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Chapter 2 - Dylan

This was a bad idea, an extremely bad idea. I looked at the high school. A few days just to research for my new role. Because how would I play a high school jock when I’ve never been to high school. I should have come in disguise but I hadn’t. I don’t know why I hadn’t. I was walking through the corridor trying to find the office, when I tripped over. Fuck a fan had got in my way. I looked down at her, she looked like a walking Zombie. Bags under her eyes she looked exhausted, she also wasn’t looking at me like a fan that had purposely got in my way on purpose. “Sorry.” I told the little blonde, hey at least it looked natural not like the bleach blondes I was normally about. “No problem I get it I’m short.” she said like it had been done too much for her to even care. Ha how often do you have a movie star walk into you? “Yeah you are, what are you 5.2?” I went with why wasn’t she screaming, or taking a selfie? “Ha are you a comedian I’m 5.4 thank you very much.” she told me yawning I had to smile at her, either she didn’t give a fuck who I was or she wasn’t awake the amount she was yawning I was going with the second option. “Are you in my homeroom?” she asked me looking confused up at me as if she was trying to place me. “It’s my first day.” I told her, someone screamed “THERE’S DYLAN.” I cursed, “The office is that way.” The girl told me pointing in the way the crowd was gathering fuck sake where were you with the directions before people noticed me. Well I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. “Thanks.” I told her, “Aren’t you going to scream?” I decided to question her. “Sorry I haven’t got a clue who you are. But I assure you even if I did you’re not scream worthy.” She told me, that was when the bell went. “Shit I’m getting detention again.” she said, then she run off going around me, I realised I’d been blocking her escape route which is why she had stayed with me chatting. Oh well chances I would see her again were slim. I went to the office. The receptionist looked at me with dreamy wonder as she handed me my schedule. This was all set up for me, I just wish I’d come in in disguise so I got a more authentic experience. I went through to homeroom with only 20 minutes left, maybe I should of just gone first period. I went in and the class went instantly silent. The teacher even looked at me with a school girl crush look. I looked around and there was the little blonde she looked like she had made her desk into a makeshift bed. Her jacket curled up as a pillow. “Class this is Dylan as I’m sure most of you are aware. Hes here to research for his upcoming part and will be with us for a few weeks.” the teacher told the class, yeah really should have come in disguise. I looked around the class as everyone moved around to make it so they had an empty chair next to them. The blonde put her head back on her jacket and closed her eyes. Yeah alright she was possibly on drugs I decided. The class was all aloud chatter until the bell went. “Classes everyone I am sure Dylan will ask you all questions in time.” The teacher said. Yeah I would, I just wanted to watch them all on how to act. The class all went slowly stopping by my desk. The blonde and her friend hadn’t moved. I saw the teacher writing a yellow slip, then with the detention slip make her way to the back of the classroom. She tapped the back of the girls head. “Kenny Allen.” She snapped at the girl. Kenny what kind of name is Kenny for a girl? She handed her the detention slip. “Good start of the day Miss Allen two detentions before 1st period.” The teacher said her voice rich with sarcasm and she shook her head as if she couldn’t believe the girl. “Thanks I’m going for the record.” the blonde girl said without the sarcasm. “Kenny prehab’s you are taking on to much currently.” I heard the girl in front of her say to her as they got their stuff together. “Well if you want to help me with my chores later I won’t say no.” Kenny told the other girl. “Let’s see them.” the girl said, I looked behind me and the blonde had given the black girl with amazing hair a piece of paper she was looking at it like what the fuck she then scoffed and said “you can’t be serious!” “Pam not so loud!” Kenny said looking at the teacher then at me, like she was afraid we could hear. “Girls next class now.” The teacher said. The black girl who seemed to be 6 foot grabbed the little blonde and pulled her away. “Alright.” The girl said to the teacher as they left. The blonde weakly smiled at me as if she and I were friends. Once the corridors had calmed down slightly I made my way to my next class. AP chemistry this I knew would hopefully have some students in that could give me one opinion on the school. I went in the class and the first thing I noticed the blonde and she had an empty chair next to her. Perfect. “Ah you must be our new student.” The teacher said looking at me when I came in the class. He adjusted his specks that were filthy could he even see? “Can you stay still boy.” He asked me, well that answered the see question. “He is.” Most the class said together like they said it all the time. “Alright settle back down.” the teacher told them all. “Take a seat wherever’s free.” the teacher said looking around. Oh I would I saw the seat I was taking. “Where’s Max?” he asked, well how could I answer that I didn’t know anyone. “College early placement program.” The blonde said to him. “Sit in Max’s seat.” The teacher told me. Oh I defiantly was. I went and sat next to the girl who looked like I had run over her puppy currently. Did she not realise that just made me want to annoy her more. “Inhaler.” Was the first thing the blonde said and it wasn’t to me as I looked at her like what the hell but she was looking at the guy at the counter next to her. “I don’t think I caught your name?” I said to her, well if it was Kenny I had but that might be a nickname or something. “Kenny and yourself?” she asked me. What she didn’t know? She flinched then looked behind her at the girl from earlier who pushed up her specks at her and kind of opened her eyes wide. “What?” Kenny asked her confused. “I am Dylan Adams.” I told her. “Oh like Hollywood’s new movie hotty?” she asked me looking at me. “Yeah.” I told her what the hell? “I can see how they got that assessment.” She told me. Wait did she mean about me being a hotty I was confused but she didn’t seem to care who I was. “You’re really not impressed are you? Or you’re a good actress?” I told her, she could be an actress I realised she was pretty but she kind of gave the air of someone who was too tired to care. “Yeah acting is defiantly not my idea of fun. Why should I be impressed I don’t know you. You could be a real asshole.” She told me. I actually wanted to laugh. The guy next to her was breathing so heavy, without a second thought she bent down and went through the guy’s bag handing him an inhaler “3 puffs calm the fuck down dude.” She told him. She looked at me, she would fit really comfortably in my bed I thought but had to shake the thought out my head. Not with the new part id have to kiss my co-star and that always got a girl to act possessive. “So what do we do in this class?” I asked her as she was setting up an experiment of some type. “It’s AP