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Chapter 3 - Makena

What was I doing giving Dylan dads guitar, I hadn’t even told him how much it was worth. I hoped to god he wasn’t robbed, I hoped Milo wouldn’t freak out to much to have it.

I wouldn’t blame him if he did. I’ve read the articles on my own fathers stuff. I looked at my bedroom celling, I’d been at work for hours done all my chores and exhaustion should take hold of me. But instead I was laying there looking at the celling wondering if Dylan would out me to people when he found out who I was. Dylan was actually really a nice guy.

I should have seen that coming, I assumed he’d be like Sea and fake being a nice guy but be a complete asshole underneath but it wasn’t the case and when he had touched my hand in the corridor earlier today the spark that had flood my skin had given me butterfly’s until I shook it off, but had come back in full force when he’d got my book down for me.

I had to tell him not to let me rely on him but it was me I was telling I couldn’t rely on him. I needed to look after myself. I wasn’t going to let a guy just come in and swoop me of my feet to protect me. I was a strong independent woman, that’s who my daddy had been trying to raise and I tried my hardest to keep that part of me. My phone buzzed and I thought it would be Max or Pam but it wasn’t. It was Step monster. She wanted to see me, great what the hell did she want now. I went down the hallway. She was sat with Sea.

Oh this would be interesting. Sea was holding a newspaper omg she could read? I wanted to laugh at my own thought, the thing is I knew she could read she had to read her scripts after all. Although I normally tell myself she’s being herself in those movies so it doesn’t take much acting.

She hasn’t been cast as the nice girl in years. I think the directors and I are fully on the same page. “Makena.” Jasmine snared my name like I was something she walked into. 1 more month, 1 more month then I could get away I didn’t even care about the money I never had. I would just tell Stasia that no matter where I go in my life I will always love her and shall be there for her. Jasmine chucked the paper at me.

“You learnt to read?” I asked her. “You bitch show me respect.” She snared at me, yeah I suppose my attitude didn’t help matters. “Oh wise beautiful Jasmine you summoned me.”

I spat. I wasn’t going to play friendly, I used to but the last year I gave up knowing anything I would do would never make Jasmine happy, she had hated me from day one I think. Part of me knows she only got with my dad to boost her own celebrity status as until she was with him, the only movie she had been in was as an extra, then after daddy she was suddenly the main part, although she hadn’t had a lead role in years.

To be honest she didn’t have the skills to be. She actually was a sucky actress but the camera would just focus in on her boobs most the scenes she was in, boobs my daddy’s money had paid for. “You never told us Dylan Adams was going to your school.” Sea said so excited. I wanted to tell her Dylan would see straight through her but I didn’t know that for sure. “Yeah that would involve talking to you.” I said. “You are not to go to school until he leaves, you don’t deserve to even kiss the shit on his shoes.” Sea said. “Um Sea I have to graduate. I went to that school way before Dylan and I doubt he’d even look at me twice.” I told her. “You’re not to talk to him.” Sea spat at me. “Fine I won’t talk to him, I’ll just fuck him.” I said, I didn’t mean that at all but I decided to piss her off. I really shouldn’t of because that made her anger flare so much that she came up to me and slapped me.

“You’re nothing but a whore.” Sea yelled at me. “Your just like your mother, you’ll get knocked up and then have.” My stepmom started. I defended my mother like I always did. “You’re not going to school Makena, you do not deserve it currently.” My stepmom sneered at me. “I don’t deserve an education?” I questioned her. “Is that what happened to you is that why you so thick?” She slapped me. “Get to your room you bitch.” Jasmine yelled at me. I ran to my room. The moment I got there I realised I had a text from Max.

Max – can I give your number to Dylan, he says he has Milo with him and Milo wants to ring you.

Kenny – Tell him not tonight.

