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Chapter 17 - Dylan

I looked at Kenny curled up in my arms, as the alarm woke her up, I had been awake a few miniutes just staring at her fast asleep naked in my arms. Thinking how today might change everything. “Happy birthday feliz cumpleanos.” I said Kissing her as she wiggled to face me more asleep than awake, but she kissed me back. Did we really need to get out of bed today? “Want to have a shower together.” Kenny asked me still kissing me. “Sounds good.” I told her, we went into the bathroom, we walked straight into my walkin shower with jets all around, but I still found myself pushing Kenny into the wall and we had sex right in the shower. Alright maybe it was worth getting up. When we came out Kenny got herself dressed whilst I sat on my bed in just the towel watching her. Today was the big day really, I was excited for her at the same time I was ridiculously nervous. I looked at Kenny in the little black dress just shoving her hair into a ponytail. Was she nervous as she didn’t look it currently. But I was starting to think she would make a brilliant poker player. “Laura’s sister will do it or she will, or I will have it done at the mall.” Kenny told me coming over and kissing me, I smiled at her and decided it was time to give her the little present I had brought her. I pulled out the little wrapped jewery box, Kenny looked at me confused. “I get to give you the first present of the day.” I told her. “What do you call that in the shower.” Kenny asked me sounding deadly serious. I had to laugh, Kenny sat next to me and I handed her the little box, she opened it after giving me a few curious looks. She kissed me more after she looked at it. “I love it.” She told me. “look inside.” I told her, she so gently opened the locket as if afraid she would break it. “They are always with you.” I told her kissing her gently on the head as she looked at the picture of her mom dad and little sister. “Wear it for luck.”

I told her. “Thankyou Dylan.” Kenny said hugging me, I held her close to me. She reached onto the bedside table and grabbed her phone. Had it gone off and I missed it? “Can I print this off?” Kenny asked me showing me a picture of just me. “Why?” I asked her confused. “Because I want you with me on the stage to fairy.” She told me, looking at me so serious. I kissed her and she kissed back we kissed for a long time before I finally let her go before I gave her a love bite. When we came up I sent the picture to the wireless printer shrinking it so it would fit like she wanted it to. “You can’t have one on stage.” I told her about the love bite after she gave me one and smiled looking at her work. I grabbed the picture from the printer and a pair of scissors and cut it to the size of the locket whilst Kenny text Laura. “I will be there as long as nothing stops me, alright?” I told her, I wished I could tell her straight up that I would be there but I couldn’t at the moment. She nodded the thing was she fully understood, I put her new locket on her she looked at me smiled then kissed me. “I love you.” I told her, I hoped today wouldn’t change to much, she might become so busy from today. But I wanted her to knock them all away. Show everyone what she had in her. “I love you too.” Kenny said, we both went downstairs, I having slipped some clothes on. “The gag on you ends today Kenny.” I said seriously. But you’re the one keeping yourself silent.” I told her. “After my audition, straight after I don’t mind how but I’m ready.” Kenny told me, ready for what Kenny ready to sort your problem with your stepmom out. Or ready to announce we are dating. “Happy 18th birthday Kenny.” I told her kissing her. She left then climbed in her car and drove off to her friends. I watched her go then went back in the house. I went up to my room and grabbed my phone.

Hunter – You both up yet?

Dylan – up Kennys gone to have her hair done and buy a outfit.

Hunter – I thought you were just kidding when she said she hadn’t brought anything to wear yet.

Dylan – nope she wasn’t kidding, although her dress she was in was fine.

Hunter – you know what girls are like

Dylan – yeah learning.

Hunter – you coming?

Dylan – yep even if work rings im saying I cant until this afternoon.

Hunter – good, my costume sucks by the way, what am I meant to wear with the beard and mostache?

Dylan – all black and a poncho maybe a huge hat and sunglasses?

Hunter – sounds good I will see what I can do.

Dylan - sent a picture,

Dylan – my disguise what do you think?

Hunter – I think that’s the worst disguise I’ve ever seen, you’re so obvious you.

Dylan – that’s true.

Hunter – Milo will let you in as a guest, in his break so get there soon, so you can let me and the guys in.

Dylan – will do I just want to go get Kenny some flowers.

Hunter – does she like flowers?

Dylan – according to Pam, her favioute flowers are sunflowers

Hunter – is it the season?

Dylan – im about to find out wish me luck.

Hunter – because you going into a florist and ordering flowers wont be splashed all over the gossip rags asking why you brought flowers for your girlfriend

Dylan – Maybe we will put them out there misery soon

Dylan – be there in a bit.