Chemistry.” She told me rolling her eyes at me. Give a guy a break I haven’t been school in years. She started talking me through the experiment, I got the hint quiet quickly she was sharp as a spike, rude and didn’t care who she was talking to. I knew she kept getting kicked for her rudeness but she was ignoring the girl so I did as well. Near the end of the class I gave up, had I done something to piss her off by walking into her or something. “What’s your deal Kenny not have enough sleep last night?” I asked her. “Last night try for months.” The black girl told me seriously. Was Kenny always this prickly if so how did she have friends? “When have I got time to sleep? Except homeroom and detention?” Kenny asked her after scoffing. “1 months’ time.” her friend told her. Kenny grinned at her friend, “Make it 3 weeks I got an early jailbreak.” they high-fived each other with a smile. What the hell! Then Kenny sighed and I could hear the buzzing coming from her bag. “What do you think the wicked witch of the south wants?” “To be killed by a house?” Kenny suggested with a grin but also surprisingly hope in her voice. Both of which disappeared as she answered the phone with just a simple. “Hey.” I didn’t hear the conversation, Kenny looked at the friend and looked like she had already had enough. “Alright is there anything else you would like?” she asked into the phone. She looked at the counter as if it fascinated her. “Alright.” She said into the phone. “Bye.” She said after a while and hung up putting her phone back in her bag. “I got to go home.” she said weakly, um no you don’t you need to stay in school. “You can’t be serious.” the other girl said to her as if she couldn’t believe her friend was ditching class. “Chores.” Kenny said as if that answered everything. “School comes before chores Kenny.” The other girl told her. Kenny scoffed. “Not when the wicked witch demands something.” Kenny said weakly. “I got to go, cover for me.” Kenny asked her weakly as if she had even given up fighting. “Don’t we always.” The other girl said. Kenny looked at me, I thought I might get a bit of an explanation on what the hell was going on, but what came out her mouth was. “Sorry I’m such a bitch.” Then she walked away. Really? “What’s her damage?” I asked them. “Not really sure she doesn’t explain much.” The girl said nervously. “So what are your names?” I asked them. “I’m Pam and the guy having the asthma attack next to you is Vincent. Vincent inhaler or school nurse! You’ve met Kenny. Max is at college, 2 days a week but here the rest of the week. Then I’m sure the rest of the class will introduce themselves when they get over there shock.” Pam told me so nervously. “Alright.” I said. “Well I got to go history.” I said looking at my schedule. “With Mr Ford?” Pam asked me. “Yeah.” I said. “We can show you the way.” Vincent said wheezing into the inhaler, “Thank you.” I said meaning it. I followed them, a lot of girls screaming in the corridor as I walked past. A cheerleader emptied the seat next to her on arrival. I went and sat next to her, giving her my movie smile. I didn’t like what she had done but I decided to play ball. I needed to see everyone here really. When the teacher called the register he said Kenny’s name and Pam just said. “Here.” as if she was in the class, the teacher didn’t even look up just ticked her off. The class went fast the class all kept trying to talk to me and I would respond. Then I went to my next class with the popular. The teacher called the register and Kenny’s name was called out again. A different girl I hadn’t met said. “Here.” she had put her bag on the desk as if to hide a person behind it. Then it was lunch, I sat with the cheerleaders and jocks they all seemed nice just a bit needy of my attention. Then after lunch I went to Calculus. Kenny was sat in the class with her friends when I walked in. So she was back in school. She was copying her friend’s notes. “Thanks Pam.” She said weakly. “No props did you sort it all out?” She asked her. “I’ll be up till 2am again doing it.” Kenny said weakly. “Kenny you’re going to kill yourself it’s scientifically impossible for you to keep going this pace. You’re at school every day till 3 then you’re in detention until 3.30 every day. Then you’re at work until 9pm most evenings. Then you’re working until 7am every weekend and not to mention being up for 4am to start your chores!” Vincent told her. The girl smiled at him. “Thanks for working out the math, can you work out how many hours till I turn 18?” Kenny asked him. “Why don’t you come stay with me the weekend Kenny?” Pam asked her. “I can’t I got work then I got chores then I got.” Kenny started. “I get it Kenny you’re trying to save up money for college but you’re going to kill yourself before you even get there.” Pam told her. “I am fine guys, just drop it.” Kenny said. “You know we are only saying these things because we care about you Kenny.” Pam said, Kenny covered her face like she wanted to cry. “Mind if I get a bit of sleep?” Kenny asked. “Sure I will wake you if the teacher comes over.” Pam said weakly. Kenny put her head on the desk and was out like a light. Shit the girl seemed exhausted. I paid attention the whole class Kenny’s friend wrote her notes for her and put them in front of her and prodded her when the teacher looked like she was about to go over. We went to the next class it went fine. At the end of school I was at my locker when I saw Kenny at hers, “You alright?” I asked her, how come her locker was next to mine. “Who did you pay to get this locker?” I asked her with a wink. She weakly smiled. “Hey weird question you live in ?” she started and asked me my gated community. “Yeah what want to get to a celebrities house.” I asked her with a wink. “Yeah.” She admitted. “Oh who?” I asked her interested. “Don’t worry about it, but I was wondering if you would tell the guard to let me in?” She asked me hopeful. “Sorry Kenny I don’t even think you should be driving with how exhausted you seem.” I said truthfully. She looked like I had slapped her. “Okay don’t worry it was a big ask.” She admitted. “Who do you want to see?” I asked her. “Don’t worry its nothing important.” She said weakly. “Kenny.” I said to her as she went to leave. “Yeah?” she asked me. “If you want you can come round mine and study for the chemistry test. After all we are lab partners.” I suggested. “Then you can go see the celebrity of your choice I will drive you.” I told her with a wink. “I can’t today I’ve got work chores and.” She started. “What if I pay for you not to go work?” I asked her. “What?” she asked confused. That was when my phone buzzed. I looked at it my agent. “Agent?” she asked me. “Yeah how you know?” I asked her taken aback. “My.” She started then stopped herself. “I just know that look.” she went with. Her own phone started ringing, Kenny pulled her phone out. “Hey.” She said into the phone. “Shit I completely forgot, I’m on my way.” Kenny said. “Miss Allen detention.” A teacher started. “Give me triple tomorrow.” Kenny said running out the door. The teacher stood there watching her in shock as the girl had run off. I went home, I talked to my agent. I already had my own place. I rung my parents and talked on the phone to my mother for an hour she was in the Bahamas with dad. Hey can’t blame them.

