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Chapter 5 - Makena

As I sat on the bed I couldn’t believe this had happened. I had come here today homeless, ready to tell my friends that I was homeless. Not sure if I could actually admit to who I was. But instead I had complete bared my whole soul to my friends. Then to Dylan after they left. I took my wet top off and put it in the basket. Wet top wet bra wet jeans wet panties. Then I slipped on a clean pair of panties jogging bottoms and my baggy dad’s concert t-shirt. If I knew I was sleeping at Dylan’s I might have brought an old silk nighty from Seas clothes collection. I might have bothered to match the underwear I brought. But instead I just put the clothes on and threw my hair in a high ponytail. Why the hell would Dylan ever be interested in a girl like me? I rested a finger on my lips my lips felt so bruised but it made a huge smile go on my face. I had so much to absorb from today. Starting with the conversation with my friends. They understood, or at least seemed to and they cared. They actually loved me. My heart felt like it was beating a million miles an hour. Dad was right family wasn’t blood it was those who you want in your life and they want you in there’s. I loved my friends. The one thing I couldn’t do though was let Dylan support me. I needed to support myself, because what if we broke up I would never want to have nothing to support myself if that happened. I wondered if I should go sleep or go for that hot coco with Dylan. I got why he had said to separate, believe me I had felt the bulge in his pants whilst we made out in the pool. Talk about corny but a part of me felt like he’d swept me off my feet then. Literally, but he wanted to date. He didn’t just want sex with me tonight and then that was it. I don’t know why that affected me as much as it did. What was it about Dylan, I would never have said actor would ever be my type. He was known for actually being a nice guy. I now felt like I could fully say that it wasn’t an act. If it was the guy deserved an Oscar but I think it was safe to say he was a nice guy. I looked at my wet clothes in the basket, thinking back to that kiss. I decided even if this didn’t last I would see it through for a while, because a strange part of me trusted Dylan like I had never trusted anyone before. Except my daddy and uncles. Yet Uncle Nike had let me down. But how did I know if he had? What if he’d tried and just couldn’t find me. What if he was waiting for me to reach out, like I was giving the option to Stasia when she was older? I could do this right. I thought deeply about putting a bra on to go downstairs. But I only had enough clothes to last me 3 days. I looked at myself in the mirror and realised I did need the bra or Dylan would see my nipples through this t-shirt as I was still so cold. I put one on then picked up the basket unlocked the door and nervously went downstairs. When I reached the kitchen I could hear Dylan banging about. I stood in the door watching him watching the microwave. This was my life currently. “Where did you want my wet stuff?” I asked him worried. He turned and looked at me, maybe I shouldn’t have put the sweats on and my hair up in the messy ponytail. “I’ll put them in the dryer.” He told me, taking the basket from me. I handed it to him, he went through a door attached to the kitchen. I saw a washer and a dryer and some racks. Okay I could find that easy enough. He put my shoes on the racks. “They should be dry by the afternoon.” He told me, with a smile that said he didn’t regret getting me soaked at all. “How can anyone make an old top and sweats look so cute.” He said. I didn’t know how Dylan was making me nervous now. I had been a right bitch to him when I first met him now I actually felt like a blushing school girl. He put my clothes and his own in the washer. The microwave pinged and we went back in the kitchen. I took him in, he was in a white wife beater and black lounge pants with batman symbols all over he was gorgeous, a real heart throb like the magazines claimed, a strong jawbone. Even his Adams apple looked eye catching. How could one guy be so handsome and why the heck was he interested in me? His brown hair was still wet like my own and he hadn’t done anything to it I don’t think. He took the cups out the microwave and then handed me a hot coco after putting marshmallows in it. “So where do you want to go for our first date.” He said after a while of sipping hot coco. “um.” I said nervously, not sure what to say. Would dating Dylan mean people working out who I was all of a sudden. I thought about it, then I realised I didn’t have a clue where he would take me. A date in high school was normally a school dance. Yeah I had never been on a date before. But could I tell him that. “I know you’ve got expensive tastes.” He started a saw a glint in his eyes, he was going to bait me. “Prom?” I suggested. I don’t think he expected that reply. He looked at me. “You want me to take you to prom?” he asked me. “It’s a week after my birthday.” I admitted slightly fidgeting. “We can go prom Kenny I would love that.” he said taking my hand he was looking me straight in the eyes. Were we moving too fast, well we were currently living together. I was about to say I could go to one of the girls when his next words caught me. “So what’s your plan for tomorrow night.” he started. “I could sleep at one of the.” I started worried. “I meant with work Kenny, that room upstairs is yours as long as you need it. I don’t care if you come and go or if you stay indefinitely in that room and never come out. But it’s your room now.” He told me. I didn’t know what to say. But since our first kiss it was like he discovered his appeal for touching me as he pulled me tight to him and kissed my forehead. “I’m meant to be the 10pm till 6am shift.” I admitted. “Fuck Kenny no wonder you’re exhausted.” He told me. I bit my bottom lip. “I can nap at work most days, if I’m on the checkout I sleep on it till someone comes over. It’s a 24 hour shop but we are almost a ghost town at night.” I admitted. “If