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Chapter 13 - Makena

Monday already, I looked at Dylan as he smiled at me as we had breakfast in my bed, Lucky charms by the way. This seemed to have become a habit. The weekend and Friday had gone fine. Didn’t even see Blue Black Brown so I hoped they would at least tell me it went okay today at school. I slept between my shifts like I normally do on a Saturday on Laura’s bed as she lived closest to the mall. Her younger sister obsessed over my hair. She’s 16 and knows better than Laura and me how to do hair. She wants to be a hairdresser and beauty therapist. To be honest shed be great at it as she has the chatter down pat. It had gone quicker than I think both me and Dylan thought it would, we were both busy with work. Dylan and I were laughing and joking when his cell started going. “It’s my agent.” He said looking at it. “Then answer it.” I laughed. He did “Hey what’s up?” He asked his agent. I couldn’t hear the other side of the conversation. But Dylan’s face went from smiling to worried. “What magazine?” he said. “Yeah it was a date.” Dylan said. “Shit.” I said looking at him. He nodded. “Can you tell who the girl is?” He asked worried. “No that’s fine. Yeah don’t worry, it was a 5th date.” Dylan said calmly. “5th?” I asked confused. “The only thing they have is me holding the hand of a girl in a restaurant?” He checked. “Her backs to the camera?” he checked. I swallowed. “Just say I will give them exclusive when we become a couple.” Dylan said. “That’s fine. No don’t worry about it. I will warn her but as long as they don’t release her name that’s fine.” Dylan assured him. “No she’s not going to come out and try ruin my name.” Dylan said calmly. He looked at me, I shook my head. “Just make sure they don’t realize who she was for me.” Dylan said calmly. “Why do you need to know?” Dylan asked. He looked at me worried I nodded my head, “Her names Makena.” Dylan said calmly “Makena Stone.” Dylan said. “Yes I am working with her little sister.” Dylan said calmly. “How did we meet?” Dylan asked. I shook my head. “Old childhood friend’s who’ve reconnected.” Dylan said with a wink at me. Hey he would have been in this business before daddy died I realized, he even would have been the same school year. No one could say we hadn’t known each other back then. “Just say it was a date with an old friend.” Dylan said. “I will come and talk to you.” Dylan sighed, I slipped out of my bed, going to the closet. Dylan watched me, a small smile on his face at me in the shorts I slept in last night as it was just too hot. ‘Are you looking at my ass?’ I mouthed at him. ‘Yes.’ He mouthed back with a smile. I couldn’t help but smile. I grabbed a pair of denim black shorts and a blue tank top saying ‘I hate Mondays’ and the rest of the clothes I needed for the day then went into the bathroom. I had a quick shower and got dressed. Going out with my hair still in the towel. Dylan was gone. I just dried my hair straight then curled the pink bit around my finger. I was happy with my whole outfit. So went downstairs. Helene was in the kitchen. “What do you fancy Ham or tuna?” she asked me. “Tuna please.” I said as she made my sandwich, I drunk a cup of orange juice. “Dylan still here?” I asked her. “That I know of.” She said with a raised eyebrow. She put a magazine in front of me. “Oh.” I said slightly shocked. “Oh.” She agreed. “They can’t there’s a gag on me until I’m 18.” I pointed out. “They don’t know you are you.” She pointed out. I nodded looking at it. “You can’t see the pink hair.” I pointed out. She opened another picture, one you could see the pink in my hair. “Should I go cut it off?” I asked her. “No just be aware of people at school. If you get questioned be careful how you reply.” She said. I nodded. “I just want to get through till graduation without my picture plastered everywhere.” I said. “Then prehab’s dates in the house would be best I could fully set it up like a date.” She pointed out. I nodded. “2weeks till my birthday.” I pointed out. She nodded. “And you still haven’t told me what you want.” Dylan said coming into the kitchen. “My 2 front teeth.” I told him with a grin. “I got to go school.” I laughed as he tickled me. “I will be home 10pm tonight.” I said picking up my bag with my uniform in for the pizza place. “Alright have a good day at school. I won’t be home much before you. Recording a few night scenes.” He admitted. I kissed him gently, “Good luck break a leg.” I told him. I then went to my car it was sunny so I put the sunglasses on to drive.

