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Chapter 12 - Makena

Today was surreal, I came to school today with the plan of going to the mall to buy a guitar, it wasn’t even first period when Max handed me the letter, and I got in. I couldn’t even remember applying, was that because I thought there was no chance I would get in? The thing was I wouldn’t be able to afford the guitar now. But you know what I could do both, in fact the music degree would be great. Sitting next to Max and Dylan in science had been great as well. We just joked about, Dylan knew way to many science jokes which I informed him. Having him next to me at my locker had been great to, although I hadn’t expected Blue to come up to me, Dylan was going to go sit with the football team I knew that, he needed to listen to them talk. I got it he was a method actor. We were at our lockers though Dylan cleaning what he had put in the locker out as he wouldn’t be using it again. That sucked though I admit it. It really sucked. “Hey are you awake?” A guy’s voice said, I turned to see Blue. Black and Brown were with him but kept a bit of distance, prehab’s because of Dylan and the crowd of girls that were around still giggling. “That really depends.” I told him, “On?” he said so confused I couldn’t help it I really couldn’t and Dylan didn’t need to groin. “Are any of us awake?” Dylan got my book down for me, I was just about to reach up for. Hadn’t I told him not to do that, not to make me rely on him for things? But the thing was it gave me butterfly’s to know he knew what I was about to do. “Your drummer still off sick?” I asked after a long silence. “Yeah but hes said he can do the gig now.” Blue told me, well that was good so what did he want from me now, not to book the music room tomorrow or something. I hadn’t booked it today they were wasting their time. “That’s brilliant.” I said, not sure why he was bothering me. “Yeah hes coming back school Friday, so would you practice with us just today?” he asked me. Wait he wanted me to practice with them? I looked at him and I saw the look he was actually asking as he needed the help? “Alright.” I said, I don’t know why I agreed so fast, the look of pure desperation on his face? The fact it must have taken him a lot of balls to ask a random girl to play the drums with his band. “You’ll do it?” he asked so amazed as I looked at him. “Just today, for a few conditions.” I said, hey I would need the practice if I was going to do this audition. So I would need the music room. “What!” he asked me suspicious. “When I put my name down you don’t cancel my time slot.” I told him, hey if he agreed to that, it would be my only one. But I would see how far I could push him. “We got to practice for prom.” He told me, yeah I got that. “Yeah I get that, I got a date for prom and I won’t take up to much time in there as I want to enjoy my date.” I assured him, and it was something for Dylan to mentioning how I was actually looking forward to going prom with him. “The other condition?” Blue asked me. “If I ever need a band you’ll help me out.” I asked him. “You want to sing with a band, I thought you were a loner?” Blue said. I looked at Dylan quickly, did I want to sing with a band I didn’t know I hadn’t thought that far ahead, I still couldn’t even decide if I wanted to sing and he knew it. “I might need a band when in college, I’m hoping to do my music production degree.” I admitted, hey for all I knew one of my projects might require me to need a band or something. “Alright Deal.” He said, holding his hand out for me to shake. I shook his hand, hey we had a deal now. “You ready to come now?” he asked me, oh yeah that’s possibly why he was here and not practicing already. I looked at Dylan briefly slightly saying I would be in the music room text me. “Yeah okay.” I said. Dylan pulled my last book down for me for my lessons this afternoon. “Thanks Dylan.” I told him and I fully meant it. “I’m going to miss you when you aren’t here to get things down for me.” I admitted to him but I smiled knowing I wouldn’t have to actually miss him I would be going back to his home. “Can