I’m on shelves there’s a lot of messing about.” Kenny admitted. “Kenny I get you want to support yourself and I don’t want to pry into your money situation. But college?” he started. “I don’t know Dylan.” I admitted. “What do you want to study?” he asked me. “I don’t really know, part of me wants to do pre med.” I admitted. He looked at me and seemed to think. “You want to be a doctor?” he asked me. “Another part of me wants to be a lawyer.” I admitted. “Your cut throat enough, but I don’t think that’s for you.” he teased me kissing my head gently. He had his arms wrapped around me. “Another part wants to go into social care. I know what it’s like to be a kid that is unhappy at home.” I started. “You do realise what your stepmoms been doing for the past few years is abuse or at least sounds like it Kenny.” Dylan told me. “She never laid a hand on me until Wednesday.” I said, it was technically a lie and she had encouraged Sea to but he didn’t need to know that I didn’t want anyone to know that, then I realised I had said until Wednesday shit, why had I told him that truth. I felt his body suddenly cease up, he had been holding me stroking along my back and that sentence had frozen him. “Until Wednesday?” came out his mouth. “I said something I shouldn’t of and she slapped me. I deserved it.” I said weakly. Yeah I possibly didn’t but I had said it purposely to piss her off. “What did you say Kenny?” He said weakly. “I called her a fake talentless bitch and one day the world would see it.” I admitted. “She had accused me of stealing from her.” I started. “Kenny.” Dylan said stroking my hair. “All you have is that one guitar and 3 outfits and a car. You haven’t stolen anything understand?” he told me. I nodded, I knew tears were flowing on his top. “Kenny whatever you want to do, I will help you. Even if we don’t work out okay.” he told me firmly. I looked at him. “Why?” I sobbed into him. “Because you deserve some happiness and no matter what I want to see that smile on your face. The one from the pool earlier.” He told me. “How longs it been since you’ve had fun.” He asked me. I bit my lip not sure how to answer that. “That long.” He said stroking my back. “Don’t throw me back in the pool I got nothing else to sleep in.” I told him. He laughed it shook his chest. “That just makes me want to Kenny.” He laughed. I stuck my tongue out at him, he stuck his back out at me and I laughed. “Are you hungry?” he asked me. “No Dylan that Pizza and ice-creams more than I normally.” I started, he looked at me seriously. “I know you won’t take anything from me Kenny.” He started. “That’s correct.” I said seriously, but then he put a phone in a box on the counter that he had in a bag on the floor. I looked at it suspicious. “You got hold of a new phone that quickly?” I asked him suspicious. “I got it in a goody bag at the last event I went to.” he admitted. “I’ve been looking through my goody bags seeing if I had one.” he admitted looking worried. “It’s not the latest and I know you don’t want me to get you things, but it’s just sitting around in the bag.” he started. “Thankyou Dylan.” I said meaning it, I understood what he was trying to say. “It has a sim with it.” he told me seriously. I smiled at him. “At least take it to keep in contact with the girls tomorrow until you can get a phone.” He started. “Okay but there’s a catch.” I said. “What’s that?” he said worried. “No one has this number that secretly wants to get hold of you right that the moment it’s activated they will know?” I checked. He raised an eyebrow. “Not that I know of.” He said. “I’m not going to suddenly have all your fan mail arrive?” I checked with him trying not to laugh. “No you shouldn’t.” he said seriously, and then he looked me in the eyes and saw I was playing with him. “You’re not going to text me when you’re meant to be working right?” I checked. “As long as you don’t text me when you’re meant to be paying attention to your teacher.” He informed me. “Deal.” I told him, he turned the phone on. I smiled at him, he did the start up for me. Once he’d done all the boring parts of time date, he smiled at me. “Alright the only numbers I’ve got is Max and mine.” He told me. I laughed. “Add yours and Max’s then I will text Max to get my number to the girls.” I told him. He did that, then handed me my new phone. I looked at him and then I said. “Say cheese Dylan.” I took a quick picture, not giving him a chance to say cheese. I laughed when I got it. He looked gorgeous and hot without even trying. “Fuck it’s a good picture.” I said seriously. He laughed and plucked the phone out my hand. “I thought you said it was mine.” I teased him. He looked at me and said “Kenny say cheese.” I stuck my tongue out at him as he took it. He laughed. He handed it back. “Send that picture to Max so he knows it’s defiantly you.” he laughed. I laughed I opened Dylan’s contact and assigned the picture to it. Then I thought about it and assigned it to my background picture. “Oh so we are that couple already are we?” Dylan teased laughing. “Oh fuck of Dylan if anyone sees it they’ll just think I’m a fan. Do you know how many of the girls at school who have a picture of you as there display picture currently?” I asked him with a grin. He run his hand through his hair then said. “Fine but I get a picture of you on my phone too.” He said with a grin. He pulled out his phone, I stuck my tongue out at him. He laughed taking the picture. Then he smiled at me and said. “One together?” I laughed and nodded. We both stuck our tongues out at his phone as he took the selfie of us. “Don’t put it on Instagram yet Sea follows you. I want a chance to talk to Stasia before they try making it impossible I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye.” I joked and admitted at the same time. He nodded, but he smiled and applied it to his background. “The one of us in our pjs isn’t going on for a while.” he assured me laughing. “Text Max hes already missed called me two times I think he wants to check in on you.” Dylan told me. I laughed. I attached the picture of just me to the text to Max.

