopefully you can come to set and see a bit of it being recorded.

Kenny – hopefully. Want to meet at the restaurant or back here? Or yours? Or at the place I parked last time

Dylan – depends will I get a ticket?

Kenny – yes.

Dylan – meet at the restaurant we can walk along the beach after tacos if you fancy it

Kenny – sounds great. What time?

Dylan – say 5.30? I will make sure I’ve done with my agent by 6 at the latest

Kenny – see you at 5.30/6 got to go play these drums.

Dylan - alright see you 5.30/6

I went with my agent, the quicker we went the quicker I would get to my date with Kenny. I didn’t have to go buy a DVD as I had the one she wanted to watch at home.

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