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Chapter 15 - Makena

I was sat in homeroom when Keith walked in. I looked at him, this was defiantly not his homeroom. He looked around the class as if seeking someone out and his eyes settled on me. I slightly groined now what? He got a grin to his face. I rolled my eyes as Blue came in 5 seconds later after he indicated out the door. Mrs. Baxter wasn’t here yet. What could they want? They both walked over to me. Pam who was sat in front of me turned and looked at me. I shrugged at her as if saying I had no clue and I didn’t. A few of the girls in the class were looking at the guys, I got it they were popular and hot. Well not as hot as Dylan but I admit it they weren’t bad to look at. They walked up to me. “What is it Tomato? Blue?” I asked them. “Why haven’t you booked the music room?” Keith demanded from me. “I thought you guys needed the practice?” I said as a question. “Have you dropped out?” Blue demanded of me. “No.” I said although I was so tempted to. “Then why the hell aren’t you practicing?” Keith demanded. “I am.” I said. They both looked waiting. “A friend of my boyfriend’s lent me a guitar, so I’ve been practicing at his house every evening.” I said calmly. Which was true, I hadn’t thought it fair to practice here when I was at home. “So I thought you guys would appreciate the room.” I admitted. “Good.” Blue said. I looked at him. “Did you want me to drop out?” I questioned. “No.” He said as if he thought I was stupid. I smiled slightly. “Good luck in 2 days.” I said meaning it. Blue looked at me and said “You too.” I smiled. Mrs Baxter came in then. The boys looked at her. “Miss Allen.” She said firmly. Keith looked at me confused. “I thought your last name was Stone?” he said to me. Pam turned and looked at him whilst I was thinking a reply. “it is its double barrled. Makena Allen Stone.” Pam said with a wink. “PAMELA!” I gasped in disbelief. “See knew you secretly had a girls name.” Blue said. My name thankfully not meaning anything to him. But Keith seemed to be thinking. “Own homerooms.” Mrs Baxter snapped. “Kenny what was your dads name?” Keith asked me. “Daddy.” I said rolling my eyes. “you better get to your own homeroom before you do end up with a real detention.” I said. “Come to the practice room at lunch.” Keith told me, I nodded he and blue then went. “you didn’t have to do that.” I mumbled to Pam. “They will know if they stay and watch in 2 days.” She said. “What if I chicken out?” I asked her. “then I will drag you on the stage kicking and screaming.” Max said behind me. I turned and weakly smiled. “Are you two free to come round after school today?” I asked them. “Yeah Dylans already text.” Max said. I looked at him suspicious. “Why? What he say?” I asked. “Just to invite us round after school.” Max said shrugging. “Can you invite Vince and Laura if you see them before me?” I asked calmly. “Yeah no problems I sit next to Vince next lesson.” Max said shrugging. “Thanks.” I said. Meaning it. “So the plan for Wednesday?” Max asked me. “Skip school, go tattoo parlor, run away and go to Mexico.” I said straight away. “um can I say no to the whole of that plan?” Pam said laughing. I grinned at her. “I was thinking more along the lines of skip school, go shopping, go talent contest, you get through, go meal and celebrate?” Pam said. Max looked at us both seriously. “I was thinking ring in school sick, go somewhere for Kenny to practice and give her birthday presents then go contest then go out and celebrate.” Max said. “So no Mexico?” I asked them. They laughed. “No Mexico.” Max said after. “Did you really want the tattoo on that day, because surely that will hurt to play the guitar when you want it on your hand.” Max asked me. “I dont know.” I admitted. “Alright I won’t get the tattoo just yet.” I admitted. “What are you going to wear?” Pam asked me. “um.” I said. “We are so going shoping before.” Pam sighed. I laughed. “Okay so first skive school?” I said as a question. “Call in sick.” Max said firmly. “Fine first call in sick to school.” I said. Both nodded. “Second meet at the mall?” I asked. Pam nodded. “third have a smoothie?” I said. “im liking this plan a lot more.” Pam said laughing. “fouth go find me an outfit.” I said. Pam nodded. “Fifth get to the consert in time to see them perform. Sixth perform. Seventh go with the flow.” I said. “Deal.” Pam said. “But somewhere in that we need to address your hair as well.” Pam said. I laughed. “That goes with the clothes.” I pointed out. “Malls going to be early.” Max mumbled. “Before we are even due at school.” I admitted. The bell went, the three of us picked up our stuff. “We driving ourselves?” Max asked. “You can come in my car.” I said. “Na that’s fine we will drive, how do we get in.” Max said. “Show ID and say where your going, im sure Dylans arranged it.” I shrugged. “Sounds good.” Pam said. I run off to my next class, class went slow but nothing happened, at lunch time I went to the music room. I was there before the boys. I picked up the guitar and thought about it what I was really doing. I pulled out my phone I texted Dylan back, from his text just asking how my day was going. I looked at his last text that had just come through when the boys came in the room. “Hey.” I said, holding my phone the notepad in front of me and the guitar on my lap. “Hey.” They all said. “Why did you 4 want to see me?” I asked. “We need advice.” Blue admitted. “Alright?” I said confused. “Why are you asking me and not Mr G?” I asked them. “Because he said he didn’t know and to ask you, but not to bother you. Just to make sure your not chickening out.” Brown admitted. I weakly smiled. “I want to chicken out.” I admitted. “So do we.” Blue admitted. I looked at him. “Then what is stopping you?” I asked them. “This is our dream.” Black said. “And you guys are actually good.” I admitted, alright id heard them a few times now. Keith sat next to me, “What if we make fools of ourselves infront of all those people?” Blue said. “you wont your really good your just all uptight with worry.” I said looking at them all. “What if we suck.” Black said. “I dont know.” I admitted. “Why aren’t you chickening out?” Blue asked me. “I want to im even debating running away to Mexico.” I mumbled. They all looked at me. “I thought you weren’t afraid to perform in front of loads of people.” Blue said. “I lied im petrified I haven’t sung infront of people since my dad died, I dont think I can do it without him.” I admitted. “So are you guys ready for this?” I asked them. “We can’t decide what song to sing.” Black admitted. “So we decided to ask you what you thought and ask what song your doing, as you never said.” Keith said looking at me. “ive still not decided.” I admitted. They looked at me like really. “ive been practicing all 6 and deciding to decide when there.” I admitted. “Want help to decide?” Keith asked me. I weakly smiled at him. “Why dont I help you guys what songs are you thinking off?” I asked them. “Punched out by Mac and Cheese but Miles offs version.” Black said. “Or?” I asked. “American idiot.” Blue said, I shook my head slightly. “Any others?” I asked them. “Nuclear family or Photograph or Rockstar.” Black said. I thought about it, I didn’t know how I would feel about one of my dads songs coming from there mouths. “I think with those songs my personal opionion would be Photograph or Punched out.” I admitted. “But I would go on Nikes mood, he might not be willing to hear one of his old songs.” I said truthfully. “He doesn’t normally seem to care.” Blue said. “But you would care?” Keith asked me. I weakly shook my head. “The one thing I asked for my birthday.” I started then I realized I hadn’t told Dylan what I wanted even though he kept asking. “Okay the only thing I asked for, for my birthday was to hear a certain song.” I admitted. “That’s kind of weird.” Blue said. I smiled. “Yeah I know.” I admitted. “What song?” Keith asked me. “ Not good for you.” I admitted. “Why that one?” Keith said confused. “It was the first song Mac and Cheese released.” I admitted looking at the floor. “Why not Cheese? Or Rocky start or little stars?” Keith asked me. I shook my head. “I wouldn’t want to hear anyone but Mac and cheese sing them.” I admitted. “Maybe little stars at a push, but some of the lines in that song. No.” I admitted. I had kind of admitted the same to Max once about the songs I would never want to hear. “So yeah go for Photograph but if Nike looks in a good mood sure go for a Mac and cheese song.” I said shrugging trying not to show how hurt I was currently. “Thanks that actually does help.” Blue said. I weakly smiled. “So what guitar are you playing?” I asked Blue. “My own one, its nothing special, one thing I would buy with the money is a new guitar.” He told me. “What would you get?” I asked him. “Ibanez 2017 7 string.” He told me. I thought about it. “Hmm.” I said thinking about it. Milo had lent me a Ibanez as well, I think to show me I had other options to a Gibson. I thought about it, “Hold on a second.” I said. I pulled out my phone.