Kenny – New number Dylan threw my phone in the pool so evil stepmother can never reach me again. Can you get it to the girls and get them to message me. I don’t have their numbers.

“Dylan can I have a copy of the picture of us together?” I asked him nervous, why was I suddenly nervous. He took hold of my phone again. I looked at him, he added my number to his phone and then sent the pictures over. I smiled at him. “So you never said where you want to go on our first date.” He laughed. “Surprise me.” I said not sure where I would like to go, I could name where Sea went on dates, but they weren’t my sort of places or ideas I would enjoy. “Where have you been on dates before?” he asked me. “Dylan do you really think I’ve ever had time to date anyone?” I asked him. “Where do you normally take a girl on a date?” I asked him suspicious. “Hmmm it depends on the girl. But I have a lot of ideas for you.” he teased me. I laughed with the glint he got and the smile it was so hard not to. “Why does that sound so scary?” I asked him finishing the last of my hot coco. He kissed me, “Because you and I both know expensive restaurants aren’t your scene.” He told me with a wink. I laughed, “So you’re going to take me to the food court like Max did Pam their first date?” I questioned him with a smile. “Damn it Max has skills.” Dylan laughed. “How long they been together?” he asked me. “Almost the whole of school except a few awkward weeks the first term of school before they got together and a few times they broke up.” I admitted. “I give the guy his dues.” Dylan said seriously. I laughed at the seriousness of his face. But a yawn slipped out before I could stop it. “We should go bed I got to go set tomorrow and you’re going shopping and night shift. I don’t think I will be here when you wake, but I will text you.” he told me. “As much as I can.” He assured me. “Thanks.” I said seriously. “Will I see you before you go work?” he asked me. “Let me know tomorrow. Do I just get in the same way I did today?” I asked him. “How did you get in?” he asked me suspicious. “I showed my Drivers licence. It’s the only thing I really have that proves I am me, that and my social security.” I admitted. “They let me in quickly with a lot of Miss Stones.” I admitted. He actually laughed. “So this ID it has your whole name on?” he asked me suspicious. “So does google.” I told him rolling my eyes. “It’s my driving licence and it’s a rubbish picture.” I informed him. “No, no, no I need to see it to decide that.” He told me firmly. I laughed. “It’s in my car oh I need my keys back.” I reminded him. “Oh there in the washing machine.” He said seriously. “You’re kidding right?” I asked looking at the door to the machine room. “Yeah I put them in my shoe when I jumped in.” he assured me he put them on the side, I took them laughing. “I’m going to get my hair cut tomorrow.” I warned him. “You just do everything you have wanted to and not been allowed to do.” he told me calmly. “Just no breaking laws.” He said seriously after a pause. I grinned “What mall are you even going to?” he asked me suspicious. “The one near school.” I told him he nodded. “Sounds fun have a great time.” he told me, he took my hand and we started walking through his house. “I’ll give you a guest pass.” Dylan said going in a draw in the hallway and handing me a pass. “Just give that over with your drivers licence to get in okay?” he said. “Okay.” I said meaning it. He gently led me upstairs back to my bedroom door. “Goodnight Kenny I will see you tomorrow alright?” he said seriously. “Alright Dylan night.” I said seriously. He gave me a really gentle good night kiss then walked off. I went in the room he had given me and shut the door. When I was in there I looked around taking it in. it looked like a hotel room, nothing special really. Cream coloured walls a king-size bed in the middle of the room. A desk with chair a mirror on one wall and a TV attached to one wall. To be honest it was more than enough but it made me want to see Dylan’s room. His house showed the odd symbol to football that I took was obviously the team he supported. A few movie props from popular films but there was nothing that showed me who Dylan really was. But you know what I was going to enjoy getting to know him. I put my laptop on the desk and duffle bag on the floor. Then I climbed into bed. I looked at the celling wondering how long I would wait for sleep tonight, for someone who was always tired when I was in a bed I normally struggled but I didn’t tonight. The bed was the most comfortable I had slept in for years.

I woke up with a start, it was still dark outside. I reached for the phone Dylan had given me to see the time. 4.14am. for a second I forgot I wasn’t home. I forgot I didn’t have to get up and go do my chores, so I swung my legs to the floor groggily not even opening my eyes. When I was on my feet I started walking. I walked straight into the desk. I cursed opening my eyes jumping up and down. Fuck that hurt. I looked around and my life caught up with me. I could go back to sleep, but my body wanted the toilet first. So I went there. I was also hungry. I always had breakfast this time of morning if I wasn’t waiting for Stasia. I remembered Dylan said to help myself. I felt awkward doing it, but decided to. I went out the room and down the stairs. I found the kitchen quiet quickly. I looked in the cupboards and found cereal. Really Dylan the only cereal you have in this house is granola? I put it back, I might be hungry but I’m not that hungry. I looked around the cupboards looking and found a full fruit bowl. I picked an apple up slightly worried it was going to be plastic like my own home dining room. It wasn’t so I took a bite wary in case it was wax. It wasn’t it was a real apple. “What are you doing? Do you know it’s only 4am?” Dylan asked from the doorway. Looking at me like what the hell he was yawning and rubbing sleep from his eyes. “Did I wake you?” I asked him worried. “I set the alarm and it went off.” He admitted yawning. “I didn’t hear it sorry.” I apologised worried. He put 2 cups of water in the microwave. “It’s a silent alarm.” He said truthfully. “I put the apple core in the bin. “Sorry I know you got to be up early.” I said worried. “You always wake at this time?” it was a statement and a question at the same time. “Yeah.” I admitted. “Are you still tired?” he asked me. “Yeah.” I admitted, he yawned. “But you’re hungry?” he asked. “Not really anymore.” I admitted. “He pulled out the cups from the microwave when they pinged put some hot coco powder in them then put some milk in it. He stirred I watched him confused. “Did you want something for breakfast?” he asked me. “All you have is granola.” I admitted to him pulling a face. He laughed “that’s my mom’s for when she stays.” He admitted he pulled out what looked like pancake mix from the fridge. I looked at him so suspicious. “I can attempt to make pancakes with us both half asleep, or we can go back bed to a sensible time of morning.” he told me yawning. “Bed till sensible.” I assured him. He smiled and handed me the hot coco. “Good choice.” He told me. He took his own hot coco and started walking out the room. I followed him. He took hold of my hand and we went back upstairs. “Night Kenny see you at a sensible time.” he yawned and kissed me I kissed him back kind of regretting going to check food. “I won’t set the house alarms next time. I forgot to warn you I had a sensor on the stairs, I normally step over it.” He told me kissing my forehead. “I’ll just set the doors and windows in future.” He told me. “I don’t want you to have to change things for me Dylan.” I told him worried. “You know it was worth it to see you with bed hair.” He teased. I smiled at him nervously. He kissed me gently on the head again. “Night Kenny.” He said and walked to his own room. I watched him go. His room was 2 away from the one he’d given me at the end of the corridor. I would have to ask him about all the rooms and have a nosy another day. I went back in the room. Sipping the hot coco and went bed. I didn’t finish the hot coco before sleep reclaimed me.