I suggest a lower locker, it must be so hard to be 5.2” Dylan teased me. “5.4” I said smiling at him. Blue gave me a look that said hurry the hell up. So I went with him. Brown and Black came with us. When we got to the music room I looked at them all. “You know playing with me won’t be actually perfect to your drummer I haven’t got a clue what songs you guys play. I can give you any beat you want but it won’t be the same as your actual drummer.” I pointed out. “Justin will take over tomorrow, it’s just for today please.” Brown said. I rolled my eyes. “Alright.” I said. I went to the drum kit and started giving them a beat, they all looked at me like I was an alien from another planet. Blue told me the song and I matched my beat to it. They only did covers. Blue and Black were both on guitar Brown were on keyboard. I looked at Blue wondering if he knew if he just loosened his hold ever so slightly. “Fuck sake.” Blue swore. I stopped so did the others. “This is useless we are going to bomb.” Blue said. “We might as well not fucking bother, who are we kidding.” Blue said. “I didn’t peg you for a quitter Blue.” I said. “You don’t even know my name do you?” He said kind of glaring at me. “Not a clue, I’ve given you all nicknames.” I shrugged. “Blue Black Brown and Sick drummer boy.” I admitted. They all turned and looked at me. I shrugged. “I get it a gig is scary, but you need to mellow, you’re holding the guitar to tight.” I told him. “And I take it you know a lot about performing in front of a crowd, you who I doubt ever played for anyone but the teachers and your loving parents.” Blue snapped at me. “You know what I don’t have to take this, I was helping you guys out.” I said standing up and grabbing my bag. “He didn’t mean that he just gets a bit stressed when it comes to performing.” Brown told me. “Please stay hes sorry aren’t you Harry.” Brown said glaring at Blue. “Yeah I’m sorry Kenny.” He sighed sitting in his chair. “What’s with this gig that’s so scary?” I asked them. “If we get this gig we are in the club one night a week.” Black said fishing a bottle of water out his bag. I sat back down and pulled my own out. “And that’s your dream is it?” I asked the three of them. “What?” Blue asked me. “Perform in a club one night a week?” I asked them. “Who do you all look up to as a band?” I asked them interested. “Miles off.” Black said straight away. I thought what to say. “You’ve possibly never heard of them.” Blue snapped. “Oh I’ve heard of Miles off there currently my favorite band. Milo is amazing. But I have to say Hunter and Tyrone are possibly some of the friendliest Rock stars I’ve met in years.” I said truthfully. “You don’t know what they’re really like you’ve just seen them on TV.” Black said rolling his eyes. I put my hand in front of my mouth so they didn’t see the knowing smile I couldn’t quiet stop from spreading. We all heard the warning bell go then. “Fuck lunch is over.” Blue swore. “Relax alright tomorrow you’ll have your drummer back, you’ll do great at the gig then the prom.” I said. “Just relax.” I told them. Then I walked out the room. I went to class, Max looked at me whilst I swallowed my lunch. “So we still up for the mall?” he asked me. “Nope can’t afford the guitar, or to spend any money ever again.” I admitted. The rest of the day went slow, mostly because I wanted to see Dylan. I was talking to Max and Pam after school, as we watched Dylan with his agent hand a cheque over and stand smiling for pictures. I was laughing at Pam’s description of one of our teachers losing it at the class her last subject. When Blue came over. Honestly Blue what do you want now. “Are you free now, well detention period?” he asked me. “Um why?” I asked clueless. “Mr G said we could use the room for an hour tonight. Can you please play the drums for us?” Blue asked me. “I promise we will give you one and a half hours of the music room without interruption from now on.” He said. I rolled my eyes but I said “Can I get that in writing. I’ll see you tomorrow Max, Pam.” Blue smiled at me. Then I followed Blue. I sent Dylan a text as I followed him to the room.

