I am not going to be CINDERELLA!

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Chapter 18 - Makena not happy with chapter so might delete

Looking at everyone sat at my favioute resturant on my birthday. i couldnt belive my life had changed so much in just a few short weeks. i looked at my boyfriend, because thats what Dylan was at the end of the day. he might not have originally been my prince charming, but he was deffently that now and my fairy godmother in one. i just wish my sister was here. Nike was watching me as if he couldnt belive i was real as i laughed and joked and had the best birthday ever. He kept bringing up my music contract being mine if and when i wanted it, that if he belived i thought i was having special treatment i could go with anyone and he would garentee i was good enough. it wouldnt take long for everyone to know who i was, i should of waited till after gaduation, but watching my friends and the school band chat to rockstars and Dylan i felt at peace. both my worlds had met and i could only see everything getting better. I thought about my next step, i mentioned my college course to Nike and he said that would be paid for, I would get 1/3 of Greys money from today. he explained that only 2/3 went to Greys family and he left 1/3 to me. i didnt understand why he didnt leave it all to his family. but Nike said that i was family. All in all my birthday was an amazing day. i rocked on stage for the first time in years. i reconected with my uncle. with Nike telling me if i ever needed anything i could come to him, i felt like i was finally home and safe with my family. it was a different family to the one i was born with, but friends are the family you choose. i chose my family.

School thankfully wasnt an issue, my name was blowing up in magazines but noone had a picture of me yet. Nike had put a freeze on my video of me singing coming out until after my school graduation, but he also had helped me more than i thought. with Dylan and Nike and my friends by my side. i started to fight for custody of Stasia, not that anyone knew that yet, i had only been to the meeting in my lunchbreak yesterday. i hoped to be able to get at least that, or something in writing about how Stasia had to have an education, i wasnt letting her not have one like Sea. Today was Prom and monday we graduate. i couldnt believe it had come around this fast. i was graduating. i was going to college. i was happy. I looked at myself in the mirror a short, well knee length bright blue dress with silver studs that looked like spikes up one side. i felt amazing, my blonde hair loose around me. i didnt even mind if the papz got a picture of me and blasted it everywhere i felt gorgous, and Dylans eyes when he came in the room and saw me was amazing. "Makena." Dylan said. i looked at him with a smile. "Kenny." Dylan said holding out a cosage. i looked at him in his suit, he took my breath away. he looked amazing. no wonder his end scene he recorded 2 weeks ago had him in a suit. it would take the audence breath away as much as mine. I put the costage on and put a single rose in his pocket. "Cinderella its time to go to the ball or youll be late." he said i knew he was joking. "i am not going to be Cinderella." i told him.

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