“Kenny I’m going work.” I heard a voice say, I opened my eyes and looked at Dylan. He was stood in the doorway looking nervous. I sat up in the bed. He was holding a tray of pancakes. “Morning.” I told him sleepy. “Morning.” he said coming over he put the tray on the bed. “What’s the time?” I asked him. “9am.” he told me. “Oh wow.” I said taken aback, “Sensible time of the morning.” he informed me. I grinned at him. “I’d be late for school.” I pointed out. “You always were even with a 4am morning, but getting there from Malibu must have been stressful start of the day.” he informed me. I nodded. “I got to go work.” he told me. I nodded. He kissed me gently. “The cleaners come around 11, if you want I can cancel them or you can talk to them if you want I don’t mind.” He told me. “Its fine I’m going to pop work and see if I can get a replacement uniform as I forgot to pack it.” I admitted it. “Okay.” he said. “Good luck on your scenes if you see my little sister get a sneaky picture of her for me.” I told him. “Did you want me to give her a message?” he asked me. “Not yet I don’t know what to say to her yet.” I admitted. He nodded. “Text you alright.” He said he kissed me then said “Bye Kenny see you later.” then left, I had to smile was this actually possible? I ate the breakfast. Omg the pancakes were great and he’d put the syrup on the side for me rather than put it over them as if he knew I liked to dip my pancake in the syrup rather than pour it over was that even possible? Once I had finished my pancakes I put the plate on the desk and went into the ensuite. It was huge not as big as I made out yesterday but bigger than the one I had at home. Even though I’d never lost my ensuite this one was more impressive. It had 2 sinks that actually had little toothbrushes and small toothpastes in clear bags in glass cups. I jumped in the shower which had miniature shampoos and conditioners and little wrapped soaps. It was like staying in a hotel. When I came out I wrapped myself in a white fluffy towel, which was softer than any towel I had in years. I even found a wrapped comb and did my hair combing it I opened the cupboards and even found a hairdryer and straighteners. I was really going to question Dylan about this room. I straightened my hair like I normally would then went out the room. Still in the towel. I looked at the time. 10.14am wow I was really pampering myself today. I got dressed in a pair of the black jeans and a lack tank top after I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked nice but nothing special. Unless you realised the top was a designer and so where my jeans you wouldn’t look at me twice. I didn’t bother with makeup I didn’t even have any. So I went down the stairs carrying the tray with my empty plate and cups on. I didn’t expect people to be here, but at the same time the quiet left me feeling nervous. It reminded me too much of my own quiet home when I’d get up and be all alone. I went in the kitchen and almost dropped the tray. The kitchen had someone in. “Sorry.” I said frozen at the door. She looked at me “Good morning.” She said with a friendly smile. “Morning.” I said worried. She went up to a piece of paper. “Kenny?” she asked me. “Yeah.” I said. “Oh sorry sweetie I was kind of expecting you to be a boy.” She admitted looking slightly taken aback. “I know my names a boy’s name.” I assured her nervous. “Well my names Helene Kenny would you like anything to eat or drink?” She asked me. “No thank you.” I said not sure what else to say. “Thank you for breakfast” I told her as I saw that she was chopping vegetables. “Oh that was Dylan he had made them and left the mess all over the kitchen for when I got here, he had completely forgotten I was coming today until he was about to leave. That boy wouldn’t know the day of the week sometimes.” She told me, then she must of realised I was a stranger because she stopped. I had to smile though. “So Kenny what are your plans today?” she asked me. “I’m going to work, and then meeting a friend to go shopping then work.” I admitted. “What do you do Kenny?” she asked me. “Currently I work at a pizza place and Walmart.” I admitted. She looked at me interested. “How did you meet Dylan?” she asked me interested. “Hes in my class at school.” I admitted. She swore in Spanish cursing Dylan’s stupidity for sleeping with a school student in his class. I actually laughed and then said. “No dormimos juntos, dormí en una habitación libre. Él simplemente no me dejó pagar por un motel después de que estuviéramos estudiando anoche con otros amigos.” Which basically translates as ‘We did not sleep together, I slept in a spare room. He just would not let me pay out for a motel after we were studying last night with other friends.’ “¿Tu hablas español?” she asked me taken aback. Basically ‘You speak Spanish?’ I nodded and then said. “Sí hablo español inglés francés y un poquito de alemán, holandés y griego.” This basically translates as ‘yes I speak Spanish English French and a tiny bit of German, Dutch and Greek.’ She looked at me slightly impressed and then said. “That’s very impressive dear.” It was slightly patronizing. Had I done something wrong? Then she seemed to think and said. “Dylan’s an amazing lad I would hate for any rumors to start that would damage his reputation.” What was she trying to say that she thought having me stay the night would damage Dylan’s reputation. I had feared that and I said. “I don’t want to hurt Dylan’s reputation hes been so kind to me, letting me stay the night, cooking me breakfast, helping me tell my friends my secret.” I said seriously. She looked at me, I realized I had tears running down my cheeks it was like now I had opened the floodgates I couldn’t close them again. She stood there frozen as if she didn’t know what to say or do. “Hes such an amazing guy and.” I started the tears running down my cheeks. My phone beeped then and I pulled it out and looked at it. There was a picture of Stasia at the set hair down in pigtails she looked adorable. “He really is amazing.” I said seriously. “You’re not going to tell anyone you slept here?” She questioned me. “Of course not, Dylan has kept so many of my secrets why would I even think about doing that.” I said not sure what the hell she was on about. “I know your type the girls who dress in designer and try launch themselves.” She said firmly. “Believe me I don’t want to be launched into spot light at all currently, I just want to finish school first then get myself on my feet then I think I will try.” I started. I think we weren’t on the same page. Because she swore in Spanish about how I was going to ruin his career. Was that true would being with me ruin Dylan’s career? “I don’t want to ruin Dylan’s career.” I said tears running down my face. “I want to stay as far away from the paparazzi as possible I don’t want my whole life splashed over them again, I just want a few more years incognito.” I admitted. She looked at me like what. “I better get going, it was nice meeting you Helene, don’t worry I won’t tell anyone I stayed here overnight.” I said seriously. “What will your parents think.” She mumbled under her breath. I didn’t respond I just left quickly.