The next day at school I went in to as much a mad zone as the day before. I was in homeroom thankfully early because I decided the earlier I got to school the better. The bell rung and the class was in. It was 4 minutes later that Kenny ran in the class. She was handed a detention slip straight away. “Do you have this already printed?” she asked the teacher. “Yes.” Our teacher sighed. “Prehab’s setting your alarm clock 20 minutes earlier?” The teacher suggested. “And deny you all my presence in detention?” she asked with a smile and went to her seat. “Coffee 3 shots of espresso.” A guy who wasn’t there yesterday said handing her a travel coffee cup. “Did I mention you are the best Max.” Kenny told him. “Every time I give you coffee.” The guy said shaking his head. “Let me guess you’ve been up hours?” he asked her. “I haven’t been bed since yesterday.” She admitted. “Kenny you’re going to make yourself so sick.” Pam said turning to look at her. “1 months 5 days until I’m free, and 2 weeks 6 days until I’m free of the jailhouse.” Kenny said. “Where do you plan to live Kenny?” Pam asked her. “I got a motel room all ready for me. I will be fine guys, believe me I will be fine.” She assured them, they looked at her like they didn’t believe her. “Kenny.” The guy started. “Its fine guys I promise.” Kenny said weakly. “Did you hear that we are having a pop quiz in physics today?” Kenny asked. “Yeah I’m the one who emailed you about it last night.” Max told her shaking his head. “Did you spend all night studying?” he asked her. “Of course not, I spent the night dusting the chandler ready for MTV to put in hidden cameras for a new documentary all about my perfect fake family.” Kenny said. I turned and looked at her like what the fuck. Pam laughed. “Again Kenny sometimes when you joke it sounds like you’re telling the truth.” Pam laughed. “Yeah I know.” Kenny said winking at her and bursting out laughing herself. “What did you really spend the night doing?” Max asked her. “My little sister wasn’t feeling very well, I spent most the night helping her puke down the toilet.” Kenny said. “She not well again?” Max said. “I know she’s stressed.” Kenny said truthfully. “What the hell has a kid her age got to stress about?” Pam asked her. “Chores.” Kenny said shrugging. The bell went then. The group got up and started walking past me. I walked to my next class, no Kenny in this one but the guy Max was here. The next class had Max in and Kenny, they were sat next to each other Kenny was asleep at the desk. “Hey.” I said weakly to Max as I realised this was Chemistry was I now having to work alone, he indicated the empty chair. He had put at the bench. “Hey you must be Dylan, Kenny emailed me about you.” Max told me. He looked at her, he smiled as if he had an idea. “What you think of locking her in the supply closet, I know we could move her and not wake her, or maybe draw on a moustache.” Max told me. “How is she even passing school?” I asked him. Max shrugged, “Mystery.” He admitted after a while. “What does she do to make her so tired?” I asked him. “Hell if I know.” Max shrugged. “Well shouldn’t you know as her boyfriend.” I questioned him. “She’s not my girlfriend Pam’s my girlfriend.” Max told me rolling his eyes. “So we have a paper to write and I know you’ve just come here for a few weeks and don’t plan to graduate.” Max said. “But you want help writing it?” I asked him. “No I’ve already wrote it, Kenny read it and added shit and emailed it back, but did you want me to put your name on it?” Max asked me. “Do you not think I could add stuff?” I asked him. “You’re an actor.” Max said rolling his eyes. “And Kenny’s on drugs yet you trust her opinion.” I said. Max actually laughed. “I didn’t at first.” Max admitted. “Why don’t we all meet up and study.” I said seriously. “Sure we can do my house or yours.” Max shrugged, “Or Kenny’s work.” he shrugged. “Can’t we go Kenny’s house?” I asked him. “No Kenny’s not allowed people round her home.” Max shrugged as if he’d long ago given up. “You ever been?” I asked him. “Nope.” He shrugged. I looked at her fast asleep. “You can both come mine.” I sighed. “When be best?” Max asked me. “When can you both do it?” I asked him. Max prodded Kenny. “Oi mush how many chores you got?” he asked her. She swiped his hand away. “Chores how many?” he asked her. “List.” Kenny moaned at him. “Where?” Max said. “Bag.” she moaned turning away from him. Max went to her bag and pulled out a list. He scanned it and laughed. “You can’t be serious?” he said to her. “I hate you can’t you just let me sleep.” Kenny moaned. “Cinderella you’ll sleep through the ball.” Max told her. “I ain’t fucking Cinderella.” Kenny moaned. “I didn’t mention sex at all.” Max laughed. Kenny opened her eyes at that and glared at him. “Oh fuck off Max.” she told him. She sighed sitting up. “When are you free?” I asked her. “Friday, my stepsisters throwing a party.” Kenny said. “Cool we invited.” Max asked her. “No I have a motel room booked and paid for.” Kenny told him. “You’re kidding right?” He asked her. “Nope I got told this morning at breakfast, I need to prepare everything for the party and get lost before 2pm. Then I got to take Little sister to work, then I got to arrange.” Kenny said then she caught herself. “Friday it is then.” I said seriously. “What we doing Friday?” Kenny asked really confused. “Going Dylan’s mansion to study.” Max said. “Really?” Kenny asked me. “Yeah.” I said seriously. Kenny bit her bottom lip. “Alright Friday sounds good.” She said. “How do we get in your gated community, no offence but I don’t have any ID.” Kenny told me. “You just need to give them your name.” I told her shrugging. “Like Kenny Allen will get me in?” she asked me. “Yeah if that’s your real name.” I told her with a wink. “Oh shit Kenny won’t turn up.” Max said. Kenny stuck her tongue out at him. “I do use my name if I’m forced to idiot.” She told Max. “Really the only reason I know it is because I helped you fill out a college application form.” Max said with a knowing smile. Even then you wouldn’t let me see the last name on it.” Max said. “Fuck off Max, I told you I’m a spy and that shit can get you killed.” Kenny said. “Do you hate your name that much?” I asked her. Max nodded at me. “What is your real name that Kenny was a good substitute?” I asked her. She rolled her eyes. “Kennedy?” I asked. “Try M.” Max said to me laughing. “McKenzie?” I asked. “Fuck off both of you and let me sleep.” Kenny moaned. “So it’s McKenzie?” I asked her, Kenny rolled her eyes. “Happy?” she asked Max who laughed. “You know one day Kenny someone will work out who you are where you live and why the hell you’re always so tired.” Max told her. “Do you have to wind me up Max when you know I’ve had no sleep?” Kenny asked him. “It’s just so easy too.” Max told her. Kenny got her stuff together. “Max if I was anyone do you think I’d be working my ass off to be able to afford college? Do you think I’d have such a crap life? We might live in Hollywood and I know you’re sat next to a celebrity but we aren’t on a set. There’s no fairy coming to save the day and no offense to you both but neither of you is my idea of a prince charming. So just let me play my Cinderella role until I turn 18 then I’m out of here. I am going to rescue myself so fuck off.” Kenny said and walked off. “Shit I pushed to many buttons.” Max said as Kenny stormed out the class before the bell had even gone. “Idiot.” Pam said from behind us. “She’ll cool down she always does.” Max sighed. He held a piece of paper in his hand. “She normally does.” Max shrugged but I saw the worry. “I’ll apologise.” Max said weakly. I looked at him, “Isn’t that her chore list?” I asked him. “Yeah.” He shrugged. “It’s a joke.” He said shrugging. “Can I look?” I asked him. He handed it me. I looked at it, Fuck if it weren’t a joke I saw why she referred to herself as Cinderella just now. “It’s a joke Dylan, she called her step mom an evil witch since day one here and we started asking her if her chore list was real or just her thinking of excuses not to meet up. So she started bringing these in.” Max said shrugging. “That’s what you tell yourself.” I said looking at him, he slightly fidgeted. “Just forget it, come next month you won’t even think back to this conversation.” Max said. “If I give you my number