Hunter – see you in a bit

I went downstairs just pulled out a protein bar and left. Sunglasses and hat on. I drove to the florist, I went in worried, maybe I should of sent Helen she would of known what she was looking for. “Can I help you?” an old lady asked me, she obviously wouldn’t recognize me I thought taking my sunglasses off so I could look at the lady. “Yes please I’m looking for a bunch of flowers.” I said. “Yes what sort do you like the look off?” she asked me. “My girlfriend likes sunflowers and daisys.” I told her. She showed me. then she asked me price, showing me a sign of the different sizes and prices. “F would be great.” I told her. The old lady looked at me and said “Are you sure that one will be around $120.” She told me. “Yeah that’s fine is cash alright?” I said going in my wallet and opening it. She looked at me, but made my bunch. “Can I also have a few roses.” I said. “Yes what color?” she asked me after she made my sunflower bouquet. “What do the colors mean?” I asked her. She told me. “Um can I have one of every color in the bouquet?” I asked her. She made me it. Then I asked for a single red rose. I left the shop with so many flowers I thought they would be a better hiding than my costume. I loaded them into the car. I took a picture.

Dylan – sent a picture,

Dylan – do you think I brought Kenny too many flowers?

Milo – what are you doing buying the whole shop?

Milo – I’m busy don’t make me laugh but where are you going to hide all of those.

Milo – hurry up so you’re here on time.

Dylan – I’m coming, still waiting on Stasia texting me.

Milo – I doubt she will make it, she wasn’t sure at all.

Dylan – I know but I’m hoping.

I started my car and drove, I got to the location when I got a text.

Stasia – sorry can’t come, I want to. But mom is home and she wants me to run my lines again. Wish Kenny good luck for me. Can you record it for me, I haven’t ever seen Kenny perform properly.

Dylan – it’s being recorded for TV, they don’t let people record it themselves, but I’ll try get a sneaky picture for you.

Stasia – thank you, you know with Sea I had to put on twitter wishing her happy birthday, can I actually do that for Kenny can you ask her?

Dylan – of course you can do that for Kenny if you want to, just don’t tag her.

Stasia – thankyou, I’m going to use the picture of me as a baby with her. Wish her luck for me, I got to go moms coming up the stairs.

Stasia Stone tweet

Happy 18th birthday to my amazing big sister Kenny. I hope your day today is as brilliant as you, I am so proud to call you my big sister, you taught me so much. I love you. Hope you have a great day. Teddy bears in underwear…