Driving towards the gates I froze again, I hadn’t thought I would drive past his house. I hadn’t last night but I had found myself going a different route on my way out as the other gate would get me to the mall quicker. Yesterday had been hard going past Ferns, but I knew he hadn’t been there since I last was. I knew he had never gone back in that home. I knew that my room there had never been touched by him. I knew that Fern was gone. But Nikes house made me freeze longer than I should of, I parked up to look at it. I looked at the house that was surrounded by the fence. It was strange it had changed but it was the same too. Nike had made a hell of a lot with the band but he had earnt almost triple that with being a producer and owning his own studio. Go sue me I had googled him on off a lot since I got access to computers again. But what had frozen me wasn’t the fact that it had changed, it was my surprise at what hadn’t changed. My swing set was still there, it wouldn’t be because he couldn’t see it. Because I knew for a fact that he could see it from the house, because I’d go and play on it sometimes and one of them would keep an eye on me through the window. Did he have children now? I had never found anything mentioning children, yeah I had read about the odd girlfriend nothing like he used to. But did he have kids? Surely if he didn’t he needed to have one soon, maybe more than one. He was the last of the band, only daddy had me and Stasia the others never had a kid, well at least that I knew of. I didn’t even think about what had happened to all their stuff, I assumed they had all left wills to someone, I had just been a little kid I hadn’t even thought about anything like that back then. All I had thought about was my daddy and family was gone and now I was with a woman who didn’t want me. That all my family was gone. I realized I was crying and wiped my eyes. I should drive off before someone comes out. There was still guards here. I knew Nike had frozen my money till I was 21, I never had understood why but deep down I think he wanted to make sure I got it when I was older, that Jasmine didn’t take it all away from me. Would it be wrong to drive up to the gate to the house and ring the bell? I wasn’t ready, I don’t know if I ever would be to be told I wasn’t wanted. I knew it I didn’t need to be told it. I saw someone coming over on the property so I started my car and drove off.

Getting to work I parked my car and went over to the shop. I hadn’t come in this shop in my own clothes in years always coming in my uniform. I sighed and walked in. I could do this, just go talk to one of the managers and say the truth, that I was kicked out my home last night and didn’t have a uniform. I decided the truth would be better. I walked into the staff room. The rotor was up, I wasn’t down for tonight. I looked at it confused. Had I got my shift wrong? Had I been fired? Shit please don’t tell me I got fired! I was still looking at it when one of the managers came on. “Kenny what are you doing here?” he asked me confused. “I thought I was on tonight?” I said to him truthfully, looking at the rotor. “Oh no its 48 hours after you’ve been sick. You can’t come back till your Tuesday shift.” He said pointing my name out. Oh okay got it, I knew it was that rule with my pizza place job but hadn’t realized it was the same here as I had never called in sick the 2 years I had worked here. “Are you feeling better?” he asked me calmly. “Much better thank you.” I said meaning it. “You look at it, looks like you’ve had a recent night sleep.” He said truthfully. I wondered what they did all think about me. Then I sighed knowing I should tell him about my uniform. “That’s good but still 48 hours so Tuesday back home to bed with you now mush.” He said laughing, he was in his late 50s and I knew he wasn’t flirting. But I froze and decided to tell the truth. “I don’t have my uniform anymore.” I admitted to him. He looked at me. “What happened to it?” he asked me. “I got kicked out my home, I’m couch surfing at the moment. I didn’t get to take much just the clothes on my back.” I admitted. He looked at me in my black jeans and black top and sighed. “I’ll see what we got, what size do you have here?” he asked me. “XS.” I told him he nodded and went to a closet in the corner and pulled out some uniform for me. “Thanks Charles.” I said meaning it. He smiled at me and said. “Do I get to hear what happened?” he asked me suspicious. “My stepmoms a bitch and I told her that.” I admitted. He shook his head looking at me worried. “She will calm down soon.” I lied, I didn’t plan to go home ever. “I need to change my number with work too.” I said he nodded and I went and changed my number on the system. Then I left the staff area and went to the clothes instead. Hey I might have planned to get some at the mall but I saw nothing wrong with getting clothes here. There was a lot I would wear. I had been working for years and now I was going to spend some of the money I never had before for saving every penny I could. I grabbed a few things from the junior section. 2 pack of essential skinny leg jeans they were so cheap and I got 2 pairs! Then I got a few tops, all my style more than anything I had worn in years. I kept myself under $200 whilst shopping. I was keeping an eye on the time too. Once I was happy and I knew it all fit I went and brought it. I had brought shorts jeans tops and even dresses that fitted my personality more than anything I had worn the last 10 years, even before my daddy died Jasmine had got a hold of my wardrobe. I smiled at the checkout when it came to less than id worked out because I’d forgotten about staff discount. I went to my car with my bags and uniform and was happy it felt like I could finally be myself be free be happy. There wasn’t the big black cloud of Jasmine and Sea over me anymore. I texted Dylan.

Kenny – not working tonight, apparently I’m not on shift till Tuesday night because of calling in sick yesterday its 48 hours until I can come back, which is tomz but I don’t work on a Sunday and don’t work on a Monday.