Kenny – Going to do an hour playing drums for blue after school instead of detention, are you going home staying or going out with your agent?

Dylan – going out with the agent, but I won’t have anything big to eat if you fancy going out for dinner?

Kenny – what do you fancy?

Dylan – my girlfriend took me to a great restaurant the other day, does she know of any others she likes. That we can eat in peace?

Kenny – I know a fantastic one we can walk along the beach too?

Dylan – same one?

Kenny – same one but its taco Thursday

Dylan – tacos sounds great

Kenny – want to meet me at the restaurant?

Dylan – sounds great. Name a movie you haven’t seen that you want to and I will buy it if we haven’t got it to watch tonight.

Kenny – anything you’re in and my family isn’t

Dylan – does that mean you won’t watch my new movie :P

Kenny – oh no that movie has two people in that mean a lot to me, I can’t wait to see it.

Dylan – hopefully you can come to set and see a bit of it being recorded.

Kenny – hopefully. Want to meet at the restaurant or back here? Or yours? Or at the place I parked last time

Dylan – depends will I get a ticket?

Kenny – yes.

Dylan – meet at the restaurant we can walk along the beach after tacos if you fancy it

Kenny – sounds great. What time?

Dylan – say 5.30? I will make sure I’ve done with my agent by 6 at the latest

Kenny – see you at 5.30/6 got to go play these drums.