Getting to school was no Biggy, I didn’t feel like anyone was following me. In fact I had a great drive, Dylan had fixed my roof yesterday whilst I slept and now I had a convertible again. I went into school without much issue, went to homeroom. Pam sat in front of me and we nattered most of homeroom. Then I went to my next class, then next, then next. It was really a good day. I was laughing with Laura at my locker when I spotted Black. “Hey how’d it go?” I asked him. He smiled “Brilliant.” He told me. “I’m glad.” I told him. “Proms in 3 weeks.” He said. “Yes?” I said confused. “We know we agreed to 1 and a half hours.” He said. “You’re going back on your word?” I asked him. “Actually.” He said. I looked at him. “We wanted to all talk to you today at lunchtime and it can be your half day.” He said. “Okay.” I said. “Okay?” he said. “I got to practice for something myself.” I admitted. “Alright see you at lunch.” He said and walked away. “Why do you have to talk to scary people? Why can’t you go back to the half-asleep Kenny we all love.” Laura said next to me. I laughed. “There not scary.” I told her laughing. We went to next class. Then next. Then I went to the music room I had it all alone. I grinned. I could practice for my audition. Max had confirmed via text that I was entered. I knew it would be interesting. I didn’t know how it would go. I would go on that stage sing my heart out, if they said yes I would agree to sing with Milo. If they didn’t turn I would just concentrate on the writing aspect of music. But I fully knew music was what I wanted to do. I started playing the guitar, I had decided on a song that I thought would get a message across to my stepmom rather than Nike. But I wanted him to know it to. It wasn’t a rock song. But it would be vocal enough for them to judge my singing. I would practice 6 songs then ask Max and Pam and Laura which one they thought I should do. I was practicing my 3rd song stronger by Kelly Clarkson. When someone started playing the drums. I turned around and looked at him wide eyed, he indicated to carry on singing. So I did. When I had finished I looked at him, he was ginger and cute looking but the thing was I knew him. I worked with him. “Wow.” Black said. “Hey I thought I had a half hour.” I pointed out. “I’ve still got 3 minutes.” I pointed out. “Wow Kenny.” Gareth said. I looked at him and shrugged. “Wow yourself Tomato.” I told him. “Oh I swore you’d call him Red.” Blue said handing over $10 to Brown. Who looked at me with a smile. “I thought you’d call him sick drummer boy.” He told me. I shrugged. “Is that why you called in sick to work Sunday. Do you know how annoying that was?” I moaned at him. “Yes because you called in sick the week before.” He reminded me. “Did you doubt I was sick?” I questioned. “Nope.” He shrugged. “I thought you might have got the same bug half the kitchen came bloody down with.” He moaned. “Nope thankfully not.” I said truthfully. “You work together?” Blue asked. “Kenny works at the same Pizza place as I do and is in my Spanish class.” Gareth said looking at me. “I thought you did nights the latest that place is open is 10?” Brown said. “She does nights as well at Walmart.” Gareth shrugged. “Yep school work, work school.” I shrugged. “Do you ever go home?” Black asked. Gareth actually hit him. “No I don’t.” I said calmly. “Why not, what do your parents say?” Blue asked. “My parents died a few years ago.” I said, deciding they could assume I was in the system or something. “Sorry.” Black said. “It’s no Biggy you didn’t know.” I pointed out. “So who do you live with?” Black asked. “Couch surf.” I shrugged. “It’s no Biggy my friend has a spare bedroom. So mostly at there’s, their parents are fine with it.” I said. “I have enough saved up for college. I’ve done that myself.” I said calmly. “Don’t your foster parents mind?” Black asked me. “Stepmom and no she doesn’t care one bit what I do, unless I embarrass her or my perfect stepsister.” I said rolling my eyes. “Does your stepsister come here?” Blue asked. “Nope she wouldn’t be seen dead in a public school. But I’ve paid for my own schooling. It’s complicated my life is complicated. But I turn 18 in 2 weeks.” I said. “When?” Brown asked. I looked at him confused. “What do you mean when?” I asked him. “When do you turn 18.” He said shrugging. “What date?” he asked. “I’m not telling you my birthday.” I said rolling my eyes. “Do you turn 18 in time to enter this.” He said putting a piece of paper in front of me. It had the competition on. Main prize was $5000 and a chance to record a single. “Yes I’m entered.” I admitted. “It’s what I’m rehearsing for.” I admitted. “Your singing stronger?” Blue asked me. “It’s a toss-up between 6 songs.” I admitted. “What six?” Gareth asked me. “Invisible or Stronger by Kelly Clarkson. Who knew or Fucking perfect by Pink. I am invincible by Cassadee Pope or Skyscraper by Demi Lovato.” I admitted. “Hmm.” Blue said. “Sending someone a message.” Brown asked me. “Yep