I didn’t get a reply but I knew he was working, I just didn’t know if I should go back before he did or wait until he text me saying he was back. I drove to the mall, wondering if I should have waited to buy my clothes with the girls. I went to a seat opposite where Laura worked and waited, I watched her make smoothies. Hey I didn’t blame her, I looked at my own work and would go in there and ask for a uniform to. Max had covered my shift so it wasn’t like I had left them stranded, Max had said he’d cover straight away. I caught Laura’s attention and waved to say I was going into work, she smiled at me over a customer’s shoulder and slightly nodded. I went in the restaurant it was a buzz with customers. Martin wasn’t on shift, he covered the night. Anita was on and she looked at me, like she was wondering why I was there. “Table?” she asked me. I shook my head. “Can I talk to a manager?” I asked worried. “That depends are you quitting?” she mumbled. “No, did you want me too?” I asked worried. She looked relieved. “Then give me 15 minutes.” She said. I looked at her confused. I hovered in the waiting area until she was finished seating the three families and cleaning the restaurant. “Come to the office.” She said, I did I followed her to the office in the back. “I’m sorry about phoning in sick.” I started. She looked at me, “Ha you’re the only one id believe if they did as we all know you take any shift we are willing to give as long as doesn’t contradict your other job.” She shrugged. Hey I was glad they knew I worked hard for them. “You know you can’t come back for 48 hours so Mondays your next shift?” she checked. I wasn’t even down to work today but I nodded. “Yeah I know.” I assured her. “Walmart’s just said the same that I can’t go back till my Tuesday shift.” I said truthfully. “You’re down to work here Tuesday till 9pm.” She said looking at the rotor on the wall. “I’m 10pm till 7am shift at Walmart after.” I admitted shrugging. “What can I do you for Kenny?” she asked me. “I need to buy a new uniform.” I admitted. “You couldn’t do that at work on Monday?” she asked me suspicious. “I got kicked out my home last night. I haven’t got anything just the clothes on my back and what I’ve just brought in Walmart. I’m couch surfing.” I told Anita. “Oh.” She said taken aback. “You have to buy the top.” She pointed out. I nodded, but I could wear my own jeans. “Alright.” I said pulling out $30 from my pocket I had withdrawn for this. I brought my uniform and assured Anita id make my Monday shift then left, after waving at Max who was only picking up some pizza to run out. I went back into the food court and Laura wasn’t behind the counter anymore. I looked at the time. Yeah shed be here any second. “What you fancy?” She asked me handing me a banana and mango smoothie, she held two. I smiled at her taking it. “Something cheap I’ve already spent $200 today.” I admitted. “You could have waited for me.” She pouted. I laughed. “I just brought the basics jeans tops pants and bras.” I said shrugging. She pouted even more. “There are a few things I do want to buy though.” I told her embarrassed slightly. “Oh like what?” she asked with puppy dog eyes. “Like a few band t-shirts that I like. A hair cut as I haven’t been allowed to cut it in years.” I admitted. She grinned again. “We can do that.” She assured me. I grinned at her. “But I will not spend more than another $400 today understand.” I told her firmly. She nodded grinning. “You won’t.” She promised me. “You’re not allowed to spend your money on me.” I informed her. She gave me puppy dog eyes. “No Laura.” I laughed as she wrapped her arm around me. “So what’s your new phone like?” she asked me. I showed her my phone, she smiled. “It will do, and the evil witch hasn’t got your number. What’s the chance shell come to the school and take you?” She asked me. “None as long as I don’t draw attention to myself or she feels especially evil.” I said calmly. “She would hate for anyone to realize we are related.” I told her. “Should we just get a burger and fries?” I asked her. “Na I’m in the mood for sushi again.” She pointed to a different restaurant. “Heads burger tails sushi?” I asked her pulling out a coin from my pocket and chucking it up slightly. It landed on tails. An hour later and a few texts from Pam she joined us. Nicking a piece from my plate as she sat down. I let her laughing. She ordered her own. “She’s been shopping without us.” Laura told Pam. “That sucks, I’ve seen an outfit that would suit you for months.” Pam sighed. “I’m still willing to buy clothes girls, just not willing to spend more than $400 today okay.” I told them. They both nodded grinning. “Does that include the haircut?” Laura asked sweetly. “Yes and includes dinner.” I told her. “Nutuh I’m buying this.” Laura said. “Laura no.” I said. “You say no every time but you know how rare it is to have you at the mall sat down?” Laura told me, nudging me slightly in the ribs. I gave her my own pout. “Nope you can’t pull it off.” She informed me, I laughed. “I can’t go work till Monday.” I said truthfully. “Oh that’s a good thing Kenny you need the break.” Pam told me spooning some of her fish in her mouth. Laura and I watched her until she finished. My phone buzzed just as we were about to leave I looked at it.

Dylan – that’s good what are your plans for this evening then. What do you fancy for dinner we could go out?

Kenny – want to go somewhere with no cameras?

Dylan – more than you realize.

Kenny – there’s a place I’ve been going for years, no one ever bothered daddy there.

Dylan – sounds good, want me to meet you there?

Kenny – nope I will drive you. Ditch the limo Dylan it kind of gives you away and wear big sunglasses and a cap. The bigger the glasses the better :P

Dylan – Alright when?

Kenny – just finished lunch with the girls and all together, haven’t even started the actual shopping part of our shopping trip.

Dylan – Alright I got about another 2 hours here I think that sound good?

Kenny – How’s it going?

Dylan – Alright, but your stepmoms here.

Kenny – oh will she be there all the time?

Dylan – not sure, but when she’s not I will bring you I promise.

“You alright?” Laura asked me once she finished paying. “Yeah I’m fine.” I told her and I was, I was free of her.

