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Chapter 14 - Dylan

I looked at Kenny asleep in my arms. Yeah I wasn’t going to regret what we just had done. We had used protection and I knew she was already on birth control because I had seen it in her bathroom the other morning. I wasn’t snooping, I had made sure I used a condom though and she hadn’t mentioned being on the pill I had seen. That had been amazing, better than I could have even have imagined. Yeah I could tell Kenny had been in a bit of pain but she had just kissed me though it. I looked at her now fast asleep. I looked at the hickey on her neck. It was huge, oops. Oh well. I hadn’t expected showing her the room to end like this. It all started Friday when I got home from work. Milo had rung me saying he was free and had the guitar if I fancied meeting up. I said to come round so he had, he had brought the guys and each came baring an instrument. They’d all helped me clear the room and set the equipment up. Then Milo suggested the recording system. He had it at home and said it was amazing to write songs to. So I had brought one, we had picked it up on Saturday. Milo moaned that he didn’t get to meet Makena yet. So did Zach and Owen. Of course Tyrone and Hunter had already met her. I just said she was at work. Milo had been tempted to go there, but when he realized it would be packed he decided against it. But I promised he could meet her soon. Kenny wiggled in my arms ever so slightly. I kissed her head. She seemed to fit perfectly in the little crock in my arms. I had wanted to show her Monday, but after the pictures in the paper, well that had stopped that plan. Mom had told me she wanted to talk to me, I didn’t know how Kenny would cope with my mom. As Helene had pointed out. Kenny was fine with men, woman she was a bit scared of. Helene herself knew she hadn’t helped Kenny trust her by assuming the worse when she met her. But Kenny was less nervous with Frank than she was Helene. Then seeing Jasmine on Monday hadn’t helped my worry about how Kenny would cope with meeting my parents. Nor had it helped on Tuesday. But Stasia and I hadn’t had a minute to talk alone. Kenny had written her sister a letter, I pulled it out my draw now and read it.

My gorgeous baby sister.

I am so sorry I left Stasia but you knew I needed out. I love you and I always will. If you ever need me or want me all you need to do is say my name in an interview or something and I will try my hardest. I am sorry I haven’t been the best big sister in the world. If she ever lays a hand on you, or makes you feel like you’re not special. Know this I will always welcome you where ever I am. I may not have any money, I may not have a home. I may not have parents. But one thing I do have Stasia is you my little baby sister and I love you. Always have always will. You make me proud of you every day just by being you and as long as you are happy sweetheart I will always be proud of you.

Love Makena.

“mmm Dylan.” Kenny mumbled. “Hey Rock star.” I said as she wiggled in my arms. “How you feeling?” I asked slightly worried, there was a bit of blood under her. Kenny just mumbled “Sore.” And turned onto her side facing away from me. I put her letter for Stasia down and wrapped my arms around her spooning her. “Kenny.” I said quietly. “mmm?” she mumbled. “your amazing sweetheart.” I told her. “Mmm.” Kenny mumbled more asleep than awake. I played with her hair and wasn’t long until I fell asleep with her in my arms.

