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Chapter 4 - Dylan

I went outside. The girl I took to be Laura was stood there. “Dylan right?” she asked me so worried. She was pretty don’t get me wrong in that geeky sort of way red hair in a tight French braid a skirt down to her knees and a top that covered everything with the periodic table on. “Yeah that’s me.” I told her. She nodded. “Pam and Max are on their way.” She said nervous I nodded not sure what to say to the girl I knew was called Laura literally because Max had called her it. Max came out then holding Pam’s hand. They came over. “Ready?” I asked them. “Yeah studying on a Friday at a mansion how fun.” Pam said looking like she was actually excited, I thought that would be sarcastic but it wasn’t. I opened the limo door and the 3 of them climbed in as I indicated to. I climbed in last. “Sweets?” I asked them, indicating the sweets on offer. “Yes please.” They all actually said. I offered drinks too as the limo started driving us away from school. “So long week of school.” I said not sure what to say. “How long are you staying?” Pam asked me. “Until I feel like I have a good enough understanding of being a quarterback.” I said seriously. “You know we are as far away from the quarterback as possible?” Max pointed out. “Yes well you match me academically and after years of growing up with tutors I can’t quiet hide my closet geekiness.” I said seriously. Max’s phone beeped he looked at it and I saw relief flood his face. “Can Kenny come?” he asked me. “Yeah she can tell her to give her name to the man at the gate and she will be let in. I will just tell them to expect her.” I said to him, relived she was coming so much more than I cared to admit. He texted and I heard it Beep again. “She asked me to check what name you’re giving so she doesn’t say her own name wrong. She said to remind you her names Kenny Allen.” Max said seriously. “Tell her I will tell them her full name and she can say it as they need the full name if she hasn’t got ID.” I told him. He looked worried. “You know full well she hates her name.” Max pointed out. “Yes I know.” I said shrugging. His phone beeped. “She said don’t worry about telling the guards to let her in.” Max said. “Fine I’ll tell them Kenny Allen” I mumbled. He wrote that. “She said still don’t worry about letting her in, she’s already in.” Max said looking confused. “Ask her how.” I said confused. Max’s phone beeped and he actually snorted. “How?” I asked him. “She said sex rets.” Max said, I looked at him confused how come he had pronounced Secret wrong. We went past the gates to the community and kept going. We were almost at my house when Laura looked out the window and said. “Kenny’s parked there.” I looked at the car and realised I’d seen it on the school grounds after school. “Flash that car please.” I told the driver he did and I saw Kenny start following us. When we were at my house and at a stop I climbed out the car. The three others followed me looking amazed. Kenny parked in my drive. “Wow.” Pam said looking at my house amazed. So were the other 3. I watched Kenny climb out and pick up her school bag. “Hey.” Kenny said worried. “You got a small house.” Kenny said seriously looking at my home. “Compared to some in Malibu I’m sure I do.” I told her. She looked like she wanted to chuckle. Pam turned and hugged her. “How you feeling?” Pam asked her. “Fine, I told you it was just a small bug and id get over it as soon as it cleared.” Kenny said seriously. I looked at her, “Do you think that might have been caused by over working yourself?” I asked her. “Yeah maybe” she said as if she was thinking about it. “So should we go in and study?” I suggested. They all nodded. I walked up and my butler unlocked the front door. “Good afternoon sir.” He said. Kenny scoffed. I was kind of glad id put the guitar back in the case with these three here. “Is there much breakable things here?” Pam asked worried. “Not in the living space.” I felt the need to say, I saw relief flood her face. I showed them through to the lounge. I excused the butler and said he could go home. He nodded and went. They all sat on my sofa nervous. “So should we get to work?” I asked. They nodded. They all pulled out there books. Max took the lead in asking questions from the book. “So how’s all your week at school been, has it been more unusual than normal?” I asked them. “I think the hype around you will eventually fade about 3 years after you leave.” Kenny told me with a smile. “Do you even attend school that often?” I asked her. “I normally do more often than I have this week. I might have been avoiding you. I might have had paparazzi camping out on my front lawn so I couldn’t get out until I snuck out with the staff today. Or I might have finally got sick like everyone kept warning me.” Kenny said with a smile. “It could have been all 3.” She said with a grin. We studied more. I kept finding myself looking up and watching Kenny her curves were fantastic, and I had a feeling the second option was why she hadn’t been at school, but her friends just thought she was joking. She looked like she would be soft in all the places that mattered I thought looking at her. “Should I order dinner?” I asked them. “Yeah if that’s okay we can all chip.” Max started. “My treat.” I said. I went and ordered Pizza after making sure they’d all eat it, as I got a feeling they wanted to talk without me in the room. When I came back they all looked worried. I hadn’t gone back in the room when I heard them talking. “We should just photocopy these for you like last time.” Laura told Kenny. “Thanks guys my step mom did ring me in sick, eventually.” Kenny said. “So you weren’t responding because you were asleep?” Pam demanded from her. Oh here was why they were so stressed. “No I wasn’t responding because my step mom took my phone away, for answering her back.” Kenny said deadly calm as if she was fed up defending herself. “Kenny is your step mom hurting you.” Laura asked her so worried. “I’ve told you before she’s never touched me.” Kenny said quickly as if she was getting defensive. “Just everything’s a bit hectic currently at the house.” Kenny said. “Where do you live Kenny?” Max asked her. “Currently?” Kenny asked him. “YES!” all 3 of them said together. “Because it’s a month to my birthday and everyone knows the moment I turn 18 I’m leaving home.” Kenny said shuffling. “Don’t say you’re not going to tell us. I’ve had enough Kenny we were worried we couldn’t get hold of you, none of us knew where you lived. I even hacked into the school system and we went to the house you’re registered under.” Max said firmly. Kenny actually laughed. “Please tell me you covered your ass like I showed you.” She told him. “Kenny!” the three of them said together. “Fine, currently I am living in El maletero de mi coche en un saco de dormir.” Kenny told them. I had no clue what she said from this far away and by the look of their faces when I went in the room when I did deciding the silence was too much. None of them knew either. “Where’s that?” Max asked after a while. As I flopped on my couch. “Close to the school.” She said seriously. I looked at her, since when has Malibu been close to that school. At all, it actually wasn’t surprising she was always late for school now I thought about it. “Dylan didn’t you say you knew where Kenny lives?” Max asked me. “You know where I live?” Kenny questioned me looking at me worried. “Yes Makena not only that but I’ve found out your actual last name and who your parents