Kenny – don’t give away the fact you know me or you’ll never get rid of her

Dylan – yeah I’m not that stupid rock star

Kenny – have fun, got to go can’t actually walk and text at the same time here when everyone walks into me anyway.

Dylan – we need to stretch you, 5.2 is way too short.

Kenny – I’m 5.4!

Dylan – keep telling yourself that sweetie

I laughed and put my phone in my pocket. “Where first?” I asked the girls. “Book a haircut in case we can’t just go in.” Laura said pointing at a salon. We went in. we managed to get a slot for 3.15 so we would be watching the clock but at least I had a spot. We went into a music store, flicked through CDs. Laughing and joking about. I brought a few band t-shirts from this shop. Miles off, rolling stones, and about 9 other bands I liked. But they didn’t have dads or I would have brought it. Just in the music shop I spent $190 I was going to be broke before the day was out. I really was damaging my college fund. But you know what, once I had stuff I wasn’t going to lose the stuff. “We got 15 minutes.” Pam said who was keeping an eye on times. “Let’s go back better to be early than late.” I pointed out. We went in the salon, Laura had booked a manicure for the same time as my haircut. Pam and I rolled our eyes at her. But suit herself. The stylist came over and led me to a chair he fingered my hair with a friendly enough smile. “What would you like today?” he asked me, looking and fingering my blonde hair like he had gone to heaven. Yes whatever I had washed it in this morning had made it ridiculously soft. I pulled a picture out of my pocket. “Longer but something like that.” I told him. “If you think it will suit me.” He came to the front of me holding the picture and put a finger on his lips and one of his hip as if studying my hair. It made me giggle. “Rock chick?” he questioned me. “Yep.” I said not sure about this now. “I have $300 you can do whatever you want to it as long as you think it fits my personality.” I told him. “Favorite band?” he asked me. “Mac and cheese.” I said seriously. He pulled a confused face, like he’d never heard of it I didn’t think it would be his type. “I don’t think you’re a trend follower, I think you’re a trend setter.” He told me. I smiled. “I’m in your capable hands Jacob Pam swears by you.” I pointed her out. His eyes glinted. “Hmmm.” He said. “Just not as long.” I said indicating my hair was down to my bottom now he’d washed it. “You straighten it?” he asked me. “Yes most days.” I said seriously. He started combing through it. “It’s quite thick isn’t it?” he said seriously. “Does it curl when it gets wet?” he asked me. “Yes but they don’t hold when I try curl.” I said seriously. Hey this man was cutting my hair I hadn’t been allowed to more than trim in years. “So I know your favorite band is Mac and cheese and they must be rock. You know my name but I don’t know yours.” He said working. “Kenny.” I said actually laughing. “Well Kenny sweetie what’s your second favorite band?” he asked me. “Miles off.” I said seriously. “I know that one.” He said cutting my hair. I laughed, yeah he would have been what 14 when my dad’s band died. As I wouldn’t put him that much older than myself. “So where did you get your gorgeous Guggi jeans?” he asked me with a grin. “I’m not sure my stepmom got me them.” I shrugged. “Keep still sweetie.” He told me. “Oh dear she trying to buy your love, tut when will stepparents learn.” He said. “No she full on hates me and I hate her, a pair of jeans ain’t going to change a thing.” I said seriously. How was I talking about this with a stranger? “I’m sure she doesn’t hate you sweetie.” He said cutting my hair. “Well I hate her.” I said seriously, I decided to change the conversation away from my stepmom. “So what’s your favorite color, do you think highlights would be too much in my hair?” I asked him. “I wouldn’t want to touch your hair with dye currently. Well not permeant your color I wish I had, but a slight bit of color in a certain place would be great.” He told me. I giggled slightly relaxing again, had I ceased up when he was talking? “Do you wear hats?” he asked me. “The occasional beanie and my work uniform comes with a hat.” I told him. “Hmm what’s your opinion on bangs?” He asked me still cutting. “If you think they’ll suit me.” I said. He came in front of me and it sounded like he kissed his finger. He looked at me hair pulled it in front of my face and shook his head. “No bangs.” He said seriously. I laughed. “You’d look adorable with pig tails.” He said pulling my hair to the sides. I giggled. “But what do you call the style your supporting?” he asked me. “Not allowed to have it cut in years?” I suggested. “It doesn’t suit you.” He told me. I laughed. “How short are you willing to go?” he asked me. “No shorter than my shoulders.” I told him. “Would you consider longer?” he asked me. “I fully am in your capable hands Jacob spoil me.” I told him giggling. I don’t know how long I was there Jacob cutting away and him talking about things from as little as my favorite color to weather I planned to go prom. When he asked. “So what brought on the spur of the moment hair cut? Big date?” he asked me. I realized yeah I had a date but that wasn’t what had brought it on. So I told the truth. “I turn 18 soon and got kicked out my home the other day, my stepmoms been very controlling. So I’m just trying to start my life how I want to live it, and pamper myself for a bit. It’s been a long time since I felt like I could do what I wanted.” I admitted. He sucked in his bottom lip in that sucking kissing sound again. “So todays all about spoiling you.” He said seriously. “Exactly after years of been told what I can eat what I can wear what I can watch. Today is about me becoming me again.” I told him. “The problem is I’ve forgotten who that was, I can’t even decide what I want to study at college in the fall or if I want to go.” I admitted. He pulled my hair in front of me for a second. It went to just under my armpits. He then started shaping my hair. He seemed very happy with it when he pulled back. “I call this the Kenny.” He said calmly. I looked at myself amazed, it wasn’t to out there rock chick but it was styled a lot nicer than it had been years and somehow I knew it would go with my clothes, one bright pink highlight went down one side of hair near the front it had been curled as well. No matter what I decided to wear. “You look gorgeous.” He told me. I looked at it. “Thank you so much you are amazing.” I said seriously I did mean it. I went and paid Jacob charged me $90 so well below what I told him he could do to me. I grinned at him leaving at $30 tip. “Wow Kenny.” Pam said looking at me. I laughed. She played with my pink strand, curling it slightly more. I laughed Laura hugged me and showed me her nails. Both Pam and I laughed. We then went in a few more shops. I had spent a total of $700 that day. It was amazing to not even regret it. Now I was free I felt like I could. Laura and Pam told me if I needed to come there’s at all just let them know. I said I would. I loved the girls and I was so glad to see I was still just Kenny to them. We laughed and joked and tried on clothes that we would never buy in a million years taking pictures and clothes we would which most I did find myself buying. I even brought another 2 dresses, not cheap dresses but dresses I thought I’d be comfortable with someone snapping my picture in if the worst did happen whilst I was with Dylan one day and someone found out who I was, or if he wanted to go somewhere posh. I even brought a black bikini with pink fringe. The girls and I walked around laughing, carrying loads of bags we had a blast. I was looking at a guitar in a music shop wondering if I would ever have the guts to pick it up now. The answer I knew was yes. I wanted to play I always loved playing, I still played at Max’s when I went round as he had a guitar, I had given him lessons. My phone beeped so I pulled it out.

