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Chapter 6 - Dylan

My silent alarm bracelet woke me. I sat up with a start, I could press a button for security but I think I knew it was Kenny straight away. I should have warned her about the sensors. I went and opened the door to the room I had given her to sleep in, part of me wished I had said to sleep in my bed. But I wasn’t that type of guy normally. Yeah the room was empty, I turned the alarm off and went down the stairs. Kenny was in the kitchen eating an apple. Was she hungry did she know it was only 4am? Why was she so nervously taking a bite of that apple? “What are you doing? Do you know it’s only 4am?” I asked her after a while of watching her eat the apple. I was shattered couldn’t this have waited just a few more hours and why was the sight of her in that baggy top now shed taken of the jogging pants so much sexier than if she was wearing a skimpy nighty? Her bed hair was so cute. She was so cute, she gave me a little kid caught in the cookie jar type look and jumped slightly when I spoke. “Did I wake you?” she asked me worried. No the alarm woke me Kenny but it’s my fault I should of warned you. “I set the alarm and it went off.” I admitted unfortunately around a yawn. “I didn’t hear it sorry.” Kenny apologized she looked tired still but she wasn’t as tired as I’ve even seen her in school was this normally morning to her? I filled two cups up with water and put them in the microwave. Wishing I had taken my father’s advice and brought a coffee jug. But if I started to drink coffee who knew how long it would take me before I was addicted. “It’s a silent alarm.” I told Kenny, indicating my bracelet. Kenny put her apple in the bin having finished it. “Sorry I know you got to be up early.” Kenny told me worried, yeah but it didn’t matter as long as this wasn’t every morning. I wouldn’t set the inside alarms tomorrow just the doors and windows. “You always wake at this time?” I asked her, but at the same time it was a statement as I remembered them teasing her about waking up at 4am yet still being late. “Yeah.” Kenny admitted looking worried I didn’t want to worry her I wanted to make her feel welcome. “Are you still tired?” I asked her, was she going to be better for the sleep she had? “Yeah.” She admitted I let slip another Yawn. “But you’re hungry?” I asked her, did she want more than the apple? “Not really anymore.” She told me, I saw the truth on her face. Kenny seemed to wear her heart on her sleeve. It was like I knew all she wanted from me was me to be there she didn’t want me to rescue her she wanted to do that herself but she wanted support and to be cared about and I wanted to give her that. Hell I wanted to wrap her in that bed upstairs and make her rest take all the pain away from her. I knew she had been abused for years and didn’t feel wanted but I did want her. It was so hard for me not to call the police especially after she had admitted her stepmom had hit her. Although was a slap counted by the police? The microwave pinged so I pulled the cups out and started making us both a hot coco. She watched me making them looking confused. “Did you want something for breakfast?” I asked her stirring the hot coco. “All you have is granola.” She admitted pulling a face, hey I agreed with that I swore I had some lucky charms somewhere but mom was always hiding them saying that starting the day on sugar wasn’t good for me, her face made me laugh did she think I like the granola? “That’s my mom’s for when she stays.” I admitted to her, going up to the fridge and opening it, I pulled out pancake mix. She looked at me so suspicious as if I was trying to poison her. “I can attempt to make pancakes with us both half asleep, or we can go back bed to a sensible time of morning.” I told her letting slip another yawn. “Bed till sensible.” She assured me. I put the mix back in the fridge and smiled at her handing her a hot coco. “Good choice.” I told her. I took hold of my own hot coco and then started walking away from her, she was distracting me in that top every time she moved it moved with her body. When she started following me I took hold of her hand, threading her fingers in my own. I led her back upstairs to her room. “Night Kenny see you at a sensible time.” I told her yawning, then I kissed her again kind of regretting not cleaning my teeth when I woke, afraid of my morning breath. She kissed me back but it was gentle with the hot Cocos between us. “I won’t set the house alarms next time. I forgot to warn you I had a sensor on the stairs, I normally step over it.” I admitted to her kissing her forehead “I’ll just set the doors and windows in future.” I told her. “I don’t want you to have to change things for me Dylan.” Kenny told me so worried. “You know it was worth it to see you with bed hair.” I teased her, and without trousers on. She gave me a nervous smile. I kissed her on the head again, she was actually a lot more nervous than I realized. I was looking forward to getting to know Kenny. “Night Kenny.” I told her and walked off to my own room after another gentle kiss to her head, drinking her in. I heard her go back into the room when I was the other side of my door. I went to my bed and climbed in. I sat there for a while wondering if I even knew what I was doing to help Kenny help herself. The only thing I currently could think about was kissing her. I drunk my hot coco before I went back sleep having slept an alarm with enough time to have breakfast and say goodbye to Kenny and have a shower in the morning. It really didn’t take long for me to get back to sleep.