I woke to the sound of my alarm, Kenny moaned and swiped towards me as if trying to turn the alarm off. Then she must have realized as she sat up. “Ouch.” She said. “You okay?” I asked her worried. “yeah.” She assured me. She looked around my room yeah she hadn’t really noticed it last night. I hadn’t given her the chance. “I’m going for a shower okay.” I said to her worried. “Okay.” Kenny said blinking around the room. Was it all sinking in. “Can I join you?” She asked after a few minutes. “Oh saving water.” I told her kissing her head. I run my hand over her hickey on her neck and realized I had given her one on her chest too. She wouldn’t be able to wear a tank top today. I helped her out of bed, seeing the blood. We went to my bathroom. Both had a shower together it took twice as long as if we had both had our own. As I washed her body and she washed my own. I held her tight to me. Kenny stayed silent which was kind of worrying. Did she regret it? When we came out I wrapped her in a fluffy towel. “Are you okay? Are we alright?” I asked her worried. She kissed me. “Your amazing Dylan.” She assured me. “Was it meant to hurt?” she whispered into my chest. “Kenny the first time sometimes hurts.” I told her. She blushed, oh sweetheart I love the fact that I knew I was the first guy you’ve slept with. I run my finger over her hickey. “You’re going to have to wear a turtle neck.” I teased her. “It’s LA in May.” Kenny pointed out. She kissed me. “I’m going to get dressed okay?” Kenny asked me nervous. “Okay, I will go start breakfast when I’m dressed.” I told her. “Thank you.” Kenny said, and then she scooped up her clothes and went to her room. Had we moved to fast? I got dressed worried and went down the stairs. When down I made us both just bagels. I was just putting cream cheese on the last one when Kenny came in the room. Her blonde hair was straight and loose today careful to prevent a view of her neck. But she wasn’t actually covering the Hickey. She was in a tank top that said ‘my blood type is coffee.’ I smiled at her. “You not got work today?” I said with a smile. Kenny smiled. “Nope no work today.” Kenny told me. “We will have to eat Helene’s date meal she made us.” I told Kenny. “What did she make us?” Kenny asked taking a sip of coffee that she made us both. “Chicken and artichoke lasagna.” I told her remembering. Kenny smiled. “Sounds yummy.” She assured me. “What time will you be home?” Kenny asked me “about 6pm. But you can come straight back after school and practice. Frank will be here.” I told her. Kenny grinned. “Deal.” She told me. “Want to help me run through my lines?” I asked her. “Okay.” Kenny said. I handed her the scene. “Whos do you want me to read?” she asked me. “Annas.” I told her. “James theres more to life than football.” Kenny said. “I know that you know that. But to my dad I doubt it.” I said to her. “If you don’t want to play football tell him.” Kenny told me. “Anna ive tried to tell him, he doesn’t listen and this way I can go to college.” I told Kenny. “James yes you can go to college, but your not studying what you want to.” Kenny said. “Its not the fact I dont love football Anna.” I said. “then what is it, because you tell me you want to go college and study something other than football. You got scouts approaching you. I dont get it if you love football why dont you want to play?” Kenny asked me. “Because dads taking the fun out of it.” I told her. “Then tell him, I don’t get what you want from me James. Do you want me to tell you just to play for your dad because I’m not going to tell you that.” Kenny said. “That’s not what I want.” I said. “What do you want than James one second you seem to know the next you’re the most confusing guy.” Kenny started. Then her eyes read the next line. I didn’t know how she would react to knowing I was going to kiss my costar. I kissed Kenny a deep kiss, her arms went around my neck the script left on the counter. When I broke away Kenny just said. “I hope you dont use your tongue with your costar.” Giggling. “I dont plan to, you okay with that?” I asked her. “your acting Dylan, it doesn’t mean anything. If it did you would tell me wouldn’t you?” Kenny said. “Yes Kenny I would.” I assured her. She kissed me gently then. “its acting Dylan I get that, come on ive seen Jasmine play a nice mom, Ive seen Sea play a nice highschool girl, until she got all her bitch roles shes been getting lately. I can cope seeing you kiss another girl on screen and set knowing your acting.” Kenny told me. “Its if it became off set we would have a problem.” Kenny told me with a smile. “Not going to happen pumpkin your more than enough.” I told her kissing her gently. “I thought we agreed for you never to call me that again.” Kenny laughed. “We did.” I told her with a grin scooping her up, Kenny laughed as I carried her to her car. “Go to school or youll be late.” I told her. Kenny laughed unlocked her car and climbed in. “Break a leg.” Kenny told me. “Thanks that doesn’t sound like a threat from you or anything.” I told her with a wink. Kenny laughed. But I shut the door and she wound down her roof. I kissed her again. Then she drove off. I went back inside for 20 miniutes and sorted everything out then I drove myself to the set.

I had recorded the scene with my costar, who was actually making googly eyes at one of the girl PA. I knew I deffently wasn’t her type, that’s for sure. Stasia was sat of the set, her mom wasn’t with her that was great! “50 miniutes break everyone.” The director yelled, everyone started cleaning out. Except Stasia who was sat with a book. i went up to her and realized it was a school book and she was getting frustrated. “Alright 89÷6=” I said calmly sitting oppersite her. She looked at me like she was waiting for me to pick on her, but then said. “its hard im only 9.” She reminded me. “I know.” I assured her. I sat and helped explain it to her, and handed her the note. She looked at me confused thinking it was more math problems. She read it and her eyes went wide. “She gave me that to give you.” I told her. “Thank you.” Stasia said reading it. “What are you doing Stasia you should be studying your lines.” Jasmine snapped storming in the room. She saw me with her and fake smiled at me. “Ah Dylan I see your keeping Stasia company.” Jasmine said. “Yes I was getting to know her I often find it helps.” I said. “Oh very so, prehabs you should come to one of Sea’s partys this weekend. Im sure a lot of your friends.” Jasmine said. “I would love to but unfortuntly I have a date this weekend.” I said calmly, I didn’t Kenny would be at work. But hell was I going to play friends with her family, that she hated. Except her little sister who she missed. “You could always bring your date, im sure everyone would love to meet this mystery woman, I heard you made quiet a stir in the papers.” Jasmine said with a grin, publicity that’s what she was thinking. I could get her publicity but I wouldn’t give her good. “Unfortuntly my date and I are still in early stages, I do not think it would be apropiate.” I said. “Where else would you take your girlfriend. A celebrity party would make an excellent date.” Jasmine said. “I will see but I dont think a partys her type of thing.” I said. “Although Stasia is always welcome to come round and run her lines with myself. I have 3 staff memebers that would be more than happy to supervise.” I said. “I am sure Sea would love to bring her little sister.” Jasmine said. “I meant just Stasia, it is just I know from experence that having family around when you learn lines makes it harder.” I said. I was saying that when the director came in. “Yes it does.” He said, he looked hopeful that Jasmine might leave. “My parents used to just drop me off on set when I was Stasias age.” I said looking at Jasmine. “Places please, Dylan Stasia Natasha set now!” The director said, I stood up and went. When I walked past the director he said. “Nice try.” “I know right.” I said. We started recording the scene again. The day went quiet fast because I was constantly busy. But I was worried I would never get Kenny on the set to see her little sister.