are.” I told her. “That’s really creepy fairy.” She told me seriously, giving me a look. “Makena.” Max said firmly. Kenny looked so torn like she didn’t know what to say. “I don’t live there anymore. I left today I got kicked out my own home.” Kenny said looking at her note book to avoid looking at anyone, but I saw the tears welling up in her eyes she was trying not to cry. “What the fuck Kenny.” Pam said. “Everything I own currently is in the car, including a sleeping bag.” Kenny said looking at her note pad. “This better be one of your bad jokes Kenny.” Max said seriously. She chucked him her keys. “Go check it out, I wouldn’t joke about this, I got kicked out the house I grew up in by my stepmother who was only married to my father less than 2 years.” Kenny said seriously looking at her notebook like it was the most important thing in the world. “My stepmom and I had a huge argument the other day. You heard her screaming at me Max.” Kenny said shrugging answering an equation in her book. I stood up knowing Kenny was a step away from walking away like she had done last time in the lesson. I said to Max. “Chuck us her keys.” He did looking so worried. I walked out, I went to her car. Unlocked it and sure enough one duffle bag was in there and a sleeping bag. Really Kenny this is all you own? I pulled it out her car and brought it in my house. Kenny wasn’t looking at anyone just doing her homework. They were all trying to get her to talk and I could see her itching to run. “This is all you own?” I asked her. “All I was allowed to take. I was so thankful I gave you what I did the other day and have a few important things in my locker because she would have taken it all from me.” Kenny said writing in her notebook. I looked at her, Pam snatched it away. “I have saved up enough guys you knew come my 18th I was getting kicked out of home. My step mom just did it earlier.” Kenny said shrugging. “To be honest I’m glad.” Kenny said looking at where her notepad had been before Pam had snatched it away. “Why don’t you take your stepmom to court?” I asked her. “Because it’s her word against mine. It always has been. Even when I begged them not to send me to live with her they still did.” Kenny said. “Have you thought about going to your uncles and talking to him?” I asked her. “Have I thought about walking up to him in the street and saying Hey do you remember me, I’m the kid you haven’t seen in almost 10 years?” Kenny asked me. “Yeah.” I said seriously. “Do you think I’d ever get close to him?” Kenny asked me. “If you said your name, hell yeah.” I told her. She looked at me confused. “Hes possibly forgot all about me, he wouldn’t give one bit of care about me.” Kenny said still looking at the table but tears were flowing down her face. “He has pictures of you all over his office Kenny.” I practically shouted at her. “He wouldn’t even recognise me now. Come on I bet it took Milo freaking out about the guitar for you to even find out who I was.” Kenny said shrugging. The others all looked at me. “Kenny why don’t you tell your friends who you really are and explain to them before they all flip out.” I said seeing how Pam was approaching her. “Because they’ll leave.” Kenny said still looking at the table. “Fuck of Kenny we aren’t going anywhere.” Max said forcing her to look at him. “How often did we have to tell you that when we were freshman, we meant it then and we mean it now. You know how often these 4 years we’ve wanted to call social services.” Laura said to her. “How each time you say something we tell ourselves it’s your bad sense of humour and we pray your only telling a bad joke.” Pam snapped at her. “How often we’ve invited you to stay with us. Come on the last time you had to stay at that motel I got my dad to come pick you up and we took you to live with us for the week!” Laura snapped at her. “We tried not to ask too much of you Kenny because you cease up.” Pam snapped at her. “The only reason we know your real name is Makena not Kenny is because you slipped up when applying for colleges.” Max snapped. “You don’t know anything about me.” Kenny said looking at the table tears running down her face. “We know you would go out your way to make others happy.” Max snapped. “We know when you are actually happy and enjoying doing something your whole face lights up.” Laura said. “We know that what you enjoy the most in school is music, even though you sit in the back of the class and try not to be noticed that you love that class the most.” Laura said. “We know that you don’t let people close to you, that you have a wall around yourself to protect yourself but when you get passed that wall you’re the kindest friend who would go through hell to help someone out but who would never ask for help.” Max said to her. She looked at him tears running down her face. “We know the first time we hugged you it was the first time in years you’d been hugged.” Pam said. Kenny looked at her tears running down her face. “We know that just a single text from your step mom could bring you to tears but you try never to fucking show it.” Max said. “We know you adore your little sister like she is all you have in the world, because she is all you have in the world.” Laura said. “We know that.” Max started. “Okay I get it you know me without knowing me.” Kenny said tears running down her face. Pam pulled her into a hug so did Laura. “We know you’re Kenny Allen and you believe who you were when you were a kid died the moment your dad did.” Max said squeezing her hand. “We know you don’t like your name because it reminds you that you’re alone.” Pam said squeezing her. “We know that what you wear is designer and not just designer but current fashion yet doesn’t fit you and doesn’t match your personality.” Laura said. “We know you’re an amazing writer and some of the songs you write OMG Kenny they brought me to tears.” Pam said. “Hey when did you read my songs?” Kenny asked. “When you fell asleep in class.” They all said together. “We know you’re exhausted but you work hard and you work for everything you have in life.” Max said. My alarm went to let me know the pizza man was at the bottom of my drive, I got up and went to buzz him in. Not wanting to miss much I went straight back into the lounge, knowing it would take at least 5 minutes to get to my house from the drive. They were all hugging Kenny crying so were the two girls. “Pizzas here.” I said weakly. They all pulled apart. “Okay have you got my guitar here or did he take it?” Kenny asked calmly. “Here, once he saw it he didn’t want to take it without talking to you.” I said truthfully. She nodded. “Where is it?” she asked me. “Upstairs 3rd door on the right as you go up the stairs.” I said. “Can I go get it?” she asked me looking so worried. “Yeah and go chuck your bag in that room.” I told her. “What?” She asked me. “Well Milo wants to meet you and he couldn’t get here today so he wants to see you this weekend, so you might as well stay the night. I got loads of rooms and you’re welcome to that one if you want it.” I shrugged. “I can’t put you out like that.” Kenny said looking at me in shock. “Kenny you trusted me to look after your guitar that’s apparently worth thousands yet you don’t trust me to sleep in a spare room in my home that I’m not using that has a lock on?” I said with a smile. “Your guitars worth thousands?” Max asked Kenny. “It’s worth more than that to me, if I had nothing at all in my life I still wouldn’t sell my dad’s guitar, it’s why I needed to get it out the house when I did.” Kenny