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Chapter 1 - Makena

I was on a stage the spotlight was almost blinding me, but I was comfortable, I could do this I always could. I grow up on the stage why would I ever fear being on a stage. The audience was all in their underwear I had to smile at the audience. I held the guitar ready. I looked behind me and Uncle Fern was sat on the drums ready to go. I looked at the other side and Uncle Nike was on the keyboard he gave me his thumbs up to show me he was ready. I looked to the side of me and Daddy was stood there the microphone in front of him already to make the underwear crowd go nuts. I looked at Uncle Grey who stood holding his guitar he put his thumbs up to me as well. I started singing and playing and rocking for the crowd the crowd was going nuts for me. The crowd adored me. We were singing one of daddy’s old songs with the band. But a sound that didn’t fit in with the song was going on. Who was making that horrible beeping noise? I looked at Uncle Nike he shook his head to say it wasn’t him but he was fading he was going, I was going to lose them all again. I couldn't loose them again. “Don’t go.” I shouted breaking out my song. I looked at my daddy he was gone, a ghost of him was there just holding his guitar. He was dead he was gone years ago I was alone now. They all were gone even Uncle Nike was gone. I hadn’t seen him since I was 9. They were all gone. I burst into tears and the crowd started booing me I swung around and fell of the stage. I woke up with a bang on the floor wrapped in my sheets. Shit it was just a dream. I pulled my legs up to my chest and cried. My alarm was beeping I shut it off, it was 4am but I had to make the house breakfast tofu bacon how delicious, in case you cant tell that was sarcasm. Sea had a movie deal today she couldn’t be late for and she was a bitch if she didn’t have a no fat soy latte before 7am, alright she was always a bitch it just made her less of one. Also I needed to get my little sister Stasia to school and although I loved her to pieces she was becoming a mini of Sea since she had got her first acting gig. Then I needed to get myself to school for 8am because I did plan to graduate, graduate then get my ass out of here the moment I turned 18, 1 month 6 days and so many hours to go. I think both me and Jasmine were counting down the days. I got myself dressed just jeans and an old hand me down top of Sea’s yes it was designer but I never got anything new. I don’t know why my step mom fought to get custody of me. Except to look good to the papers. I was at school with no one knowing who I was in a way I liked that. In another way I knew daddy would be horrified to see me now. I looked in the mirror at myself as I brushed my natural blonde hair into a ponytail then went down the stairs and along the corridor to Stasia’s room. My ten year old sister was still fast asleep. Thankfully she hadn’t bleached her hair yet and it was still the sandy blonde of my own, she had gone to bleach it like her sisters and mothers, but thankfully the director of the new movie she was in told her not to change her hair at all before shooting as she was perfect. I could have told her that, she didn’t have to change a thing. Except be slightly kinder but with a mom like Jasmine I didn’t see that happening but I tried. I tried to tell her stories about dad but she didn’t care anymore. She didn’t even want a picture of dad anymore. We were still in my home. My world and they’d taken over. But in one way I knew if I didn’t have them I would have been on the plane that day with Dad. But then I wouldn’t be playing Cinderella I tried to tell myself I was in a movie and just playing this part and the gig would finally be up on my 18th birthday. “Stasia time to get up sweetheart, you got school only a few more days before your leaving.” I said. Stasia looked at me, her beautiful blue eyes were like daddy looking at me I think she’s the main reason I get through the day sometimes, “Hey Kenny.” She said. “Hi you look gorgeous want to get your little tosh out and dressed?” I suggested. She swung out. “Love you Stasia.” I said truthfully. I made sure I always said it to her. I laid out Stasia’s outfit I had freshly pressed last night. She smiled at me. I then left her to get dressed. I went downstairs and made Sea’s Latte and the evil step mothers mocha cappuccino, I made there breakfasts and plated them all up. I then took the trays upstairs. Stasia running down the stairs. “There’s tofu bacon and egg.” I told her. She pulled a face at me, we both knew she would have a bowl of lucky charms from the pantry and pour me a bowl for when I got downstairs. I took Stepmothers in first. She was fast asleep. “Jasmine breakfast, you have a meeting with a director at 9 with Sea.” I said. “You bitch you should of woke me up an hour ago. Do you know how long?” She started I zoned her out I was used to insults. “Did you pick up the dry cleaning, the car waxed? The.” She started. “Yes all jobs on the list are