I woke up twisted in my blankets. I had a quick shower got dressed ready to go to the set, just in jeans and a shirt and some sneakers. I went down the corridor, peaked in Kenny’s room the lump that was Kenny in the bed was fast asleep, would I find myself checking on her like this a lot at night? Was this wrong looking at her asleep? I went downstairs and started making us both pancakes. I thought about whether Kenny liked syrup and I didn’t know. I could wake her and ask her or go for the safe option and put it in a pot on the side for her to decide when she woke. I ate mine whilst I cooked her 2 deciding that was possibly enough for her. I would find out more about her, find out what she was really like underneath. Once I had finished my pancakes and Kenny’s was ready I went upstairs to take her the tray. Someone would sort the mess out for me. It was the cleaner’s day. Was it Helene’s? I wasn’t sure now I thought about it. I knocked on Kenny’s door there was no reply so I went in. “Kenny I’m going work.” I said to her, she didn’t even move. Was she out for the count? I hooved at the door not sure what to do, should I go in closer and say it again. But she moved then to look at me, blinking still half asleep I realized. She sat up in the bed and smiled at me nervously. “Morning.” She told me sleeping. “Morning I told her walking over to her with the tray of pancakes. “What’s the time?” Kenny asked me yawning. “9am.” I told her, she looked amazed. “Oh wow.” She said sounding so taken aback, was this the latest she had slept in a while? “Sensible time of the morning.” I felt the need to inform her she grinned at me for that. “I’d be late for school.” She pointed out. “You always were even with a 4am morning, but getting there from Malibu must have been stressful start of the day.” I told her and it must have been, surely the tutor could have thought of a better school for her to go to. But then if it hadn’t been that one I would have never found her. She nodded to me. I gently kissed her on the lips she had the whole just woke natural look going. She was gorgeous really. “I got to go work.” I told her, wishing I could spend the day with her. “The cleaners come around 11, if you want I can cancel them or you can talk to them if you want I don’t mind.” I told her. “Its fine I’m going to pop work and see if I can get a replacement uniform as I forgot to pack it.” she admitted to me, I wish shed just let me support her until she was on her feet or out of school at least, I didn’t want her getting as tired again. “Okay.” I told her instead, knowing she wouldn’t let me. “Good luck on your scenes if you see my little sister get a sneaky picture of her for me.” she told me with so much hope in her voice. Did she have any pictures of Stasia? Where there any pictures of her growing up after her dad died? “Did you want me to give her a message?” I asked Kenny, did she want to tell her sister anything? “Not yet I don’t know what to say to her yet.” She admitted to me, yeah I understood I really did Kenny wasn’t exactly as confident as I thought she was. “Text you alright.” I said to her after nodding, I kissed her again she kissed me back every time. I wouldn’t kiss her if she didn’t. “Bye Kenny see you later.” I told her and then I left before I deepened our gentle kiss like the pool and outside the door but both times it was hard to stop kissing her. When I got to the door I turned and looked at her, she was smiling as if she couldn’t believe what was happening. I went down stairs still on a high and went into the kitchen, that’s when Helene walked in the backdoor shit it was her day. I should have warned well both of them. “Hey Helene.” I said with a smile. “Hello Dylan would you like some breakfast?” she asked me then she took in the mess in the kitchen. “Or me to tidy up your breakfast.” She smiled at me all friendly. “Sorry about the mess, I had a friend stay the night. Kenny’s still in bed.” I admitted to her. Maybe I should have said she so she understood my friend was a girl. “Kenny got it.” Helene said pointing at a piece of paper basically meaning write it down so I remember. So I quickly did. ‘Kenny.’ “Kenny should be down in a bit, but not sure how long.” I said calmly. “That’s fine Dylan.” She told me. I looked at the time. “Oh I got to run or I’ll be late, turning up first day of shooting late wouldn’t be a good start.” I said and ran off. Climbed into the limo because it’s easier than parking myself. I should just take my sports car to school next week. I was going to only do a few more days and not every day. Id originally said one week, I didn’t want to interfere with graduation. Now shooting started it might be better if I ended my high school experience. I was thinking this in the limo all the way to the studio. I arrived with 30 minutes to go before I was due. I was greeted by the director I had worked with him on 2 movies before. He was a nice enough man who took a lot before he’d yell and had even encouraged the experience when I said I would like to see a proper high school first. I met some of the other actors for the film. The actress that was playing my dad who was apparently also the school football couch, we actually started talking about the game. Then Stasia arrived from makeup department. Her hair in piggy tails she was an adorable kid I would give her that. Kenny adored her to I remembered. The one Kenny didn’t like was her stepmom. Who was with her unfortunately telling the girl to smile. I took a picture of Stasia and texted it to Kenny. Jasmine made sure she introduced herself to us all. Stasia looked nervous, this was her first film I remembered but she had been doing modeling and commercials for years. The first scene was easy enough to record, most the set wasn’t set up yet so it was just a few of the house scenes. I kind of didn’t understand why Jasmine had pulled Stasia out of school when she wouldn’t be here that often. But I hoped shed be here more than Jasmine herself would be. The first scene was being recorded in a set house. The kitchen was all set up. I walked into it. Stasia was sat at the table pretending to eat some cereal. “Stasia eat it, it will help.” Jasmine told her firmly. Good she would drive the director nuts as he had to yell cut because her talking. Stasia looked at her mom worried but then started eating the cereal when the director started again. “Oi squirt where’s mom?” I asked Stasia. She said her line calmly but almost robotic, come on kid talk to me like you were talking to your sisters. It took 3 attempts of just that part before the director was happy. When the director ordered break I went to my phone. I normally wouldn’t have my phone on set, but it was on silent and I had left it in my chair pocket on set.

Kenny – not working tonight, apparently I’m not on shift till Tuesday night because of calling in sick yesterday its 48 hours until I can come back, which is tomz but I don’t work on a Sunday and don’t work on a Monday.

That was brilliant I had Kenny to myself till school Monday!

Dylan – that’s good what are your plans for this evening then. What do you fancy for dinner we could go out?

Kenny – want to go somewhere with no cameras?