Dylan – finished for the day. Did you still fancy going out or are you tired?

Kenny – I’m fine I had more sleep than I’ve had in years last night. It’s up to you.

Dylan – then out sounds great. I have got my own sports car what you say?

Kenny – not to where I want to take you XD believe me you wouldn’t want to risk the car

Dylan – alright, what time?

Kenny – ill just say bye to the girls we’ve finished shopping now we are just browsing for things we want.

Dylan – why aren’t you buying it if you want it?

Kenny – because if you want something bad enough you’ll go back for it. If it’s worth it you’ll know. Or maybe deep down you want it but you don’t know if it’s the right choose to get it.

Dylan – What is it your umming about?

Kenny – Nothing don’t worry.

Dylan – Nothing normally means something.

I looked at the girls. “I’m going to get going I’ve spent a lot and.” I started I realized I was blushing and they were both looking at me. We hadn’t mentioned Dylan at all whilst out today nor had they mentioned what I had reveled except still calling Sea and Jasmine Bitches. But as my stepmom and stepsister. “See you both Monday okay.” I said hugging them both. We split up, in the car park. “Text me when your both home.” I told them before we separated. They both nodded and then they were gone. I drove back to Dylan’s gated community not sure what I was doing. Was I going to take Dylan to where I’d never taken another friend? The answer was yes I wanted to. Why was he affecting me so much, was it he was stable when my life was fulling apart and id grabbed him like a crutch? If that was the case would this work? Or was it because he made me want to fight to be someone my dad would be proud of. I had hated my life for years. I had been preparing for this and now it was here. Was it so wrong to have someone who was lovely who wanted to be there for me? Who made me smile? Who could put up with me being bitchy? Who wanted to help, who was willing to be my fairy because I told him I didn’t want a prince charming. Even though I had thought he was drop dead gorgeous from the first moment I saw him. Maybe I should slow myself down, how did I even know if Dylan and I had anything in common, except the chemistry that now fluttered through me every time he touched me or the sparks when he touched me. He was the one who said he wanted to date me not just have sex with me, the thing was I really wanted that. Was it so wrong? My heart said no, so did my head, but another part of me just kept telling me he was only being nice because he felt sorry for me. I would get to know Dylan I decided, if we didn’t work that was fine, but I wasn’t not going to try, because my heart said it wanted to. For some reason I didn’t understand I trusted him. I had from the moment I thought who I could trust to look after my guitar for me and keep it safe. Yes I had thought about Max but with him having younger siblings that touch his stuff I had decided against, same with Pam and Laura, I had decided with siblings it was a no. also I would hate for them to have the responsibility of how much it was worth and I hadn’t been ready to out myself to them. Yet I had been Dylan. I am not sure how I safely got back to the gates for the community. There was a slight que of cars. I put my sunglasses down they were huge and I had brought them to go out with Dylan today. I had brought him a pair in case he didn’t have any. I sat in the que. I got my drivers license and the pass Dylan had given me earlier ready. A guard walked to my window. They were walking down the cars and then letting them in 4 at a time. I lifted up my sunglasses and handed them over. He didn’t even seem to care who I was, I had a pass so that’s all he cared about. He gave me my license back. Then I was waved through with the 5 cars in front of me. Oh they had done 6 that time. Once in the community I drove to Dylan’s, ignoring Nikes as best as I could, with only a few looks in the review window at it. When I went down Dylan’s drive I was nervous to see his reaction. The guy from yesterday opened the door. I looked at him, “Hello.” I said nervously, hey we hadn’t had staff in years. I was actually surprised we hadn’t now I thought about it. Maybe because that would require people seeing what Jasmine and Sea were really like. “Hello Miss Kenny.” He said calmly. “Kenny’s fine what should I call you?” I asked him calmly. “Frank is fine Kenny.” He said calmly. I grinned hey that was easier than butler. “Nice to meet you Frank.” I said not sure what to say. “Would you like help with your bags Kenny?” Frank asked me. “You don’t have to I did buy quiet a lot.” I admitted, he didn’t react had Dylan told him what was happening? He came over and I opened my trunk. He looked at my Walmart and Target and music shop bags and didn’t comment. “Would you like all this in your room?” Frank asked me. “Um yeah please. Thank you.” I said, he smiled friendly and started unpacking my car. I followed him in carrying some bags even though he told me not to worry about it. “So why did you only get the one high light?” he asked me calmly. “I told the stylist he could do whatever he wanted just as long as he cut it shorter and it didn’t cost too much.” I told him with a smile. We walked in the house and I saw Dylan, he looked like he was in the middle of an important conversation, but he smiled at me friendly when he saw me and took in my hair.

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