I replied, but Max didn’t get the hint, my phone started ringing. Shit Max I can’t talk. I answered though. “Hey Max.” I whispered. “Kenny are you alright?” Max asked. I sniffed hoping he couldn’t tell I had been crying. “Yeah Max.” I whispered. “You’re not ready to talk to your hero?” Max asked me. “I can’t Max.” I whispered. “You better not be on the phone slut your nothing but a dirty hooker you should just kill yourself.” Sea shouted. I sucked in my breath hoping Max didn’t hear that. “Kenny.” Max said so worried. “Forget about it Max don’t cover for me at school if I’m not there.” I told him. “OH THE SLUT HAS A BOYFRIEND. YOUR NOT FUCKING ALLOWED FRIENDS HOW DARE YOU.” Jasmine yelled, she grabbed my phone from me and hung up on Max. Shit he would of heard that. “I’ve only got a few months left at school, please Jasmine the moment I turn 18 I’ll get out of here.” I told her. “You’re not having a single penny from me.” She spat at me. “That’s fine.” I said tears running down my face. “You’re not going school this week.” She snapped and walked out. I burst out crying in my bed sopping my heart out. I cried myself to sleep that night. The next day I did all my chores, but something was up there was so many paparazzi outside the house. “What’s happened?” I asked Stasia who was sat at the table eating a cake I had just got out the oven after starting the food for Sea’s party Friday. Yeah she was having cooks but Sea liked to have too much rather than risk ever having not enough. “Sea done something. I’m in a new movie. Moms in a new movie.” Stasia shrugged, to used to the paparazzi. “Did mom hit you?” Stasia asked looking at my cheek. “Sea did.” I admitted, not answering the mom part but it was the unsaid truth I hoped she would realise. She fidgeted as if she knew deep down what was actually going on. “I love you Kenny.” Stasia said after a while. “I love you to princess. Stasia when I’m gone you’ll remember that won’t you, that no matter where I am I love you?” I asked her. “You’re really going?” she asked me I actually saw tears in her eyes. “I’m going princess as soon as I can get out of here.” I told her. That unfortunately was when Jasmine walked in the room. “You want out of here that much you bitch. You can get out.” She told me. Really I could go now? Actually what was stopping me? Stasia that’s who. “Fine I will go, when do you want me out.” I spat at Jasmine I couldn’t take it anymore. “After you’ve finished your chores tomorrow, you can leave when the staff arrive so no one sees you, but you’re not having a single penny from me.” She spat at me. She then bent over me. “No one will ever believe you Makena, no one will believe a slut like you. If you even think of lying to the papers to get attention I will make sure you don’t see a single penny of your dad’s money. You can kiss college goodbye.” She told me in a sing song voice. The same thing she had been telling me most my life now. “I will pack.” I told her. I looked at Stasia who looked scared stiff. “Go to your room Stasia.” Jasmine yelled at her. She ran off. I looked at Jasmine when she was gone. “I tried my hardest with you Makena, you are just impossible and you are taking Stasia down with you.” She sneered at me. “One day she will realise I love her and that’s more than you do.” I snapped at her. “You bitch go to your room.” She said I could tell she wanted to hit me to. But I left fast. When I got up to my room I logged onto my laptop. It used to be Seas but was old now. I got given it for school 4 years ago. I emailed the guys. I had used the house phone this morning making sure to withhold my number to ring in work sick.

Kenny – can’t come school to much paparazzi and shit happening, I will be back as soon as I can. Sorry not been in contact love you guys.

That’s all I emailed them, to them it might have been a lie but to me I had told them the truth. It’s how I’ve been doing it for years. I looked in my closet and pulled out a duffle bag I used my first year to take my sports kit to school before I decided just taking it in a carrier bag was the way forward. I pulled out 3 pairs of jeans from my closet. I hate most my clothes so what the hell I would get myself some new clothes. I was leaving now and I didn’t even care. I couldn’t stay anymore. I threw in all 3 pairs of black jeans and found 3 black tops. All showing way too much boob for me but you know what, I was happier in them than most the clothes I got from Sea. I put them in the bag. I then put in one of daddy’s old t-shirts I slept in, it had the band logo on and although it didn’t smell like daddy anymore and was falling to bits. I used to sleep with it when he was away as a comforter and now I needed that more than I ever did as a child. I put in some jogging bottoms again from Sea and a thick black cardigan. That would do me until I talked to the guys. I knew it was a lot to ask for from them but I wanted to talk them about it. I would tell them I was kicked out. I would see how much come out my mouth. I would tell the truth now it was more than time. Once my bag was packed I looked at it. I put my bankcard in it. The only reason I even had this was because I had to work for my own shit so I needed to be paid. Jasmine had no clue that I’ve just been living on cereal for over 2 years so I can get away, I told myself it was college money but I think deep down I knew it was to get away and I wouldn’t get to use it on college. “I’m sorry daddy.” I said meaning it. Would daddy be disgusted with me? I looked at my bag all ready to go. I just needed my phone back and then I would go. No I didn’t even need my phone. I could do this as soon as I was allowed out the house again, I was gone and I wasn’t ever coming back.