said seriously to her friend. “Who was your dad?” Max asked Kenny looking really fascinated and wide eyed. My bell went. “Can you wait for me.” I said, Kenny looked at me and rolled her eyes. “Go get the pizza.” She told me. I threw a box of tissues at her from the side. “Ah he threw something at me.” Kenny said with a weak smile. “3rd room go put your stuff in it. If you don’t want to stay here stay at one of the girls but I got a spare room you can stay in until you’re on your feet.” I told her. “After all I’m not your prince I’m your fairy like you said and as there’s no ball I can still get you away.” I said. The bell went again. Kenny laughed. “Fine go get the pizza I will go get my guitar.” Kenny said standing up, she picked up her bag and followed me through to the hallway. “Up the stairs 3rd door.” I told her. She ran up the stairs carrying her bag as I went door. “Your Pizza’s Mr Adams.” The pizza guy said handing my pizza looking to be in shook. “Hey guys pizzas here who’s got the cash.” I yelled jokingly. “I honestly swear I ain’t eating all this myself.” I told him when he handed me the two pizza boxes and 3 side boxes and 6 different deserts mostly ice-cream tubs. “Someone at least help me carry it.” I yelled. Max appeared. “We don’t need that much food dude there’s only 4 of us.” Max said looking at it. But he came over and took it whilst I paid the delivery guy. “Did you want a selfie?” I asked him as he still hovered. “Yes please.” He said. I let him take it and gave a thumbs up.” He left then thankfully. I went through to the lounge carrying the stuff Max didn’t take. “Has Kenny escaped?” Pam asked after a while. “No I’ve still got her keys.” I shrugged. They weakly laughed, I went through to my kitchen to get cups and then went back into the lounge. “Do you think she’s lost?” I asked them. “More likely she saw the bed and went sleep. She’s done that before.” Pam said with a smile. That’s when Kenny appeared holding her guitar case looking worried. “The ensuite is big enough to play baseball in.” She told me. “If you don’t hit the ball.” I told her. “Yeah sounds like gym.” Laura laughed. Kenny laughed. I had opened the food and poured drinks. Kenny stood holding the guitar worried. “Now do we get to hear all about you Makena Allen?” Max said taking a slice. Kenny weakly smiled. “I was born May the 10th 1998.” Kenny said seriously. “My mother was called Jennifer Allen, she grew up in the foster system. She was 17 when she had me.” Kenny said shrugging. “I don’t really know that much about my mom except what I remember and the memories are mostly gone, I have one picture of her left. I did have more but my stepmom took them away from me.” Kenny told us all looking hurt. “Ken.” Pam said. “I was 5 when she died, I still to this day can’t go on that motorway without getting upset.” Kenny said seriously. “It’s why when you drove me that time to your uncles for the day I was holding onto my seatbelt so tight Max. It wasn’t you’re driving although that was petrifying it was the road my mom died on. I’ve read the articles about her death and that’s all I really have. I was at school that day and was meant to be going to my dad’s that night she was working as a social worker as she wanted to help kids like her.” Kenny said seriously. “She kissed me that morning dropping me off at kindergarten and then she was gone.” Kenny said looking at the floor the tears back in her eye. “Daddy didn’t pick me up from school that day like he was meant to. No one did.” Kenny said looking at the floor. “I remember them finally sending the limo to get me.” she looked up trying to see their faces they all sat impassive but they slightly fidgeted. Kenny swallowed. “I remember my uncles giving me a guitar lesson to keep me distracted. When daddy got there he tried to explain that mommy was gone, that she had gone heaven.” Kenny said. “I can’t remember what he said but he was crying the whole time. I’d never seen my dad cry before that day.” Kenny said seriously. “He offered me the world at that moment in time. Quitting and staying home with me. Me going with him on tour and having tutors or a nanny.” Kenny said. “So you went on tour with your dad?” I asked her. “No I opted for the nanny. I already had a nanny and I loved school.” Kenny told me. “Daddy was constantly back and forth the moment he finished a concert he’d fly back home to be with me even if it was merely hours that he was with me.” Kenny admitted. “It wasn’t a good idea and when I finished Kindergarten I said I wanted to go on tour with him the next time as he was going abroad.” Kenny admitted. “Who was your dad?” Pam asked amazed. Kenny weakly smiled. “Dad and the band were the best, not the best role models mind due but my life was fun. We ate a lot of junk food and I would spend a lot of times with my tutor and the security team. Graham was like another uncle he used to be amazing I don’t know what his actual job was except to look after me. It might have been his actual job.” Kenny admitted. “He was family. Dad always said family was the ones you wanted in your life it didn’t have to be blood. He grew up in the foster system too. So did my uncles and Graham, they all grew up on off in the same homes and were brothers by choice not blood. It was quoted so often.” Kenny said with a smile. “When I was 7 he met her.” Kenny said looking hurt. “I don’t know what happened, well at this age I can take a guess, when I worked out the math when I was older.” Kenny admitted. “Well he met my stepmom. Suddenly my life wasn’t as fun. I met my stepmom and stepsister.” Kenny said. “I remember looking at them so worried, they just looked so perfect like Barbie.” Kenny said. “I remember my stepsister’s first sentence to me was calling me a baby and asking me why I was dressed like a boy.” Kenny said. “Also how she’d changed her name because her agent said it would be better for her image. I was 7 she was 10. We were told then that they were getting married and that we’d be big sisters. It was my first time meeting the woman.” Kenny said looking hurt. “Well she convinced Daddy it was better for my development not to be taken to concerts anymore. How I was turning into a spoilt brat and how boarding school would be the best thing for me because I had crap social skills.” Kenny said. “Still got the crap social skills.” Pam told her holding out a slice of pizza to Kenny. She weakly smiled and took the slice. I moved up so she could sit on the couch next to me. She sat down next to me. “So did you get sent to boarding school?” I asked interested. “No daddy didn’t want me that far away from him.” Kenny said with a weak smile. “He thought we’d just become one big happy family.” Kenny said seriously. “She moved in so quickly. Taking over my home saying they needed to live together and be married before the baby arrived because they didn’t want the papers to talk, not with her upcoming movie and dad’s latest tour.” Kenny said. “So Sea and her mother Jasmine moved in.” Kenny said looking at her friends. “Wait Seas your bitch of a stepsister?” Laura asked wide eyed. Kenny nodded. “No wonder you hate the movies she’s in.” Pam said. “I told you I thought the role she plays is perfect for her. The school bully the bitch the slut.” Kenny weakly smiled. “So your dads Carlos Stone?” Max said his eyes wide. “You knew I was into the band.” Kenny said nervously. He nodded. “Well they took over my life. Suddenly I had people taking my daddy away from me. At least that’s how I saw it. I remember when my little sister was