Dylan - alright see you 5.30/6

We were at the music room, I looked at Blue as he opened the door for me. “There I thought you guys were kicking me out the music room. Not making me come more often.” I said with a smile at him. “What time do they lock up the school and unlock?” Black asked. “About 8pm and 6am.” I said calmly. They all looked at me like I was crazy. “You know this because?” Black asked me. “I often stay till closing and the first person here in the mornings.” I shrugged. “So you won’t be in trouble if we keep you till closing?” Brown said. “I’m sorry guys I got a date at 5.30/6.” I said. “5.30/6?” Black said looking at me like what the hell. “Flexible half hour if his work runs over.” I said calmly. “Would your boyfriend understand if you canceled?” Blue asked me hopefully. “It’s taco Thursday and movie night. It’s the only night a week I’m not shattered from night shifts.” I said rolling my eyes. “The answers no.” I said. “You don’t even really need to practice with the drums. I can’t help you tomorrow, I’m sorry but I can’t. I already had to call in sick to work last weekend, that was 3 days of wages I missed. I’ll be fired if I do it this week. I got college to pay for, you’re just wasting time now.” I said. “Sorry.” Brown said. “She’s right let’s just get going. What song first.” Brown said. “Do you know?” Blue started I nodded. When it was my turn to start I did. I carried on going until Blue swore and stopped. I stopped. I looked at the time, it was only 3.40 but if this was going to be the whole time they weren’t going to get much practice. “Maybe Mr Gs here.” Brown said. “I doubt it I think he went home.” Blue said. “Want me to text him?” I asked them. They all looked at me, shouldn’t have said that out loud. “You have his number?” Brown asked me confused. “Yeah I fell asleep in here a few times and got locked in all night so he gave me his number so it didn’t happen again.” I admitted. Brown looked at me like what. “What drugs are you bloody on?” Black asked me. “None.” I shrugged. I looked at my phone.

Kenny – Mr G are you still at school?

Mr G – yes.

Kenny – can you come to the music room?

“Hey what are you guys even called?” I asked them after I sent that text. “Rock Shots.” Blue told me. “Rock shots really?” I asked them. They all nodded. “It can be changed.” Blue shrugged. “So you play a few of Miles off songs, a few of Mac and Cheeses. A few of greendays. What else do you play?” I asked them. “You’ve heard of Mac and Cheese?” Brown asked me looking at me like I was a mirage. “I’ve heard of them yes.” I said trying to be calm. “What is it Kenny.” Mr. G said coming in the room. I weakly smiled at him. “These guys wanted you Mr G.” I said shrugging. “Why are you on the drums?” Mr. G asked me. “Didn’t I tell you to leave Kenny alone?” Mr. G said firmly to Blue. “You did but we thought she was a he and thought what the hell we would threaten him to help us.” Black admitted. Mr. G went to say something. “Its fine Mr. G. They didn’t threaten me. They are sexist like that. Thought just because I’m a girl they couldn’t threaten me.” I said shrugging. “You’re actually willing to play in front of people again?” Mr G asked me. “I’ve told them no to the gig. I got work, but I was willing to play in private with them or record the beat if the worst happened with their drummer.” I said shrugging. “I am sure your father would be extremely proud of you for playing again Kenny.” He said looking at me. I pulled out my paperwork from my bag and handed it to him. He read it. “Congratulations!” he said with a huge smile. “You’re going to go?” he asked me with a huge smile. “I still haven’t decided.” I admitted. “If it’s what you wish to do, go for it. Never let anything stop you.” He told me. I smiled. “He really is like one of the best teachers at this school.” Black said with a grin. I looked at the letter slightly torn. But then I put it back in my bag. “Alright Mr G can you tell us what you think.” Blue said. He nodded to me. I started playing first as the drums started. Mr G stood watching until we had finished. “What you think?” Black asked him so worried. “You need to relax.” Mr G said. “Relax how can we relax when this is in front of so many people.” Blue said. “That’s the thing Blue you need to tell yourself you’re not performing to loads of people.” I told him. He glared at me. “My dad used to tell me that the audience wasn’t there but they were also always there cheering him on. They were just people in teddy bear underwear and you just had to play for yourself and the ones you love. As long as you were happy with it they would be.” I told him. “Well that’s what someone who isn’t playing for people says!” Blue said. Mr G actually chucked. “Sorry.” He said. “I remember the first time I did perform live, I wasn’t given the chance to get nervous.” I told Blue. “I wasn’t told I was performing that day. My uncle just handed me the guitar and said out you go.” I said with a smile remembering it. “Then when on the stage, I looked out and I wanted to run back and hide. But my dad held my hand and he was so confident in me. I didn’t even know what song we were singing that day.” I admitted. “Then he said the name of it and not only was it my first time on stage, it was one of the songs I wrote with him. One that meant a lot to me back then.” I admitted. “Daddy just smiled at me as if no matter what happened this meant the world to him. That it was just me and him there. I remember looking at the audience once and seeing the shapes of the people. Then I remembered what one of my uncles said and suddenly the crowd was all in teddy bear underwear and I was just singing to daddy.” I said. “Well how big was the crowd 5 10 people?” Blue snapped. “No a hell of a lot more than that.” I said. “But you don’t perform in front of people anymore?” Brown asked me. “Not anymore.” I admitted. “What blew it?” Blue asked me. “No music was something important to me, it was my whole life for so long.” I admitted. “Then why won’t you perform?” Black asked me. I thought about it, the only person who really had stopped me was me. If I wanted to perform my stepmom couldn’t have stopped me. If I had wanted to get media attention nothing had stopped me all it would of taken was walking out my own front door. “I just wasn’t brave enough to do it without him.” I said thinking about it. “But I am going to start being, but the thing is I’m going to do it my way. I’m going to do it with me. Not with dad not with my uncles, I’m going to prove I’m good enough and I have the skill myself, it doesn’t matter who I was it’s about who I am now.” I said. “You are defiantly good enough Kenny. You just have to have more confidence in yourself and get rid of the people that drag you down.” Mr G told me. I swallowed, I was so tempted to say I was kicked out, would Mr G report it to the school? Would he report it to the newspapers? He never had reported anything I had said before to them. “Mr G if I was to tell you something, would you have to report it?” I asked him. “If I believed you were in danger to yourself or to others yes I would.” Mr G said calmly. I looked at the drums deep in thought. “Why are you not commenting on the fact she hasn’t said anything since!” Blue asked Mr G after I sat at the drums for a good 10 minutes. “Is it dangerous to you or anyone?” Mr G asked me. “Only my family’s reputations.” I admitted, he shook his head. Did he understand? “I will never understand you kids.” Mr G said. I looked at the time on my phone. “I got to go, I got to get to Santa Barbra for my date.” I said quickly. “Santa Barbra why the hell you going all that way?” Blue asked me. “No one who asks those sorts of questions.” I shrugged, picked up my bag “Let me know how you all get on.” I said then I left. I had said way too much today. I needed to watch what I say in future.