rather than you mine would be best so I don’t get mugged for your number.” Max said writing his number down on a bit of paper and giving it to me. The bell went then and everyone started moving. I saw Kenny in my next class, she was sat at a computer headphones in listening to music writing a paper. I sat next to her, hey I was going to bother her I decided. “You alright I didn’t mean to piss you off, you have a right to hate your name if that’s what you want to do.” I told her, after she had pulled her headphones out. “I don’t hate my name, I just don’t like anyone calling me it anymore.” Kenny told me. “Why?” I asked her. She shrugged. “Just that me is gone, there’s no way I could ever get her back, except build a time machine.” She mumbled. “We do live in Hollywood.” I suggested she weakly smiled. “So let’s hear.” I said. “Hear?” she said confused. “Yeah what your listening to.” I said with a smile. She weakly smiled. She handed me her head phones. The first thing I heard was my friend Milo’s voice. “Your into rock?” I asked her confused. “What don’t I look like I’m into rock?” she asked me. “In that designer outfit no.” I said, I think that was something I had noticed quite quickly about Kenny, she was wearing designer, it might not be the perfect fit on her, but they were all this seasons rather than last seasons, she obviously had money, but at the same time I knew she didn’t. I looked at her really confused. “Dude so what I’m into rock it ain’t that confusing. Miles off is really good, they might actually be one of my favourite bands currently.” She said. “So I bet you would go mad to meet Milo?” I asked her. She weakly smiled. “There’s a few things I’d like to say to Milo.” She said. “Oh so you have a boyband crush on him?” I asked her, why was it a pang of jealously had gone and settled in my stomach. “No but it sounds like you do.” She told me with a smile, looking like she was actually going to laugh. I leaned over her computer and typed. “What are you doing?” she asked me as I opened up her emails like what the fuck. I wrote his email address in the to slot. Her eyes went wide. “Send him your fan mail.” I told her with a wink. “What the fuck Dylan you can’t just give a random girl a rock stars email address.” She told me. “Fine I can delete it.” I said going to delete it. “No don’t.” she said. She looked worried. “Is this really his?” she asked me. “Yeah unless you’d prefer meeting him in person.” I said to her shrugging. She looked at me her mouth opening in shock, Fuck why was I doing this. Kenny looked at her bag and sighed. “I can’t, maybe in a few months but right now I can’t, I don’t think I’m ready.” She said weakly. “You can’t email a rock star?” I laughed. “Kenny he gets millions of fans message him daily.” I told her shrugging. “Yeah I get that, but what I’d want isn’t exactly what a fan would ask for.” Kenny said. Again the bang of jealousy hit. “What would you want?” I asked him. “To give him something that no one’s seen in a long time.” Kenny said seriously. “Fuck Kenny.” I swore at her, she looked at me and realised what I thought and went. “Shit not like that Dylan take a chill pill. I don’t fancy him at all. In fact he reminds me a bit of my dad.” Kenny said laughing. She looked at the email address again and sighed. “If I wanted to email him how would be best to start the email without just coming across a fan.” She asked me. “Come here.” I said, signing into my own email address. She looked at me wide eyed sat next to me. “You want me to email him from your email address?” she asked me. “I’m saying you can.” I told her moving so she could reach the keyboard but she would have to lean over me slightly. “Thank you Dylan, thanks I’m sorry I’ve been such a bitch.” She told me. “No problem McKenzie.” I told her. “That ain’t my name Dylan.” She laughed. “Then what is it because it will drive me nuts.” I told her. “Makena.” She said rolling her eyes. “Was that so hard?” I asked her, I saw the tears in her eyes. Fuck it actually was? “Kind of Dylan, like I said no one’s called me my name in years not since my dad died, one way I like that. The other way it just.” She said then she seemed to think and stopped herself. Just hurts? She started typing on my computer, I read it quickly. ‘I have a guitar it belonged to my late father, would you do me a huge favour and if I get it to you record yourself singing a cover of Not good for you?’ “That’s what you want?” I asked her, confused. “Yeah it would make the best 18th birthday present ever.” She admitted blushing. “Alright bring it Friday and I’ll get it to him.” I told her shrugging. “You’ll make sure I get it back, it’s kind of all I got left of my dad and it’s very precious.” She admitted to me looking so torn. “Yeah.” I shrugged. “I got it in the trunk of my car now. I kind of had to get it out the house as my step mom was talking about how my little sister has nothing of my dad’s and how I have the memories so I don’t need the physical things.” Kenny said looking at me nervous. I looked at her confused. “I kind of had to get it out the house before she took it off me.” She admitted. “Alright I’ll take it today if you want me to.” I said, she nodded. “Will you promise to be careful with it, it might not look much but it’s all I got.” Kenny said worried. “Yeah I promise.” I told her, holding my hand out for her to shake. She shook my hand and smiled at me. “Thanks Dylan.” She said like she fully meant it. “I might not be your prince charming Cinderella but can you let me play the fairy?” I asked trying not to laugh. She burst out laughing. “Fine but you need to wear a tutu.” She told me laughing. “So Cinderella just to work this out. Evil step mom?” I asked her. As if wanting to check things of. “Check.” She laughed. “Evil step sisters x 2?” I asked her. “Times one, the others my half-sister and I love her to pieces but she’s growing to be a mini of her mom so one day soon she will hate me too.” Kenny told me shrugging. “Dad dead?” I asked weakly not wanting to say check. “Yeah.” She said looking hurt. “Mom?” I asked her. “Yeah.” She said. “Big house that your forced to clean?” I asked her. She weakly laughed. “Check and check.” She said. “Yet no ball to go to?” I asked her. “Nope except prom in a few weeks but freedoms on the horizon before then.” She admitted. “When you turn 18.” I started not sure what I was going to ask. “I should be fine.” She said shuffling slightly. “If I’m not I’ll find a way to be.” She told me. My email flashed I got a message back from Milo. “Kenny.” I started. Kenny looked at me, hurt all over her dark blue eyes that seemed to sparkle with unshed tears. She was fucking gorgeous, I was surrounded by models and movie stars but Kenny was that natural gorgeous the girl next door type. “I’ll make sure I get the video of him playing your dads guitar even if no one but you ever sees it.” I told her. “Thanks.” Kenny said. I looked at my emails. ‘Since when did your dad play guitar?’ Milo had wrote to me. ‘Wasn’t me who emailed you that, explain tonight come round if you’re free. I will have the said guitar I kind of told a new friend I would get you to record a video especially for her with it. Please dude I’ll explain later.’ I wrote back to him. Kenny was back to writing her paper with her headphones in, not looking. ‘Friend as in a girl you are interested? You are turning normal high school. See you tonight bout 8.’ Milo had written to me. ‘8s great yeah it’s a girl.’ ‘Take a picture of her if you’re that interested I bet she’s hot, but dude you’re a movie star if you had to bring me into this your losing your game.’ Milo wrote of. ‘Yeah I know dude. But this girl doesn’t seem to care about my fame. At least she didn’t until I told her I could get in contact with you.’ I wrote to him. ‘Ha-ha she’s into me and not you, that must suck for you :P’ Milo wrote. ‘Apparently you remind her of her dad.’ I wrote to him. ‘Father Issues step back man way back and run.’ Milo wrote. ‘See you tonight I will look at the guitar but I ain’t promising ill play it.’ Milo wrote. ‘Yeah I’ll go with that, just help a dude out Kenny’s so different from any girl I’ve ever met.’ I wrote to him. ‘Fine dude.’ Milo said. ‘Got to go studio awaits.’ Milo wrote. ‘Yeah Lunch period then biology I don’t envy you.’ I wrote to him. There was no response.