done. The house is all clean ready for the reality cameras to be placed in next month but I will redo it before then. I’m all packed ready to go so you don’t have to be embarrassed about me. Everything you wrote on the list has been done. If you require anything else let me know.” I said. “Where is your fathers guitar?” she asked me. “My bedroom, dad left it to me.” I said. “Well you need to leave that I want Stasia to use it as a prop for her next modelling gig.” She said. I tried not to let her see the tears that welled in my eyes. That always seemed to make her actually happy as if seeing me miserable was a pleasure to her. It was one I tried to deny her. The guitar she wanted was extremely special to me it was dad’s first guitar the one he had got famous on, the one he taught me to play on, the one from my very early childhood. I got handed another job list and looked at it. “Alright Jasmine.” I said and then I left. “So much for not being Cinderella dad.” I said to myself then I took Seas breakfast into her. “Sea breakfast you need to get up you have a meeting at 9am.” I told her. She cursed at me, then looked at the clock then cursed at me even more. “You bitch you should of woke me agers ago.” She yelled at me. Yeah and who was older here? Who was meant to be the elder sister? I went down the stairs trying not to cry. I got to the kitchen and Stasia was eating her cereal. “Why do you look like your crying?” Stasia asked me. “Sorry sweetie I’m okay.” I said pulling my bowl to me and downing it in seconds as didn’t have long. “Ready for school?” I asked her. “Yeah.” She said. “Stasia do you mind if I take a few of dad’s old guitars with me when I leave next month?” I asked her. “You’re leaving?” She asked me looking worried. “Whilst the cameras are here, your moms booked me in a motel under an alias.” I admitted. She looked worried. “Okay they don’t mean anything to me.” Stasia said. Tears welled up in my eyes but I quickly stopped myself. “Come on we will be late.” I said quickly. I drove her to her school. Watched her run in with her friends. Come next week when she started recording and it was realised she was doing the movie this job would be over. She would never have a normal childhood. But who was I to talk I had spent most my childhood behind stage at rock concerts. I drove off then and went to my own school. Parking in the carpark. I went to homeroom just the invisible girl in the corridor, I even had someone trip over me. In his defence he was double my height and trying to run from someone I doubt he even saw me. He looked at me omg he was drop dead gorgeous. “Sorry.” he said. “No problem I get it I’m short.” I told him. He looked down at me. “Yeah you are, what are you 5.2?” he asked me. “Ha are you a comedian I’m 5.4 thank you very much.” I told him. He smiled at me, I recognised him but couldn’t place where, or was he just every girls dream guy from magazines? “Are you in my homeroom?” I asked him confused surely I would have noticed him before. “It’s my first day.” He said. Someone screamed, and started rushing towards us he swore. “The office is that way.” I pointed in the direction he had come from and the crowd was forming he swore. “Thanks.” He said. He looked at me. “Aren’t you going to scream?” he questioned me. “Sorry I haven’t got a clue who you are. But I assure you even if I did you’re not scream worthy.” I told him. The bell went. “Shit I’m getting detention again.” I said and I run off. I got to my classroom to be handed the detention slip straight away already wrote for me with my name on I just took it and went to my desk. “If you didn’t get up at 4am every morning I would accuse you of being lazy.” My best friend Pamela said turning in her seat to look at me. “Yeah I get that.” I said yawning and putting my head on the desk. Pamela patted my hand sympathetically. “As you keep saying 1 month. Omg hes so much hotter in person!” Pamela said. “I don’t keep saying that.” I said opening my eyes and looking at who she was looking at. The whole class was staring at the guy in amazement. “Class this is Dylan as I’m sure most of you are aware. Hes here to research for his upcoming part and will be with us for a few weeks.” The teacher said with an amazement smile. Dylan looked around the class, I put my head back down on my makeshift pillow and closed my eyes, who cared so he was hot and dreamy but so were a lot of guys around here. I felt a pen hit the back of my head. I swiped it off. “Kenny Allen.” The teacher snapped at me shit. I sat up. She handed me another detention slip. “Good start to the day Miss Allen two detentions before 1st period.” My teacher said shaking her head. “Thanks I’m going for the record.” I said Pamela kicked me from in front which is impressive. I looked up and most the class had started to go except Pamela, and the new guy he seemed to be waiting for something. “Kenny prehab’s you are taking on to much currently.” Pamela said when we got up. “Well if you want to help me with my chores later I won’t say no.” I said