I climbed in my car and drove away from school, I got to the restaurant car park at 5.45. Dylan hadn’t texted me, was he still in the meeting? I went into the restaurant. Pedro was behind the counter, I saw a few people with sunglasses lifted chatting on dates a few with them down. I often wanted to tell them I still recognized them and I didn’t even watch much TV. “No go away.” Pedro said, I looked at him was he talking me? I looked at him like what the hell. Then looked behind me and noticed someone with a camera. I rolled my eyes. “No cameras.” Pedro said in English then Spanish. I went to my normal table and sat down. It was Taco Thursday that’s all I now wanted was Tacos. “Sorry about that.” Pedro said coming over and handing me a menu. “Alone? No date?” He said sadly. I smiled, “Hes running late.” I admitted. “So would your uncles approve?” Pedro asked me. “Strangely I think they would, but I did have a no dating till I was 1000 rule. I think I’m going to have to break that one.” I said with a smile. “As long as you’re happy Makena.” Pedro said. Then he stood up. “I said get out!” he shouted. I scoffed watching him march of towards the door. He came back and put a Pepsi on the table in front of me. I played angry birds on my phone. A bit later than that he came and put guacamole and nacho chips on the table. The time was 6.45 when Dylan practically ran into the restaurant. “I’m so sorry.” He said coming over to the table. “Its fine Dylan Nacho?” I said offering him one. “You were at work Dylan, I can’t be mad at you for doing your job.” I assured him. He squeezed my hand. Pedro came over. “Are you two ready to order. It is Taco Thursday.” Pedro told us handing us both a specials menu. “Please may I have a Potato, Poblano, and Chorizo Taco?” I said not even looking at the menu. Dylan looked at me “What do you recommend?” he asked me. “Everything.” I told him patting his hand. “Can I have the same as?” Dylan started Pedro shook his head saying no. I wanted to laugh. Dylan looked at him like he wanted to laugh to. “What do you recommend?” Dylan asked him. “Trust me Mr Adams.” Pedro said. “As long as you just call me Dylan.” Dylan laughed. Pedro took the menus away not jotting anything down. I looked at his back suspicious. “I’m sorry I was late, I can’t promise I’m never going to be late Kenny.” Dylan said truthfully. “That’s fine I can’t promise the same thing.” I said. “I would of text you but my phones flat.” He admitted putting it down on the table. “Don’t worry so is mine.” I admitted. He laughed. “We need to sort this out better.” Dylan said. “GET OUT!” Pedro yelled. “What’s up?” Dylan asked looking over. “People with cameras they’ve been trying to catch pictures of him all night.” I said indicating a celebrity I didn’t even have a clue who it was. But he looked like he had enough already too. “Do you know who that is?” Dylan asked me amazed. “This is me Dylan, I don’t even know who you are.” I teased him. He laughed. “I didn’t know who you were either.” He pointed out gently kicking my leg. We started playing footsie. Pedro came over after a while putting a soda in front of Dylan. Dylan and I started playing a game “Do you like summer or winter?” Dylan asked me. “Dylan we live in LA.” I pointed out. “I prefer summer but I’ve not seen snow since I was a little kid.” I admitted. “I’ve never seen snow.” Dylan admitted. “Really?” I asked him. He nodded. “We need to go see snow!” I told him. “So that means you’ve never been on a sledge?” I asked him. He shook his head. “Dylan you need to see the snow!” I told him. He laughed obviously at my very serious expression. “You need to have built a snowman, a snowball fight. Ice skating. Sledging.” I said. “All sounds fun.” He admitted. “Maybe winter break we should go skiing.” Dylan said. “Yeah but I’m not doing the skiing part.” I told him. He laughed. “So you summer or winter?” I asked him. “Summer but a white winter now sounds fun.” He admitted. I grinned at him. “In the animal kingdom, which animal would you be?” Dylan asked me. I thought about it. “I’d be a cat.” I told him. “Why?” Dylan asked me. “They nap a lot and don’t get in trouble for it.” I shrugged. Dylan laughed. “They don’t nap through class Kenny.” He pointed out. “Hey I didn’t nap at school once today, my chemistry partner didn’t let me.” I laughed. “I thought my own chemistry partner was in a funny mood today. All smiles and I kept feeling like they were kicking me under the table.” Dylan laughed. “In the animal kingdom, which animal would you be?” I asked Dylan asking him his own question. “According to a quiz an elephant.” Dylan said. “But my mom says I’m a bit of a mother hen.” Dylan laughed. “And she knows you best.” I pointed out. “And she knows me best.” Dylan laughed. Dylan started asking a question. “My turn to ask first.” I said, he laughed. “Do you plan your life or live for the moment?” I asked him. “I live for the moment Kenny, if I didn’t I wouldn’t of found you.” Dylan said squeezing my hand. “You?” he asked me. “I’m trying a new thing where I live for me, the moment and plans and throw it all up in the air and get a mixture.” I told him. “That sounds extremely fun.” He said. “I have a feeling it will be.” I said. “As long as you live for you Kenny. Then it will be fun. Maybe hard at times but in the end it will be worth it.” Dylan said. This was when Pedro put our dinner in front of us. Dylan and I both looked at it and I grinned at Pedro. “Muchas gracias.” I told him. “Muchas gracias.” Dylan told him. Pedro smiled and walked off taking my empty cup and