they can knock me down but I’m stronger than they thought.” I said calmly. “Kenny I’ve seen you do 3 straight shifts and still go school between.” Gareth said. I shrugged. “See I’m strong.” I told him winking. “So you’re entered?” Blue said. “Yeah.” I admitted. “You really need this money.” Blue said sadly. “Oh please don’t let me stop you entering. Enter and I hope you win.” I said seriously. “We already are entered but why do you hope we win.” Black admitted. “Because I’m a song writer not a singer.” I told them all shrugging. “I don’t know if I want to release a single. But yeah the money would be great. But more I want someone to turn just so I know I’m good enough” I said truthfully. “I don’t mind if I don’t win. I just want to prove I have it in me.” I admitted. “Oh.” Black said. “What do the teachers say?” Brown said. “Sorry about what. Me skipping school that day. Nothing.” I shrugged. “About you being homeless.” Brown said. “They don’t know and I don’t want them to. Mr G knew my father to admit how far my life’s changed since then would kill my father again.” I said not technically a lie. “We graduate in a few weeks. I turn 18 in a few weeks. Nothing will be done this close to my 18th birthday except I could be made to go home to my stepmoms.” I said. “Did she hurt you?” Brown asked. I was saying too much, I swallowed I couldn’t say yes but I couldn’t bring my heart to say no. “It doesn’t matter.” I shrugged. “She’s a bitch, it’s where I get my bitchyness from learnt from the best.” I said with a wink trying to bring my humor back. “Why haven’t you ever told anyone?” Keith asked me. “With who my stepmother is, no one would ever believe me. I would just be put down as an attention seeker. She would fire it back on me, say I never coped with my parents and uncles death, how I was an impossible brat who wouldn’t ever do as she was told. She’d even mention an eating disorder she would ruin me if I even tried.” I admitted some of Jasmines threats. “Then she would stop me ever seeing my baby sister again. She already is.” I admitted. “She’s a bitch with a capital B.” I admitted. “Do you have an eating disorder?” Blue asked. “Do I look like I have an eating disorder?” “Yes.” Blue said. “No.” Tomato said. I grinned at Cheese. “You just never sit still.” He shrugged. “She can put it away, she just eats healthy.” Tomato shrugged. “I’m going to wish you guy’s good luck for the comp and you’re going to return the favor. I doubt I will even get through but to know I tried is enough for me.” I admitted. “Now why did you all want to see me anyway?” I asked them. “Prom?” Black said. “I have a date.” I said calmly. “We wanted to know if you were willing or wanted to perform a song with us. A duet.” Blue asked me. “Blue can I let you know after the singing competition because if I’m not good enough to have at least one turn I’m not going to embarrass myself in front of all these people.” I said truthfully. “What’s your time slot?” “12 – 2. Yours?” I said not sure if I wanted them to watch me or not. “10 – 12.” Black said. “I hope I get to see you 4 perform.” I told them. “Same for you Kenny.” Black said. “Have you got anyone going on the stage with you?” Keith asked me. “I don’t know I might ask a friend of my boyfriends but I have a feeling we would get disqualified.” I admitted. “But I can always record myself on the drums and use the tape.” I said shrugging. “I will be playing the guitar live. I don’t know yet if I will use my dad’s guitar or if I shall borrow one from a friend.” I admitted. “How long ago did he die?” Brown asked me. “When I was 8. Almost 10 years ago now.” I admitted. “So here’s the deal, we have 2 weeks. Which is 10 days of this room.” I pointed out to all them. “There’s 4 of you and 1 of me.” I pointed out. “If I have 1 and a half hours a week. I will let you all have the rest.” I said. “You will?” Brown asked me. “But if my names on the board you all don’t cross it off.” I told them. “Deal.” Black said. “If we win there are 4 of us and we get $5000.” Black said. “Yeah I suggest you each get yourself the instrument of you choice with it.” I told them. My cell started to vibrate and sing fun house. “I got to go answer my boyfriend.” I said shrugging. I answered it. “Hey superhero.” I said into the phone. “Hey Sweetheart you alright?” Dylan asked as I would normally call him Fairy on the phone. “Yeah just in the music room and not alone.” I said. Dylan took a deep breath. “Alright we can talk about it tonight, but my parents are at my home tonight apparently.” He admitted. “What!” I asked my eyes going wide but he couldn’t see. “Superhero I’m not ready to meet your parents!” I said. “Please pumpkin.” Dylan said. “Do I have to, tonight I will stink of garlic.” I pointed out. “Sorry pumpkin they saw our pictures in the paper and want to meet the girl who has me apparently looking like a love sick teenager.” Dylan said. “Fine but three conditions.” I said seriously. “Name them.” Dylan said. “One you don’t