weakly. “Let’s see them.” she said holding her hand out. I handed a list. She scoffed. “You can’t be serious!” Pam said. “Pam not so loud!” I said looking towards the teacher and the new guy. “Girls next class now.” Our teacher snapped. “Alright.” Pam said. We walked past the new guy he looked at me, I weakly smiled and let Pamela pull me away. We got to our next class just in time. Pamela went and sat next to her Lap partner. Max wasn’t here today he went a few days to the local college as an advanced program. I was proud of him he had it all sorted I admit I had applied for college using Max’s address. But I didn’t have the money to go yet so I had applied for scholarships I was hoping to get one. It was why I was so tired I spent most my free time lately applying for scholarships, doing chores for evil step family. Looking after little sister, and working part time to be able to afford to get the hell out of my life the moment I turned 18, 1 month to go! I was looking at the board I know it might not feel it but I was a straight A+ student with a perfect GPA and in the AP program. Not bad for the little girl who didn’t go to school until 4 years ago as her tutor took on teaching her step sister between movie’s and she needed the hype around the hunt for her to stop. I looked at Pam who was behind me indicating I wanted her to come sit next to me. She shook her head and indicated the front of the classroom. The guy was there again, was I not going to get away from him. “Ah you must be our new student.” Mr Jacobs said to him, adjusting his specks. “Can you stay still boy.” Mr Jacobs said. “He is.” Most the class said together. “Alright settle back down.” Mr Jacobs said. “Take a seat wherever’s free.” Mr Jacobs looked around please not me please not me. “Where’s Max?” he asked me. “College early placement program.” I said weakly. “Sit in Max’s seat.” Mr Jacobs said indicating the one next to me that was empty. Shit. The guy came and sat next to me. I swore Vincent was going to have an asthma attack. “Inhaler.” I said looking at him like what the fuck is going on with you. “I don’t think I caught your name?” The guy asked me. “Kenny and yourself?” I asked. Pam kicked me. “What?” I asked her. She looked at me like what the fuck. “I am Dylan Adams.” The guy said. “Oh like Hollywood’s new movie hotty?” I asked him looking at him. “Yeah.” He said. “I can see how they got that assessment.” I told him, looking him up and down, I really could but that didn’t matter, I wasn’t going to get involved with a guy now not when freedom was so close. “You’re really not impressed are you? Or you’re a good actress?” he said. “Yeah acting is defiantly not my idea of fun.” I told him, I wondered if I shuddered, If I was an actress would I be like my stepsister Sea? No actually I liked to think Sea was just a bitch in general and if she wasn’t famous because of flaunting dads name and getting that small TV role years ago that she would just be the school bully. I could imagine her as the mean girl in school, a role she actually had played a few times it was so ironic. “Why should I be impressed I don’t know you. You could be a real asshole.” I told him meaning my words, I didn’t care who people were. Vincent started breathing so heavy. I went to his bag and pulled out his inhaler. “3 puffs calm the fuck down dude.” I told him handing it to him. I looked at Dylan and he was looking at me like I was a mystery. “So what do we do in this class?” he asked me. “It’s AP Chemistry.” I said rolling my eyes, I started showing him what to do. He kept looking at me like I was a mystery he wanted answers to. Every time I was rude Pam would kick me. “What’s your deal Kenny not have enough sleep last night?” Dylan asked me as we got ready to leave. “Last night try for months.” Pam said to him nervously. I scoffed. “When have I got time to sleep? Except homeroom and detention?” I asked her. “1 months’ time.” Pam said. I grinned at her. “Make it 3 weeks I got an early jailbreak.” I told her with a grin. She high-fived me. My phone was buzzing I sighed, “What do you think the wicked witch of the south wants?” Pam said. “To be killed by a house?” I suggested with a grin. I pulled my phone out my bag. “Hey.” I said. “Pick up the dry cleaning by 1pm and have it home by 2. Book me a meal at.” I looked at Pam and she sighed. “Alright is there anything else you would like?” I asked weakly. She carried on loads of demands. I saw Vincent Pam and Dylan watching me but kept my eyes low taking in the marks on the counter. “Alright.” I said “Bye.” I said hanging up. “I got to go home.” I said weakly. “You can’t be serious.” Pam said. “Chores.” I said weakly. “School comes before chores Kenny.” Pam told me. I scoffed, “Not when the wicked witch demands something.” I said weakly. “I got to go, cover for me.” I said weakly. “Don’t we always.” She said. I looked at Dylan. “Sorry I’m such a bitch.” I told him and walked away. Two classes down. That was impressive even for me.

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