Kenny – you know I told you the weirdos wanted to talk to me again?

Dylan – yeah?

Kenny – well all they wanted was help to decide what song they should do.

Dylan – your all leaving it so late. (rolly eyed smiley)

Kenny – I know right, but I was talking to Blue about what his ideal guitar would be.

Dylan – let me guess same as you? (rolly eyed smiley)

Kenny – nope.

Dylan – oh you thinking you want that guitar, I can go get it. My girlfriend still hasn’t told me what she wants for her birthday and im cutting it very close.

Kenny – I told you my 2 front teeth.

Dylan – I might kiss them out.

Kenny – so my uncle was telling the truth that’s why my teeth fell out as a kid, I knew it wasn’t because of adult teeth.

Dylan – did little Kenny go kissing to many boys?

Kenny – no I had a no dating rule till I was 100, ive broken that by the way.

Dylan – im glad, but I have a feeling I would wait.

Kenny – you would?

Dylan – until your ready yeah pumpkin always.

Kenny – dont call my pumpkin fairy.

Dylan – Why pumpkin?

Kenny – im going to go back to the band, there all staring at me like what the fuck are you doing.

Dylan – what the fuck are you doing?

Kenny – the guitar he is playing on the day sounds rubbish. Its worse than the schools.

Dylan – with what you and the guys said the other day that must be hard.

Kenny – yeah it is, he’d be better with the one at school.

Dylan – ouch.

Kenny – would Milo mind if I lent him the guitar, you all know where he goes school and I can threaten him with lawyers to make sure he gives it back.

Dylan – hes here now.

Kenny – what are you up to?

Dylan – nothing just hanging with my friends calmly on my day off.

Kenny – im glad your having a relaxing day. Are they sleeping round?

Dylan – not sure yet.

Kenny – okay

Dylan – sorry

Kenny – did he say no?

Dylan – no that’s not what I was apoligising for, I was apoligising for them maybe sleeping round.

Kenny – oh why? Its your home and I cant wait to meet your friends?

Dylan – because im so used to seeing you first thing in the morning, in my bed nowadays. That I wake up smiling knowing im going to see you.

Kenny – I think I love you but you’re an idiot, a sweet idiot but still an idiot.

Dylan – I think I love you too, in fact I know I do.

Kenny - I can’t wait to see you. I might skip detention lesson.

Dylan – no go detention lesson or stay at the school and practice with the band.

Kenny – What are you and the guys up to?

Dylan –Helenes on the way to the school with the guitar, when I text you go outside.

Kenny – really?

Dylan – Milo said to offer it to him to play, dont say its his just that it’s a friends and he said he could borrow it, its nothing important. Helene will text you when shes outside the door. I think she wants to take you somewhere after school too. Said something about it. (shrugging smiley.)

Kenny – I get the feeling you dont want me to come back, I thought you were okay with me having friends come round. Did you want me to cancel?

Dylan – no way! Kenny I want you to come back!

Kenny – Then what you up to?

Dylan – currently?

Kenny – yes!

Dylan – im out shopping trying to work out what the hell to buy my girlfriend

Kenny – guitar picks

Dylan – Why you have millions!

Kenny – ask Milo you can never have enough.

Dylan – your going to get what the hell I buy you and be happy because your not helpful.

Kenny – you dont need to buy me anything.

Dylan – I know I dont I want to.

Dylan – in fact I really know what I want to get you, its just hoping it will be ready in time.

Kenny – oh?

Dylan – do you trust me?

Kenny – Yes, but I dont trust you when it comes to spoiling me way to much.

Dylan – sweetheart I love you. Talk to you later, go back to the group talk.

Kenny – I love you too.