leave me alone with them to make an idiot of myself.” I said. “Debatable how do you know you will not make an idiot of yourself a few months down the line, it is you.” Dylan pointed out. I giggled. “Fairy shut up.” I laughed. “The second condition?” Dylan asked. “You make me pancakes with syrup again.” I said. “Done.” Dylan laughed. “Third?” he asked me. “You never call me pumpkin again.” I said seriously but ruined it by laughing after. “But why pumpkin.” He laughed. “Because fairy it just sounds strange.” I admitted. “I’m 6 foot 1 and you call me fairy.” He reminded me. “Your 6 foot 1? What are you a giant!” I teased. “Oh says the person who got shrunk on a hot wash.” Dylan teased. “It must be so hard being 5.2.” Dylan laughed. “I’m 5.4 thank you very much.” I said but I was grinning, I noticed I was being watched by the guys. “I will see you tonight.” I said. “Bye sweetheart.” Dylan said. “Bye fairy.” I said and hung up. “You call your boyfriend a fairy?” Blue asked me. “Yeah private joke.” I admitted. “Does he work at the pizza?” Keith asked. “Nope, hes an old childhood friend I reconnected with.” I said calmly. “Well I will leave you 4 to practice. Good luck.” I told them and walked out quickly. I went to the lunch hall and ate my tuna sandwich Helene had made me, whilst watching Laura being tortured by having to sit with the prom committee. Poor Laura she was the school papers photographer as loved to snap pictures, but I don’t think she had thought Prom would be something she would have to snap pictures off.

After school I went to work, I looked at the guitar of my dream in the shop. It was still calling me. I looked at it with longing. I was almost drawling, a guy came over. The same guy I realized. “You still want the Gibson Memphis?” he asked me. “Yeah I do.” I admitted. He looked at me in my Pizza uniform. “I should get to work.” I said. He looked at my name tag. “Kenny.” He said. “I think you have the wrong name on.” He indicated my name. “Yeah I haven’t my names Kenny.” I said with a smile. A song came on, one I knew. One of Miles off but it was a cover of one of Dads songs. “You know this song.” Guitar shop guy said looking at me like I was an alien, I would have only put him 6 years older than me I decided. If that “Yeah Miles off is one of my current favorite bands.” I admitted. He looked at me like he was impressed then he frowned. “Because of the fact there all hot.” He said. I slightly smiled, “I admit there hot. But I like the songs, the music.” I assured him. “This is a cover.” He said. “I know.” I admitted. “Yeah I bet you did.” He said rolling his eyes. “It’s a Mac and Cheese hit, was 2nd in the charts for 4 months. Was on their 8th album. 5 years after their first song was released. It was the song he sang for the first time 3 months after his ex-wife died. It was about her. How he didn’t realize how much he loved her until she was gone. How he didn’t know how he would cope without her. How sorry he was for not seeing it until it was to late. How he would try his best each day without her but seeing his baby girl without her mom broke his heart but he would always remember the best things and the bad as they were all what made her.” I admitted. “Wow extra points if you can name the last new song he sang before he died.” The guy asked me. “Mistakes.” I said. “Very close but it was Cheese.” He said. “Cheese was never released was only sung that once.” I pointed out. “Yeah but its available online, listed as one of his songs.” He admitted. “It was one song that was a lie.” I said looking at the guitar on the wall. “What? It was all about excepting changes and learning to love others as family and growing together. How could that ever be a lie?” Guitar guy questioned me. “He lied.” I said, I saw the time. “Shit I’m going to be late for work.” I said and went to leave. “Why do you think it was a lie?” he asked me as I was at the door. He had kept a few steps behind me. Possibly to make sure I hadn’t stolen anything. “He died he left Makena alone in the world. He and the band was all she had, and then they were gone, he tpold her that the family would except her and they would be a real family but did they?” I said not wanting to cry, but I felt them building up. “Wasn’t she on that plane?” he asked me confused. “She might as well have been she lost everyone who ever loved her on that plane, she was alone after that.” I said, then I ran to work thinking I hadn’t lost Nike but at the same time I had. I got in and clocked in just on time. I looked around and Keith was there. I glared at him. “Its 48 hours.” I pointed out. “My last sick day was Sunday I’ve been sick free since Friday.” He told me. He looked at me. “Why do you look like your about to cry.” He asked me. “Allergy’s.” I said. I got handed the pizza. “Drive safe.” Keith said. I shook my head at him. “Almost crash once and you get dubbed a dangerous driver.” I said with a wink. But I took the stack of pizzas with the addresses and went off.