For lunch I sat with the jocks trying to get an understanding of football that I just did not possess, after lunch I went Biology. Max Pam and Kenny were in this class, Max and Pam were partnered up. Kenny was with the asthmatic from Chemistry. The teacher looked at me with dreamy delight. “Choose a group.” She told me, with a smile. “Unless you want to work with me.” she told me. I gave her a smile. “Would that get me an A?” I asked her with a wink. She blushed. Kenny rolled her eyes, which I told myself was why I choose to go to her and Vincent. “Inhaler.” Kenny told Vincent. He reached in his bag and took 3 puffs. “It’s nice to see you awake.” I told Kenny, she smiled at me. “Yeah I decided to sleep in the library at lunch, did you know it’s so quiet in there it’s perfect.” Kenny said with a grin. We spent the lesson doing the experiment writing notes and answering questions from our books. Then went to the last lesson of the day. Then she said. “If I give it you before detention would that be okay?” really worried. “Yeah that’s fine.” I told her. “He doesn’t need to rush, I just. Thanks Dylan.” She went after bubbling over her words. “No problem.” I assured her. I went to my last class of the day, we were in class when Max leaned over and asked flat out. “What did you agree to do with Kenny?” he asked me. “I let her email a celebrity on my email address she’s into.” I shrugged. “Oh is that option available to everyone or just her?” He asked me and winked leaning back. “Friday.” I told him trying not to laugh. “Let me guess she emailed Milo from Miles off?” He asked me. “Yeah how’d you guess?” I asked him, was her crush on Milo obvious and I missed it. “One of her favourite bands, she said before there was a few things shed want to give Milo since his band released their first single. She’s been a fan since they were only doing covers, I’ve got her tickets to his concert for her birthday.” Max said shrugging. “So she’s into him?” I questioned him. “Pass she’s more about the music and his voice than him.” Max said shrugging. Your helpful Max, I wanted to tell him sarcastically. “So what is your actual address or do you want to tell us Friday?” Max asked me. I gave him my address, “just tell the security your name and you’re there to see me. I will tell them to let you and Kenny in.” I told him shrugging. “Thanks what time should we be there?” Max asked me. “4 alright?” I asked him, “You can follow me from school or I can give you both a lift.” I said shrugging. “4’s great.” He told me. The teacher then started the lesson. I paid attention, hey I defiantly thought I could do this role without much problem. After school, I went to my locker, loads of people were around. Trying to catch me alone I knew that. But it was Kenny I was looking for. I saw her walking in carrying a huge square guitar case. It was huge compared to her, it was one of those old fashioned cases and had stickers from different rock bands all over the case, and stickers indicating different countries. Alright id be gentle with this I knew it was all she had of her dad. She looked nervous of all the people still about. “Hey Ken.” I said to her as she asked someone to please move so she could get to her locker. Said person didn’t so it was my way to get the sea of people to move to let her through. I took her little hand in mine and pulled her through the crowd, omg her hand was tiny. She was tiny. She looked at me like I was suddenly frightening, and then shook it off. Looked at the crowd and rolled her eyes. She put her case down for two seconds and unlocked her locker. “Want me to look after that whilst you’re in detention?” I asked her seeing her nerves. “Yeah please.” She said nervously handing me her guitar, was she nervous of the crowd or what I was doing with her dads guitar. “When do you need it back by?” I asked her. “I’ll tell you in class tomorrow.” She said looking at me nervous. “Alright.” I told her. “Move along please!” someone shouted and people started moving. Kenny stood on her tiptoes to pull down a book from the top of her locker, I picked it up and put it in her hands. Lifting the guitar. “How fragile is it?” I asked her. She bit her bottom lip, “It means more to me than I could put a money value on. It’s my dad’s first guitar, it’s the guitar he taught me to play on.” she told me. “You can play?” I asked her actually interested. She cracked a smile as if she had a secret she was keeping all to herself. “Yeah let’s just say I had lessons very young.” Kenny told me. “I need to get to detention.” Kenny said, and then she looked at my hand and weakly smiled at me. “Don’t start making me rely on you to get my books down.” She told me and walked away leaving me with her guitar, I took the guitar and walked out with it. I wanted to peak at it but I was worried it would be fragile. I put it in my limo that had pulled up. When I got home, I made a few calls to my agent and put the guitar in the lounge. I tried to ignore the guitar case but I admit I wanted to peak, my mind kept going back to Kenny how could one girl affect me as much as she did. She even said I wasn’t her prince charming. Why couldn’t I just take that as a hint she wasn’t interested. I had texts from Milo he would actually be early. Ha that was different. Normally it was one of us saying we would be late. He wanted to know if I wanted something for dinner or if id eaten. I said to bring food. He got to my home at 6pm carrying a huge Pizza box. We ate the pizza and played video games him catching me up on the newest album. Apparently the studio was on his ass as he wasn’t number one currently. He also needed 3 new songs for the album before it was released and he was on a mind fart currently. I had to laugh, eating the pizza. Then he asked how school was going how nuts it was with everyone knowing who I was. How fake people were and shit. I talked about it, how they all seemed nice. Then he asked. “So what’s the deal with the girl you’re trying to impress then, if your looks and status did