Getting home after work, Frank opened the door for me. “Evening Frank.” I said with a smile. “Where is Kenny?” I asked him. “She is in the music room Dylan.” He said calmly. He was smiling. “That good?” I asked him. “She will deffently blow the audience and judges away. She just doesn’t seem to know what song she wants to sing herself yet.” He said. “Would you like me to set the table for you both tonight?” Frank asked me. “that would be great.” I said, “Dinner shall be ready in 20 miniutes.” He said calmly. “Thankyou.” I said, I went and washed up then I walked down the corridor to the room that was now Kennys music room. The door was shut but I could still here her. I couldn’t help but smile, she would deffently get there attention and send a message to her stepmother. I waited until she was finished then knocked. “Come in.” Kenny said, I went in. She was smiling. I noticed the light was off so she wasn’t recording. She was sat with the guitar on her lap. “Dinner will be ready in a miniute.” I told her kissing her cheek. “Thanks Dylan.” Kenny said with a smile. “How was filming today?” she asked me. “Good got that scene out the way. I also got a few scenes with your sister done. I even helped her with her math.” I told Kenny, sitting on the couch I had left in the room. “Thank you Dylan.” Kenny said, putting the guitar down and coming and sitting next to me. I wrapped my arm around her. A bell went. “Whats that?” Kenny asked confused. “the dinner bell hardly use it but dinner must be ready.” I laughed. I stood up and offered Kenny my hand. She took it and we went through to the dinning room. Frank had set it up so we were opposite each other at one side of the table. It looked amazing. I tucked Kenny in her chair she actually giggled, I admit it was a bit much especially with Frank hovering outside the door, but we spent the day talking. Kenny told me about school. Nothing had happened except Laura had begged her to not make her go prom. We talked about my day on the set. I told her what I said to her stepmom. About giving her little sister the note Kenny was all smiles and holding her hand and chatting. It felt so natural. After we finished Dinner Frank brought our desert in of Profiteroles. We both ate way more of them than we should. Kenny looked at me seriously and said. “I know Helene says I’m to skinny but she’s really going to fatten me up?” Kenny asked me. “I think it’s the plan.” I told her. I looked at the Profiteroles on the plate and smiled I had an idea. It got even more perfect when Frank brought out a chocolate fondue with strawberry’s greens apple banana and marshmallows and brownie pieces. “Kenny.” I said. “Yeah?” She said suspicious. “Want to drive the media a bit crazy today?” I asked her. She looked at me suspicious. “Depends.” She said. “On?” I asked her. “Will it be good attention? Will it out who I am?” Kenny said seriously. “No it won’t.” I told her. She nodded. I handed her my phone. “Take a picture of the food and me in the background.” I told her. Kenny laughed. “Oh that’s just mean to them.” Kenny laughed. “I know.” I told her. But she took it. I laughed when she handed me my phone back. I looked at my twitter, so many people asking me who I was dating. I uploaded the picture with the caption, ‘Trying to impress the date with chocolate I think it’s going well!’ Kenny looked at her phone. “I sound like a pig.” Kenny laughed. “No your defiantly not.” I assured her. Dipping a strawberry in the chocolate and feeding it to her. She giggled, espically as I kissed the chocolate of her mouth. “Anyone comment on the hickey?” I asked her. “Yes.” She said. “Max asked if you’re a vampire because it looks so sore.” Kenny said laughing. “Not a vampire im afraid.” I told her, Kenny fed me a chocolate covered mashmellow. Kissing of the dripping chocolate. We were still kissing when Frank knocked on the door, we seprated. “Come in.” I said. He did. “Is there anything the two of you would like this evening?” he asked. I looked at the time. Oh past the time he normally left. “No that’s great thankyou Frank. You can go home if you want to.” I assured him. He looked at the mess calmly. “I will clean it up tomorrow.” Kenny started. “No that’s fine Kenny, I shall tomorrow.” Frank told her, he looked at us and I saw the smile. “You both realise you have chocolate. Well everywhere.” He said with a smile. Kenny looked at me and laughed. “Please Dylan?” she asked pulling her phone out. “Fine but I need a picture of you too.” I told her laughing. I took one of her, she had chocolate all over her face her lips plumb from our kissing. She was gorgous. She took a picture of me when I had finished taking hers and grinned at me, “did you want this picture to put up too?” She asked me. I thought about it “No private picture.” I told her laughing, she laughed. We kissed more. “Should we go clean up and watch a movie? Or are you going to sing for me?” I asked her. “Movie still got to see more your in, we never finished baby Dylan movie.” She pointed out. We went to the cinema room. Kenny wrapped in my arms I put the film on where we had left off. We watched that film and my next film after that. Kenny’s head on my shoulder. “Want to go bed?” I asked her. Kenny nodded, she was tired I knew that. We went up the stairs we kissed goodnight outside her room. She went into her room and I went into my own.