Dylan’s. We both looked at the plate, we had 6 tacos on a sharing plate that had been cut in half. So we could each try them all. All 6 were ones I loved. I think Pedro was trying to help Dylan out. I grabbed my favorite and put it on my plate then half on Dylan’s. Dylan laughed, we ate that one first. It sizzled my taste buds. “Who’s your favorite actor?” Dylan asked me. “Now that’s a very mean question to ask when we are surrounded by actors who might hear our conversation.” I teased Dylan. “Now would I be a mean big sister?” I asked Dylan ignoring the guy at the table next to us who was watching us. He was the one the paparazzi were trying to take pictures of “No I suppose you would have to say your little sister.” He said. “Ah but there’s the thing that she’s an actress.” I pointed out. Dylan laughed. “It’s going to have to be you. But I still haven’t seen a movie, are you still up for it tonight?” I asked him. “Yeah up to a movie night. But you got school in the morning so we can’t watch something to long.” Dylan said. “I can sleep through class.” I pointed out. “Unfortunately I know you would.” Dylan laughed. “It’s so strange as I swear you’re a straight A student on the honor role.” Dylan said thoughtful. I grinned at him. “Ah but I’m so smart I can hack the school system.” I said with a wink. Dylan laughed. “Who is your favorite actor?” I asked him. “Sir Ian McKellen” Dylan told me. “Honestly you’re such a geek.” I teased him. “Hobbit? Lord of the rings? X men? Mr Holmes? Da Vinci? Gods and monsters? Star dust? The magic round about?” I started. “Kenny.” Dylan said squeezing my hand “X men isn’t it your such an X men kind of guy.” I teased him. Dylan leaned over the table and gave me a gentle peck on the lips. I laughed. “If I was going for a kiss I would have said which I preferred the books or films of the hobbit” I told him. “Book or film?” I asked him. “Book.” He said straight away. “Book.” I told him grinning we ate another one of the tacos. “If you found a briefcase of money on the street, would you keep it?” Dylan asked me. “Hell no and I would wonder how the hell someone’s ransom money got in the middle of the street.” I told him. Dylan chuckled. “Well we do live in LA.” Dylan pointed out. “I’m aware.” I said grinning at him. “It would be a hidden camera show.” I pointed out to Dylan. Pedro put the sodas in front of us. “He is going to let me pay tonight isn’t he?” Dylan whispered to me. “I think so, I don’t think we get away with free dinner more than once.” I admitted. Dylan laughed. “Do you want to go Dutch?” I asked Dylan. “Hell no, you paid for the last date.” Dylan said. “I didn’t pay a penny.” I pointed out. Dylan run his thumb over my hand giving me butterflies. “Alright here’s the deal. I pay for the dates I arrange and you pay for the ones you arrange.” I told him with a grin. “Deal but a rule.” Dylan said. “Do not dare say you arrange all the dates.” I told him firmly. He chuckled. “I wasn’t going to but now you’ve given me the idea.” Dylan told me I kicked him a bit harder, he chuckled more. “I was going to say you don’t need to price match at all. That I just want to go places that mean things to you not the price.” Dylan said. I nodded to him tongue tied. “Christmas or Halloween?” Dylan asked me after a long pause. “Christmas.” I told him. “Why?” Dylan asked me. “My dad used to go nuts for both Christmas and Halloween, more so after mom died. When he died both didn’t have any meaning to me for a long time. Yeah Jenson tried his hardest to make it special for me. Taking me out the house taking me places trying to keep the spirt alive in me, but he couldn’t be there on the actual day. I remembered my 2nd Christmas without dad, I watched them open presents, standing outside the door. Knowing I wasn’t wanted in the room.” I said. “Kenny I’m so sorry.” Dylan said. I shook my head. “Don’t be that wasn’t where I was going. The next week Jenson came back. I think he knew I wouldn’t have had a good Christmas. So he took both of us out.” I said. “He took us to a children’s home. Chelsea moaned the whole time. But it was an eye opener to me. They were so thankful for everything we gave them. When we got home Chelsea told her mom and she tried to have him fired. But Jenson said so firmly he was teaching us humanity and charity, two skills that would help us more in life than most things he could teach us.” I admitted. “I went back with him quiet a lot.” I admitted. “I learnt Christmas is about the spirt and it’s not about how much or little you have. But how thankful you are for everything you have and spirt and gifting is more meaningful then getting any day.” I told him. “Those children were like me, they were like dad. They were alone. I still do it every year. I go to the same children’s home or a children’s day center and volunteer. I plan to during my summer break, I normally do a month of being a camp counselor.” I admitted. Dylan was running his hand along mine. “That’s amazing Kenny.” He said. “As I got older I wasn’t required in the house at Christmas in fact I was encouraged to leave, I was away at boarding school if anyone cared to ask where I was. I declined to come home.” I told him with a smile. “Playing Christmas carols to kids whilst drinking hot coco with marshmallows. That isn’t made in a microwave. That’s what my Christmas is always about and I wouldn’t trade that now.” I told Dylan. He squeezed my hand he was word stuck I knew that, but so was I now. I took another taco and ate it. “Christmas or Halloween?” I asked him. “Christmas, but for the time spent