born. I did adore her but I wasn’t allowed to be alone with daddy anymore. My stepmom would always say how Sea felt pushed out because she wasn’t daddy’s real child. How Sea needed Daddy to make her feel a part of the family. How the reason daddy kept finding me just hidden in places around my house quiet was because I was jealous and not used to sharing how I was a brat that didn’t like the fact I had to share.” Kenny said. “I started to think she was right, she started mentioning boarding school to me so much.” Kenny said. “I started living for the times Uncle Fern, Uncle Nike and Uncle Grey would take me out. I told them what my stepmom had been saying and Nike hit the roof. I remember him yelling at my stepmom calling her a bitch. Telling dad he was being blind to not see it.” Kenny said. “Daddy listened to Uncle Nike rather than my step mom. Although the band all did suggest it was time Nike sorted out his problem. I now know that was a drug problem.” Kenny said seriously. “Well daddy started spending alone time with me again, tucking me in at bedtime again. I got my daddy back. Then one night he took me to a concert after having an argument with my step mom, saying he was taking me and Stasia and he wanted her out of his home.” Kenny said, “That’s the first time I’ve said that out loud.” Kenny said, “That’s the first time I’ve not been told to shut up.” Kenny said looking at everyone. “Well I went to the concert with daddy. I performed with daddy my first time live on stage. I always sung with him at home and messed about in the studio, but that was the first time I went on stage. I was so nervous but I got told to picture all the audience in teddy bear underwear.” Kenny told us a weak smile. “It was amazing, singing with my dad. Singing in front of everyone yeah I was nervous at first but dad just kept looking at me and smiling proudly so I told myself it was just daddy I was singing for.” Kenny said. “When we got home he and Jasmine started having another fight. Sea told me they were fighting because of me and how I was a bitch and should just run away because no one wanted me.” Kenny admitted. “I was 8 years old and I knew I wasn’t wanted by anyone but daddy at home. Stasia just pooed and cried and Jasmine didn’t like me spending time with her. One night Daddy sat me down and hugged me as he tucked me into bed, he asked me what I thought about traveling with him again and maybe only seeing Stasia and Sea occasionally. I didn’t understand it back then, but I said yes. He said the next concert as he couldn’t arrange it so last minute. But he was sorry that he was going to take my new mommy away from me.” Kenny said. “He planned to divorce your stepmom?” I asked Kenny. “I don’t know, if he was he didn’t have a chance to. He died the next day.” Kenny said bursting into tears. “He died when I was 8 and Stasia wasn’t even out of diapers.” Kenny told us crying. “He went to go to a concert and the plane went down. He never came home. He always promised me I’d never have to ever think of myself as Cinderella because he’d never let me be. Then he died and that’s the first thing that happened.” Kenny said tears running down her face. “I remember talking to Uncle Nike begging him not to let me go home with my stepmom after the bands funeral. I begged him not to leave me.” Kenny said tears running down her face. “He tried, he got clean but by then I’d been alone with my stepmom months and the judge thought it best to leave me with the family I knew.” Kenny said. “I begged Uncle Nike not to leave me. I actually run and clung to him but he just pulled my arms of him and told me to go with my family. That he loved me and he would see me again soon. I never saw him again.” Kenny said tears running down her face. “When I was 10 Sea got her first big part.” Kenny said. “I got told I needed to just shut up and get on with it because I couldn’t destroy Seas shot.” Kenny said. “I thought of running away every day.” Kenny admitted. “I dreamed Uncle Nike would turn up one day and take me away. The chores started small at first. Then they mounted to the list you’ve all seen.” Kenny told them. “Wait those lists were real? Like you did all that every day?” Max asked Kenny she nodded. Pam wrapped her arm round Kenny tighter. “No wonder you’re always exhausted.” Pam said holding Kenny. “People were always wanting to see me. To talk to me, to find out how I was coping. So I wasn’t allowed out. I never went anywhere. Jasmine told people I wasn’t coping with my dad’s death and I kind of wasn’t. But Stasia was all I had left so I was being as good a big sister as I could be. I would tuck her in every night. Read her stories tell her all about daddy.” Kenny said crying. “Then when I was 14 my tutor and Seas tutor said to my stepmom how I would benefit from high school out the house. How my grades would get me into some of the best private schools or boarding school money could buy even on a scholarship. But Jasmine said I was a brat already and I didn’t deserve it.” Kenny started. “So he registered me for high school for the following fall near his home. He used his address and my mother’s maiden name, he even registered me as Kenny so no one had a clue who I was.” Kenny said. “My stepmom hit the roof when she found out Sea was already recording a movie at that time, so he was just my tutor. He would take me to school every morning and pick me up. Take me his beforehand and let me get changed into clothes he had brought me and give me dinner after school. When she found out Jasmine fired him but I’d already been at school a year and if she pulled me out it would make people ask questions. So reluctantly she’s been paying for my education. Then when I was 16 she said, that the moment I turned 18 I could get out her home and fucking look after myself. I think she wanted to scare me. But instead she made me start a countdown to that moment. I looked forward to the day I could get away from her and Sea.” Kenny said. “Then there was you guys. I remember my first day I was petrified, I hadn’t been to school since kindergarten. The only kid I had known growing up was Sea and believe me she plays the bitch so well because she is one.” Kenny said seriously. “I was scared and the first thing that happened was you Pam.” Kenny said looking at her. “I came into class petrified holding my book bag and you came up to me. You put your arm around me and said ‘Is that the hobbit’” Kenny said to Pam. “You asked me my opinion. You were the first person other than my tutor to ask me what I thought of something for years. You were the first person to hug me in years. My tutor couldn’t touch me for fear of allegations. So you hugging me really took me by surprise.” Kenny admitted. “You didn’t even bat an eyelid when I could do all the work without ever trying. Because I’d already done it all. School work had been all I had the last few years of my life.” Kenny admitted. “My tutor would still do my music lessons out of the house. He was suddenly gone though.” Kenny said tears running down her face. “You all got close but I knew none of you knew who I was and I decided I liked that. You didn’t feel sorry for me, you also didn’t want me to get peoples autographs. In one way I’d tell you the truth. You’d ask me questions and I would tell you. You’d think I was joking and had a bad sense of humour but that become my way to tell you about myself. I knew all of you so well. I loved school it’s the only reason I go on most days.” Kenny said truthfully. “My dad’s words always echoed in my