Shift finished I made my way back to Dylan’s, trying not to remember the guitar guy. I drove into the drive. The door was opened by Frank. “You’re working late Frank.” I questioned. “Yes I am aware Miss Stone.” He said. “Please Frank call me Kenny.” I said. “Of course.” Frank said. Dylan came out the door then. “Hey.” He said, “Hey.” I said, he held his arms out and I found myself wrapped in them a few seconds later. “You stink.” Dylan mumbled. “Yep I know.” I admitted. “They waited up and round to meet you.” Dylan mumbled in my ear. “I suppose you’ve met my little sister and stepmother.” I mumbled. “Yep.” He said. We went into the house. Dylan led me through to a room, I’d never been in yet. A man sat actually smoking a cigar, his head in a paper. A plumpish woman in a posh blue dress and pearls around her neck was sat reading a romance novel. “Mom Dad I would like you to meet my girlfriend Makena. Makena my Mom and Dad.” Dylan said, he squeezed my hand. “It’s nice to meet you both.” I said. “It is nice to meet you Makena.” Dylan’s dad said, putting his paper down for a second. I took him in, alright I think in his youth he might have been coincided hot. He still was in a weird sort of way. Dylan defiantly took after his dad in the looks department. But he had his mom’s eyes. I realized looking at the woman, who was looking me up and down as if I was a pedigree pup she was judging. She seemed to like something she saw. As she smiled at me friendly. “Hello I’m Dylan’s mom Jessica and this is Dylan’s Dad Markus.” She told me. “It’s nice to meet you both.” I found myself saying again. “How long have you two been dating.” Dylan’s mom asked me, indicating the couch in front of her. I sat on it. “Not that long.” I said feeling like I was being interacted. “How did you two meet?” Dylan’s mom asked. “Dylan came to my school he was my biology partner.” I admitted. “Ah.” Dylan’s dad said. “What do you hope to be, Model Actress?” Dylan’s dad asked. “A rock star.” I admitted. He scoffed. “Got the wrong guy for that dear, unless you’re trying to get to Milo though him.” Dylan’s dad said. “Mark!” Dylan’s mom said, but I saw she agreed. I looked at Dylan. “Makena doesn’t need Milos help for that, her dad was a famous Rock star, if she wanted to name jump. But she is extremely talented and is an extremely impressive song writer in her own right.” Dylan said. He squeezed my hand. “In fact Makena has already been accepted into college to do a degree in music.” Dylan said. “Makena.” Dylan’s dad said thoughtful. “Makena Rosebud Gibson Allen Stone.” I told him. “My dad’s the late Carlos Stone from Mac and Cheese.” I said. “You’re working with her sister.” Dylan’s dad pointed out. “Yes which is one of the reasons I just haven’t gone and talked about Kenny yet.” Dylan said. “That and the fact Kenny wants to graduate high school in a few weeks without the fanfare.” Dylan said. “I have lived a private life whilst I mourned the death of my father. The information gag on me ends on my 18th birthday.” I admitted. “But I really like Dylan for being Dylan. Not anything to do with this.” I said pointing at the room around us. “And I really like Kenny for her, not for who she is either.” Dylan said with a smile. I saw Dylan’s moms smile and her ease up. “So what’s this all about?” She asked indicating my outfit. “Normal teenagers work this kind of job.” I said. Frank walked out the room. I think he had enough. Dylan didn’t even fake a yawn. “Well I’m of to bed.” Dylan said. “I got to be on set tomorrow. I don’t want anyone knowing I’m dating Makena mom and dad for a while. Especially not her family I don’t want acting with her little sister being awkward.” Dylan said. “Where does your stepmother think you are?” Dylan’s mom asked me. “Isn’t she worried you haven’t come home.” She asked me firmly. “We had an argument, I’m meant to be staying at a hotel until we both calm down enough to talk to each other like rational adults.” I said truthfully. “How long do you think that will take?” Dylan’s dad asked me. “Do I really have to talk to her ever again?” I mumbled. “Not if you don’t want to.” Dylan said with a smile at