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Chapter 16 - Makena

I woke up in my bed at Dylan’s with a huge smile on my face. After we played the song last night everyone had decided screw it they would sleep here, So I had Pam and Laura in bed with me. like we would their houses, We had all called in sick to school, for today and tomorrow. I laughed. They had rung there parents saying the truth. Max’s parents hadn’t been impressed but like he said whats two days off sick when hes never missed a day before except college days. Vince’s parents were so concerned he wasn’t going school they wanted to know why he wouldn’t tell them what hospital he was at. We all sat there in amazement with his mother on loudspeaker, Vince trying his hardest not to laugh. After that was all done, Dylan had made everyone pancakes for breakifast. We all laughed and messed about. I agreed to Hunter and Tyrone coming on stage with me in disguises. Agreeing to what they were wearing as disguises it was all so funny and helping me get over the nerves.

Dylan kissed me on the head telling us to tidy and not trash his house more whilst he was at work. Milo showed me Dylan’s twitter which had a picture of the state of the lounge and Kitchen and music room and one of the bathrooms I needed to go have a look at as had spagitti in the bath. with the caption ‘Have Rock stars for a party they say. It will be fun they say.’ I laughed so much. Especially at the picture of the huge blow up dolphin and donut in the pool.

“Did anyone even go in the swimming pool?” I asked. “Not whilst you were here.” Tyrone laughed. “Who did the spagitti bath?” I asked. “Dylan made it for you but we got distracted.” Milo laughed. “Do you guys know it’s a hard knock life?” I asked them. “Oh that’s just mean.” Owen laughed. “We should do it.” Milo laughed. “I will record it.” I said laughing. “No you need to be in it, we will put it up tomorrow after the audition.” Milo laughed. I laughed more and nodded, “I will record it.” Vince laughed. “Why don’t we ask Frank he will be here in a miniute.” Milo laughed looking at the schedule. “this yours?” he asked me indicating my own work schedule. “Yeah.” I admitted. “you work to hard for an 18 year old. Oh wait 17 year old.” He laughed. Frank arrived 20 miniutes later. “Frank can you record something for us?” Milo asked him. he looked around open eyed at the state of the kitchen. We all laughed. “Start in the lounge.” Milo said laughing. “We will put the music in, in the studio after the house is tidy.” Hunter laughed. So we did that, We sung a bit. We tidyed the lounge. We turned orphanage into rock star, and adapted a bit. We all recorded different bits. The house was tidy by the time we finished messing about I even played in the spaghetti bath, not with the camera although Pam did take a few pictures and we did upload them to my own Facebook of the two of us laughing in it with Laura as well. Owen took all the cameras to the music studio with a huge grin on his face. “Give me an hour.” He told us. We all laughed. Milo took a picture of the tidy kitchen telling me to turn my back to the camera. I did just that. He uploaded the picture to twitter with the caption. ‘Invited to a party forced to tidy.’ With other pictures of the band tidying different rooms. One of Zach in a maids uniform that no one could even work out where he had got it from as Helene doesn’t wear a uniform and nor does Frank. At 11am Dylan commeneted on the picture. ‘I was expecting a video of hard knock life with this. XD.’ Milo replied. ‘recorded its in editing will be up tomorrow evening XD.’ ‘I was joking Milo!’ Dylan replied. ‘We aren’t its in editing.’ Hunter commented. I was in fits of giggles so were the girls. At 12 I got a message on my facebook that I hadn’t realized because I didn’t know the sound. “That’s your facebook.” Max laughed at me. I looked at it.

Keith – aren’t you at school?

Makenny – no im at my boyfriends, practicing.

Keith – dont you mean tidying the house or is the twitter thing not happening right now?

Makenny – you know that’s me?

Keith – Kenny you only have 17 friends on here, on that Milo, Hunter, Owen, Zach and Tyrone.

Makenny – yeah?

Keith – and Dylan, your also the only girl I know with blonde and pink hair, also I know you were in Santa Barbra that day because Tom moaned about it.

Makenny – Tom is which one?

Keith – Lol are you even really auditioning?

Makenny – yeah but I’m going to be disqualified but I haven’t talked to my uncle since I was 9 and begged him not to leave me.

Keith – you haven’t?

Makenny – No I haven’t Keith my stepmom wouldn’t let me. But go for your own talents tomorrow.

Keith – still can’t decide the song, would it hurt you if we did the Mac and Cheese song?

Makenny – no it wouldn’t, but dont tell them who I am. But you can watch my audition.

Keith – looking forward to it.

Keith – Keith sent a picture,

I looked at the picture of Blue holding the guitar Milo had lent him. I showed Milo. “Hes holding it too tight.” Milo said.