nothing?” I sighed. “I think she’s in love with you, she’s apparently one of your biggest fans.” I admitted, he laughed. “Well you could introduce me to her I’m sure that would win you brownie points.” He laughed. I sighed, then I looked over at the case. “It’s been driving me nuts not to peak since she gave it to me earlier. It’s all she’s apparently got of her dads and all she wants for her birthday is to hear not good for you on her dad’s guitar. I don’t even know what song that is, I hope you do or I’ll have to get more information from her.” I admitted. He shrugged. “If it’s the song I think, it’s not one of Mac and Cheese’s best but it was there first.” He said shrugging. “To have even heard of it she’s possibly not your type at all, but id defiantly love to meet her.” Milo told me with a glint in his eyes I knew he was teasing, so I only jokingly shoved him slightly. He went up to the guitar case and looked at it. His eyes went wide, before he’d even opened it. “Dude how much do you know about this girl?” he asked me pushing one sticker back down. “Not much.” I shrugged. He looked at the case as if he was holding his own breath. He opened it and swore. “FUCK YOUR KIDDING ME!” He said. “Is it a bad guitar?” I asked him worried. “DO YOU KNOW HOW FUCKING MUCH THIS GUITAR IS WORTH!” he yelled looking at it, his eyes so wide. “Fucking hell she just handed this to you?” he said reaching for a picture in the case, looking amazed. “Fucking hell.” Milo said looking at it. “Do you know how much this guitar would go for on eBay especially with this picture and in its original case?” He asked me. “Um she just said it was her dads guitar and meant a hell of a lot to her and was worth more to her than money as all she had left of him.” I told him not sure about his reaction. “Hell this was her dads? Do you know who the fucking hell her dad was!” he asked me amazed. “Nope like I said I don’t know much about Kenny.” I admitted. “Makena Allen Stone.” Milo said looking at the picture amazed. “You know who she is without even meeting her just by looking at the guitar?” I asked him confused. “OF COURSE I FUCKING DO.” He said amazed. “You got to introduce me to her.” Milo said amazed. I looked at him. “You still don’t have a clue who she is do you?” Milo said lifting the guitar up. “This guitar is like any Mac and Cheeses fan dream even being in the same room as this thing, she just handed it you to let me play.” He said amazed. He rested it on his lap and pulled out a few pieces of paper, and a few pictures. “So before I start googling help a brother out. What’s with you and your sudden swooning?” I told him he laughed. “Sorry this guitar was the late Carlos Stones first guitar the one he became famous on.” He told me. “Carlos Stone as in Sea’s father?” I asked confused, that’s the only time I’d heard that name in circles. Milo shook his head, “Sea uses his name to flaunt her celebrity status he was her step father, Makena and Stasia are his kids. Stasia is hitting Hollywood by storm at the moment, Modelling and her first upcoming film is due to start filming next week. But Makena.” He said looking at the guitar. “She just disappeared when her dad died. A theory was she died in the plane crash that killed Mac and Cheese.” Milo said looking at the guitar. “Then what makes you think Kenny’s Makena?” I asked him confused, it wasn’t even a done thing she was the same Makena I wanted to remind him and myself. “Because any real Mac and Cheese fan knows about Nikes failed custody battle to get custody of her and his allegations she was being abused by her stepmother, he tried everything to get hold of her.” Milo said. “Oh.” I said, I thought of very tired sleepy Kenny who had a count down until the moment she could move out. “Why did he fail?” I asked Milo. “He was in rehab, but he was clean 13 months when he tried to get custody of her, the judge ruled with her stepmother saying it was best to keep Makena with her sisters and stepmother.” Milo said shrugging. “So they gave a woman who was abusing her custody, what about grandparents or something.” I asked. “Carlos didn’t have parents, he and all the band grew up in the care system together they claimed to be a family by choice rather than blood. That’s why there songs were so full of emotion.” Milo told me looking at the guitar like a little kid in a candy store. Wide eyed and excited. “So did it ever come out she was abused?” I asked Milo, thinking of Kenny again. “No she just disappeared the last time she was seen was the custody battle. When people started questioning an article came out assuring fans she was fine, that she had decided with the death of her father and mother she needed time to grieve alone away from the attention her father’s name gained her.” Milo said seriously. I thought of Kenny. “But who knows she never appeared to confirm or deny rumours. She’s possibly just enjoying a normal childhood out the spot light.” Milo shrugged. I thought of Kenny not even knowing if she could go college. “What happened to her father’s money?” I asked him. “Nike managed to have that frozen, it was the only thing he did manage. He managed to have Makena’s and Stasia’s money put in trust fund accounts for when they turn 21.” Milo told me shrugging, Okay so she would be okay eventually but not at 18. “Is Nike still alive?” I asked him. “Yeah but he goes by Mike now.” Milo said shrugging. “He owns the studio I am signed to.” Milo said to me like he thought I was thick for not knowing this. “Is he the only one?” I started. “3 of the band died in the crash, Nike wasn’t on the plane as he was in rehab he had plans to fly out the next day, just in time for the concert.” Milo said seriously. Milo looked at the guitar then he strummed it so gently as if he was petrified of breaking it. “I want to talk to her, can you give her my number and tell her its important she texts me?” Milo said to me. “Unless you already have her number?” He asked me, I thought about it I had Max’s I pulled out my phone and the slip of paper.