Dylan – more than you realize.

I looked at all the cameras about, I could try avoiding the cameras with Kenny until she was more comfortable.

Kenny – there’s a place I’ve been going for years, no one ever bothered daddy there.

Dylan – sounds good, want me to meet you there?

Kenny – nope I will drive you. Ditch the limo Dylan it kind of gives you away and wear big sunglasses and a cap. The bigger the glasses the better :P

Dylan – Alright when?

Kenny – just finished lunch with the girls and all together, haven’t even started the actual shopping part of our shopping trip.

Dylan – Alright I got about another 2 hours here I think that sound good?

I thought it might be longer if this scene was anything to go by but with an actress as young as Stasia the director couldn’t keep her on set long.

Kenny – How’s it going?

Dylan – Alright, but your stepmoms here.

Kenny – oh will she be there all the time?

Dylan – not sure, but when she’s not I will bring you I promise.

I wrote to her, somehow I would get Kenny to see her little sister. I think the director was wondering how to get rid of Jasmine already as I could hear him telling Stasia to relax and stop looking at her mom as he was recording her.

Kenny – don’t give away the fact you know me or you’ll never get rid of her

Dylan – yeah I’m not that stupid rock star

Kenny – have fun, got to go can’t actually walk and text at the same time here when everyone walks into me anyway.

Dylan – we need to stretch you, 5.2 is way too short.

Kenny – I’m 5.4!

Dylan – keep telling yourself that sweetie

Texting Kenny felt so natural. Even through her texts bit of humor came through. I wondered what she had brought herself already what she was going to get. Also how I had let her decide where we were going. I told myself id let her do todays and id choose the next place. I watched the scene actually wanting to go give Stasia a pep talk but I’d give her at least a chance first. She was nervous I remembered my first film I had been nervous. Jasmine was still not helping, Stasia was actually good at the fact she wasn’t looking at the cameras and she knew her lines, but she kept seeking her mom out for approval. “CUT.” The director said. “Dylan your up.” He said I went over. I stood at a fake door and knocked after action was yelled. It was meant to be Stasia’s bedroom. She was sat playing on a tablet in the scene. I talked to her, she did her lines but they were so robotic. When he said cut again and said. “Stasia hes your brother talk to him like you would your sisters relax.” A small bit of worry flashed across the kids face but she talked to me a bit calmer. We managed to record 3 more scenes. The day seemed to drag on. Was it my excitement of seeing Kenny or the fact Stasia was so nervous? “Maybe we should get to know each other better so you’re more relaxed with me.” I said to Stasia on the set after the director said cut. “That’s a brilliant idea Dylan.” The director said calmly. I gently talked to the little girl. I had her laughing at a joke to break the ice. “So we shall be back Wednesday.” He said calmly. I nodded. When I walked to my limo at the end I felt actually quite happy with what had been achieved today. It might take a while for the director to tell Jasmine to fuck of but he would. Jasmine had tried to name drop Sea twice to me but I ignored it both times. Did she think I would be interested in her eldest daughter? When I was in the limo on the way back I texted Kenny. I wanted to make sure she was still up for today. That she was still coming back, because any second Kenny could decide she was happier with her friends.

Dylan – finished for the day. Did you still fancy going out or are you tired?

Kenny – I’m fine I had more sleep than I’ve had in years last night. It’s up to you.

Dylan – then out sounds great. I have got my own sports car what you say?

Kenny – not to where I want to take you XD believe me you wouldn’t want to risk the car

Dylan – alright, what time?

Why did this place sound sketchy? Where the hell was she taking me?

Kenny – ill just say bye to the girls we’ve finished shopping now we are just browsing for things we want.

Dylan – why aren’t you buying it if you want it?

Kenny – because if you want something bad enough you’ll go back for it. If it’s worth it you’ll know. Or maybe deep down you want it but you don’t know if it’s the right choose to get it.

Dylan – What is it your umming about?

Kenny – Nothing don’t worry.

Dylan – Nothing normally means something.