Makenny – don’t freak out but Milo says Blues holding his guitar to tight and he looks forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Keith – Fuck Kenny

Makenny – tell him I said relax

Keith – he said to tell you to get off the phone let me practice and you practice yourself.

Makenny – Good luck all of you, I do got to go. Owens apparently ready with are hard knock life music video to put up tomorrow.

Keith – why not today?

Makenny – same reason my accounts private and secret until tomorrow, media ban on me until im 18.

Keith – that’s a real thing?

Makenny – yep and I dont want to get sued by my own stepmom, everything ends tomorrow.

Keith – so your coming out tomorrow?

Makenny – in style.

Keith – Keith sent me two pictures of me at work.

Makenny – those pictures never get seen!

Keith - lol

Makenny – I mean it lol

Makenny –I look forward to writing a song with you guys when your made it, but you need to do your hardest tomorrow. You dont want to get famous on someone elses fame, I will always be daddys little girl but I am a song writer in my own rights but I will always have people saying its because of dad. That’s what tomorrow is about for me, me knowing im good myself not just daddys fame.

Keith – alright I get it, I think.

Makenny – good luck see you tomorrow mums the word.

Keith – mums the word good luck.

Makenny – dont freak out to much tomorrow.

Milo was reading my messages over my shoulder. “Those pictures should be deleted from existence.” He told me laughing. “I know right.” I laughed. “You are taleneted you know that right?” he asked me. “You just think I am cos your nice.” I told him, “Want another song to practice?” I asked him with a grin. “I want to write one.” He said seriously. “Alright go write.” I told him laughing. He handed me a piece of paper. I handed it back to him, “That’s where your going wrong.” I told him with a grin. “What?” he said. “you need a special book and pen to write with.” I told him. “Be right back.” I told him and run up to my room. I came back down to them in the music room. “Kenny we are going to pop home for a few hours. Wish we could all stay but we got to get our cars and clothes for tomorrow.” Pam told me hugging me. “Alright, your parents aren’t mad or anything?” I checked. “No.” Pam assured me. “Meet us at the mall in the morning.” She told me. “will do.” I assured her. “No meet at my house before my sister goes school.” Laura said serious. “Why?” I asked. “Your hair Kenny.” She said. “Shes right you need your pink roots touched up.” Zach said. we all looked at him, “I meant to have it put up.” Laura told him with a grin though. “Alright I will be there.” I assured her giving her a quick hug goodbye. They went then. Frank seeing them out. I handed Milo my first notebook I held 10 in my hands. “Wow.” He said. I handed the guys one each to read though nervous. “Fuck.” Tyrone said. I didn’t know who had which notebook. I stood there silent. “Some are mine some dads. Some I wrote as a little kid some are recent, I don’t know which one I gave which of you.” I admitted. “You need 3 songs right?” I asked them. “We only need 1 more after not good for you and superhero.” Milo told me, looking through my songs looking amazed. There was only about 10 songs per notepad a lot of scribbles first drafts then after the draft I was happy with. “So choose one anyone.” I said seriously. “And youll sing it with us?” Milo said. “If you really want me to.” I said nervous. “I think if she doesn’t hard knock life needs to go on.” Owen said I laughed. They all swapped notepads. Looking amazed. “I like this one, Tyrone said holding up one of my own. “I can see it as a tribute to your dads band, and have it released on the day.” He said. I swallowed. “Sorry.” He said. “No that’s fine, that’s what it was. I wrote it last year on the day.” I admitted. “This is just strange you guys reading them.” I admitted. “Dylan read this one?” Hunter asked me. I went wide eyed, “That isn’t finished.” I said going to grab that notebook back. He laughed. “Its brilliant, bit mushy but then you both are.” He laughed. “Can we adapt this one slightly?” Milo said looking at it. I nodded. “Can adapt them all if you think they need it.” I said serious. “Oh no we will go though this again but this albums done in my head now.” Milo said looking at the song I wrote last year. He handed me back all my