After it sent I realized that was the first time I had typed that without the I think in front of it. “Sorry.” I said looking at the group. “You get distracted so easily.” Blue said. “My boyfriend said he loved me for the first time.” I admitted. “it doesn’t count on a text.” Black told me. “it doesn’t?” I asked him. Brown hit him around the head. “Sure it does.” Brown said. “So Blue my friend said you could borrow his guitar.” I said. “What?” Blue said. “Im not sure what one hes letting you borrow, a friends droping it off, you have to return it or he will hunt you down and kill you.” I said firmly. “but your welcome to borrow it, for the contest.” I said. “What is it?” he asked me. “Not sure he has a lot of guitars.” I admitted. “But you can never have to many.” I said seriously. “true.” He said. “Meet me in here after class, detention lesson. Apparently my boyfriend doesn’t want me to go to his after school. Yet hes told me to invite my friends round.” I said confused and then I thought about it and thought about, and wondered why he was arranging things with Max. “Do we not get an invite?” Blue asked. “Its not my home, its his. He said there names not all my friends.” I said seriously. “I dont know what hes up to, its his day off from work. I will let him get on with it.” I sighed. “Is he coming to watch you?” Keith asked me. I shook my head, “No he cant get out of work.” I admitted. “Surely he could phone in sick.” Black said. “Not with his job.” I admitted. “What does he do?” Black asked. “To be honest from what I can work out currently, walks around chatting to other people who are meant to be working.” I admitted. “Sounds like our work.” Keith said, I smiled at him. “Can I hear you all perform Photograph and punched out?” I asked them. “Alright but honest opinion.” Keith said going to the drums. They sung Punched out, I sat there my mouth actually hanging slightly open. “What do you think?” Blue asked me. “If hes in a good mood yeah!” I said wide eyed. “What are you guys all wearing?” I asked. They all looked at me like what the fuck. “Clothes.” Black told me. I wanted to groin but I didn’t. I took a bite of my lunch that Helene had made me. When the bell went I agreed with the guys to meet them in here after school to hear them play photograph.