I looked at Stasia’s tweet. Teddy bear undies should have got Kenny some Teddy bear undies for her birthday for luck. I went in, just taking the one rose with me. Owen met me outside, “Hes with me.” He told the security, who nodded and let me in, although he did raise an eyebrow at the rose. “Everything going okay?” I asked. “Yeah Milos busy the guys arrived a little while ago just waiting on the time and your girl.” He told me. “Is that for me you shouldn’t have.” Milo told me with a grin when I went through, I noticed Black Blue and Brown and who I assumed was Keith as Kenny called them sat together looking around nervous the one I took to be Keith kept texting. “We can do this.” Blue said. I put the Rose behind me so Kenny wouldn’t see this. “Yeah we can, we just need to calm down.” Keith said. “He hasn’t turned for anyone.” Blue said as I heard a song I knew as one of Milos and no buttons were pressed. Although they did suck. “We aren’t doing a Mac and Cheese song or a Miles off, so don’t worry about it.” Brown said but I could see his worry. Milo was talking to another band who were about to go on. Owen’s walkie talkie he had apparently swipped from Milo to help him out went off. “I have Cheese here she is booked to perform she says it’s a secret.” The walkie talkie said. “Then it’s a good thing you sent this to the right walkie, we know shes coming, Mike doesn’t.” Owen said. “Let her in.” Owen said. “Hunter, Tyrone Action.” Owen laughed into his walkie after changing the channel. “We in a spy movie?” I asked him. “We should really try it.” He told me. “Hmm paintballing with walkie talkies in your house.” I said seriously. “Why mine?” Owen asked me. “Because Helene would kill us if we made that kind of mess for her to clean up.” I said. he laughed. Tyrone came in the room then, wearing all black the fake moustache and beard a bright colored poncho and huge sunglasses. I laughed, so did Owen. “I really wish I could stay but I got to go sort this out with the camera men so they know our plan. But I will hopefully be back before she performs.” Owen said and left. Kenny came in the room then she hugged Hunter laughing, then she saw Tyrone and laughed harder, looked at me and laughed more. I loved her laugh, I loved to see her smile and know it wasn’t fake. She calmed down enough and we had a quick kiss. I kept the rose hidden, that was for when she came off the stage. When I let Kenny go she looked around shrugged and mouthed good luck. “You’re on straight after them.” Tyrone told her, seeing that she was looking at the band. “Guys what are you wearing?” Kenny asked all 3 of us. “Can you tell who we are?” Tyrone asked. “Nope but what?” Kenny said they both shrugged at her, I had to admit they looked like they were going to a completely different event. “Let’s take a quick picture of the 3 of you.” I said standing up from the couch. Hoping Kenny didn’t see the Rose yet. I got my phone out, Kenny stood with the two of them, it was so hard not to laugh, as Tyrone twirled his moustache and Hunter stroked his beard, Kenny laughed as I took the picture. When it was taken Kenny looked back over at the band, Milo had gone over to them. Oh my after them it was her, this was when everything changed. “Good luck guys.” Milo said to the band. “Relax just enjoy it.” Milo told them. He looked at Blue. “Nice guitar I got one just like that, I find holding it a bit looser helps.” Milo told him, yeah it was your guitar I wanted to laugh. Especially at the one I took to be Keith looking at Kenny like omg! “Your time has come.” Milo said to them. They went on looking like they would rather be anywhere but there right now. Stage fright, I didn’t blame them really. Kenny crossed her fingers she looked so nervous but she pulled her phone out her bag and fiddled with it for a few seconds. I saw her go on their Facebooks and click send friend request. I heard the band start up, they were really quiet good. Two chairs made the noise at once, so that meant two had turned so they were through. Would they turn for Kenny. Ofcourse they would she was brilliant, even if I was a bit biased. Another chair turned. Milo mouthed in our direction ‘Nike turned.’ Kenny grinned, I think that’s the thing she wanted them to succeed. They finished there song and then they stopped. “Amazing best performance I’ve heard all day.” I heard a voice say. Kenny grined. “What are you guys called?” I heard one ask. “Rock shots.” One of them said. Tyrone cringed at the name, “really they need a better name.” Tyrone said. “How can we say that we are Miles off.” Hunter laughed. “Well guys time to choose a mentor.” A female voice said. “Mike.” One of the guys said, you could hear he was in shock, all there dreams had currently come true, even if they weren’t done deals and had weeks of performances to get there dream, they were closer. I couldn’t blame them for being excited. “I look forward to working with you.” Mike said. The guys then came in. Kenny high fived one of them. “Amazing guys.” Kenny told them. “Next.” Milo said, looking over and grinning at Kenny. Moment that would change everything here it goes. “Nice outfits did you forget they can’t see you?” the one with black hair asked Tyrone and Hunter, he obviously didn’t know who they were or he wouldn’t sound so sarcastic I released. Tyrone Hunter and Kenny all just shrugged. “Good luck.” The one with Red hair said who I was taking to be Keith. Why Kenny hadn’t nicknamed him Red I didn’t know. “Good luck Kenny.” I said giving her a quick