head. That family’s the people you want in your life not always blood and you 3 became my family. Well 4 including Vincent. Because I can’t forget Vince.” Kenny said with a weak smile. Pam hugged Kenny tighter. “So when you told us things they were the truth.” Max said. Kenny nodded. “You just thought I had a bad sense of humour and I went with that. To me I wasn’t lying to you. You just didn’t believe the truth.” Kenny said seriously. Laura wrapped her arms around Kenny. “I knew kick out was coming closer and closer, I also knew I had to start seriously thinking about college. At 16 you all know I got that job. I had to buy my own food and clothes. I was willing to buy my own clothes. But Jasmine took that option away from me. Telling me I wasn’t to wear anything I brought myself, giving me Seas hand me downs. Yes all designer and that season, but Sea would never wear an outfit more than once if she’d been seen in it. I got accused a lot of copying her looks but you all stood by me. I hated my clothes. I hated my home life, but you 3 were all I had.” Kenny said. “Even though I started just sleeping through classes I knew I had you 3.” Kenny said looking at the 3 of them, all 3 were teared up. “Kenny you should have told a teacher.” Max said. “Do you think the teachers would believe me? Hey Mrs Baxter do you know the reason I sleep through class every day is because I’m up at 4am doing chores. That I work full time so I can buy my own food and save every last penny so I can get away from my family.” Kenny said. “You really should of told someone Kenny.” I told her, didn’t she get that what her stepmom had done was abuse. “My stepmom would always turn it on me, that I was an unstable girl who was jealous of her successful sisters.” Kenny said. “How I was a jealous brat who was lying for attention.” Kenny said. “That I had never got over my dad’s and moms death and she had tried her best with me but I was aggressive so she had kicked me out.” Kenny said. “How do you know this.” I said to her realising Kenny was repeating. “She told me it daily. That no one would ever believe me, that her reputation wouldn’t let anyone believe me. How if I dared say anything against her to someone she would make sure I never saw a single penny of my dad’s money, that I’d never see Stasia again. It wasn’t the money it was Stasia she’s all I got, she’s got daddy’s eyes and she’s a sweet kid even though she’s becoming more like Sea every day. She is a sweet kid who I’m never going to be able to see again.” Kenny said tears running down her face. “Do not even think that Kenny I will make sure you see your sister.” I said firmly. Kenny looked at me crying. “I promise Kenny.” I told her. “In fact I’m aware you’re little sisters in the same movie as me. She’s playing my kid sister. So even if I sneak you on set behind your step moms back you’ll see your little sister.” I told her firmly. “You’d do that for me?” Kenny asked me. “Yes.” I said shrugging. Kenny looked at me. “Why?” she asked me. “Because Kenny from the first time I walked into you, I knew you were exhausted. That you needed a white knight.” I told her. “I thought you were a fairy and going to wear a tutu not a knight in amour, do you know how hard it would be to go toilet and the dental hygiene back.” Kenny started. We all laughed easing the tension Pam gently nudged her. “Fine but I knew you were in the deep end, I actually suspected drugs at first.” I admitted to her. “I saw how drugs affected Nike I would never take them.” Kenny assured me. “I get that.” I told her. We all looked at the empty takeaway boxes. We had all been eating whilst Kenny talked. Kenny looked at the guitar case. “I’ll just wash my hands then I’ll show you guys all I got left.” Kenny said. She looked at me. “Where’s the bathroom?” she asked. “There’s one next door. I told her. Pointing out the door. She walked off. I looked at them all. “You know she’s been emotionally abused for year’s right?” I checked with them. “And neglect.” Pam said weakly. “Yeah.” I said seriously. “It’s possibly more the reason she didn’t tell you who she really was. She didn’t want to lose you 3 and didn’t want you 3 to treat her different.” I informed them. “So what’s your plan?” Max asked me. “Currently her to meet Milo as hes desperate to meet her.” I admitted. Max laughed, the girls and I stared at him. “What’s so funny?” Pam asked him. “Sorry normally it’s the girl wanting to meet the rock star not the other way round.” Max said. “I thought the same way when I asked you for her number.” I actually laughed. “How did you find out who she was?” Pam asked me. “She asked me if I could get Milo to sing her a particular song on her dad’s guitar as her 18th birthday present. I showed Milo her dads guitar and he freaked out.” I said, that was when Kenny decided to walk in the room. “He freaked?” she asked me looking like she wanted to laugh. “Yes he started freaking the moment he saw the case.” I told her. She grinned and took hold of the case bringing it closer to her friends. “This is my dad’s first guitar, the one he realised his first song on. The one he became famous on. Its actual worth according to an article I found online is $655,000.” Kenny said. “Thanks Kenny because if that had been lost I could of covered that.” I told her sarcastically she laughed. “I thought it was pocket change to you.” She told me with a wink. I shook my head. “With the case, it’s worth at least another $10,000.” She told everyone opening the case. “With the pictures though to a true fan of the bands.” Kenny said seriously. “It’s worth apparently another $200,000.” She admitted looking in the case. “Kenny you let me look after something worth at least $855,000?” I asked her in disbelief. “I told you it was worth more to me than anything. If it became a choose of this guitar and college. I still wouldn’t part with my guitar.” She told me. “The money doesn’t matter to me, this is all I got of my dad and mom in here.” Kenny told us. She pulled out a picture it looked fragile. “This is a very old picture of me and daddy with mommy. He used to kiss it before any performance, before Jasmine.” Kenny admitted. She pulled out a few more pictures, they were all looking a bit scruffy but she held them so gently like they were the most precious stones in the world to her, there were photos of a little kid Kenny with different members of the band and her daddy and group pictures. “That’s all I got of my family guys. Except Stasia.” Kenny told us. She lifted the guitar, and gently strummed for a few seconds. “Well that’s me.” Kenny said nervously looking at her friends. “So what do you want now Kenny. You’re free of your step mom. You can approach your uncle. You can sue your stepmom because guess what you might feel alone but I’m sure I can get hold of your old tutor.” I told her. “Hes on a gag if he even attempted to speak out Dylan he’d be sued. I know that much.” Kenny said. “Are you under a gag?” Max asked Kenny. “No but I’m not strong enough at the moment guys for my life to be plastered everywhere, because it wouldn’t just be her I had to face, the gossip mags would pick it up. Everyone would see.” Kenny said seriously. “So you’re going to let her get away with it?” Pam questioned her. “No I’m going to live a life I want I’m going to achieve everything I want in life and I’m going to prove to her that she didn’t win. That I am stronger than she ever could imagine.” Kenny said seriously. “I just don’t know how yet.” Kenny admitted. Then she put the guitar down and away then reached