The last bell of the day went. “So we will meet you at yours at 6?” Pam asked me. “If that’s what Dylan said.” I said confused, Max handed me a guitar, he had gone to the carpark to meet with Helene after a few texts with Dylan, who had gone radio silent on me. I hadn’t looked at the guitar, but I went to the music room. I sat holding the guitar in its case when Brown and Keith came in. “Hey.” I said. They both looked at me suspicious. “Whats that?” Keith asked me. “A guitar my friend is lending Blue. The rest of your instuments sound fine.” I admitted. Blue came in then, “You actually came back?” he said. “My boyfriend told my friends to come round at 6.” I admitted, “Think hes trying to throw you a surprise party?” Blue asked me. “No because I know there all going to be there, and he wouldn’t overwhelm me with to many people.” I said, then I thought about it. “But he would bloody go over the top.” I admitted thinking about it. “you know what I will find out soon.” I mumbled. “So Blue my friends lending you this. He will find you.” I said handing him the guitar case. He opened it, not the one he wanted but it was a Ibanez. “Wow, hes alright with that. Thig guitars like $1900.” He said looking at it, “That’s actually really cheap for a guitar.” I thought out loud. “I know but more than I got.” He admitted. “Just make it worth it.” I told him. “Let me hear photograph.” I said. “Don’t we get to hear one of yours?” Keith asked. I thought about it and I sat down. “Would you guys actually sit down a second.” I said. I picked up the schools guitar. “your actually going to play us something?” Brown said. I nodded, then I started playing and I started singing, not anything that I was going to sing on the day, a song I wrote myself, it basically had all my insecurity’s all over it. They all looked at me opened mouthed. “I knew you were a song writer, but I didn’t realize you wrote like that.” Blue said still blinking at me. Black even had tears in his. “Is black crying?” I asked them all. “I got dust in my eye.” He lied. I weakly smiled “Allergys are bitches right.” I told him with a weak smile. “I told you all im nervous as fuck about 2 day’s time. That’s what I wrote about it.” I admitted. “But that’s so deep, theres so much pain in that.” Blue said. “I have a lot of insecurity’s.” I admitted. “You know if we ever do hit it big and you want a band to sing a song let us know. We will do it.” Blue said, I weakly smiled. “Thanks.” I said. “Now your turn.” I told them, they did they played both songs. They were brilliant. I sung one of my maybes. My phone started ringing at 5.30. I answered it. “Hello?” I said, not sure what Vince was ringing about. “Hey Kenny you ready to go, I don’t know where this house is Pam and Max said to follow you.” Vince said. “Yeah im ready, do you want me to drive you. I’m sure someone will drive you back later?” I asked Vince. “Sounds great.” Vince said. “Where are you?” Vince asked. “At school.” I admitted. “How come normally we cant keep you in school. Now your staying longer.” Vince said. “Pass is that a trick question?” I asked laughing. “Can you pick me up?” Vince asked. “yeah give me 15 miniutes and I will be at yours.” I said. “See you in a miniute Vince.” I said and hung up. “Well got to go.” I said. “your boyfriends the guy who plays 3d chess at lunch?” Brown asked me. “No hes my friend, stop picking on him hes great.” I said. “You can meet my boyfriend at prom. Just make sure you rock prom” I said. I then left, I drove to Vince’s wondering if he was going to be mad I left him a bit in the dark about who I really was. “So what you been up to?” I asked him when he climbed in my car. “Done all my homework, you?” he asked me doing his seatbelt up. “Practiced for my audition in 2 days.” I admitted, I had at least told him about this. “I cant wait to watch.” Vince said. “your actually skipping school?” I asked in disbelief. “To see you sing yeah!” he said I grinned at him and pulled out his drive. “Any chance if we can go pick Laura up?” Vince asked me. Laura lived the complete other direction to Vince and Dylans. “Cant she drive?” I asked him. “Her car wont start, Max said he would drive us both back.” Vince said shrugging. “Yeah sure say its fine, and im on my way.” I told Vince, he text I turned around and drove towards lauras, chatting to Vince like I normally would about things when I asked. “you actually know who my boyfriend is right?” I checked. “Dylan Adams.” He said with a slight wheeze. “Good glad you know.” I said weakly. “your lifes going to change so much.” Vince warned me. “it already has, Vince.” I said truthfully. “It must be so weird dating a celebrity.” Vince wheezed. “I don’t really think about Dylan as a celebrity hes just him.” I admitted. “your lifes never going to be private with him Kenny.” He pointed out. “Yeah I know.” I admitted. “Could you cope with that?” he asked me. “Not being able to go out without making sure you look alright incase a camera snaps a picture of you.” Vince asked me. “Are you saying you dont like my outfit Vince?” I asked. “No it suits you.” He mumbled. “Vince have you ever looked at my clothes before?” I asked him. “What?” he asked confused. “My old clothes, remember when I used to get picked on for them?” I asked him. “you were accused of being a celebrity wannabee.” Vince wheezed. “Did you ever wonder why I didn’t invite you guys home from school?” I asked him. “No because I assumed you hate your stepmom.” Vince said. “well that’s true, I also was afraid how you would all treat me.” I admitted. “Who cares if your rich your still Kenny, and you work hard.” Vince said shrugging I smiled at him, “Can you remember that about Dylan to, hes been working since he was in diapers that’s why he’s so rich.” I pointed out. “I will try, but hes still a celebrity what can we even talk about?” Vince asked. “Vince would you treat me different if I became a celebrity?” I asked worried. “Not unless you acted different no.” Vince