kiss for luck. Kenny grinned at me to be honest that was our first public kiss. “Isn’t it a bit dark for sunglasses?” Black asked us all in general. “Yeah but I didn’t have time to get another fake mustache but can you tell who we are?” I said laughing, could he tell who Tyrone and Hunter were? “Well your Dylan Adams.” The one with brown hair said, it was the first thing I heard him say. He was possibly going to be the Zach of their band. Zach could talk constantly if it was something he was passionate about but he would rather let the others do the talking if he couldn’t be bothered. “Next.” Milo said again looking at Kenny and coming over. “What the hell are you all wearing?” Milo asked Hunter and Tyrone pulling out his phone and taking a quick Selfie with Hunter Tyrone and Kenny. “Disguises.” Hunter told him laughing, they bro hugged, I held Kenny’s hand, she was frozen I realized. “I can’t do this.” She said. No you’re not chickening out now. “Kenny you’ve performed in front of 2000 people in a sold out concert, you’ve been doing tv interviews since you were 2 you can do it.” Milo said firmly to her in a no nonsense voice. I just squeezed her hand. “You can do this Kenny.” I told her reassuring, running my thumb over the back of her hand and kissing her forehead. I held her guitar in my arms for her. Kenny swallowed. “You can do it Cheese just picture the audience in teddy bear underwear.” Milo told her. I handed her the guitar and gently nudged her out towards the stage. “You can do it.” I told her. I knew she could, I was just worried this was going to change everything. Tyrone kind of directed Kenny onto the stage she walked on holding her guitar tight. “She looks scared stiff.” I said. “She can do it Dylan you know she can.” Milo said. “She’s Cheese?” Blue asked in disbelief. “Makena Rosebud Gibson Allen Stone, formally known as cheese hasn’t performed to anyone but friends and two teachers since she was 8 years old.” I said seriously. “Most people think she gave up on music when her dad died, or she died then. But she is one of the most talented song writers I’ve ever met.” Milo said looking at the stage. “This is her first performance in 10 years.” Zach said coming over with Owen, looking out of the curtain. “She is going to be disqualified straight after and she knows it. This is her just proving to herself she has the talent.” Owen said. “Here she goes.” I said as the music started she started playing the guitar. “Does she really not see how bloody talented she is?” Blue asked as Kenny finished the first verse and someone already turned. “Nope she needs to know it’s her and not her dad people are listening to.” I said. “It’s why she chose a song not related to her dad at all.” I said. Another chair turned. “2.” Milo said. We all stood watching. “Time is running out.” Kenny sung, another chair turned. “Come on Nike.” Milo said. “Doesn’t he recognize her?” Blue asked. “Kenny’s stepmom stopped him seeing her when she was 9.” Owen said watching Kenny. “It’s not really his type of song.” Zach said worried. “Look hes loving it though.” Milo said pointing at the camera that showed Nike listening intently. One was actually stood up watching Kenny. “The audience is loving it too.” Keith said pointing them out. “LAAAST.” Kenny sung, that was it Nike turned. “She hit that note perfect.” Milo said with a grin. “She has all 4 judges and I got to go disqualify her.” Milo sighed. The lights turned on, Kenny stood there as the clapping was going on frozen, the clapping still going on. “Now what?” I asked them. “Can I borrow my guitar a minute Blue?” Milo said to the one with Blue hair. He looked shocked but he handed it over. “All that sound from someone so tiny.” One of the judges said. Kenny nervously laughed. “How old are you?” one of them asked her amazed. “I turned 18 today.” Kenny said really nervous. “Happy birthday.” One told her. “Thank you.” Kenny said worried. “What’s your name sweetie?” One of them asked. “Makena.” Kenny said looking at Nike, with so much worry. I saw him move he was watching her a smile on his face. Milo started playing then, Kenny looked over confused and then Tyrone and Hunter started she looked at them both confused as well. Owen and Zach had instruments in their hands, and started playing too. Milo started singing and walked onto the stage. Kenny gave him a what the fuck look. ‘Go pull the beard off Hunter.’ I mouthed at her. She nodded and went and did that. She laughed as he stuck his tongue out at her as she did it. He mouthed something to her, she nodded. She sung the next verse of the song. The audience went nuts. “This songs amazing, was this planned?” Keith asked. “Nope this is the new song Milo's has been working on, Kenny only knows it because she wrote it.” I said watching Kenny she was singing along with Milo. It was amazing to watch. The song was so meaningful. When it finished the crowd was still clapping so were the judges. Nike was stood up as well. “Now whats there plan?” I was asked by the one with Brown hair. “how nice of you, you think we thought this through.” I said seriously. He laughed. The crowd was still clapping. “Makena Allen Stone everyone, sorry but your disqualified.” Milo told her putting his arm around her shoulders. Kenny laughed nervously. Nike walked onto the stage, he hugged Kenny. I don’t know what he said but Kenny nodded as she pulled away from him. “Absolutely amazing.” Nike told her. “Brilliant and if you didn’t all already have a contract I would snap you all up.” The