notebooks. “When Dylans song is finished that songs going to be amazing. But why the hell do you call him fairy?” he asked me. “He walked into you?” Owen said reading it. “Im short.” I shrugged, he laughed. We sat there with the instruments and notepad scribbling changes scribbling them out. Scribbling more. By 5pm when Dylan popped in after arriving home we had a huge pile of snowballs and were having the odd snowball fight. But we finally not only had a song. But I was amazed by it, the band and I practiced it a while. “Pizza?” Dylan asked us coming in the room. “Yeah, please.” Max said. “Guys I brought you a disguise.” He said to Hunter and Tyrone chucking them fake beards mustaches and sunglasses. “Cool.” Tyrone said with a grin. “Have you even decided what song you’re doing?” Tyrone asked me. “Nope.” I admitted. “Play all of them and we will decide for you.” Milo told me. I nodded, taking a deep breath. “Alright all of you sit on the couch.” I said. “Get popcorn Dylan.” Owen said. I rolled my eyes. I looked at the guys and put my 6 songs in front of them. “Play Stronger first.” Milo said. I did, they all were sat there amazed when I finished. “That’s the one.” Owen said. I laughed. “Play invincible.” Milo said looking at the song chooses. I nodded and did it. “Wow.” Zach said when I finished I drunk a glass of water. “That’s the one.” Zach said. I laughed. “you guys going to say it bout all of them?” I asked. “Try who knew.” Milo said looking at the songs. I did. When I finished they were all staring at me. “Fucking hell how you going to decide your brilliant.” Milo said. I laughed nervously. I did f**kin perfect, next. “To much swearing in front of your uncle.” Milo told me, I laughed. “good meaning behind it but I dont think he would like to hear you swear that much he still sees you as a little kid.” Milo said. “Are you recording this?” I asked as Owen was messing about with the computer in the room. “Yeah, helps you decide, also if you dont sing this one. Someones still got to hear it.” He told me I laughed. “Skyscraper.” Milo told me. I did. They all stared at me. “Last one.” Milo said. I sung I am invincible. They all were starting at me. “That’s the one.” Hunter told me. “I agree.” Owen said. “I’m more invincible.” Zach said. “I think it doesn’t matter you should do ip dip blue.” Dylan told me. I laughed. “because that how we decide.” Milo said looking at him shaking his head. I laughed. “Actully that’s how we decide.” Tyrone told me winking. I laughed more, when Milo started doing it, I couldn’t stop. “Your doing im invincible.” He told me when he stoped. I laughed so much more. “Pick a song from a hat.” Dylan said laughing. “Nope im invincible won ip dip fair and square.” I said laughing. “Pizzas here.” Dylan said as the buzzer went. He went to the door, Hunter went with him. “Make sure you have something soft for your voice tonight.” Milo told me seriously. “I will.” I told him. “He doesn’t know right?” I checked. “if we get fired we are blaming you.” Tyrone told me with a grin. “You really thought this through?” Owen asked me. “Nope.” I admitted. He laughed. “Well heres hoping it goes well tomorrow.” Zach told me. “Are you guys all coming” I asked. “Dylan didn’t bring us costumes, but yep.” Zach said. I laughed more. “Dinner!” Dylan yelled. We all went through to the lounge. “Wow you guys really tidyed.” Dylan said laughing. “You all know I was joking right?” he said. “We are being serious about hard knock life.” Owen told him. I laughed, we all ate the pizza and drunk and chatted at 7pm the band all went home. Except Hunter and Tyrone as we were going to practice a few more times. We did just that. At 10pm they went as well. Dylan and I went upstairs. “Dylan.” I said seriously outside my bedroom door. “Yes?” Dylan said. “Thankyou.” I said meaning it. “You dont need to thank me Kenny. I love you.” Dylan said kissing me on my head. “I love you too.” I said meaning it so much. “Want to come my bed tonight.” Dylan asked worried. “Yeah but remember I got to be at Lauras for 7am.” I said seriously. “Yuck so 5am breakifast in bed.” He said. I laughed. “going to have breakifast at the mall.” I told him kissing him. “I will let you sleep in if you want?” I said. “No that’s fine, I want to be the first person to wish you happy birthday.” He said. We did go to his bed, I didn’t even bother getting anything to sleep in.