said. I pulled up outside Laura’s and beeped. “If I promise to still be me, no matter what and if I do change I give you permission to knock sense into me. could you cope with me being a celebrity and recording music, dating Dylan, being in gossip mags?” I asked him. “Could you cope?” he asked me. “ive coped all my life Vince.” I admitted. I beeped again. “I grew up in the spotlight.” I admitted to Vince. “My Dad and Uncles were famous.” I admitted. “Wow, so you’re a celebritys kid?” Vince asked wheezing. “My dad was Carlos Stone.” I told Vince. “my names Makena Rosebud Gibson Allen Stone.” I told him. “I thought you died on the plane.” Vince said in disbelief. I reached over and hugged him tight. “I might as well have until I met you guys. You guys are my family. I promise im still me, please dont treat me different.” I told him. I beeped again. “I cant promise I wont.” Vince mumbled. I looked at him slightly hurt. Okay very hurt. “But I will try to Kenny.” He wheezed, “That’s all I can ask of you Vince.” I admitted. “Its not because you’re a celebritys kid.” Vince admitted. “Then why?” I asked I couldn’t help it. “Its because I know how hard you’ve worked and how crap your lifes been, I couldn’t stand to see nice things wrote about your stepfamily anymore.” Vince admitted. Tears run down my face. “I can’t ever come forward about it Vince, that would hurt to much being splashed everywhere.” I admitted. “So they’ve really hurt you?” Vince asked me. “Just let it go Vince, I never have to see Jasmine again.” I said. He nodded weakly. “Im still me.” I pointed out tears running down my face. “I know but will we still see each other or will you suddenly be to busy?” Vince asked me. “Sweetie your going Harvard.” I pointed out. “you’ll be so far away but I will always have time for you.” I assured him. “Hey I have never missed a chess tornament, even with my stepmom being a bitch, I have never missed a birthday and I never will. Family is the ones we want in our lives and Vince I want you in mine. Your my family.” I assured him we hugged I was crying and Vince was teared up. “Don’t cry your making me cry.” He mumbled. I beeped the horn again. “Where is Laura?” I asked Vince. Vince text her. “She said shes not ready can we wait 5 more minutes.” Vince said looking at his phone. I sighed. “Fine.” I said. “So does anyone actually know who you are?” he asked me. “Max, Pam, Laura, Dylan and you.” I said. “I think Keith knows but if he does he hasn’t said to anyone that I know of. The media ban on me ends on my 18th. They can print a picture of me if they want to from then.” I admitted. “So your outing yourself and Dylan before they do right?” he checked. “not sure.” I admitted. “Im doing this contest, and going from there.” I admitted. “So go with the flow?” Vince asked me. “Exactly.” I said. “Does that include getting out this car and going to see where the hell Laura is?” Vince said. “Yeah you got a point.” I said, going to unplug my seatbelt. But Vince had beat me to it. “Stay here.” He said and he opened the car door and walked up Lauras drive and knocked. I watched as she came to the door. She looked ready to me. she said something to Vince I couldn’t hear and then disappeared back in. He came back to the car. “Whats up she looked ready?” I asked him confused. “Shes apparently just waiting on an email back from something important and will be a few more seconds.” Vince said. I looked at him, “Are we okay?” I asked him worried. “We are fine your still Kenny.” He shrugged. “But the dating part is still really weird.” He mumbled. “So its not who im dating just the fact I am?” I asked him with a smile. “Yeah.” He admitted. “Your weird.” I told him. “So are you.” He assured me, I laughed. I still was when Laura came and got in the back of my car. “What were you up to?” I asked her. “Just finishing my homework.” She told me. “Is it anything I got to do?” I asked worried I had missed homework. “No subject your not in.” she shrugged. “that’s good.” I said. “Can we stop at the garage I need to buy some spark leads.” Laura said. “Um sure, but please tell me your not the one using them.” I said looking at her in my mirror. “No way dad is going to.” She assured me. I started driving Vince flicking music channels on my radio. “you need to update your car.” Vince told Laura and me. “Hey they’ll do till after college.” Laura told him. “What garage do you want to go to?” I asked Laura, she seemed to think and said one the opposite way to the way I wanted to go. I sighed but turned and went that way. It was 7pm when I looked at the clock, as I sat outside the garage whilst Laura was in there, she seemed to be having a good natter. “If she doesn’t bring the leads I’m going to kill her.” Vince said after another 10 minutes of her stood there chatting. “Is she flirting?” I asked Vince. “Pass if she is shes crap at it.” Vince said, I laughed. Vince found a song on the radio and I started singing along to it, he joined in. We were laughing so much when Laura came over. “Unbelivable, she hasn’t got the leads!” Vince said before Laura reached the car. “Whats the chances she forgot?” I asked him. “OMG KENNY I GOT THAT GUYS NUMBER!” Laura told me as she climbed in the car, I laughed, “Congrats but did you forget the leads?” I asked her. “What leads?” she asked us confused. “The leads we came for?” Vince said in disbelief. “Oh dads getting them.” Laura said shurruging. “Laura.” Vince started a huge wheeze to his voice. “Inhaler.” Laura and I told him together, he did take a puff. “So you got the guys number how old? Name? are you going to go out on a date with him?” I asked. “Xavier 19 yes.” Laura said with a grin. “Is there anywhere else we need to go?” I asked her and Vince. “We should pull in and get some drinks.” Laura said. “im sure Dylan has things to drink, if not water comes from a tap.” I said rolling my eyes. “Fine.” She said after a while, I pulled out the garage and started heading towards Dylans home.