lady judge said. Kenny smiled nervously. “Amazing happy birthday Cheese.” One of them said. “Thank you.” Kenny said nervously. “Now get out of here your all disqualified you all already have music contracts, but thank you for the show.” Nike said loudly. They all nervously laughed, and started coming off the stage. The moment Kenny was off the stage, she hugged me tight burying herself in my arms, still with her guitar attached to her. I gently took it off her Owen held out his hand for it. I handed it over. He went and put it back in its case. Whilst I kissed Kenny. Milos’s walkie went off then. “Okay.” Milo said and walked back onto the stage. “Ladies and gentlemen and everyone who doesn’t want the label of the sex we are going to take a small break.” Milo said. I was still kissing Kenny, when I felt the Rose get put in my hand. Someone coughed behind us. I gently put Kenny down, I held the rose out to her. “That was amazing Kenny.” I told her. “Thank you.” Kenny said nervously. She took the rose. “That really was amazing Mac.” A voice said. Kenny turned and looked at the guy. That I knew was Nike. Her uncle. “Hi.” Kenny said nervously. “Hi baby you’ve grown. Not sure I like the whole kissing a guy thing. I thought we agreed you weren’t to date until you were 100” He said seriously. Kenny smiled nervously. She didn’t seem to hesitate seeing her uncle’s nervousness himself, she gave him a hug. “Actually we didn’t agree it was a rule. One I broke.” Kenny told him. Then she took a step back. “I would like you to meet my boyfriend Dylan Adams and I think you know my friends Hunter Tyrone, Owen, Zach and Miles.” Kenny said. “And I would like to introduce you to some of my school friends Tyler Harry Tom and Keith.” Kenny said. “Nice to meet you all.” Nike said, staring at Kenny like she was a miracle right in front of him. a nervous miracle. “You were amazing Makena.” Nike told her. “Thankyou.” Kenny said nervously. “Happy birthday baby. You’ve grown so much. Your.” Nike started, then he seemed to freeze. Kenny hugged him then again. “I’m sorry to surprise you like this.” Kenny said. “No baby I love the surprise. You’ve just grown so much since I last saw you. You’re a big girl now.” Nike said. “Happy 18th birthday.” Nike said amazed. “Thank you.” Kenny said. “I owe you an explanation.” Nike started worried. “It’s okay you don’t.” Kenny said. “I didn’t stop fighting to try get custody of you.” Nike started. “I know.” Kenny said. “I love you Mac.” Nike said. “I love you to Uncle Nike.” Kenny said. “Your 18 now.” Nike said amazed. “You can move out, if you need anywhere to stay. You can come live with me, I haven’t touched your old room. Or I could buy you a house.” Nike said. “Yeah most 18 year olds get a house on their birthday.” Milo said seriously but he laughed spoiling it. Kenny looked at me nervous. “I kind of live with my boyfriend.” She said. “She has her own room.” I said nervously myself at the look Nike just gave me, a look that said I know people, everyone of my friends looked at me like, yeah but she doesn't use it. “Mike.” A walkie talkie went. “Sorry to interrupt but we do need to finish.” His talkie started. Nike looked so torn. “Go enjoy your birthday, will you meet me later?” Nike asked her worried. Kenny nodded. “Yeah, did you want to join us for dinner?” Kenny asked him nervously. We had arranged Pedro’s with the band and her friends, tonight. It’s where she had spent the last few. “Yes.” Nike said looking at her amazed. “Where and When?” Nike asked her. “Pedro’s do you remember it?” Kenny asked. “Yes baby I remember it.” Nike said looking at her amazed. “6pm okay?” Kenny asked him nervous. “I will be there Mac.” He said hugging her tight again. “You’ve grown so much.” He said looking at her amazed. “Well done all of you. I look forward to working with you 4.” He said looking at the school band. Then he looked at Milo and the guys. “And you lot big trouble and where the hell did that song come from, it wasn’t in the pile of songs on my desk last week.” He said. “I wrote it with them yesterday, but I didn’t know we were doing it.” Kenny said looking at him so nervous. “It was amazing, and defiantly needs to go on the album.” Nike said. “Mike.” The talkie went again. “I got to go, I will see you tonight. Have a fantastic birthday.” Nike said giving Kenny another hug. Then he left. “That was brilliant.” Blue said in disbelief. “Now what.” Kenny asked everyone as we stood there, Milo had to walk off and get back to work. “Now we go trash Dylan’s house.” Zach suggested. “Hey?” I said as a question. “I mean we.” Zach started but he was laughing. “Would you guys like to come? Or will that make it so they get disqualified?” Kenny asked worried. “You can’t practice with them, as that will get them disqualified but you can still talk to them.” Owen said shrugging. “Owen.” Milo mouthed looking at Owen. “Not fair I got to go help Milo. Can you all get out of here, we need to let the next wave of bands in.” He said. “Going.” Kenny said. We all then started making our way out. “Do I take the guitar with me or give it back to Milo.” Blue asked. “You keep it until after the competition or you get kicked off, hes got loads hes not missing that one currently.” Tyrone told him calmly. “Can we get some lunch I’m starving and don’t think I can last until 6.” Tyrone said. “Yeah lunch sounds good.” Kenny said. “Couldn’t Stasia come?” Kenny asked me worried. “No but she put something on twitter for you.” I said handing her my phone. Kenny read it,