A few days later after the perfect week of coming home to Kenny practicing in the room, having her in my arms most nights. I woke to the feel of my bed moving. I looked at Kenny she was holding a tray of pancakes and looked at me with a smile, there was cut strawberry’s and everything. 2 coffees on the tray. I looked at the clock and it was only 4am, I sat up though. “Morning.” Kenny said with a smile. “Morning?” I questioned her. I patted next to me, she slipped in. She was in the top from her dads band with a pair of my own boxers. I kissed her gently and handed her one of the coffees. “Couldn’t sleep?” I asked her. “Dylan its 2 days away.” Kenny said worried. Ah here it was. “Do you not think your ready?” I asked her. “What if he doesn’t.” Kenny started. “Then hes an idiot.” I said. Kenny looked at me. “Kenny you’re going to drive yourself nuts with what ifs until then aren’t you?” I asked her. “I couldn’t sleep.” She admitted. I took a bite of my pancake, she did the same. I wrapped my arms around her. “Want me to help you sleep?” I said once the pancakes were gone. Kenny looked at me wide eyed, but a small smile went to the corner of her mouth. I put the tray down on the floor then I kissed her rolling on top of her, pinning her to the bed underneath me. “Your going to rock Kenny. Trust me you can do this. You practice every spare miniute you have currently. I believe in you so do your friends.” I assured her. Kenny nodded. “Kenny.” I said seriously when we came up for air. “Yes?” Kenny said worried. “Do you want to invite some friends round tonight?” I asked her. Kenny looked at me, “Like Max Pam and Laura?” Kenny said. I nodded. “And Vincent.” I told her. “Yeah that sounds great.” Kenny said with a smile. “Can I invite a few friends as well.” I asked her. “Yeah its your house.” Kenny pointed out. “Are you ready to meet the rest of Miles off?” I asked her. “I can give them another song to practice, I can sign them over in 2 days.” Kenny pointed out with a grin. “Yeah.” I said kissing her deeply. “Now go back to sleep until the alarm Rock star.” I told her. Kenny laughed. But she wiggled as if to escape. I slipped my hand over her body and tickled her, she giggled. But it ended up we didn’t go back to sleep, we ended up with a tickle fight that led to us having a pillow fight running around the house chasing each other. When Helene arrived a few hours later Kenny was stood on the counter and feathers were everywhere. “Did a rampaging bird get in the house?” she asked us actually laughing. Kenny went to climb of the counter, Helene still made her nervous. But Helene shook her head laughing. I scooped Kenny up and spun her Kenny laughed. Helene smiled. “So what do you two fancy for dinner tonight?” Helene asked us. “Anything.” Kenny told her. Kenny had ate everything Helene had cooked her without fail. So I think Helene knew she meant it. “Go get dressed for school.” I told Kenny putting her down and giving her a gentle peck, then as her defence was down I hit her gently on the bottom with my pillow. Kenny giggled, but run off. “Helene can you make a birthday cake?” I asked. “Of course.” Helene said with a smile. “Any particular shape?” she asked. “A pair of teddy bear underwear.” I said. Helene looked at me like what. I didn’t blame her, but it was something that would have two meanings to Kenny. “Okay.” Helene said calmly but giving me a look as if asking me if I was sure.

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