I woke to the alarm tangled in Dylan’s arms at 5.30am. “Happy birthday feliz cumpleanos.” Dylan said kissing me. I kissed him back. “Want to have a shower together.” I said kissing him. “Sounds good.” He said, we did just that. When I came out I put on the little black dress deciding if I couldn’t find an outfit today this would do. Dylan looked at me, putting my hair in a ponytail. “Laura’s sister will do it or she will, or I will have it done at the mall.” I told him kissing him. Dylan smiled still sat in a towel. He went in his draw. I looked at him confused. He pulled out a little wrapped box. “I get to give you the first present of the day.” He said seriously. “What do you call that in the shower.” I said deadly serious. He laughed but I went and sat next to him. I opened the little box. Inside was a necklace, it had a guitar and a locket on a white gold chain. I looked at Dylan and kissed him. “I love it.” I told him. “Look inside.” He told me. I opened it. Inside was a picture of mom and dad and Stasia. “They are always with you.” He told me kissing me on the head. “Wear it for luck.” He told me. “Thankyou Dylan.” I said hugging him. I looked at my phone and said. “Can I print this off?” he looked at me. “Why?” Dylan asked. “Because I want you with me on the stage to fairy.” I told him meaning it. We kissed for a long time. Dylan sent it to the printer then he started getting dressed. He was careful not to leave a love bite on me. “You can’t have one on stage.” He told me. I texted Laura to say I was on my way whilst Dylan cut the little picture out. “I will be there as long as nothing stops me, alright?” he checked. I nodded. “I love you.” He said seriously. “I love you too.” We went downstairs then I went to leave. “The gag on you ends today Kenny.” Dylan said seriously. “But you’re the one keeping yourself silent.” He said. “After my audition, straight after I don’t mind how but I’m ready.” I told him. “Happy 18th birthday Kenny.” Dylan said kissing my head. I drove to Laura’s, going through the gate without a problem. When I got to Laura’s I parked in her drive and went and knocked. Her mom answered the door. “What’s this I hear about you all skiving school?” Her mom demanded. “I have an audition.” I said nervous. “Why did you skip school yesterday?” she asked me. “My stepmom kicked me out.” I said. “You’re not 18 yet.” She said looking at me like I was breaking her heart. “I’m 18 today.” I said. “Oh sweetheart happy birthday.” She said, I think her mom knew I was wary of her I always had been, yet Laura’s dad I could talk to without any fear. “Come in Kenny.” Laura said still in her pjs, I gave her mom a nervous look. “I suppose your all honor roll students and it’s a good thing you all have a vomiting bug yesterday and have to be off another day isn’t it.” She said. I nodded. She sighed and moved so I could slip in. “Kenny sit.” Laura’s sister said pointing at a stall she was dressed ready. Had makeup ready and hair straighteners and curlers. I went and sat. “I need something that I can play a guitar without it getting to much in my way. “Leaving most down but ends up. Pink bit left alone, no curled.” She said with a grin. I let her play with my hair. Hey for 16 she knew what she was doing. When she was done she started on my makeup. “What are you wearing?” she asked. “Don’t know yet.” I admitted. “Mom can I be sick today?” She asked her mom. Laura and I laughed. “Please mom.” Laura said. “It’s my 18th birthday?” I tried. She looked at us all like we were pressuring her. “Fine this once.” She said. “Yes.” Laura and her sister said together. I laughed. Her mom rung Laura’s little sister in sick, then re rung Laura in and me in at the same time. Then when Laura’s sister was happy we went to the mall to meet Pam. It was only 7.30am when we got to the mall. Pam was waiting for us. We hit the smoothie bar and brought smoothies to start the day also we had fruit salad with yoghurt for breakfast. We took the selfie and I uploaded it to my Facebook as my profile picture ‘Mall with the best friends and family a girl could ask for.’ I then uploaded all the pictures of my party the other day, the pictures were out there now, including pictures of me and Dylan together. We went into two shops before I saw the dress I wanted. It was black like the one I had on and down to my knees. But had a bright pink belt and was of the shoulders but didn’t show anything as I didn’t want to sexualize myself as I didn’t want to be seen that way. “I love it.” Pam said as I turned in it. In the changing room. My phone binged as I was paying.

Keith – good luck and happy birthday

Makenny – good luck to you guys are you there?

Keith – just got here, not going to sing the Mac and Cheese song.

Makenny – he in bad mood?

Keith – sounded it the last band they commented on. But they were rubbish he hasn’t turned for anyone yet today apparently.

Makenny – Good luck you guys are brilliant. I will be there in bout 40 minutes just finished at the mall. Got my dress. Going to get dressed then will make my way.

Keith – so you’ll be here to watch us?

Makenny – yep.

Keith – good you can tell Blue to stop stressing

Makenny – see you call him blue to.

Keith – only did that so you knew which one I was talking about.

Makenny - Tom Harry and Tyler. Don’t know which ones which but I will learn :P

Keith – going to send them invites when you’re all on stage. So they can’t add me till after you perform. Do you have them on here?

Keith – sent link

Keith – sent link

Keith – sent link

Makenny – thankyou

Makenny – has Milo talked to you guys yet?

Keith – hes really busy currently with the bands on currently.

Keith – What’s your time slot again?

Makenny – 12-2

Keith – so we might be called before you get here?

Makenny – its only 10.28 but your right I am hurrying.