Happy 18th birthday to my amazing big sister Kenny. I hope your day today is as brilliant as you, I am so proud to call you my big sister, you taught me so much. I love you. Hope you have a great day. Teddy bears in underwear…

She laughed. “Can I do the same now?” I teased her. “If you have to, I suppose you’ve drove your fans mad for a few days. But you dare put an embarrassing picture up and I’ll put the one of you covered in chocolate up too.” Kenny told me. I kissed her gently. “How long have you two been together?” Blue asked looking at us. “Few months, but Kenny’s an old childhood friend.” I said calmly. “So you came to our school because you knew she was there?” Brown asked me. I looked at Kenny. “I could get behind that.” Kenny told me. “Sounds a good plan. I’m going to use an old picture of you too.” I said with a grin, I attached the picture my mom sent me the other week of Kenny at one of my birthday party’s I had a badge on saying 5 and Kenny was wearing a black t-shirt that said Rock princess which was absolutely covered in chocolate and cake. I pulled my phone away from her. “Nope you can’t see.” I told her. “Why not?” Kenny asked me. “Because it’s a surprise.” I told her.

Dylan Adams

Happy 18th birthday to my amazing girlfriend. I can’t believe how much we have both grown since the little girl covered in cake and chocolate and I think mud at my 5th birthday party. I wish I could claim we were cleaner eaters now and didn’t live on cake and chocolate. You’re still a rock princess and you still make me smile every day. I love you have a great day. Teddy bears in underwear…

I looked at my message as I attached the picture of Kenny and myself as a child. “You still didn’t out who you were dating and used such an old picture.” Hunter laughed looking at it, Kenny looked at his phone. “Where the hell did you get that picture?” she asked me laughing. “Mom sent it me the other week.” I admitted. “Your mom scares me.” Kenny mumbled. “She scares me too.” I told her, Kenny took my hand. I took my sunglasses off and put them on her and the hat. She looked at me and we kissed again. “That’s kind of sick you know.” Black moaned. “Don’t worry there just in that really mushy stage.” Zach moaned. “Zach aren’t you meant to be seeing your girl today?” I asked him. “Yeah.” He said. “She’s meant to be joining us isn’t she?” Hunter reminded him. “She doesn’t know, apparently she has a shoot tomorrow and we all know how carbs bloat.” He said. Kenny looked at him. “Pedro does food suitable trust me.” Kenny told him. “This is the restaurant you have to book a table in months in advance?” Black asked in disbelief. “Nope this is the one you walk in say hi and they give you dinner and tell you what you’re eating that day.” Kenny told him. “The only rule is no cameras.” Kenny shrugged. “Been going there my whole life, never seen him turn anyone away except if they had a camera.” Kenny told him. We went outside into a corridor. Pam and Laura ran up and hugged Kenny, with another girl who looked about 16. “You were amazing.” Pam told her hugging her tight.

“So now what?” Pam asked. Kenny shrugged. “Well now she’s going to come in and record that song with us.” Tyrone said. “I’m also going to spend the last few weeks at school enjoying it. No evil stepmom.” Kenny said. “So is Sea really a bitch?” Blue asked. “Even if she is she’s still sexy as fuck.” Black said. Kenny ignored both of them. “Yeah Sea is sexy as hell.” Tyrone said after a while. “She’s also got the personality of a gnat.” Hunter said. Kenny scoffed, “She also is extremely high matienince according to her ex, which he splashed all over a magazine.” Zach said. “I am not bad talking my big sister.” Kenny said calmly. “At least in public.” Kenny mumbled looking at a security guard who was watching the group. I held her hand tight. “What you all fancy for lunch?” I asked. “Nachos.” Tyrone said. “Shushi.” Hunter said. “Anything that isn’t Quorn tofu or birdseed.” Zach said. “Zach what diet is she on?” Kenny asked interested. “I haven’t a clue, I gave up when she was on the betty diet.” Zach moaned. “I hated the betty one.” Kenny said. “What diet are you on currently?” Zach moaned. “The Helene scares me to much to diet.” Kenny said. I laughed. “Do you think Helene can scare Juliet?” Zach asked me. “I’m sure she would love to.” I told him. Max and Vince came over then. “What took you both so long?” Kenny asked them giving them both a hug. “We stayed and watched the next 4 acts. Nike was in a better mood, but two acts sucked and they didn’t hesitate to tell them.” Max told her, and then he smiled up at me. “Nice post on twitter by the way, you still haven’t actually said who she is. But a lot of people have guessed right.” Max said. “A lot are moaning if it is, how there’s not a recent picture of Makena in 10 years so they cant see what your into.” Vince admitted. “They always moan about that.” Kenny rolled her eyes, “Do you think people really would of appreciated my awkward stage, I defiantly would rather pictures be burned. Keith ever show that picture and I will sue you, im not even kidding.” Kenny told him but she ruined it by smiling and laughing. “Same to you Dylan.” Kenny laughed.