I got delayed at the main gate for 10 miniutes as apparently there was something wrong with Lauras ID. Which was her drivers liecence. But I everntually got through. I arrived back at Dylans at 8.15pm. As I parked up I noticed Maxs car, a few others that I assumed were Dylans friends. So Max was here before me, I hoped Dylan wouldn’t mind. Dylan came out the house, he hugged me hello planting a very gentle kiss on my lips. I didn’t know if I was upset with him for not texting me back. “Hey what took you so long?” he asked me. “Laura.” I said. Dylan looked at Laura she shrugged. “Hey I got a guys number and he said he was going to come look at my car.” Laura said. “I thought your dad was fixing your car?” Vincent wheezed at her. “He is.” Laura said. “Why dont you both go in Max and Pam are in the lounge, I just want to talk to Kenny a miniute.” Dylan said. They did, “Are you okay?” I asked Dylan worried, Dylan kissed me and deepend it, soon we were making out next to my car. “Im sorry I didn’t text you back, you wouldn’t believe how hetic my day got.” Dylan sighed. Once he pulled away. I smiled at him, “That’s okay, im sorry we were late. Im slightly worried you were texting Max back and not me.” I said. “Yeah well I had your stepmom over my shoulder and didn’t want her to see your name on my phone.” He admitted. “ive fixed that problem now though.” He said with a smile. “How so?” I asked. “your now saved under pumpkin.” He told me kissing me again. I laughed. “if you saw my stepmom does that mean you got called into work?” I asked him worried. “Yeah but that’s fine.” He said. “That sucks you’ve worked everyday recently.” I pointed out. “Yeah but it means I got a different day off.” He said with a grin. “Really?” I asked. “Im coming and I will wear sunglasses and a hat.” He laughed. I grinned at him. “I love you.” He told me holding me close to him. He had said it out loud with no I think. He had just said he loved me. “I love you too.” I said looking him in the eyes trying to see the truth behind his words and they were all over his face. Dylan kissed me and I kissed him back his arm wrapping around me, so tight showing me it was all in my head that he didn’t want me anymore. When we broke apart he smiled at me. “Dont be mad at me okay?” he asked me. I looked at him suspiciuous I couldn’t help it. “Why would I be mad at you?” I asked, he took my hand and we walked into his home, he led me throught to the lounge, everyone was sitting there on the playstation, thankgod it wasn’t a surprise party, I was starting to fear, I smiled a Vince trying to beat Milo on the game like Milo was a normal guy, then I noticed someone, she ran up and hugged me and I hugged her so tight. “Stasia.” I said in disbelief how Dylan how. We hugged so tight. I didn’t want to let my baby sister go. “Hi Kenny.” She said holding me so tight. “Hi princess how are you?” I asked her not wanting to let her go. “Okay.” She said hugging me tight, her arms wrapped around me so tight as if she was afraid I would disappear. “How?” I asked everyone, “A hell of a lot of work.” Dylan said. Stasia giggled at that. “It took hours to get rid of Sea.” Stasia told me laughing. “Everyone agree to no pictures on social media till after Kenny’s birthday?” Dylan asked. everyone nodded. I laughed, holding Stasia still in a tight hug. “Ive missed you so much.” She told me. “Ive missed you too.” I said meaning it tears running down my face silently. When Stasia finally let me go, I said hello to everyone. “Hello Milo.” I said with what I hoped was a friendly smile and didn’t show him I was nervous. “Hello Makena its really good to meet you.” He said with a huge smile, we actually hugged hello. “Thank you so much for that song.” He said with a grin. “if you liked that one you’ll love the others.” I assured him with a grin. “I will sign them over as soon as you want.” I told him with a grin. “I just want to hear them played after so long.” I admitted with a grin. “So do I.” Stasia said with a grin. “I want to hear Kenny sing.” Stasia said with a grin. “Can she come?” I asked Dylan with a huge grin. “I’m not sure, I’m going to try.” Dylan admitted with a huge smile. “But its not a promise.” Dylan admitted I grinned, “But she could hear you play today?” Milo suggested, I smiled but said. “Arent you on the judge board now?” I asked him. “No.” he said seriously. “Then I will think about it.” I told him smiling, He grinned. “im presenting.” He said with a wink. “Oh.” I said. “You know youd be disquilifed, well you just need to go with the flow alright.” He told me with a grin. “Um?” I asked worried. “Ive heard you, on one of your recordings in the music room.” He admitted. “They’ll all turn.” He told me with a grin. I wasn’t sure, Stasia held my hand tight. “I can’t wait to see you perform again Cheese.” Milo said with a grin. “Will you do me the honour of writing a song with me after your 18th?” he asked me. I nodded. “Dinners ready, we need to eat it quickly before Stasia gets picked up.” Dylan admitted. I looked at him and smiled. I went into the dinning room with everyone, Tacos were everywhere, as were bowls of Mac and cheese, my own version of a birthday that I used to have as a kid. I grinned I couldn’t help it. Been so long since I had a birthday like I used to. Although last year I had gone to see Pedro and he had cooked me it. I grinned, “Thankyou.” I said to Dylan as he wrapped his arm around me. I kissed him gently. “eww.” Stasia said. I giggled Dylan ruffed her hair. “Would you belive that’s a line she says in the movie when I kiss my co-star.” Dylan said. I laughed, “im actually concered about this movie some of the lines are very interesting.” I told him laughing. Everyone pilled plates high, with Tacos churros Mac and cheese. We then all went back into the lounge to eat it, it was great. We all laughed and joked. I caught up with my little sister. Then Dylan turned the light of, I looked at him not sure what was going on but he brought a birthday cake out. Everyone sung happy birthday to me. Even though it was early. I couldn’t believe it. I laughed so much at the birthday cake. It was a huge pair of underwear with teddys and guitars drums and keyboards on, Laura recorded it on her phone. I blew out the candles. A few of them took pictures but I didn’t even care. No one was going to publish the pictures until Monday at least, and I didn’t think anyone here would put on a picture to embaress me. “Who wants cake?” Dylan asked. “um Dylan that’s not how we do birthday cake.” Stasia told him giggling, I still did the tradition with her, I always have I would sneak a cake up to her on her birthday and we would do it together, and I had done it with all my friends my last birthday. Milo laughed. “You do it how Nike does it right?” Hunter asked us. We giggled and I nodded. “I will go find something to tie up hands.” Tyrone said. “Um this sounds interesting.” Dylan laughed. “Try a guest room the dressing gowns all have belts that come off.” Dylan told him. Tyrone went off. “Do we cut it?” Dylan asked interested. “Yes.” Max laughed. “We did it with Kenny last year.” Vince laughed. “its messy.” I admitted to Dylan. He laughed, he took the cake back into the kitchen, I went with him. When we got in the klitchen Helene was in there, I smiled at her. “Thankyou so much.” I told both of them Tears in my eyes. Dylan hugged me tight. “your welcome Kenny.” He said kissing my head. “im sorry I told Laura to keep you distracted. Although she did for longer than I planed.” He admitted. “i think she got carried away with flirting.” I admitted. He laughed. “Thankyou so much Helene, this must have taken you all day. The cakes amazing.” I told her with a grin. I gave her a very nervous hug thankyou. She grinned at me actually grinned. “No problem, Dylan helped a lot with the cake.” She said. I looked at Dylan. “I told you I had a very busy day.” Dylan told me kissing my head again. “Now what are we doing with this cake?” he asked me. I grinned, I pulled my phone out and took a picture. He grinned at me, “you know I put a photo ban on until after your birthday?” he asked me. I grinned, “that’s of you and Stasia, that’s not of anything else.” He said with a grin. I laughed. “You cant tease the media like that.” Helene told him. “Can I see your phone?” I asked him, “How many birthdays have you not celebrated?” Helene asked me. “my tutor always tried until he was fired.” I admitted. She smiled. “but a few.” I admitted. “Well you need to blow out the candles for every birthday