I looked at our messages, I hoped Kenny was talking about an item and not us or something because now I had met her I knew I did want her. I didn’t get the reply was she now coming back? I looked out the window and we were almost home. It took another 15 minutes to get to my home, but there was no reply from Kenny. I went to the door and Frank opened it. “Afternoon Frank.” I said calmly. “Good afternoon Dylan how did filming go?” he asked me calmly. “Didn’t get as much recorded as I think the director hoped.” I admitted calmly. I went in, Helene was still here of course she was she would want to know what I fancied for dinner. She only worked 4 days a week and Saturday was one of them. “Afternoon Helene.” I said calmly. “Good afternoon Dylan.” Helene said calmly turning the TV off. “Is Kenny back yet?” I asked. “She’s coming back?” Helene asked taken aback. “Yeah she’s meant to be.” I said seriously. “Do you think it’s a good idea to get involved with a student from the school? I understand she may wish to be involved in the acting.” Helene started. I sighed would I have to explain Kenny already? “Believe me Helene and Frank she’s not after my money. She’s as rich as I am.” I said calmly. They both looked at each other suspicious. I didn’t know how to explain Kenny. “You need to seriously think about your career.” Helene started. “She won’t tell anyone she’s staying here as that would lead them to find out who she is. She doesn’t want to be followed by paparazzi again, she’s been through that most her life and she just wants to finish high school.” I said calmly. “Her real names Makena Stone she’s the daughter of Carlos Stone, I’m working with her little sister and she’s working with Milo on his latest album.” I said deciding the truth was enough. Should I tell them the full truth? “She’s a friend, yes I’m interested in her and she’s interested in me. No she’s not trying to use me to launch herself, she writes with Milo but as much as he wants her to she’s still declining singing with him.” I said calmly. “I know what I’m doing with Makena don’t worry.” I said seriously. “She works at Walmart?” Helene asked confused. “It’s a very long story.” I said, that’s when the bell went off for the gate. “That I don’t have time to give today and she’s not ready to tell.” I said calmly. “But if it comes out us being together will be the least of her worry’s with the paparazzi.” I said truthfully. “What is it?” Helene asked suspicious. “Her stepmoms not a very nice woman. Believe me I’ve been on set with her stepmom for a few hours and it was hard not saying something to her, the director was on his last nerve as well.” I said truthfully. “Kenny’s a straight A student works 2 jobs and is willing to just walk away at the drop of a hat.” I admitted. “She has been preparing to run away from home since she was 9 years old.” I admitted. “She’s had a count down from the day her stepmom got custody of her.” I said to Helene. Frank got up and went outside then. “She has been abused?” Helene questioned me looking worried. “Yeah.” I admitted. “She’s really guarded but once you get past the shell she’s lovely. Believe me I wouldn’t fall for a fake and you know it. I just don’t want her in a hotel alone currently which was her plan. I want her here with me.” I said truthfully, Helene was about to reply but that was when Kenny came in with Frank carrying Target and Walmart bags talking to Frank I hoped she hadn’t heard what I had said. She looked at me with a nervous smile, I had to smile back then I took in her hair. She had a lot cut off but it was still past her shoulders, it was a mixture of wavy and curls and straight, it looked so natural except the one pink strand near the front that would be the bit I would tuck behind her ear I realized. I had to smile more. “How was the set?” she asked me. “Fine but the director almost flipped at your stepmom.” I told her truthfully. “As long as it wasn’t Stasia was she alright not to nervous?” Kenny asked me worried. “She was more nervous than she needed to be Jasmine wasn’t helping.” I admitted to her. “Maybe she will send Sea with her instead in a few days that will relax Stasia a tiny bit.” Kenny said truthfully. “But if she seems stressed again let me know and I’ll let you know what to say to calm her.” Kenny said aware of Helene and Frank. She seemed more relaxed with Frank than Helene, but Helene had been my cook for years and she was like another mother a lot of the time. “Kenny this is Frank and Helene.” I told her calmly. “Hello.” Kenny said nervously. “Hello Kenny.” Helene said calmly taking her in, she seemed to be taking her all in. did she see what I did. “Are you ready to go out?” I asked Kenny. She nodded, and then went in a bag from target and pulled out two pairs of giant sunglasses and a cap. “Because that disguise will work.” Helene mumbled in Spanish. “Te sorprendería cómo funcionan las cosas simples.” Kenny replied nervously shrugging. Okay she spoke Spanish part of me wasn’t surprised Kenny was smart I knew that but I would love to find out how smart. I put the cap on and sunglasses. “Do you want me to drive?” I asked her. “You can drive my car if you want but any of yours will be too obvious.” Kenny pointed out. “Do you want dinner when you get back?” Helene asked me calmly. “Not today that’s fine. I will see you both later you can go home if you want.” I told them. Helene sighed knowing there was no way out of this. “I will just put Miss Stone’s bags in her room.” Frank said. Kenny’s eyes went wide as if asking me what I had told them. “You know?” Kenny mumbled nervously. “That you are the daughter of Carlos Stone.” Helene said calmly. “I might not know who that is, so I will be googling it when I get home.” Helene informed Kenny. “Okay.” Kenny said nervously. “Come on then Kenny lets go where ever it is your taking me.” I told her. She looked at me. “Is that shirt alumni?” she asked me worried. “yes.” I told her. She looked nervous seemed to think but then smiled. “It should be fine.” She assured me. Why did that worry me? “Where are we going?” I asked her. “It’s a secret.” She told me a shy smile on her lips. “Do I need to bring security?” I questioned with a smile. “Nope but bring your appetite.” She assured me. I looked at her suspicious but nodded. “See you later.” I told Helene and Frank and took hold of