“You had an awkeward stage?” I asked her interested. “Yeah her tutor sent some of those, believe me they gave me a chuckle.” Laura said. “Delete them!” Kenny told her. “They are saved and I will treasure them forever, until you piss me off in college.” Laura laughed. Kenny laughed as Laura wrapped herself round her back. “So what is for lunch?” Tyrone asked. “Should we all just drive to mine and I will get a takeaway.” I said. “I fancy the golden arches.” Kenny admitted, everyone looked at her. “Dylan.” Tyrone said in a begging voice. “No.” I said to him, he gave me puppy eyes that made me laugh. “Not cute on a guy.” I pointed out. “So is mccdonolds a no?” Kenny asked. “No it’s a yes, he wants you.” I laughed. “What the hell kind of diet are you on?” Blue asked looking at Kenny. “The fattening up one as im apparently to skinny.” Kenny shrugged. “I love that diet.” Zach said. “We all cant go into mccdonolds guys the staff will flip.” Hunter pointed out. “I vote send Zach. Can see the papers now. Zach flips at birdseed diet and orders enough mccdonolds for an army.” Tyrone said. I laughed so did everyone else. “Why dont I and Max go in and order and meet you all at Dylans.” Pam suggested. “Sounds good. You lot coming?” I said to Black Blue Brown and Keith. They all looked at each other. “You can see Kennys music room.” I suggested. “Your welcome to come.” I assured them. Kenny nodded. “I think Helene even made Kenny another birthday cake.” I admitted. I pulled her slightly closer. “We wont get disqualified or anything?” Blue asked. “Nope.” Tyrone said shrugging. “Why was Kenny?” he asked interested. “We performed with her, she technically isn’t 18 until 10.27pm tonight.” Hunter said. “That isn’t creepy.” Kenny mumbled. “That really is creepy, is that on Kennys wikipedia?” I asked interested. “Yeah.” Vince admitted. Kenny looked at him interested. “Would they really have held a few hours against her?” Brown asked interested. “No but the fact her dad was who he was and her uncle is one of the judges all means shes uneligible.” Hunter said. “So whos going in whos car?” Kenny asked. “Chuck us your Keys.” Laura said. Kenny chucked her her Keys. “im driving yours.” Laura told her. Kenny laughed. We all split up after giving our orders and telling the band my address. Kenny and I walked to my car. Kenny looked in the window. “Dylan.” She said looking at the backseat. “Happy birthday.” I told her. Kenny kissed me, “Thankyou but you really went over the top.” She laughed as I handed her a bunch of sunflowers and daisys. “How did you know?” Kenny asked me suspicious. “Wikipedia is an interesting thing.” I told her with a wink. “Is that really on?” Kenny started worried. “No sweetheart I asked Pam and Laura.” I admitted laughing. Kenny laughed. “There gorgeous Dylan.” She told me. We kissed again. “DYLAN.” Someone yelled, i saw the flash. I held Kenny close to me. “Sorry.” I told her. “Its fine.”Kenny assured me. I held the door open for her, Kenny climbed in and we drove along to my home.

We climbed out at my home. Hunter Tyrone Zach Brown Blue Black and Red were there. “This is your house?” Black asked me amazed. “This is small.” Kenny said seriously. Everyone looked at her. “Sorry but it is.” She said but I saw the smile on her lips. “But then you want to set your dads on fire.” Hunter reminded her. “I didn’t say it had to have people in god mention setting something on fire and you never let it down.” Kenny said with a grin. I lifted her rose bunch out the car and Kenny lifted her sunflowers. “Like your flowers?” Tyrone asked laughing. “There gorgous but he went over the top.” Kenny said with a grin. She took them all in though and disappeared. I showed everyone to the room we normaly went to. Frank was there today. He looked at me wide eyed. “Hey Frank dude.” Tyrone said highfiving him. he did everyone individual high fives. Kenny ran upstairs with her bunchies of flowers in vases. She came down changed in shorts and a red tank tshirt that said ‘Karma bites but I bite worse just try me’ in white writing. Tyrone had set the PlayStation up and handed the guys a controller each. They sat awkwardly. Possibly wishing they hadn’t come. I tapped the seat next to me. Kenny came. “What would you like to drink Kenny.” Frank asked her. “Just water please frank I can go get it.” Kenny started but Frank handed her a bottle of water calmly. He seemed to be waiting. Kenny looked at him and smiled. “it went brilliant.” She assured him. “They all turned?” he asked her almost sounding knowing. “Yeah.” Kenny blushed. “That is good, im glad the boys haven’t made them tone deaf.” Frank said. “Oi.” Hunter laughed. “Least it doesn’t air until after we graduate. So no one at school has to know.” Kenny said. The band all looked at her like what. “You think the people at school will care. Your still that geek that plays 3d chess at lunch if shes not asleep.” Black told her. “No I think the girls at school will flip out when they know im dating Dylan.” Kenny admitted. “Maybe you should dumb him.” Tyrone suggested. “Oi.” I said. Kenny looked at me seriously, but then a smile went on her lips but she tried not to. “Dylan ive wanted to say this all day.” Kenny said. “Yes Makena?” I asked trying not to laugh as her eyes were practically sparkling. “I love you, you over romantic idiot. But no more presents.” Kenny said firmly. “But I got you a pet elephant.” I told her. Kenny laughed but I pulled her on my lap and we made out, until Hunter started making gaging noises. When we broke apart everyone looked uncomfortable but were all looking at the screen. “Get a room.” Hunter told us. “When shes 18.” I said calmly, Kenny hit me. I laughed. “I better ring Pedro and add 4 more people to the table.” Kenny said calmly. “Dont you mean 5.” Hunter pointed out. “No Stasia has a chair but I dont think shes going to make it.” Kenny said weakly. “You know you could kind of put on twitter and use it to out your stepmom wont let you see your little sister.” Tyrone pointed out. “She wont let you see your sister?” Brown asked her. “You know what I said about my family. All still true.” Kenny said shrugging. “Kennys stepmoms a Bitch.” Zach said killing a zombie. “So is Sea.” Tyrone said calmly. “google me.” Kenny told Brown. “it says ive been away at boarding school since my dad died.” Kenny told him. “You haven’t been?” he asked. “Nope I was home taught by a tutor until I turned 15 and he put me in public school as I have the social skills of a gnat.” Kenny said. “Still got them.” I assured her, Kenny grinned at me. I squeezed her hand. “Ive never been boarding school. Ive worked 2 jobs ive saved for college single handedly and paid for my own high school education. I might of lived in a mansion and my hand-me-downs may have all been designer and only worn once, but I still didn’t.” Kenny started. “Lets just say ive not been welcome in my own home. Apparently im a bitch.” Kenny said. “Apparently ive always been a bitch.” Kenny said calmly. “Basicly Jasmine is an evil stepmother and Kennys been playing Cinderella.” I said calmly. “So what that make you prince charming.” Blue asked sarcasiticly. “Of course not hes my fairy.” Kenny said but she kissed me. “That’s why you called your boyfriend Fairy.” Brown laughed. I kissed her. “I like to think im both Kenny.” I told her running my hand over her back, going up to her neck. I kissed her again, we were making out again. I heard the bell go but Hunter got up. Kenny put her head on my chest as her friends came in laughing with all the food. “Frank I got you a big mac meal.” Max said handing the butler some food. “Thankyou I shall go enjoy my cardboard in the kitchen, if you need me please ring.” He said. Vince took a controller Zach held out to him. then joined us whilst Max dished out the food. Everyone ate. Kenny seemed to be deep in thought. Looking from one face to the other. “Whats wrong?” I whispered in her ear. “im just thinking, this is my life.” She said indicating the room. “People who care about me and I can play and be me with.” Kenny said. “Welcome to your new life baby. Happy 18th birthday.” I told her kissing her on the cheek. “Lets hope its better than the last 10 years.” I told her in her ear. “I wouldn’t be me without the last 10 years. I wouldn’t be with you or know anyone here.” She pointed out. I kissed her head. “Are they always so touchie feelie?” Black asked looking at us. “Yeah there in that sicky part of there relationship.” He was told by Hunter. “Alright Kenny presents.” Laura said after she finished eating her burger. Everyone looked at her, most with mouthfuls of food still. Kenny put down her half eaten burger and said. “Cake?” hopefull. “I can get Frank to bring a cake in. I will go get the rope.” I told her kissing her head.