Makenny – good luck

Keith – you too

“Guys time to go.” I said, we made our way out the mall. I changed in the toilets before we left I admit I even found underwear with teddy bears on that I just had to buy and wear. Laura’s sister sorting my hair out again to make sure it was neat before we left. We got to the location it was only 11.30 I hoped I hadn’t missed the guys performance. Max and Vince met us outside then we all went to the man doing the paperwork. I handed in my paperwork to the guy. He nodded checking it through his eyes went wide at my driver’s license. “Shh secret.” I told him with a wink. He looked amazed. “I’m surprising him I don’t want him to know.” I told him. “Please.” I said fingers crossed. He said something though the radio with Cheese secret in it. I bit my bottom lip nervously. He then let me in. “You guys on stage?” he asked my friends. I was holding my guitar case so tight. “No.” I said. “Then you can only have 2 people with you.” He said nervously. I nodded. “Guys.” I started. “Go on we will all be in the audience.” Vince told me. “Guys.” I started. “We are all here Kenny. We will all be watching together.” Max said. “Hey guys.” Hunter’s voice said from the side door. “Kenny you need to hurry if you want to watch the band.” Hunter said, he was in costume. I looked at the beard and moustache and burst out laughing. So did my friends. He had on sunglasses and just black jeans and black top but had put on a poncho. I couldn’t stop giggling. I got waved in by the security guard who looked bemused. “Do you know him?” he asked me. “Yeah kind of wishing I didn’t in that get up.” I said laughing. I hugged my friends all goodbye and went in. They went to the audience. I hugged Hunter hello when I got in there. Tyrone was wearing exactly the same. They could be twins. I burst out laughing. Then I laughed even more when I saw Dylan in just sunglasses and a hat that he got the other week on our date, I calmed down enough to give him a gentle kiss hello. Keith Black Blue and Brown were stood looking so nervous getting ready to go on. Milo was going over to them. Keith spotted me and waved. Then he pointed at Hunter and mouthed ‘What.’ I shrugged at him but grinned. ‘Good luck.’ I mouthed at them all. “You’re on straight after them.” Tyrone told me. “Guys what are you wearing?” I asked them. “Can you tell who we are?” Tyrone asked. “Nope but what?” I asked. They both shrugged, “Let’s take a quick picture of the 3 of you.” Dylan said standing up. Hunter stroked his bread Tyrone twirled his moustache and I was just in fits of giggles. Milo was with the Band. “Good luck guys.” He was saying. They all looked nervous. “Relax just enjoy it.” Milo told them. He looked at Blue. “Nice guitar I got one just like that, I find holding it a bit looser helps.” He said. Keith looked at me. ‘Good luck.’ I mouthed again. “Your time has come.” Milo said to them. They went on looking nervous as hell. I crossed my fingers. Then I opened my phone and clicked the links and sent the 3 of them friend requests on Facebook. I heard the sound of 2 chairs turn. I grinned. Then I heard a 3rd. ‘Nike turned.’ Milo mouthed at us. I grinned more. “Amazing best performance I’ve heard all day.” He told them when they finished. I grinned. “Well guys time to choose a mentor.” A female voice said. “Mike.” Blue said still in shock. I grinned, I was still smiling when they came back in. I high fived Keith as he walked in. “Amazing guys.” I told them. “Next.” Milo said, looking over and grinning at me. “Nice outfits did you forget they can’t see you?” Black asked Tyrone and Hunter. I shrugged so did they. Keith looked at them wide eyed. “Good luck.” He told the 3 of us. “Good luck Kenny.” Dylan said giving me a quick kiss. I grinned at him. “Isn’t it a bit dark for sunglasses?” Black asked them all. “Yeah but I didn’t have time to get another fake mustache but can you tell who we are?” Dylan asked him laughing. “Well your Dylan Adams.” Brown said looking at him wide eyed then me. “Next.” Milo said looking at me. “What the hell are you all wearing?” Milo asked them taking a selfie with the 3 of us. “Disguises.” Hunter told him laughing, they bro hugged. “I can’t do this.” I said frozen. “Kenny you’ve performed in front of 2000 people in a sold out concert, you’ve been doing tv interviews since you were 2 you can do it.” Milo said. I saw the bands eyes go wide possibly wondering who the hell I was. “You can do this Kenny.” Dylan told me kissing my head. I swallowed and still stood frozen. “You can do it Cheese just picture the audience in teddy bear underwear.” Milo told me. “You can do it.” Dylan told me and gently nudged me onto the stage I went on the stage with the guys, Tyrone kind of directing me to a spot. They went and took their seats and I went and stood on the stage. I looked at the audience it was currently dark. My friends, my family was in that audience. I nodded to Tyrone and started playing. Then I started singing, my heart out letting, go of the fact I was on stage.

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