with my family.” Dylan admitted. I squeezed his hand. “Does your grandma have false teeth she takes out?” I teased him. “Nope but grandpa does.” Dylan said a smile back on his face but it was weak. “Backpacking or a luxury hotel?” Dylan asked me. “A lot of my most happy memories are in luxury hotels. But the same amount are in trailers. I’ve always wanted to backpack though, but then that requires exercise.” I pointed out. Dylan smiled. “You?” I asked him. “Backpacking unless there’s snakes scorpion’s or poison ivy. Hell if there’s poison ivy I wouldn’t leave the hotel.” Dylan told me. “So you’d backpack from a luxury hotel?” I asked. He seemed to think. “Yeah I would, but you know the rules with Rock stars and hotels.” Dylan laughed. “Hey I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I replied. “Hmm and the happy memories of luxury hotels didn’t end with a trashed hotel room?” he questioned me. “I’m wounded Dylan, do you really think I would ruin a hotel room?” I said in mock shock. “Now maybe not but I can imagine little Kenny who I know filled a bath with noodles, trashing hotel rooms.” Dylan teased me. “That was uncle Fern, he just blamed me to the plumber.” I pointed out. “Whose idea was it?” Dylan teased, “His. Same as the putting mud from the garden in the bath was his idea. I had the sense to say it didn’t smell like the spas.” I explained. Dylan laughed his whole face lit up. “Imagine a mud bath in a bath with jets. Imagine a spaghetti bath in a bath with jets.” I said seriously. “The plumber would absolutely love you.” Dylan laughed. “But let’s not.” He said laughing. We had finished our tacos. “Did you fancy desert?” Dylan asked me. “Want to get ice-cream to go?” I asked him. “Sounds good.” Dylan said seriously. So that’s what we ordered. We were getting ready to go when Pedro put sunglasses and hats on the table with the bill. “Thank you.” Dylan said he slipped the sunglasses and hat on himself whilst I did the other one that matched saying ‘I ate at Pedro’s and got this stupid hat.’ Dylan payed and then we left, people with cameras were actually still in the carpark. Maybe we should go straight home rather than walk along the beach. Dylan seemed to think that as well. But we had the ice-creams so we went down to the beach anyway. I hoped no one recognized Dylan, with the huge shades hopefully not. Someone did snap a picture, we would just make it less PDA. We walked on the beach not even holding hands eating our ice-creams. I had tights on I really hadn’t thought the beach and tights through as couldn’t go in the sea. We didn’t go far just walked along a bit and sat down on the sand to eat are ice-creams. It was 8.55pm when we left the restaurant so who knew what time it was now. “What’s your idea of romance?” Dylan asked me. “This.” I said looking at him on the beach eating an ice-cream his hand in mine now we were hidden mostly by the rocks. If they looked over they would see we weren’t up to anything but it gave us privacy. “Mine to, although there’s a few things I would like to add.” Dylan said with a smile. “What are they?” I asked interested. “Oh you’ll have to wait and see.” Dylan teased. I laughed. I gave him a lick of my ice-cream and had a lick of his. “You got ice-cream right there?” Dylan said laughing and wiped a bit of my nose. “Should we go back in a bit and watch the film before it gets too late.” I suggested. “Yeah sounds good.” Dylan said his hand in mine playing with my fingers. “Date Thursdays deal?” Dylan said calmly. “Deal.” I assured him. He stood up and held his hand down to me. I took it and he pulled me to my feet. We walked back along the beach, Dylan walked me to my car. There were still a few photographers. I looked at Dylan slightly worried. “See you soon.” I told him. “See you soon.” He said and he walked off with a smile. I left managing not to hit anyone with a camera still waiting for the celebrities to come out. Should have thought that through more. I drove back to Dylan’s, I knew I would get there before he even did. When I got to the gate I handed over my license, No one commented. They just checked it and let me in. Dylan’s car one behind me. When we got to his house I let him overtake me, so he could swipe his pass to let us both in. He did that. It was now 10pm. I wouldn’t get to bed till midnight at earliest and then had another night shift tomorrow night after a day at school. Dylan opened my car door. “You alright?” he asked me. “Yeah I’m fine.” I assured him having to smile. “Still up for the movie we can do it another day?” he questioned. “Are you up for the movie.” I asked him. “Yeah I am.” Dylan said. “Then so am I.” I assured him. We went into his cinema room. A room I hadn’t even been in yet. I looked at the huge black leather chairs and the huge black couch in the middle of the room. I went for the couch, Dylan put a DVD in. “Mind if I go toilet?” I asked him. “Go, if you want we can have a Pjs movie.” He suggested. “Sounds brilliant. I will go get changed I got sand in my tights.” I admitted. He laughed. I went and got changed into my grey rolling stones t-shirt and light pink yoga pants. When I came down he was in superman lounge pants and a blue superman top. “Alright fairy you’ve decided that a fairy was too feminine you were going to play superhero?” I asked him with a grin. He looked at me and smiled. “Popcorn?” he asked me pointing at a bowl of popcorn on a little table and two hot coco’s. I grinned at him. “Sounds brilliant.” I told him. The film was frozen at the beginning. I sat next to Dylan taking a hand of