“Why do you need rope?” Keith asked. “You know when we celebrate birthdays at work and I always tell you they’ve done the cake wrong?” Kenny asked. “Yeah?” he said. “We will show you how you do cake right.” Hunter told him with a wink. “ill get Frank I want cake.” Hunter said jumping up. “ill get the ropes, hey im sleeping round tonight.” Tyrone yelled. “I got work in the morning.” I told him. “I got school.” Kenny told him. “I got work to so no midnight snacks is what there saying.” Tyrone said. “I wont set the alarm this time.” I mumbled. “What you think kenny we fill the swimming pool with spaggiti.” He told Kenny. She grinned at him. “That’s the bath. The pool had bubble bath and Jell-O put in it.” She told him. “As even uncle Fern didn’t want to anger the plumber that much. Even when he loved looking at that mans ass.” Kenny said. “Now were getting the real reason.” Hunter said laughing. “Did you and Fern really fill the bath with mud from the garden?” Tyrone asked her. “Yes.” Kenny said. “Was it your idea?” Hunter asked her. “Nope I told him it didn’t smell right and we should of just gone to the spa even though he didn’t want to see the man there currently.” Kenny assured them. They were in fits of laughter. “Did Grey really take you on a date with him and pay you $100 to ask his date if her boobs were real?” Hunter asked her. “No.” Kenny told him. he looked disappointed. “He paid me $50 and candyfloss behind dads back as we swapped for candyfloss allowance.” Kenny told him with a wink. “Did you really trash a hotel room so badly that your dad had to pay another $1000 to get it tidied?” Hunter asked her. “No, that was Nike. Don't let him blame me.” Kenny told him laughing. “What was it like performing for all those people when you were 8.” Brown asked her interested. “I didn’t really think about it, daddy didn’t give me a chance to. He didn’t tell me I was performing that night. We had been writing the song for a while together. I used to love sitting and writing songs with dad. Dad taught me to put my feelings in my songs as a way to get them out. I remember him and Jasmine having a huge fight and then being taken to the show. I was told to picture the audience in underwear. Daddy added Teddy bears. So still to this day I picture the audience as Teddy bears wearing underwear.” Kenny admitted. “I thought you pictured them in teddy bear undies not teddys in undies.” I said. “I do both.” She admitted with a grin. "Kind of perfer a teddybear audience than naked people watching me." she told me with a grin.

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