you’ve missed.” Dylan laughed. Lighting the candles. He took a picture with them light. I blew them out laughing. Then I used his phone I uploaded the picture on his twitter with the caption, ‘I am so impressed with my first attempt at making a birthday cake. What do you guys think? (I had a lot of help)’ “I thought we had a photo ban?” Hunter said coming in the kitchen holding his phone. “We got the ties and you haven’t even cut the cake yet.” He laughed. Helene cut the cake. A lot was left and I told her to come in for this. I put all the cakes on the table. “Whos first?” I asked everyone. “You.” Max laughed, I giggled letting Dylan tie my hands behind my back. Then attempted to eat a slice of my birthday cake. A few pictures snapped, Then once I was finished everyone took turns trying to eat there slice, a lot of pictures of messy people. I took a lot of pictures as well. I laughed a few tweeted pictures of them eating the cakes on the twitter account. Not my friends as they said that would lead people to me really. Stasia promised me she wouldn’t tell Jasmine or Sea it was my party until after my birthday at least. We were still laughing when Dylans gate buzzer went off. Stasia looked sad. “That’s my ride and I haven’t even given you the present I brought you.” She said sadly. “You shouldn’t of got me anything.” I said to her meaning it. “Having you here, seeing you is the best present ever.” I told her hugging her meaning it. Dylan smiled. “We can make them wait a few more miniutes.” He told us laughing. Stasia took my hand and pulled me. “Its not what I wanted to get you, Mom would of noticed if I got you what I wanted to as its so much money, she would of noticed straight away. But I wanted to get you the guitar of your dreams.” Stasia said when we got in the room. “So dont be mad at me.” she told me “Stasia I could never be mad at you.” I assured her. “But you will be when you see what Dylan and I got you together.” She admitted, “Espically when he told me you wouldn’t let him buy you it, so I said you would if I went in on it.” She admitted. “No I will be mad at Dylan not you, as I never told you what I wanted.” I told her, fuzzing her hair. She handed me a little wrapped box. “This is what I got you.” She said nervously. “I got it knowing you were leaving on your birthday and I wanted you to have something to remember me.” she admitted. “I don’t need anything to remember you, your my little sister.” I told her hugging her. She looked like she was crying. “I brought it work today to give to Dylan to sneak to you, when I got the call last miniute to say I was needed at the studio.” She admitted nervously. I opened it inside was a charm braclet. There was a guitar charm, keybored, drums, music symbol, and then there was a picture of me and her when she was a baby. I was holding her, then there was a picture of daddy, then there was a picture of my mom. I froze tears leaking how had she found a picture of my mom. Then I saw it a picture of me and her that she had taken about a year ago, she had moaned she didn’t have any pictures with me. so we had snapped one on her cell, one morning before Jasmine and Sea were up. “Do you like it?” she asked me worried. “Stasia.” I said tears running down my face as I hugged her tight. “I love you.” I told her meaning it so much. “How?” I asked her. “I have a bankcard duh.” She laughed hugging me tight. “I wanted to give it you before you left.” She admitted. “I dont need it to remember you I will always love you. But I will never take it off if I can help it.” I assured her. She did it up. “Guys I cant keep them out much longer.” Dylan admitted, opening the door. “I wont tell mommy or Sea.” Stasia said hugging me tight. “Go do what you want Kenny, im proud of you.” Stasia told me with a smile. “Im proud of you too.” I said tears falling down my face. “Can I borrow your friend Laura?” Stasia said with a grin. “um why?” I asked. “Because shes blonde.” Stasia said with a grin. I looked at her confused. “Please?” she asked. “Okay.” I said confused, “Stay in here.” Dylan told me laughing. I did, I heard the door knock about 5 minutes later. I looked at the charm bracelet where the hell had Stasia got hold of a picture of my mom, were all the pictures not gone? About 40 minutes later Dylan came in the room and hugged me tight. “She gone?” I asked tears running down my face still. “Yeah Jasmine picked her up.” He admitted. “Laura took her out.” He admitted with a grin, “thanking her for coming and introducing herself to Jasmine, I don’t think she was impressed with her as she asked Laura what she does and Laura said she works at a smoothie shop, then she asked if Laura was going to go into acting and Laura said hell no she was going college to study to be a lawyer.” Dylan laughed. “But Stasia hugged her tight and told me she would see me at work tomorrow and thanks for inviting her to us both.” “So Jasmine thinks Laura’s your girlfriend?” I asked. “Possibly may have been your sister’s plan as she asked Laura when she could see her next.” Dylan said. “I said maybe after work one day the 3 of us could hang out again and do something.” Dylan admitted. I grinned at him. “So Laura’s doing really well with guys today.” I told him laughing. He laughed, “She said the same when we came back in.” Dylan laughed. “You ready to come back into the living room?” he asked me with a grin. “Yeah.” I told him taking his hand, he looked at my bracelet and grinned. “That what Stasia got you?” he asked me. I nodded. He took hold of it, he looked at it and smiled. “Are you okay with the charms I got you?” he asked me worried. I looked at it. “You got me some charms she didn’t say?” I said but he held me in his arm. “your mom and dad.” He admitted nervous. I nodded tears welling in my eyes. “Stasia had the pictures of you and her and it gave me the idea.” He admitted. “thankyou Dylan it means a hell of a lot.” I told him. he kissed me it wasn’t passion it wasn’t lust, what I felt then we gentle and meaningful it was pure love. “I love you.” I said meaning it so much. He held me tighter. “I love you too.” He said and gently kissed my head. “Now any other birthday traditions, Helene said you needed a piñata so we got that next.” He laughed. I grinned at him. “I take it spagitti bath and matress surfing is a no?” I asked him. “mattress surfing is a no.” he laughed. “Then nope no more traditions, except one.” I admitted. “Whats that.” He asked. “that I will need Milo and the band for.” I admitted but I grinned. “is it dangerous?” he asked. “No.” I laughed. “Will it damage the house?” he asked interested as we walked back to the lounge. “Hmm I’m not sure.” I laughed. We went into the lounge everyone was back to playing on the PlayStation, Vince and Max were teamed up against Tyrone and Owen, Zach was paired up with Milo and they were both respawning but with the results they were losing. “Thank you.” I said meaning it. Dylan took a picture. “Laura do us a favor.” Dylan said with a grin. “Turn around so can’t see your face.” He laughed. Laura did, “Kenny get in the picture too.” He said with a grin. “But make sure I can’t see your face either.” Dylan laughed. “Actually everyone turn so can’t see faces.” Dylan laughed. I slotted on the floor next to Pam, she wrapped her arm around my back and I put my head on her shoulder. Laura sat next to Owen. We all ignored Dylan, until everyones phone binged. Milo laughed looking at it. “your going to drive your fans nuts.” Milo laughed at Dylan. I looked at it. “You know it would be interesting if you made a twitter, but keep it private and dont friend any of us till Monday, just have your friends.” Milo told me laughing. I thought about it. “Okay I will set one up.” I told him. “Hey guys my names gone?” I said looking at them for help. “Pass it here.” Vince laughed. I handed it over to him. “Making you a facebook too, ive been telling you for years how it would be good if you had one.” Vince said. I looked at everyone for help but they all laughed so I shrugged. “Alright there both private and friends only can see you. Keep it that way until Monday.” Vince told me. I nodded. “Youll have to add us.” Max said, I added him Pam, Laura, Vince, work, and then Keith. “I cant belive you’ve sent Keith an invite. Your using your real name.” Max said in disbelief “I think he knows.” I admitted shrugging, “he didn’t tell the others but I think he did the moment you said my name.” I told Pam. Hey hes accepted, I laughed. “hes typing.” I said not sure what to say.