for a tub of ice-cream and a spoon and dug it in. “I’m going to graduate high school. I’m going to start living a life my dad would be proud off. He didn’t care if I went into music, if I was a doctor, if I was an astronaut. He used to say as long as I was happy he’d be proud of me. So I’m going to start making myself happy again. Be it singing again or go college and starting a life completely out the spotlight and just slipping my dad’s and my songs to someone who will sing them for me.” Kenny said seriously. “About that Kenny.” I said seriously. She looked at me like about what? “Milo wants to talk to you about maybe singing a song with him on his new CD.” I admitted to her. “Really?” Kenny asked me. I nodded she bit her bottom lip nervously. “You really have a huge crush on him don’t you?” I questioned. “Eww gross Dylan, he reminds me to much of my dad.” Kenny laughed having a mouthful of ben and jerry’s. “Yes Miles off is my favourite band currently. But no I don’t have a crush on him, but the first time I heard there song on the radio on my way to school that day. I thought everything could be okay again.” Kenny said. “I thought how much I would love to hear some more of dad’s old songs that never got released. I’ve still got them all.” Kenny said. “Even if he just sung them for me I wouldn’t care. I wouldn’t care if he put them on an album and I wouldn’t care if he never mentioned dad but I knew as he always seems to be such a fan of dads old band that he would.” Kenny said. “He wants you to sing a song with him, the one you sung with your dad on stage that time.” I told her. “I can’t sing that one Dylan.” Kenny said. “Why not?” Laura asked “Come on Kenny we’ve all heard you sing before you really are amazing.” Laura told her. “Not because of that, because of the words of that song.” Kenny said. “Couldn’t sing it without your dad?” I asked her, understanding. Kenny scrunched her face up after taking too big a spoon of ice-cream. Once she wasn’t scrunched up anymore she said. “No because of the words of that song I don’t feel anymore. It was all about how we were becoming a new family and we would be sister and love each other and be there for each other. I don’t feel that way about my family anymore so I couldn’t put my emotions in that song. Because I don’t love them, I hate my stepmoms and Seas guts.” Kenny said. “Telling a lot of truth tonight Kenny.” Max said. “Tell the world how you truly feel about your stepmom.” He laughed. “She’s an evil witch.” Kenny said seriously they all giggled. “I think you’ve all had enough ice-cream.” I said as the girls started laughing even more. “What’s so funny now?” I asked them all. “Kenny’s been calling Jasmine and Sea bitches for 4 years and now we know why she hates them so much. It just makes it easier for us to laugh because we used to say it wasn’t like she knew them personally and now we find out she did.” Laura said still laughing. “So you’re all not going to treat me different now you know I was rich as a little kid then lost everything?” Kenny asked them. “We really see why you called yourself Cinderella.” Pam assured her. Kenny laughed digging into her ice-cream. “Weren’t we actually meant to be doing homework?” Kenny asked everyone. “All done.” Max shrugged. “Nice for some.” Laura told him pulling out a trig book and handing it to Kenny. Kenny started feeling in the answers without even seeming to think. “Thanks.” Laura told her when she was finished. “Wait did she just do your homework?” I asked. “Yeah I normally do her Trig and she normally does my Geography. It works for us.” Kenny told me. Kenny did the same and handed Laura her geography book and Laura did the same with Kenny’s geography. “This is normal you’re all honour roll students.” I said looking from one to the other. “We all have our strong subjects and weak.” Max said shrugging. “We just help each other out on our individual weak subjects.” Pam said calmly. “It gets our homework done quicker when Kenny always has to run off.” Max said. “Wait Kenny no longer has to run off home.” Pam said. “We could get her a new phone and number and she would never have to speak to her stepmom again.” Laura said. “Guys I don’t need a new phone just a new number.” Kenny said quickly as Laura brought up phones instantly on her phone. “Fine but you get a new number and the only person you give it to in your family is Stasia.” Laura told her. “She would give it to her mom.” Kenny said weakly looking hurt again. “Yeah but you never have to do what that lady says again. If she wants to take your trust fund from you. I can buy you the best lawyers in Hollywood. Even if she’s already brought them.” I told her with a wink. Kenny looked at me like what the hell. “So we’ve all decided you’re never going home.” Max said to her patting her hand. “Guys you do realise she can force me home I’m only 17 till next month.” Kenny said. “By the time she got you home Kenny you’d be 18 believe me I’ve looked into it.” Pam said to her. “Oh.” Kenny said. “Alright but won’t this destroy Dylan’s reputation, strangely hes known as the good boy of Hollywood having a girl suddenly move in will damage that.” Kenny pointed out. “Well if the papers get hold of it we will think of something. I really don’t care, it’s not going to destroy my reputation having one girl here for a while. Just don’t trash my home I know what you rock stars are like.” I told her, she stuck her tongue out at me. Good Kenny do you have to do that, I had ideas I wanted her to use her tongue on. She gave me a funny look and then said. “Are you really sure about this. My stepmom won’t let me be happy Dylan she might start a smear against me.” Kenny said to me. “Let her try like I said I can buy some of the best lawyers in Hollywood. And like you said I’m known as the good boy of Hollywood whilst Jasmine is known for being a bitch and impossible to work with and Seas going the same route.” I told her. “Who’s worse Kenny Jasmine or Sea?” Pam asked her. “Sea.” Kenny admitted. They all burst out laughing. “You don’t think I’m the one who’s the bitch?” Kenny asked everyone worried. “God no Kenny we know you. Yes you can be bitchy girl you have a brick wall around you so high.” Pam told her. “But we know you’re the kind of girl to walk up to someone picking on someone and put them in their place and comfort there victim.” Laura told her. “We just can’t work out why you can’t do that with your stepmom.” Pam said. “I can.” Max assured Kenny patting her hand again. “Why?” Pam asked him. “Because Kenny would have to face millions of people knowing if she ever came forward. I think she should but I get the fact she doesn’t want to be a victim. She works fucking hard and we all know it.” Max said looking at Kenny. “Pam if I was to do anything before I turned 18 could my stepmom do anything about it.” Kenny asked. “It really depends how bitchy she’s going to be. But what you thinking?” Pam asked her. “If Milo was serious if I did do a song with him?” Kenny asked. “Best to wait till your 18.” I told her realising most things were best waiting the 4 weeks. “What if I gave him one of dad’s old songs could he get the song rights from me?” Kenny asked Pam. “Best to wait till your 18.” Pam said. “But that’s 1 month 2 days!” Max pointed out. “Almost 1 month 1 day.” Laura pointed out giggling. “Yeah I think that’s enough ice-cream.” Pam told her taking the tub away. “You to Kenny.” She said, “My precious.” Kenny told her wrapping her arm around the ice-cream. We all actually laughed. “So should we call it