popcorn. He pressed play, within 10 minutes he appeared on screen. “Omg baby Dylan!” I said with a grin. I had expected an up to date movie, but Dylan looked about 6 in the movie. “Yeah baby Dylan.” Dylan laughed. “I thought we would start with my 3rd movie.” He laughed. I took a handful of popcorn, “I’ve seen this film.” I realized after another 15 minutes later when baby Dylan was ringing an ambulance for his older sister who had collapsed from puking down the toilet. There was a strong message in the movie about anorexia it was a made for TV movie. “Did you want me to turn it off so you can go bed?” Dylan asked me. I shook my head. I leaned back into his arms resting my head on his chest. Curling my legs up next to me. Dylan was playing with my hair. We did kiss but it was a gentle peck. Dylan seemed to be holding back, why was he holding back. Wasn’t he as sure about me anymore? “Kenny.” Dylan mumbled after a while he almost moaned my name. We hadn’t let go of each other’s hands and he still had my hand tight. “Yes Dylan?” I asked worried. He looked at me seriously fuck I thought today had gone well except the Christmas explanation. He seemed to relax slightly as I moved my hand from his lap, in fact he let out his breath. I looked at him trying to work out what was going on. Then I looked at where I had my hand a few seconds ago. “Sorry I didn’t realize.” A huge smile going on my face, I tried not to laugh I didn’t realize where I was stroking and how it was effecting him till that second. Dylan really gently pecked me, I realized the reason he was holding back and blushed. “Want to go to bed?” I asked Dylan I felt him take a breath. Yeah I suddenly realized wrong thing to ask right now. “Yeah lets go bed we can watch the rest another day.” He said. I took his hand, we went up the stairs. “I will see you in the morning.” He told me giving me a gentle peck. I kissed him back deepening the kiss a bit. His was too quick. His arm came around my waist pressing me to him. “Dylan.” I said. “Yeah?” he mumbled into the top of my head. “I’m ready.” I whispered blushing. He kissed my head gently. “Don’t Kenny, not tonight okay.” He whispered. “Why not tonight?” I asked was he really mad at me about something was it not in my head when I thought that was what he was struggling over. “You need to sleep and believe me Kenny I won’t let you sleep.” He said kissing my head I felt his arms go tighter around me. “Alright superman.” I told him. “Oh that’s so much better than fairy.” He said I could hear the smile but it wasn’t as natural as normal. I went into the room, I stood the other side of the door, not sure what to do go to bed or stay, I didn’t hear Dylan walk away was he still stood there or quieter than I thought. Should I open the door and wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him, like I wanted to or should I go get in that bed. “I think I love you Kenny.” I heard Dylan say the other side of the door. “No idiot that’s way too soon.” He mumbled to himself. I couldn’t help it I opened the door, “You alright?” Dylan asked me worried. I went up to him and wrapped my arms around his neck and stood on my tiptoes. “You’re such a sweet idiot.” I told him and kissed him, he deepened the kiss, a few seconds later we were making out in his hallway, his arms around me wrapping me close to him my arms around his neck. Dylan and I just lost time making out in the corridor, when we did pull away he smiled. “I’ve wanted to kiss you like that most the evening.” Dylan laughed into my hair. “Then why didn’t you?” I asked him. “I’m an idiot.” He suggested. “You can kiss me whenever you want to.” I assured him. He laughed more. “Kenny its 1am.” He sighed looking at the grandfather clock in his hall. “Go to bed, I will see you Saturday.” He said. Then he realized. “Fuck Kenny will I see you Saturday?” he asked me. I shook my head. “Sunday?” he asked me. “Yeah after 10pm.” I admitted. “Kenny.” Dylan groined. “Alright.” I said. “Alright?” he said confused. “I worked so much not just to afford college but to stay out the house. I get it I don’t need to anymore.” I admitted. He smiled at me. “I will talk to my managers okay.” I said. “Okay.” He said kissing me. “I’m not going to let you support me Dylan.” I said firmly. “But I won’t say no to the help.” I said looking him straight in the eyes. “Let’s see how work goes okay. I will sort out a better shift. I graduate on May the 27th. 17 days after I turn 18.” I reminded him. He grinned. “On that day, Dylan I can do day shifts through the summer.” I pointed out. “Yeah you can.” He said. “Whilst you’re at work, we could do my shift to match up to yours better?” I said. “Yeah.” He said thinking about it. “So were just going to go with the flow until then?” I asked him. “Yeah Kenny we are.” He said and kissed my forehead. “Dylan.” I said. “Yeah Kenny.” He asked. “I think I love you too.” I whispered into his chest. “At least in the same way I love my friends.” I said to him blushing he kissed me a deep kiss that lasted a few minutes. “What time are you recording tomorrow?” I asked when we broke away from each other a smile on my lips. “11am.” He told me. “I will still come do breakfast in bed with you though.” He assured me kissing me. “Want me to make it?” I asked him. “Oh no I am thinking just bagels again.” He admitted. He kissed me gently. “Goodnight Kenny.” He said. “Night Dylan.” I said. I went into the bedroom and this time I went to the bed. I climbed in and went to sleep after only a few minutes
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