In the morning I did the last of the jobs for my family I ever was going to do. I was dressed in black fitted jeans and a jade tank top. It wasn’t much of an outfit but it wasn’t over the top Sea clothes either. I made sure never to match my outfits exactly like hers. Stasia was out with Sea, yeah I got it was so she didn’t see what was going on, otherwise Sea hardly bothered with our little sister except when she wanted to look good. “You can go now.” Jasmine said chucking me my cell. I looked at her, “go to the motel you booked me for the night?” I asked, did she know I never planned to come back. “Go and never return.” She spat at me. “I’ve had enough of your disrespect.” Jasmine sneered at me. “Fine.” I said. “You better not be stealing from me, I will see you rot in jail you ungrateful brat.” She sneered at me. “I am not taking anything but 3 outfits and my phone.” I snapped at her. “Get out then and go enjoy your life as a prostitute.” She sneered at me. “Jasmine one day I hope you look at yourself and see yourself how I see you as a heartless fake talentless bitch.” I told her. “I have tried everything with you, you ungrateful.” She started she slapped me straight across the face, a caterer walked in then I wondered if she had heard the slap. She looked wide eyed at us, I don’t think she expected us to be in the kitchen. I hoped she hadn’t heard the slap. “Goodbye stepmother.” I sneered at Jasmine. I ran upstairs then, I grabbed my bag making sure I shoved my laptop in it and then bag on my back I walked down the stairs. My car was in the maid’s carpark. So I went to it. Threw my bag in the passenger seat and climbed in. I looked up at mine and daddy’s home. No it hadn’t been mine and daddies for years. I hoped it would all burn to the ground, with all my memories of the past 10 years. “Goodbye.” I said as I drove down the drive. When I got out the gated community and half way to school, I realised something I was actually free and I wasn’t going back even if Jasmine rung. No one could ever make me go back there. I looked at my phone and the only person I wanted to contact was Stasia currently. I didn’t know if she’d ever read this text if she ever would understand. But I needed to write it just so that I knew I had sent it to her.

Makena – To my gorgeous baby sister. I know I haven’t been the nicest sister in the world. I know you possibly do not understand Stasia, but no matter what I love you. I won’t be home anymore. I am never coming back. If when you’re older you want to get in contact, just say my name in an interview or something somehow and I will get in contact. I love you Stasia I always will. Make daddy and me proud. No matter what you do with your life Stasia I will be proud of you. Love Makena.

I looked at the text it was gone, I took a screen shot of it and sent it to my email address. If I lost my phone I still would have that message and Jasmine didn’t know my password for my email address because it was to do with my friends and not daddy and her and never would be. It was a part of my life she had no control over. Was all this my fault? I parked up near the beach at Santa Monica and looked out at the ocean. I could do this couldn’t I? I could go park my car near the school, use the school locker room to have showers for a few weeks. No one needed to be aware I was homeless. I decided that was the best. Then I cursed myself for being an idiot and not bringing my work uniform. I would tell a white lie to get a new uniform and that would sort that out. I could work every night. I could do day shifts to. Would they notice if I slept in the camping section at work? I should have thought this through better, I should tell my friends. I looked at my phone and decided it was time to face them.

Kenny – Hey Max it’s me, what are you guys up to. I feel better now and am out the house. I need to talk to you all. It’s important.

Max – are you alright we’ve been so worried about you.

Kenny – yeah just problems with the paparazzi and stepmom but I’m fine. I had a few days break from school. I will be back Monday don’t worry.

Max – I’ve been worried, I heard what she said to you.

Kenny – its fine Max you just didn’t hear what you thought you did. It was my fault.

Max – Fuck Kenny what she was yelling at you, that wasn’t you at all.

Kenny – Can we talk about it? I want to talk to you.

Max – You can come round mine.

Kenny – I thought we had study with Dylan tonight.

Max – I cancelled.

Kenny – un cancel, see if Laura and Pam can come I only want to tell you all this once.

Max – alright.

Kenny – see you after school.

Max – where are you now?

Kenny – Santa Monica looking at the ocean, I used to come here with my dad and I just need to look at it today. I need the ocean air to clear my head.

Max – where do you actually live Kenny?

Kenny – don’t worry about it Max. Let me know your plan after school.