quits tonight? No offence guys but I got to get home for curfew.” Max said looking at his phone. “Same.” Laura said looking at her phone. “Did you want me to get the limo to drive you home or back to school to get your cars?” I asked them. “Yeah that sounds good.” Max said his eyes going wide. I simply sent a text. “Ordered.” I told them. “Are you really sure about having me here Dylan I could go a motel I got the money to.” Kenny started. “Save your money to buy yourself things you actually want Kenny, like clothes you’ll be happy in rather than your stepsisters hand me downs.” I told her. “Omg Kenny we have to buy you a brand new wardrobe actual clothes that fit you.” Laura said. “Are you saying I’m too big for Seas clothes?” Kenny asked her in disbelief. “Kenny your too skinny for them, you have to wear a belt with everything.” Pam told her. “Also your tiny what are you 5.2.” I told her teasing. “5.4” She huffed at me, everyone burst out laughing. “Tell the truth Kenny.” Max told her. “I’m 5.4.” Kenny said seriously. Everyone burst out laughing even more. “Soda and ice-cream isn’t a good mix with you lot, imagine if I actually brought out the alcohol?” I said to them. They all laughed. “So are you going work tomorrow night?” Max asked Kenny. “Yeah I better or I’ll get fired.” Kenny said seriously. “What do you do?” I asked her. “Kenny has 2 jobs.” Laura told me. Kenny rolled her eyes. “I stock shelves at night in Walmart. I also work as a pizza delivery girl.” Kenny shrugged. “Well I know you want to save for college Kenny but no wonder you’re exhausted.” I told her. “What did you do all your chores school then your first job then your second then chores then school then.” I started. Kenny weakly smiled. “I fitted in sleep.” Kenny assured me. “Yeah in class.” Laura told her. “How else am I going to go college guys?” Kenny said weakly. “You’re going to get a bit of your trust fund for education.” I told her. “Nike had it frozen until you were 21. But he wouldn’t have wanted you not to go college. I think he just thought at 21 you’d be free of your stepmom and be able to make your own choices.” I told her. “You’ll need to talk to him Kenny. Sooner rather than later.” Max told her. “He never came back guys.” Kenny almost cried. “How do you know he didn’t try without hearing him out?” Laura asked her. “How do you know that it wasn’t your stepmom keeping you away from him?” Max told Kenny. I saw the hurt flash across her face. “What if I disappoint him?” Kenny almost whispered. “What if he disappoints you?” Max said to Kenny. “He couldn’t ever disappoint me. I’m so proud of him getting clean how hes turned his life into.” Kenny started. “Precisely.” Max said to her. My phone rung. “Limos here guys.” I told them. “Call in sick tomorrow I will cover your shift if I need to.” Max told Kenny hugging her. “Max I.” Kenny started. “No more Kenny time someone actually looks after you.” Max told her. “What are your 3 plan tomorrow?” I asked them. “Work.” Laura said. “Work.” Pam said looking at Kenny. “Work.” Max admitted. I looked at Kenny. “Up to you as I’m your guest.” Kenny told me. “Your sleeping, you sound like you got years to catch up on.” I told her. She actually smiled. “I got to go to the set to start a few scenes but you’re welcome to stay here or go shopping yourself and get everything you need.” I told her. She looked worried. “Kenny you know we haven’t got your birthday presents yet. Why don’t you meet me after my shift finishes and we can look for everything you need? Hey you could sell Seas clothes on eBay. You don’t need to write they belonged to Sea just the designer and they’ll go like hot cakes. Then you’ll have a bit of money to buy yourself jeans that aren’t to baggy.” Pam told her. “Guys I don’t give a fuck about wearing designer I would quite happily get my clothes from a thrift shop.” Kenny admitted. “To be honest that’s more you.” Max told her. Kenny laughed. “So I’ll meet you at the mall tomorrow.” Pam told Kenny. “Alright what time do you finish your shift?” Kenny asked her. “I finish at 2. What time do you finish Laura?” Pam asked her. “1 so why don’t we meet in the food court and we will get lunch and you join us there?” Laura said. “It’s a plan.” Pam said. “Alright.” Kenny said. She looked so shell shocked. “Don’t you think Martin will be annoyed to see me in the food court when I’ve called sick into work most the week and that night.” Kenny said. “Na he really did buy the ill.” Max told her seriously. “In fact he said for you to call in sick were you actually in hospital?” Max told her. Kenny rolled her eyes. “I’ll go back to work Saturday night.” Kenny told them all. “You don’t have to.” I told her. “No I got to or I’ll be fired. I need to be able to support myself Dylan.” Kenny told me. “Kenny why not just let me give you a small loan until your 21.” I told her. “It wouldn’t be much just enough for college.” I told her. My phone buzzed again. “You all better get going if you want to make curfews.” I sighed looking at my cell. “Yeah see you later.” They all said and they left. Kenny waved them goodbye. “So I’ll show you where everything is.” I told Kenny when the door was shut. “Are you sure about this?” Kenny asked again worried. “Makena Allen Stone.” I said firmly. She bit her bottom lip. “If you’re going to do the whole full name thing to tell me off google my full name.” She told me with a slight smile. “You often google yourself?” I asked it sounded dirtier than it was coming from my lips. She burst out laughing, “Sorry that just sounded so wrong.” She told me laughing, I laughed too. I showed her through a door. “This is the kitchen.” I told her. “It’s so clean.” She told me. “Yeah the staff clean and cook in it. If you want anything there’s always a meal in the fridge you just need to heat up or stuff in the freezer or cupboards help yourself.” I told her. “Are you sure?” she asked worried. “100%” I told her. I led her through a door. “This is the dining room I can’t remember if I’ve ever used it.” I told her. She laughed. “Your house is rather small.” She teased weakly. “Where are your parents?” she asked me. “On holiday.” I told her. “Do you live with them?” she asked me worried. “I stay a lot at there’s and they have a room here, but I’m an adult and like my freedom.” I told her shrugging. “Oh.” She said worried. “I see them most days when they’re here. But they are having a week away at least I think it’s a week.” I told her, actually that was a point they’d be back soon. “When I’m recording a movie I’m normally at work or asleep or schmoozing.” I told her. She nodded worried. “You start filming tomorrow. How much longer do you plan to stay at school?” she asked me. “A week longer as I start recording soon.” I admitted. “Yet my stepmom pulled Stasia out of school ending Friday.” Kenny told me. “We don’t fully start recording for another 2 weeks.” I told Kenny. “Maybe she just thought it be better.” I told Kenny. Kenny looked worried. “Does she do what she does to you to Stasia?” I asked her. “No but she doesn’t really bother with her.” Kenny admitted to me. “Well I can sneak you on set Kenny so you can see your sister.” I assured her. “Without anyone knowing who I am?” Kenny asked worried. “Yeah you can just be my friend on set. Or something.” I assured her shrugging. She smiled at me. “Thanks Dylan.” Kenny told me. “I never pegged you as someone shy Kenny.” I informed her. “I’m not normally.” Kenny admitted. “I just don’t want Jasmine to find out and take her away.” Kenny admitted. “Kenny she signed a