Kenny’s hand who was hovering and took her to her car on the drive. “Who’s driving?” I asked her. “You can if you want but I’m not telling you where we are going.” She told me. “You can drive.” I laughed. I climbed in the passenger seat of her car she climbed in the front. The car wasn’t posh or a sports car it was a basic ford but it seemed to mean something to Kenny. I would get the story of the car from her. “Ready?” she asked me. “Yes.” I told her. She looked at me. “Seatbelt Dylan.” She told me rolling her eyes. I put it on. She started driving us down. We went out the gate to the committee, Kenny drove for what felt a long time. It wasn’t until we were almost at the beach that I said. “You got to give me a hint. We going for a walk along the beach?” I asked her. “Yeah we are to get there.” Kenny admitted. “Alright sounds fun.” I admitted it really did. When we got to Santa Monika she parked up in a space and got out a residential parking pass. “Kenny I know for a fact you don’t live around here.” I informed her. “I don’t but I do have a friend who still does and it’s impossible to park around here and it’s a privateish place.” Kenny told me. I took hold of her hand and we walked down to the beach hand in hand. Her little hand felt right in my hand. She was all smiles, but I still didn’t have a clue where we were going. But it was nice the beach was almost empty at this time of day. The sun was setting and it was pretty. Were we here for the view even if we where it was worth it to talk. I looked around, we would see any people I realized. “You would see photographers.” I said truthfully. “I know it’s why this was the beach I grew up coming to with uncle Fern.” I know the route from his house here off by heart. I still do it seems.” Kenny told me. “So you speak Spanish?” I asked her. “Spanish French English and a tiny bit of German, Dutch and Greek. I’m learning Japanese too.” Kenny admitted blushing. “You know there’s something as being too smart right Kenny?” I checked she laughed. “Daddy was half Hispanic, although he said he didn’t speak Spanish after his mom died, I still grew up being taught. Then Fern insisted on the French because apparently it’s the language of love. Grey said I might as well learn every language, I loved to learn new things and experience different cultures.” Kenny admitted. “What languages can you speak?” she asked me. “Spanish English French.” I told her truthfully. She smiled. “Dylan you really are a lot cleverer than you play on screen.” She teased me. “Thanks I think Kenny.” I told her laughing. She grinned at me. “So favorite subject?” I asked her. “Music but I try not to get too noticed in there. you?” she asked me. “Actually biology but my partner can be a right bitch.” I told her. “Prehab’s it’s the wrong time of the month.” Kenny laughed. “Maybe but she’s so mean.” I told Kenny lifting my glasses to wink at her so she knew I was kidding, she pushed my glasses down quickly laughing. “At least she’s only your biology partner.” Kenny informed me laughing. “Unfortunately she’s my chemistry and Physics too.” I informed her. “You poor thing.” Kenny laughed. “It’s fine I think I know how to get her less bitchy.” I told her with a smile. “Oh how so?” she asked me suspicious. “I have a feeling coffee.” I told her she grinned. “I’m more partial to a smoothie myself.” Kenny told me. “Noted.” I told her. “Flavor?” I asked her. “Orange pineapple and mango. You?” she asked me. “I like the odd small orange juice but I’m not a big fan of smoothies.” I admitted to her. “Favorite food?” I questioned her. “You cooked me it this morning.” She told me blushing. I gently squeezed her hand she stopped to take off her shoes and socks. I watched her with a smile and took of my own, and rolled my jeans up a bit she did the same with her jeans rolling them up to her knees, then we carried on walking along the beach our feet in the ocean. This was amazing I thought looking at Kenny. “What’s your favorite tv show?” I asked her, Kenny blushed. “That embarrassing?” I questioned her thinking what it could be. “I haven’t watched tv in years Dylan.” Kenny admitted. “Oh.” I said squeezing her hand tighter in mine. “The last show I watched round Max’s I couldn’t get into because I hadn’t seen any previous episodes. Yeah I had my laptop but whilst on it I just used to listen to music and do my homework.” Kenny admitted. I squeezed her hand tight. “Well if you want to watch some shows now I got a home cinema room.” I told her meaning it. She smiled at me. “We could have a movie and tv marathon tomorrow.” I told her. She smiled at me and said “I would like that Dylan, maybe seeing something you’re actually in?” she questioned me. “You haven’t seen anything I’m in?” I questioned her faking hurt. “Sorry nope.” Kenny admitted. “I hate watching myself in movies.” I admitted to her. She smiled and said. “I hate watching old videos of myself.” She admitted. “There are old videos?” I asked faking denial that I had seen one. “Yeah quite a few but I’ve changed so much since back then.” She told me. “So you don’t play as well and sound as good?” I questioned her, she blushed. “You’ve seen that?” she asked me. “Yep Milo showed me to explain who you were.” I admitted, she blushed. “You were amazing Kenny if your half as good now you’d go far.” I admitted to her. “Do you really think I would?” Kenny asked me. “Yes I do.” I told her. “But only if that’s what you want to do.” I told her. She looked thoughtful. “You really don’t know what you want do you.” I said knowing it was true before it came out. “For years I’ve thought of nothing more than getting away and getting a solid job and supporting myself away from Jasmine, I didn’t care what I did or where just as long as I was away. Now I’m away I kind of do want to go into music I loved it Dylan I still do. I feel more comfortable with a guitar in my hands than I do even breathing. I feel like the drum sticks are just extensions of my arms. Does that even make sense?” She asked me worried looking at me, I pulled her sunglasses up and my own so I could look at her deeply. “Yes Kenny it makes sense, it shows your still working out what you want. That you’ve got your old dream and now it’s time to make yourself new dreams to achieve.” I told her. “Is acting really what you want to do?” Kenny asked me interested. “Yes Kenny