me. “Mom dad just don’t mention who Kenny is to anyone, even her own family. We will come out as a couple when we are ready. After Kenny turns 18. The papers know I was on a date with an old childhood friend. That’s it.” Dylan said. “Fine.” Dylan’s mom said. “You know you could be the new Hollywood It couple.” Dylan’s mom said with a grin. “Can I graduate high school first?” I said. “Yes, yes fine.” She said. “Night mom, Night Dad.” Dylan said giving them both a quick kiss on the cheek then he took my hand. “You’re not sleeping together!” Dylan’s mom snapped. “No Kenny has her own room.” Dylan said shrugging. “Night mom night Dad.” Dylan said and pulled me out the room. Up the stairs. “Thanks Frank.” Dylan said as Frank stood in the doorway shaking his head. “Night Frank.” I said. “Night Kenny. Night Dylan.” Frank said. Dylan and I went upstairs. Dylan kissed me with so much passion the moment we were alone in the corridor. “Im sorry.” He said. “You don’t need to apologies for that kiss.” I said blushing. He laughed. “That was for my parents.” Dylan said. “You kissed me for your.” I started. His mouth met mine before I finished my sentence. “No I kissed you for us.” Dylan said holding me tight to him. “But thank you for being so calm with my parents.” He said. “No problem. I’m sorry I didn’t have a clue what to say.” I said. “neither did I.” Dylan admitted. I laughed. “Night Fairy.” I said kissing his cheek. “Night Rock star.” Dylan said kissing me. I left then.

The next day I was woken to Dylan knocking. Which was different. “Morning.” He said. “Morning?” I said confused. “Sorry, mom wants to know if you want Helene to cook you normal or Tofu bacon.” Dylan said. “Normal.” I told him. “I know that, so does Helene.” Dylan said sitting on my bed. I moved so he could slip in. “it was just last night, okay they are going there own home tonight. Then they jet of again on Saturday.” Dylan said. “You can spend time with your parents.” I said seriously. “Kenny im filming.” He reminded me. “ive told them tonight is date night. Helene wants to know what we fancy.” Dylan asked me. “I dont finish work till 9pm.” I reminded him. “I know that, I thought for after.” Dylan told me. “Whatever you fancy I’m not a fussy eater at all.” I pointed out. “Okay.” Dylan said. I rested my head on his chest as he held me in the bed. “Dylan.” I said. “Yes Kenny?” he asked. “Do you think im doing this right.” I said. Then I realized that wasn’t clear about what I was thinking about. “About how im going to meet Nike. Putting him on the spot like that.” I asked him. “I dont know Kenny, but I think its one way you can show everyone you got what it takes. Your going to blow him away.” I told her. “the band at school are auditioning. I feel kind of mean. They want this dream so bad Dylan.” I said. “Dont you want it Kenny?” Dylan asked me confused. “I dont know, I do. But then I dont think I deserve it.” I admitted. “Kenny, you’ve worked hard for everything these last few years haven’t you.” Dylan asked. “yes.” I admitted. “you deserve it.” Dylan told me. Dylan kissed me gently on my head as I looked up at him into his gorgous green eyes. “Sorry about no breakifast in bed, but you need to get ready.” Dylan said kissing my head and climbing out. “Thanks Dylan.” I said. “your uniforms dry.” He said I nodded and did just that, had a shower and got dressed. Today I wore a tank top saying Nirvana and a pair of denium shorts and my convereses. I couldn’t be bothered to do my hair today so just put it in a braid and went down. Dylan His Mom and Helene were in the kitchen. “Good morning.” I said nervously. “Morning.” They all said. Helene put a plate of eggs bacon and hashbrowns in front of me. I ate it not sure what to do. Then she put a lunch bag infront of me. “Thankyou.” I said to both. She smiled at me, then she went back to her talk with Dylans mom about her holiday in the caribeian. Dylan excursed us both when id finished my breakifast grabbing my bag with my uniform and school books in and we went out the door. “Have fun at school.” He told me. “Have fun at work.” I told him. we seprated then, with just a small kiss goodbye.