Dylan – Hey it’s Dylan. What’s Kenny’s number?

Max – Kenny would kill me if I give it you, no offence dude it’s normally the teenage girl wanting the celebs number not the other way round.

Dylan – yeah I know it’s slightly ironic but text Kenny asking if I can have her number. Say I’m with Milo and he wants to ring her.

Max – texted her to confirm I can give it you, I will let you know when I get a reply.

“You texting her?” Milo asked me. “No I’m texting my chemistry partner trying to get him to give me her number.” I admitted. He actually laughed. “It’s normally the girls trying to get my number not the other way round.” Milo said. My phone started ringing, I saw it was Max’s number. “I rung Kenny rather than text and she said can you wait and talk about it Friday because she’s in shit load of trouble currently and having to sort something out for her step sister.” Max said. I looked at Milo and then said to Max. “Max what does that even mean shit loads of trouble?” I asked him. “I don’t know its Kenny.” Max said weakly as if something didn’t sit right with him either. “Come on Max cough up what aren’t you saying, she doesn’t want to talk because she’s not ready?” I questioned. “No nothing like that, to be honest Kenny whispered her reply.” He admitted. “She whispered like she didn’t want to be over heard?” I questioned. “Yeah and she sounded odd, well even odder than normal Kenny.” Max said weakly. “What like she was sneaking about to make the call?” I questioned. “Well that as well, but more like she was crying but didn’t want me to realise.” Max admitted. “I’ll talk to her at school tomorrow don’t worry about it.” Max said. “Max.” I started. “I got to go, it’s a school night and my parents have a rule no calls after 9.30.” Max said and he hung up. “Can you wait to talk to her on Friday?” I asked Milo. “Yeah I can wait. Can I take this till then?” Milo asked me. “I will have to ask her.” I admitted. He nodded. “She just wants the one song from her dad, I can do that and gives me one of the 3 songs I need for my CD. But the other 2 songs I have an idea and it depends on your little girlfriend’s response.” Milo told me. “She’s not my girlfriend.” I told him. “What’s that, you want to sing more of her dad’s songs on the guitar?” I asked him wondering if she would let him. “Yeah but there’s one song he never put on a cd that is only available as a bad recording from a concert, a concert I even saw as a kid.” Milo admitted. “You want the words to it?” I asked him. “No I got the words, I want to know if she’s willing to sing it again.” Milo admitted. “After all it was the first song she performed live with her father.” Milo said seriously. “I’m 100% sure the band would be willing, I’m 100% sure Mike would be willing.” Milo said. “Do you think he’d be able to talk to her?” I asked Milo hopeful. “Yeah I bet he would give anything to be able to talk to her, hes got her picture and the bands picture all over his office. He still calls her his niece Mac.” Milo said truthfully. “Mac not Kenny?” I asked him. “Nope he always called her Mac, hold on.” Milo said fiddling with his phone. He handed me it after a while. “WHATS UP LA!” a man on stage shouted on the video clip on YouTube. “I am going to treat you all too a song I wrote with my little girl here! My monster of a child. She’s my middle baby now and this is her first time playing for a crowd so give her loads of encouragement.” The man yelled the crowd was literally screaming. “This song is dedicated to my 3 little girls. Sea Mac and Stasia. It’s called Cheese.” her dad yelled. Then he started playing, there was a little version of Kenny on the stage next to him, the camera wasn’t that clear because it was old now really. She started playing matching her dads speed on the guitar, and then she started singing. “Wow.” I said to Milo, I wondered if Kenny could still play and sing like that, she was brilliant and with her father she seemed so confident like she wasn’t afraid of anything. Once the song had finished the crowd was screaming, “My eight year old Makena!” Her dad yelled. “That was her at eight?” I asked Milo in shock. “Yeah he died 4 months after this, it was the only time this song was ever played, well live.” Milo said seriously. “He looks so young.” I said looking at the video it wasn’t as clear as it would be if it was recorded now a days but it was clear enough. “He was.” Milo said seriously. “They realised there first song after Fern who was there youngest member turned 16. They were amazing.” Milo said seriously. He looked at the guitar so thoughtful, “So hopefully she will agree to do Cheese with me, but if not I defiantly want to know if she’d be happy for me to use this guitar in a music video.” Milo said seriously. “She wanted to see you play the song.” I reminded him. “So you’ll see her at school tomorrow. Can I come school too?” Milo asked me. “Milo your 21, I think the school would have a small problem with that.” I reminded him he laughed. “Only slight.” Milo laughed. “I will try ask her.” I assured him. “Thanks.” Milo said. “Ironic I thought she was the one asking me a favour.” Milo laughed. He looked at the guitar, “I will leave this here but I will warn you this guitar is worth thousands Dylan.” He warned me. “Noted.” I said seriously. He looked at the time, “I got to get home, I got to be at the studio in the morning and you got school.” he laughed the last bit. “Yeah it seems so odd doesn’t it?” I admitted. “Yeah it does.” Milo admitted, He left shortly after and I went bed, I wondered why Kenny had done it. I decided I would talk to her about it tomorrow, I decided id corner her in class tomorrow and demand answers.