since I was 8, I would like to do a few more serious roles or get onto a TV series that’s going to run a long time.” I admitted to her. She nodded as if understanding. “I actually have a TV role coming up that is on its trail series but it has a lot of potential.” I admitted. “Good luck Dylan go for it.” She told me seriously. “It needs to get the funding and go ahead first Kenny.” I laughed. “When will you hear?” she asked me. “Hopefully after this movie is wrapped up.” I admitted to her. “That’s good.” She said smiling at me “You’ll have to watch it if I do.” I told her. “I will.” She assured me. “You’ve watched films with Sea and Jasmine in.” I asked her. “Yeah we got all those movies at home and I’ve been made to sit through them and the girls did like them so when I showed my dislike of the movie they thought they could talk me through it.” Kenny said rolling her eyes. “Sea plays the perfect bully.” Kenny told me. “Is that how she’s with you?” I asked Kenny I had seen one of Seas movies. “Yeah she’s actually worse with me.” Kenny admitted. I pulled her into my arms and held her tight in a hug. I planted a kiss on her forehead. “Kenny can we discus high heels.” I said teasingly. Kenny stepped on her tiptoes and kissed me I deepened the kiss. She laughed as the wave came up to her knee then soaking her jeans. “Hes not going to let us in if we get too wet.” Kenny informed me. “Where are we going?” I questioned her. “For dinner.” She informed me. I looked down at her suspicious but she grinned and pulled my sunglasses down. “Just trust me okay Dylan.” She told me. “Hmm name proper name not stage name.” Kenny asked me. “Dylan Michael Adams and yourself?” I asked her. “Makena Rosebud Gibson Allen Stone.” Kenny told me. “Rosebud Gibson?” I asked her. “Both guitars.” She told me with a grin. “How did you get your name Makena?” I asked her, interested if she knew. “What I know of the story. Mom was going through baby names in a book and the band was trying to come up with a band name.” Kenny admitted. “My mom apparently said what about Mac.” Kenny told me. “Fern asked if she was cooking Mac and cheese for dinner not sure what she was going on about. Grey said Mac and Cheese would make a great name and mom then said she was thinking of baby names would everyone stop thinking with their stomach.” Kenny said. “Somehow from that Mac and Cheese was named and so was I. I wasn’t told much else except they had Mac and Cheese for dinner that night.” Kenny admitted with a grin. “Did you have a lot of mac and cheese growing up?” I asked not sure if that was the right thing to say. “A hell of a lot I think the trailer was full of tins of it. That and corndogs. I had a lot of corndogs. I wasn’t allowed popcorn and candy floss after 6pm unless I convinced Graham that popcorn was healthy.” Kenny told me smiling then I saw the hurt flash across her face. “Was he on the plane?” I asked Kenny. She nodded weakly. “Most people in my life were on that plane. I should have been.” Kenny said. “You weren’t because you’re meant to still be here same as Nike.” I told her firmly, did she really think that, that she should have died with everyone? “I know that and a lot of the time I know he would be so cross to see me now.” Kenny said. “Why?” I asked her. “Because he used to say that he would be proud of me as long as I was happy.” Kenny said. “Aren’t you happy now?” I asked worried, how could I make her happy. “Now I am, but I haven’t been at home for years. Rather than do something about it I never did. I went for the escape as soon as I could rather than tell anyone route. I should have told years ago. I just didn’t and I can’t really even explain to myself why I didn’t. Yeah I didn’t want it flashed over the papers. Yeah I didn’t want to go into care as I know my dad’s and moms and uncles life wasn’t easy in care. I want Jasmine to admit to what she did, but at the same time I just want to be away from her and no one to ever know.” Kenny admitted to me, I stopped walking and looked down at her. “Kenny I don’t really know what to say to you about how you feel. I do get that you don’t want everyone to know. I also get you don’t want Jasmine to get away with it. So I won’t pressure you to do anything neither will your friends. If you want to talk about it I will talk about it. If you want to go to the cops I will support you as much as I can. But no matter your choice your friends and I will support you.” I told her, she weakly raised the corner of her lips, I gently kissed her forehead because I didn’t know what else to do. We looked out at the ocean. “What’s your favorite color?” I asked her. “Pink.” She mumbled. “Really your into pink?” I questioned her. “Don’t be so shocked look I got pink in my hair.” She said playing with it. I twisted it around my own finger. “I love your new hair Kenny it’s what you wanted so it’s amazing.” I told her. “It also suits you.” I admitted, it did really suit her but I had a feeling I wouldn’t care if she was in a paper bag. She smiled at me. Then squealed playfully as the next wave hit us and went up to her hip. We both burst out laughing. “Hes not going to let us in.” Kenny warned me. “Where are we going.” I asked her. “It’s a surprise.” Kenny admitted, taking my hand and pulling us out the ocean slightly. We carried on walking along the beach until we got to an area, Kenny turned and walked of the beach still holding my hand she made sure I was wearing my sunglasses and cap and she led me to a little rundown Café. We walked in Kenny looked around with a grin. I looked around not sure why we had come here. There was about 10 tables with people on and another 20 empty in here, all with the red and white checkered tablecloth that just gets whipped down between people. It looked like the type of place grease came with everything. What were we doing here? Kenny led me to a table near the back as if this was her plan all along. I followed her when we got to the table she sat down with a grin. I sat with her, “What’s your favorite color?” she asked me. “Green but blues starting to grow on me.” I told her. “Why?” She asked me. “Because I like looking in your eyes and seeing them sparkle.” I admitted, not sure if that sounded corny. She lifted her sunglasses to show she was rolling her eyes at me. I gently kicked her under the table. “Do you know the