contract Stasia is in the movie, she can’t pull out unless she’s fired.” I informed Kenny. “So this is the pool.” I told her taking her into the pool room. “Wow.” Kenny said looking at my pool. “Finally something that impresses you.” I told her laughing. She laughed. “I think growing up in a mansion makes me unimpressive.” Kenny told me laughing. I scooped her up I couldn’t help it. “NO.” She said laughing as I went to throw her in the pool. I threw her in. then I took my shoes of and put my phone in my shoe and jumped in. She laughed and splashed me swam up and dunked me. I came up laughing she was so close, her top was clinging to her showing she actually had quite a lot under that baggy top that now clung to her body showing her body enough to make me have to try keep my mind of it before I ruined the whole friendship thing I had with her. “I thought Sea was a size 4.” I told her. Kenny laughed. “She’s a size 6 not big at all.” Kenny told me rolling her eyes. “So what size are you?” I asked her. “I don’t know I haven’t brought my own clothes in such a long time, but slightly malnourished.” Kenny admitted. “Well you can find out tomorrow, I gently pulled the top so I held a bit of the extra fabric. “Your smaller than her.” I informed her. “Yeah by like 3 foot.” “Well you’re really tiny.” I informed her. Kenny rolled her eyes at me. “Not everyone can be mixed with a giant Dylan.” Kenny teased. I dunked her for that. She came up laughing. “Sizeist that’s what you are Kenny.” I told her. She laughed. “You’re the one who said I was 5.2” Kenny pointed out. I laughed and splashed her “Just means you can wear high heels.” I told her. “Yeah I could wear them, but you know I’m clumsy right?” Kenny checked. I laughed. “Oh you’d spend most your time on the floor.” I told her laughing. Kenny splashed me. “Are you really sure about this Dylan?” Kenny asked worried. I pushed a wet curl from her face, her hair went curly when it got wet I realised. “I’m sure Kenny, I know I’m not your prince but like you said I’m your fairy, the prince might have taken Cinderella away from the abuse, but it was the fairy that got her to the ball.” I told her. Kenny smiled, “I thought I said I didn’t want to be Cinderella.” Kenny told me. “Fine you be your own prince.” I told her getting ready to dunk her. “I don’t want to be Cinderella Dylan but I want to write my own fairy tale.” Kenny said. Then she really nervously kissed me really gently on the lips and before I could react swam off. I reached and grabbed her foot pulling her back. I was going to pull her to me but then I realised I could kiss her better when I could touch the bottom of the pool. So I swam myself towards the shallow end. “Cheat.” She yelled. Once I could touch the floor I stopped. Kenny a few seconds behind me. I stopped her she laughed. “Your such a cheat Dylan.” She told me. Indicating the fact she was in jeans and shoes still. I laughed, she looked at me her blue eyes seemed to be sparkling like it had been so long since she had any fun. I realised it possibly had been. “You don’t kiss someone and swim off Kenny.” I told her jokingly, she looked at me nervously. I gently kissed her my arms going around her waist as I could stand at the depth I was but she couldn’t. She wrapped her arms around my neck I made the kiss deeper. We stood in the pool kissing for a while until I realised Kenny was actually shivering. “We should get out the pool.” I told her stroking a wet curl from her face. I looked at her, “Kenny I’m a movie star.” I told her. “Yeah I know.” Kenny said worried. “Not a rock star, I do the dating thing not the sleeping with a girl once thing.” I told her. She looked at me confused, “I don’t do the sleeping with a guy once.” She said quickly. “So you agree to dating?” I asked her. “You want to date me?” Kenny asked confused. “Since the moment I walked into you.” I admitted. She bit her bottom lip. “Before you found out who I was?” Kenny asked me looking like my next words meant a hell of a lot to her. “Yes Kenny it’s why I took the guitar I wanted to get on your.” I started she kissed me before I got the rest of that out, we went back to making out. When we came up for air again, I took one arm from around her and took hold of her chin. “Kenny I think we should get out and go to our own rooms okay.” I told her. “Okay.” Kenny said seriously. Then she reached in her back pocket after I let her go. “Shit my phone.” She said pulling it out. “Well now you have to let me buy you a new phone as it was me who broke your old one.” I told her laughing. “You did that on purpose to destroy my phone.” She teased me. “Well it means there’s no way for your stepmom to reach you. No way for her to convince you home. No way.” I started. “Alright I get it you purposely broke my phone so my evil stepmother can’t reach me fairy.” She laughed. “Yes exactly.” I told her laughing. “But did you think about how I can reach the girls tomorrow?” She asked me. “I will text Max for you to text them and you can get a new phone in the shop tomorrow and I’ll pay.” I told her. “Dylan I.” Kenny started. “Or.” I started. “I can’t take your money Dylan. You’re doing more than enough letting me stay here.” Kenny said. “Alright can you buy yourself a phone?” I asked her. “Yeah.” She said, I looked at her not sure if she meant it or not. “I can don’t worry.” She assured me. “Alright.” I told her, realising Kenny wasn’t going to let me buy her one. “I might have an old one upstairs.” I said thinking about it. She looked at me, “Would you let me give you one of my old phones?” I asked her. “As long as you don’t go out and buy yourself a new phone just to give me your new one.” She said deadly serious. “Deal.” I told her I kissed her gently on the forehead. “We need to get out this pool your shivering.” I told her. She smiled at me. “Come on lets go get dry.” I told her she nodded and we swam to the ladder. Kenny climbed out and her jeans almost fell down. I laughed so did Kenny. “Buy a swimming costume tomorrow.” I told her laughing. “Would you give me the chance to get changed?” she questioned me with a smile. “Hmm na but next time I’ll make sure you don’t have your phone.” I assured her. “You think there’s going to be a next time?” She questioned. “I hope there’s going to be.” I told her. I climbed out, I went into a closet on the side and threw her two towels. Then put one around myself. I picked up my phone but left my shoes there. Kenny took of her shoes laughing. “I only have this pair jerk.” She told me. “Go get changed and put your wet clothes in the basket.” I said handing her a basket. Taking her hands and leading her back up the stairs. When we got to the room I told her to put her stuff in I stopped. “This the room your stuff in?” I checked. “Yeah.” She said opening the door and peaking. “Good.” I told her. “Meet you downstairs in a few minutes bring your stuff and we can put your shoes to dry. Have you got something to sleep in?” I checked with her. “Yeah that was the only time I was allowed to wear clothes I wanted.” Kenny mumbled. I kissed her again, her teeth were chattering. “Get warm and dry then I’ll make us a hot coco to warm up.” I told her. “Thanks Dylan.” Kenny said. “No problem Kenny.” I told her, kissing her and Deeping the kiss. I pulled away after a while. “You need to go in that room now Kenny.” I told her. She laughed. “Alright.” She told me. She opened the door then shut it, I heard the lock go. Well today really hadn’t gone how I expected.

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