After work I got back to Dylans, a very uneventful day. I parked up and went in. Dylan looked at me like a little kid, all grins and smiles. I was instantly suspicious. “What are you?” I started. “I have a surprise for you.” He said. “Dylan.” I said worried. He covered my eyes. “Dylan?” I asked. “Just go with the flow Kenny.” He said I could tell he was grinning. He walked me through the house. With his hands over my eyes. “you cant see?” he asked me when he stoped me walking he sounded so excited. “No.” I said, I couldn’t help but laugh. I heard a door be opened. “I wanted to show you this yesterday, but didn’t want to with my parents here.” Dylan admitted. He took me in the room, my eyes still covered. “Alright dont flip at me, okay I haven’t brought these things. I haven’t spent the money alright. Ive borrowed.” He said sounding worried. He uncovered my eyes, I looked around omg! OMG. I didn’t know what to say and Dylan was now looking nervous. I turned and hugged him tight. That didn’t seem enough to show how much this meant to me. I stood on my tiptoes and kissed him. he deepend the kiss and pulled me tight into his arms. We stood making out for a very long time, “Is it okay?” Dylan asked me, once he broke away but he was smiling. “Dylan thank you.” I said looking around, there was a guitar a keyboard a drum kit a base and a microphone. Not just that but there was a system to record myself and play it back. “When, How?” I asked him amazed. Still holding him tight. “The weekend whilst you were at work.” Dylan admitted. I kissed him. “Thank you.” I said into his chest tears running down my face, happy tears. “You can practice here Kenny.” He said with a grin. I went to the microphone, letting go of Dylan. I took a deep breath. He looked at me, he held out a remote. I stuck my tongue out at him but he pressed a button and a red light came on. The microphone. I started singing. Dibs by Kelsea Ballerini. Dylan watched me with a huge smile on his face. I realized when I had finished, it was the first time I had sung for him live. He was sat on the couch in the room. He turned the red light of when I finished. I went up to him and climbed on his lap facing him. He kissed me and I kissed him back, we made out fully on the couch. “Kenny.” He said out of breath after a long time. “Yeah?” I said resting m head in his neck. “We need to stop.” He said out of breath. “Why?” I asked him worried. He took a deep breath, but I could tell it was hard for him. he groined, but instead of stoping he kissed me again with so much more passion, I kissed him back. Then I felt the hand that had been supporting my back slip under my t-shirt and up, I didn’t even care. I wanted this with Dylan. Dylan stood up holding me still in place my legs wrapped around him my lips still on his. Then he broke away. He gently put me down as I untangled my legs from him. he took my hand, I let him walk me out the music room. When we were out there he kissed me again. “To many cameras in there and recording equipment.” He whispered in my ear and nibbled it. I giggled as it tickled. Then he kissed down to my neck and started kissing there. I gasped, he was going to give me another hickey but I didn’t care. “Kenny.” Dylan groined as I slipped my own hand into his boxers and pinched his ass. Hey my hand had been the perfect place. It made him go back to my mouth. “Dylan.” I said as his hand slipped back under my uniform. It went up as he kissed me, I didn’t break away. His hand undid my bra and I just kissed him deeper. His hand went round the front. I gasped as his fingers brushed against my nipples then his hand cupped my breast. I slightly groined. “Kenny.” Dylan groined my name. Dylan pulled away from my lips and looked at me, I wanted to kiss more but with one hand on my boob and one holding me tight to him Dylan had more control than I did at the moment. “Want to go to bed?” he asked me, I saw nerves come across his face. I nodded, not sure if my voice would carry.

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