whole way through our second conversation I was being kicked?” Kenny asked me. “Yes and it still didn’t make you stop being a bitch.” I warned her, she stuck her tongue out at me. “Like I said my biology partner isn’t the friendliest of people.” I told her. “Is she not maybe you should stay in school and see if she improves.” Kenny teased me. “I would if I could Kenny.” I told her tucking the bit of pink hair behind her ears. I went to pull up my sunglasses, Kenny looked around and shook her head slightly looking at a table of giggling girls. “You don’t want to be seen with me?” I teased her. “Of course I don’t do you know how loud girls scream sometimes?” She questioned me but her eyes sparkled I knew she was joking. She looked at me nervous as if she was waiting for me to do something. I just kept looking at her playing footsie under the table with her. I took one of her hands and held it making a circle pattern on the back of her hand. “What is your favorite instrument?” I asked Kenny interested. “Guitar although I do like playing the drums if I’m angry. I feel like hitting them helps so much.” Kenny said. “So you have anger problems?” I teased her. “You’d have to ask Max.” Kenny told me blushing. “I have my bad days where I will storm away from them but I wouldn’t ever lay a finger at them or call them a nasty name or anything walk away yes.” Kenny said. “it’s actually better to walk away from a situation and calm down when your angry and face it when you’re in a better mental place.” I told her still stroking her hand. “I get that way sometimes too, but I will either count backwards in my head or focus on something like a wall tile and count the flecks on it till I’m calmer.” I told her. “Does it work for you?” Kenny asked me. “Most the time yes.” I admitted. “I’m not the type of guy to punch someone for pissing me off, I’m not the kind of guy to let someone get punched either.” I admitted to her. Kenny nodded. Did she realize how hard it was for me not to march her to the authorities and explain what Jasmine had been doing? “Are you a dog person, a cat person, or neither?” I asked Kenny. She looked at me like I had lost the plot. “Not a handbag dog but I always wanted a puppy. A big one, but I love cats to. I love most animals. I had a guinea pig it was called Sticks but Chelsea was apparently allergic so he had to go. He went to uncle Greys. I don’t know what happened to him.” Kenny told me she had called Sea Chelsea was that her actual name. So she would like a dog or a cat she liked both. “What’s your favorite Dog or Cat or?” She started. “I would have any animal I love all animals. My dream pet would be a lab.” I told her truthfully. “Like Marley?” she said. “See you have seen some films.” I said to her, she laughed. “Did it make you cry?” I asked her stroking circles on her hand. “That depends did it make you cry?” Kenny asked me. “Like a baby.” I informed her she grinned and nodded “Same.” She told me. “Are you a morning or a night person?” I asked Kenny. “Night you?” She said straight away. “Night.” I told her truthfully stroking her hand still. She grinned at me. “If you ruled the world, what would you change?” Kenny asked me. I thought about it this was an interesting question it was also just when the waitress came over. “Hello are you two ready to order?” She asked us calmly. I hadn’t even looked at the menu. “Oops I forgot to pick up the menu Maitê.” Kenny said. The girl looked at Kenny she was about 2 years older than Kenny and pulled her to her feet and said. “Giro de vuelta. Déjame ver, déjame ver Mi dios te ves hermosa te queda Makena. ¿Es esta una fecha que trajiste una cita aquí? Mi dios, ¿estás saliendo ahora Makena? Que es el derrame Makena derrame de hombre.” I laughed knowing what she said and with how excited she was and how she called Kenny Makena I realized she was someone who might know who Kenny really was. ‘Turn around. Let me see, let me see. My god you look beautiful it suits you Makena. Is this a date did you bring a date here? My god are you dating now Makena? Who is the guy spill Makena spill.’ Kenny laughed but the girl started with more questions before Kenny could get a word in. “¿Es una cita? Estas saliendo? Dios mío, nunca pensé.” Is this a date? Are you two dating? My god I never thought.’ Kenny interrupted in English blushing, “He speaks Spanish Maitê.” She looked at me and a huge grin went on her face. “¡Papa Makena está aquí en una cita!” She yelled. “We should have gone somewhere else.” Kenny moaned under her breath to me. I laughed she was blushing. A guy came out the kitchen. He looked at me and Kenny and he grinned a huge grin. But then said, “Así que les permiten disfrutar de su fecha y conseguir los niños algo de comida lo que te pago para charlar. Mirarlos allí la piel y los huesos que necesitan ser engordados.” ‘Well let them enjoy their date and get the kids some food what do I pay you for to chat. Look at them there skin and bones they need to be fattened up’ I smiled at Kenny who sat down opposite me still blushing. “I will get you both Menus. Would you like drinks whilst you decide?” She asked us. “Pepsi please.” Kenny said. “Same please.” I told her she nodded and walked of writing it down. “You come here a lot?” I asked Kenny. Kenny nodded “Best Mexican seafood around here.” Kenny admitted. “But he also serves some of the best pasta dishes and best burgers. Hes just the best cook.” Kenny admitted. Kenny pointed at a guy who had just come in wearing huge sunglasses like myself and an expensive Rolex watch. “Hes a billionaire but he loves the torrijas here.” Kenny told me, and then she pointed at another couple. “She’s a supermodel and loves the black bean and rice.” Kenny told me. She pointed at another person. I looked and my eyes went wide. “Hes well him.” Kenny told me with a grin. “How expensive is this restaurant I wanted to spend under $3000 on the first date, I told Kenny with a smile. She stuck her tongue out at me. “You’d be lucky to get a meal for that.” She teased but her eyes were lit up and dancing. I looked at the menu. Nothing on the menu at all was over $10. “What do you recommend?” I asked her. “The torrijas.” She said with a grin. “Are desert not mains you’ve been told that most your life.” The waitress said putting our Pepsi’s on the table with a grin. “So your favorite food is