I sat on my car bonnet looking at the ocean, a few minutes later I got a text from Max telling me he and the girls were going Dylan’s, I wondered if he confirmed I was still invited but didn’t ask. I just climbed of my car and went and walked along the beach thinking about what I actually wanted to do with my life. Did I actually want college? Did I want to go to the papers? Even if they didn’t believe me I could get enough negative attention towards Jasmine and Sea to raise a few eyebrows. I wondered if it would be worth it, having my whole life splashed across the papers, I realised it wasn’t. I realised I wasn’t going to be strong enough to ever come forward and tell anyone. I walked back to the car before my car parking space would expire. Climbed in my car and drove towards Dylan’s place. I put my radio on loud and sang along realising that I could always try my own music career. I wondered if I could ask Dylan about his contacts. Maybe audition at a talent show or something. I laughed, imagine that me at a talent show them telling me I was rubbish and wouldn’t go anywhere, how it would smash the last dreams of my father I had. Or maybe the complete opposite them offering me a contract and I taking the world by storm earning my own millions. Did I want that? Did I want the money and the fame? Or did I want a normal life with people I knew loved me. Could I ever have a family when I hadn’t been shown anyone cared for years except my friends? Did I even deserve to be happy? Tears started and I had to pull over. Maybe I should just drive away from here completely not worry about graduating high school. I was thinking all this when I got a text from Max. I realised school would of finished.

Max – in Dylan’s Limo on way to his house.

Kenny – make sure I can come I replied to him.

I really should confirm I was actually welcome. I was nearly there, id possibly get there before they did. I saw the gates to his community in front of me.

Max – Dylan said of course you can. Just to give your name at the gate and you’ll be let in.

Kenny – What name so I don’t give my own name wrong. He did tell them Kenny Allen because that is my name even if he wants to call me Makena.

I wrote to him hoping Dylan didn’t say Makena Stone.

Max – Dylan said to tell them your full name that they need that.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do this. I stopped at the gate, thank god for talk text the app was the handiest thing whilst I was driving. I would talk and it would write what I said down and send it. It made the odd mistake but it was handy. The security guard came up and I was prepared to say my name for the first time. He looked at me. I recognised him why did I recognise him? “Can I help you.” he started. “I’m here to visit a friend. He said to tell you my name and you’d let me in.” I started. He looked at me and I saw a smile cross his face. “You live in Malibu don’t you?” He started. “Yes.” I said, I lived in the same neighbourhood as a lot of celebs. He smiled at my friendly enough. “Can I go in? Or does he have to confirm.” I started, “You can go in just let me see your drivers licence.” He said calmly.

Kenny – tell Dylan don’t worry about telling them to let me in.

I said after I handed the guard my ID and he walked off with it. Possibly the only thing in the world that confirmed I was Makena Rosebud Gibson Allen Stone. What a mouthful. I never even went by Makena anymore let alone all of it.

Max – He said fine he will tell them Kenny Allen. I think he wants you there Kenny.

I actually laughed the guard heard the text read on the radio as he came over. He was still looking at my licence as if not quiet believing I was who my ID claimed me to be. I wondered if he really knew who my ID claimed I was. “You may go in Miss Stone.” He said calmly. “Thank you.” I said seriously. I started the car as the gate went up and drove in. I said my message and told it to send.

Kenny – still don’t worry. I’m already in. what number house is he I can drive to his or wait near the gate for him.

Max – How?

Kenny – Sex rets. Lol

Max – How?

Kenny - Sex rets

I parked up close to his house. I looked at the house I had parked outside, it was Ferns old house. I remembered this house more than I ever thought I would. I remembered it here more than I thought I would, memories of rolling about on his front garden laughing rolling down hills with uncle Fern, him doing my hair and telling me that I was actually a cute kid under all the mud. A limo flashed me I wondered if I was in the way and then realised no it was Dylan’s and he possibly wanted me to follow him. So I did. I followed the limo all the way to a house, and up the drive. The house was slightly smaller than daddy’s and part of me thought I would forever compare people’s homes to my own childhood home. Could I ever cope with a small home when I grew up in a mansion? I didn’t actually know. I parked up behind the limo, somewhere I hoped Dylan wouldn’t mind my tatty car parked. I saw Dylan Pam Laura and Max climb out the car. So I did and walked over to them. Here it goes, I hoped they would understand.

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