Was it really only Wednesday. Day 3 of school. I walked in and the school was still a buzz of people trying to get my attention. I talked to some, I signed a few autographs. I went to my locker and wondered how late Kenny would be. I went to homeroom, with 5 minutes to bell. Max was there so was Pam. I decided to talk to them before class, even though the cheerleaders were trying to get my attention. But they both looked so worried. “Hey.” I said. “Hey.” Max said. “Hello.” Pam said eyes still wide to talk to me. “Why do you both look worried?” I questioned. “It’s nothing.” Max said shrugging. The teacher came in then. Bell went I expected Kenny running in late. The teacher even had a yellow slip waiting. But no Kenny turned up. I looked at Max and Pam as if asking if they knew something. I went to my next class, Kenny’s name was called no one answered. I thought her friends covered for her missing class. But the girl who had done the last time. Just looked at the desk next to her worried. The next lesson was the same. No one responded to Kenny’s name. Lunch was the same, I saw her friends looking at their phones worried. I wished we had science today so I could demand answers of Max but we had gym today. I got to practise my football skills. The quarterback actually running me through some plays. After gym I hit the shower. I looked at Vince he was one of her friends and although he hadn’t done gym with me he’d had it at the same time. Did he know where Kenny was? After gym I had a shower then had my last class of the day. Kenny’s name wasn’t read in this class so I took it she didn’t have this class with me. After school I stood by my locker and wondered if I should text Max the moment I got out of here. I went to the limo and went home. I got a text from Milo that night asking if I talked to her, I just wrote she wasn’t at school today. I left it at that. I texted Max just to ask if everything was okay and he replied with just a yeah fine. That was it, I knew I wasn’t actually one of his friends but I don’t know something didn’t sit right.

The next day at school. No Kenny and no Max. I looked at Pam in chemistry. “Where are they both avoiding me?” I asked her. She weakly smiled. “Max is at college.” She said calmly. Okay got it but where was Kenny. “Kenny?” I asked. She just shrugged, but worry crossed her face for a few seconds. Something bad was up, I was tempted to call the cops and get them to go check out her stepmothers address. “Have you got Kenny’s number so I can text her to see if she’s still up to tomorrow?” I asked her. “She isn’t responding to texts currently.” Pam said. I looked at her, trying not to worry too much but I saw the worry on her face. “Why aren’t you covering for her?” I asked her. “Max said that she said not to.” Pam said seriously and weakly shrugged. I went to all my lessons, Kenny’s name was called and no one said here for her. No one covered. I went home and texted Max. ‘Have you heard from Kenny?’ I wrote to him. ‘Yeah.’ He wrote. ‘Is she okay?’ I wrote to him. ‘Yeah.’ He replied good I was glad. ‘Are you still up for tomorrow?’ I wrote to him. ‘Will let you know tomorrow, sorry can’t talk much currently covering Kenny’s shift.’ He had wrote. I looked at that. So she wasn’t at school or work, was she poorly? I was worried. I was the only one I think who knew who she was. Should I report her missing, just so someone would check it out for me? ‘Have you seen Kenny?’ I wrote to Max. ‘No she emailed me she’s fine.’ Max wrote to me. Alright that relived me I didn’t know him well but I didn’t think he’d lie.

The next day at school was Friday. I was in homeroom. Max was in the class when I arrived so was Pam, the other girl who wasn’t normally in here but covered for Kenny was in and the 3 of them were bent over a phone. “Alright?” I asked the 3 of them walking over to them. “Yeah peachy.” Pam said. The other girl went wide eyed. “Are you still up for studying tonight?” I asked Max. “Sorry I can’t tonight.” Max said seriously. I looked at him. “What the hell is going on that the three of you look so panicked about?” I demanded from them. Max sighed. “Just homework and stuff.” The girl I didn’t know said really fast. I looked at the three of them. “I got to get class.” the girl I didn’t know said. “Alright Laura see you 2nd period.” Pam told her, the girl walked off quickly before the bell. I looked at Pam and Max. “Where’s Kenny?” I asked them. “She’s not very well.” Max said looking at Pam. “But you’ve heard from her?” I checked. They both looked at each other. “You haven’t?” I questioned. “Don’t worry about it Dylan. Kenny’s just been a bit sick currently as she’s been working so hard.’ Max said. The teacher came in then, 2 seconds later the bell went. No Kenny again. 5th period I corned Max. “What the hell are you so stressed about.” I snapped at him. “Nothing just homework.” I wasn’t buying it, at all. “I am not an idiot, is Kenny avoiding school to avoid me now I know who.” I started. “What do you mean now you know. What do you know about Kenny?” Max asked me trying not to look so worried. “That depends what do you know about her?” I questioned. “I’m free tonight again, are you still up for studying?” Max asked me. “Yes I’m still up for studying. You can bring your girlfriend if you want.” I told him. “Yeah I’ll tell her.” Max said. He looked at me worry all over his face. “Where’s Kenny Max?” I asked him as he was about to leave. “She says she’s fine.” Max said weakly. “But you don’t believe her?” I questioned him. He looked awkward. But the crowd around me, was trying to get my attention and I looked around for a second and Max got away. I sighed. They better come tonight.

Dylan – I know I’m not one of your friends but I’m worried, I kind of get the feeling you are all stressed about something. Kenny’s missing after asking me to look after something that is important to her so can you explain what’s going on!

Max – Do you know anyone who can track cells?

Dylan – I can try find someone why?

I wrote not sure I wanted the answer but I did.

Max – talk about it tonight.

I wanted to yell at them, I could be being punked I realised but I didn’t feel that way. So when I wrote my next text I was being 100% serious.

Dylan – Maybe it’s time to call the cops.

Max – Kenny’s fine.

Dylan – then who do you want to track?

Max – science experiment, want to track something and see where it goes.

Dylan – That’s called being a stalker Max if it’s something with a cell phone.

Max – don’t worry

Dylan – be at my house for 4 or I will ring the cops to go to Kenny’s home.

Max – you know where Kenny lives. She told you?

Dylan – yes I know where she lives. No she didn’t tell me.

Max – are you stalking her because that’s really creepy Dylan

Dylan – Do you actually know anything about Kenny?

I didn’t get a response. I sighed.

After school, I was about to leave when my phone text me.

Max – can I follow the limo?

Dylan – you can come in the limo I can get it to drop you off here after if be better?

Max – Yeah sounds good.

Dylan – meet me outside the school in 5 minutes.

Max – alright. Is it okay if Pam and Laura come?

Dylan – yeah fine.

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