pancakes and you have to be told desert is not main. Do you have a big sweet tooth Kenny?” I teased her. She smiled and nodded. “Do you?” she asked me. “Oh yes I would always rather skip the mains and go straight to desert but I think that would end being here to soon.” I told her, Kenny blushed. “Mi dios es tan cursi” The waitress said. Kenny and I both actually laughed. “Demasiado?” I asked her. “Sí, mucho queso” she told me, then looked at Kenny and grinned at her. “Do you two want me to come back and give you even longer?” she asked us. Kenny looked at the menu quickly. “What did you have for lunch?” I asked her. “Shushi so I don’t really want fish you?” she asked me. “Just nuts and fruit from my fruit basket.” I admitted. “How hungry are you?” Kenny asked me. “I could eat a lot.” I admitted, not wanting to admit my stomach had been growling for hours. “Patatas Bravas.” Kenny ordered. “Can I have that too please.” I said. The girl nodded. She went off to order. “You copying me or you trust my option?” Kenny asked. “Both.” I assured her. She smiled at me, “Can I take my glasses off?” I asked her as I saw the guy with the Rolex do. “Yeah.” Kenny said calmly. I flicked my glasses up on top my head. “So you come here a lot?” I asked Kenny. “Once a week since I passed my driving test and before that with my tutor he would bring me most days after school, to make sure I had a decent meal before he took me back home.” Kenny said looking at me. “How long did you have him?” I asked her. “From 6 until I was 15.” Kenny admitted “Yet he did nothing when he knew you were being.” I started slightly pissed off. “He tried every time he tried he would be threatened with the sack. Most the time he just got me out of the house and out the way.” Kenny assured me. I was cross. “It’s fine Dylan.” Kenny assured me a sad smile on her face. I squeezed her hand. “But you still come here every week?” I asked Kenny. “As often as I can, Pedro cooks the best Spanish food I’ve ever tasted.” Kenny informed me. “You would think there would be.” I started. “Someone with a camera?” Kenny asked me. “Yes.” I said calmly. Kenny pointed at a sign on the wall. I looked at it, just a picture of a camera with a cross through it and a fine under it the rest of the poster was in Spanish and wasn’t actually a legal poster, I raised an eyebrow at Kenny. “And that works?” I asked her. “Yeah once Padre asks for the money if they want to keep the picture they normally delete it so they’ve stopped bothering here. Sometimes I think Padre could do with the exposure his food is delicious but he says if he was busier he couldn’t cook to the same standard. So hes one of the best kept secrets around.” Kenny told me. That was when the guy I took to be Padre came over with our dinner. He smiled at Kenny and said something to her in Spanish so quietly that I missed it, but it made Kenny blush. I carried on doing the circles on the back of her hand. He left and I let go of Kenny’s hand to eat so did she. We carried on chatting whilst we ate. Getting to know more about each other. First dates going this was going brilliant, there was no awkwardness Kenny was sometimes very opinionated other times she would blush and start to withdraw but then she would pull herself back out of it. Once dinner was finished the waitress took away our plates and brought desert without us asking. 2 plates of torrijas. Kenny smiled at me watching me closely as I took my first bite. Omg I could eat this every meal of the day, Kenny grinned as if she knew what I was thinking as a very tiny moan escaped my mouth. “Best restaurant I’ve been to.” I informed her. Kenny laughed. “Pedro will be so glad to hear you say that.” Kenny informed me. Once desert and the hot chocolates were gone I held her hand again stroking circles over the back of it. The supermodel had looked over at me for a few minutes but I ignored her Kenny was who was important. We talked more, I liked talking to Kenny, we were actually having an argument over whether the line Darth Vader said is ‘Luke I am your father.’ Or if it’s ‘No I am your father.’ When Pedro came over holding a closed sign. “Sorry kids going to have to kick you out.” He told us. “Is it really 10pm?” Kenny asked taken aback. Pedro smiled at her. “Yes Makena it’s the most I’ve heard you talk in years.” He told her with a grin that actually made me want to laugh. “It’s the most awake I’ve seen you too.” He admitted. “That evil witch finally letting you rest Rock star?” he asked her, hmm I knew I wouldn’t be the only one to call her rock star. “I got kicked out yesterday.” Kenny admitted. “You can stay here if you would like to.” Pedro informed her straight away. Kenny smiled. “Thank you.” Kenny said I saw her face a look of love crossed her face that I normally saw directed at Max Pam and Laura. “Thank you for dinner how much do we owe you?” I asked pulling out my wallet. Pedro waved it off, but informed us that not every meal would be free. Kenny kissed his cheek and said her goodbyes in Spanish then we left. We went back on the beach having to use our phone lights to get back safely. “Why didn’t we park in the carpark?” I questioned Kenny. “I didn’t expect to be there that long.” Kenny admitted holding my hand. We found the exit to where she parked her car eventually, but neither of us was in a rush. We could see enough by the moonlight to be safe. When we got back to the gated community, I was recognized so Kenny and I were waved in. We got to my house and it was dark. Kenny was a brilliant driver. “Who taught you to drive?” I asked Kenny. “It was actually one thing Jasmine assisted on the moment I turned 16, she said she wasn’t my taxi service if I wanted to go school I would learn straight away. But the school taught me to drive. In drivers ed.” Kenny told me. “Oh.” I said. “Yeah it’s been a god send, I always imaged just driving away.” Kenny told me. “You never did just drive away Kenny.” I pointed out to her. “I stayed for one reason Dylan Stasia.” Kenny told me. “I will make sure you can still see her.” I told her stroking her face the salt air had made her hair curl a bit more. I gently kissed Kenny outside her bedroom door. “See you in the morning or afternoon.” I told her kissing her. She laughed, opened the bedroom door and disappeared.

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