Keith – finally got Facebook?

Makenny – yeah and twitter but there private, as in secret.

Keith – as is who you really are I take it?

Makenny – only until my birthday alright?

Keith – alright but wow Kenny. Your Cheese from Mac and Cheese!

Makenny – yeah I know its weird, but im still the person you’ve worked with for 2 years

Keith – yeah I know that, your still a crazy idiot

Makenny – thanks I think

Keith – So this means I can message you to find us rather than have to search the school to get you to come practice room.

Makenny – yep.

Makenny – talk later.

I looked around the room, “if its private they won’t know we have you as a friend so add us to.” Tyrone said laughing. So I followed them on twitter and Facebook and added all of Dylans friends he told me to follow and add. He went on his own and messaged a few to accept my add to their Facebooks and suddenly I had 20 friends on Facebook and Twitter. “You need a profile picture.” Dylan told me kissing me. “Use the picture of you and Stasia you took.” He said. I looked at him and shook my head, instead I used the picture of the cake. He and everyone laughed. “Suppose still no picture of you if anyone got hold of it.” Max laughed. “Although we all got pictures of you on ours.” Pam admitted. I shrugged. “I don’t mind my picture being out, I just don’t want my stepmom to get wind of what I’m up to, although what can she do in one day?” I admitted. “Alright piñata time.” Dylan laughed. We all took time laughing, loads of pictures taken. It was 11pm before we had even finished the piñata, Helene went home straight after Stasia had with just poping in to say goodnight, and she would see me and Dylan in 3 days and to try stay out of trouble and not trash the house to much until then. Dylans house did actually look such a mess. “We should get going, we got school in the morning and I dont think they would appreciate if we skip 2 days.” Max said standing up. “Are you coming tomorrow or calling in sick and spending the day practicing?” Max asked me, I looked at Dylan. “Calling in sick and spending the day practicing and song writing.” Milo said with a grin. “What Milo said.” I laughed. “See you at the mall Friday morning.” Laura said hugging me. “Hold on theres one more thing I used to do on my birthday.” I said nervously. “Whats that?” Max asked he yawned. I handed Milo a piece of paper he grinned. “Really?” he asked me. I nodded, he showed it to the guys. “We know it.” Milo admitted with a grin. “What is it?” Dylan asked interested. “cumplenos feliz.” I admitted. “So sing happy birthday.” Dylan laughed. “Yeah but it has a twist.” I said with a grin. We all went through to my music room. “Wow.” Max said looking around. “Oh we never gave you, your present today.” Laura moaned. “We still got time to give her the one from everyone.” Dylan grinned. “This was your sisters idea, not mine. Dont be mad.” Dylan said. “She said same thing.” I mumbled, Hunter and Owen who were next to me laughed. Dylan grinned. “We all put some money towards it, so its from everyone. So you cant just be mad at Dylan. In fact Max is the one who went and brought it.” Pam told me laughing. “You guys have already spoilt me rotten today and its not even my birthday yet.” I said seriously. “Yeah but your birthdays going to be hectic.” Laura pointed out. Max went behind the couch. “I needed to get you a different birthday present and sold yours.” He admitted. I looked at him confused. “Why?” I asked. “Because some of your present wasn’t needed anymore.” Max shrugged. “What had you got her?” Vince asked interested. “concert tickets to see Miles off, but way back in the stands and Hunters given us all better tickets.” Max said laughing, “But there still from me alright.” Max laughed. I didn’t know what to say. Max lifted a guitar case out from behind the couch, it looked exactly like dads old one, except not beat up and with only a few stickers all looking brand new. “It took a lot to look up what concerts your dad took you to around the world and get stickers from those concerts, without asking Nike.” Tyrone admitted with a grin. I looked at the case amazed, it was covered in Mac and Cheese stickers from some of their concerts. “You guys.” I started. “Wait don’t react yet.” Dylan said wrapping his arm around my back and leading me over to the case, I admit my hands were shaking, I wanted to cry the case alone meant a lot. I opened it carefully, before I even looked at the guitar the inside of the case caught my attention. “Omg.” I said in disbelief. “How?” I asked them. “They are the pictures on Nikes desk, it was more difficult to pinch them than you realize.” Milo told me with a grin. Inside the case was a huge picture blown up of Dad, Nike, Grey, Fern and me I was about 6 in the picture. Around it were other pictures of me with the guys and also picture of me with my friends over the years and a few of me and Dylan, a few of me and Stasia that they must have got from her. Tears run down my face, there were even pictures of dad with mom and me as a little baby. “Thank you.” I said amazed. “Has she even looked at the guitar yet?” Laura laughed. “Nope.” Milo said laughing. I looked at the guitar and there was the guitar I had wanted to buy a pink Gibson Memphis 2016. “You really all shouldn’t have.” I said tears running down my face. “Stasia put the most money forward, as much as she could.” Dylan admitted. “We all brought it together that’s from everyone.” Pam said with a grin. “We all put different amounts in but im sure you dont care about that.” Laura said winking. “You’ve also got your little presents to open on Friday from us.” Pam told me with a grin. “Guys.” I said tears running down my face, I didn’t know what to say. I just wanted to hug them. “Just give us a hug.” Pam said wrapping her arms around me. I did I hugged them all even all the band. As they had apparently put money towards it. Milo even said, the song I had given him was worth this on its own. I laughed, “You need to practice with it all day tomorrow.” Max told me. “Today.” Vince said looking at his watch. I laughed. I hugged them all. “Hold your guitar Kenny.” Pam told me laughing. I took hold of it, I held it as if it was the most precious thing to me in the world. Then I strated tuning it. Everyone laughed. “Hey this doesn’t need tuning much.” I admitted. “no I already did it.” Milo laughed. “Have you got a pen suitable to write on it?” I asked Milo. He looked at me with a smile. “Yeah I got one, give me a miniute.” He said with a smile, going out the room. “Your going to sign it?” Hunter laughed. “No everyone is.” I said with a grin. “I will get Stasia to when I can see her next.” I said meaning it. I looked in the case, there was a a few pockets, inside the pocket was a picture of me with Pam and Laura at the mall. A picture of me and Vince at one of his chess matches last year, a picture of me and Max on a school trip freshmen year, then there was the picture of me and Dylan, then the picture of me holding Stasia as a newborn and the one recently, then a picture of me with Dad and mom, the same picture he had in his case. “Where?” I asked. “Amazing what you can find on the internet.” Laura told me with a grin. “I had to wait agers for your old tutor to email me back with that picture.” She said as I got to a picture of me with him and Graham, I was crying again. Then there was a newer picture of him with me I was about 14 and we were at the youth club, “He sent me quite a few pictures after I proved I really knew you and why I wanted it. He wants to see you if you’re willing.” I nodded tears running down my face. Dylan wrapped his arm around me again. There was even an updated picture of Nike, with Miles off. “Thank you all of you.” I said, tears running down my face. Miles came back in holding the pen. I had found the guitar picks, they had them engraved, some said. ‘Makena.’ Some said ‘Cheese’ some said ‘Mac’ some said ‘Family.’ Some said ‘promise.’ Some ‘Cinderella.’ I laughed looking at about 100 picks. “You said you couldn’t have enough and Milo agreed.” Dylan laughed. “You sign it first.” Dylan told me with a grin. “My whole name or Kenny?” I asked. “Whatever one you want to Kenny.” Max told me. I looked at it and grinned. ‘MaKenny’ I signed it. I handed the pen to Dylan, “you sure?” he asked me. “Family tradition if someone else brought you an instrument for your birthday they signed it too.” I said seriously. Dylan chuckled, “you made that one up.” He told me. “Nope I didn’t.” I said bringing an image up of one of dads old guitars on my phone. “see.” I told him. “I’ll leave a space for Stasia as she should be first under you.” He told me. He then signed his name ‘Dylan Adams.’ He handed me the pen back, I handed it Max. “Everyone signs.” I said looking at them all. So everyone did, including Miles and the band. “You know that guitars now worth an instant $5000 more than we brought it for.” Hunter laughed. “More.” Miles laughed. “its priceless guys.” I laughed. then I started strumming getting used to the feel of it. “You ready for the song so we can go home to bed?” Vince wheezed. I laughed and started. The band joined in going to their insuttements they normally played. “Everyone alright if this is recorded?” Max asked we all nodded. “Just not online until after Kenny performs or Nike will kill us for not bringing him along.” Milo told him. I laughed. Owen shouted us in. 5 3 2 6 18.” He yelled. I laughed. But then we played Happy birthday in English and Spanish, I didn’t sing just played the guitar the way dad used to for the song. When we finished everyone was clapping. “There so much more vocal than a teddy bear audience.” I laughed.

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