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Chapter 8 - Makena

I was sat on the beach that daddy Fern and I always went to. Looking out at the ocean and sky, a huge grin on my face. A guitar on my lap, the one from the shop, I really should just go and buy it tomorrow when I go work. “So what’s he like?” Fern asked like an excited school girl. I giggled, “Hes really nice I think you’d really like him.” I admitted. “Absolutely not you’re too young you’re still a baby.” Daddy said. I looked at him. “I’m older than you were when I was born.” I said rolling my eyes. I kept looking out at the ocean Dylan was just in the distance, so it was extremely easy to describe him. “Daddy I really do like Dylan in one way I think I’m falling in love with him. Even when hes not kissing me, I feel like I can be myself with him. That he understands me or at least wants to. I like everything about him, even the fact he knows way too much about star wars.” I told Daddy. “But you don’t want him to be your prince charming?” Fern said. I looked at Dylan. “I think he already is, but I’m too scared to be hurt, but that’s the strange thing with him I want to risk being hurt because I don’t think he wants to ever hurt me.” I told Fern. “I always told myself I would save myself, Dylan helped me I don’t want him to ever think I only love him because he helped me. Because the truth is I love him for being him. Even though hes actually smarter than me.” I said. “Mac did you know you just said you love him.” Fern said. I thought back omg I had. “You also said you’d like him to be your prince charming.” Daddy said. I giggled, “Can he be more charming.” I said laughing. I looked at Dylan and he was in a suit. “Omg hes so hot in that.” I said. “Kenny.” Dylan said. “You’re so amazing.” I mumbled. “Kenny it’s time to get up.” He said, I felt a kiss on my head. “Mm 10 more minutes charming.” I mumbled. “Kenny if you want to have a shower before school you need to get up.” Dylan said. I felt the bed move and him gently kiss my mouth. “Mmm you’re so hot.” I mumbled still asleep. “I’m hot am I? Well you’re gorgeous but you need to wake up.” Dylan laughed. “I’m not as gorgeous as you prince charming.” I said rolling over more asleep than awake. “Kenny pancakes it’s time to wake up.” Dylan chuckled. I blinked my eyes open slowly. I looked at him. “You know you talk in you sleep when your half asleep.” He told me kissing my head. “It’s how I get away with sleeping in class, ask me a question and I possibly answer it.” I told him rubbing sleep out my eyes. I looked at the tray with pancakes on and the golden syrup on the side with two plates underneath. Then two cups of coffee and 2 cups of pure orange juice. “Morning.” Dylan said. I had to smile at him and pulled myself in to a sitting position. Dylan kissed me. “I haven’t cleaned my teeth yet.” I told him but I still grinned, it was hard not to grin at him when he was smiling and his eyes were sparkling. “Why are you in such a good mood this early I thought you were a night person?” I asked him suspicious slightly but still smiling. “Waking you up to be called prince charming and hot is very flattering.” He told me. He put the tray down on my lap, I moved so he could climb in next to me and put the covers over his lap. Not even caring that I was in my pjs in bed with Dylan, it felt strangely natural. He looked at me and smiled serving the pancakes onto two plates. He poured a bit of syrup on the side of his pancakes and dipped. I grinned at him I couldn’t help it. “What have I got syrup?” he asked worried. “You dip your pancakes rather than pour the syrup over.” I said with a grin. “I know I’m odd.” He said. “I do the same.” I told him. “Even with gravy.” I told him dipping my own pancake straight into the pot of syrup. “At least I don’t use the pot.” He told me with a huge grin. I dipped a piece in and fed it to him. “See now you do.” I told him, a bit of the syrup dripped from the pancake onto his mouth. He went to wipe it off, but I kissed it off licking it before he did. “Fuck Kenny.” He moaned. “Sorry.” I told him having to laugh, as he wasn’t moaning because he didn’t like it he was moaning because he did. He fed me a bit of pancake and a bit of syrup dripped on my own mouth. I laughed as he kissed it off, he had morning stubble this morning and I admit it felt amazing kissing him even with it. When he broke the kiss I had to grin at him. “The difference I did it on accident you did it on purpose.” I told him but I was still grinning. “What’s this?” He said moving my notepad from under him. “Do not read that, it’s not ready yet.” I told him as he went to. “Is this one of the songs you’ve wrote?” he asked me. “It has some of them in.” I admitted. He grinned. “Not yet Dylan, I will play you them when there finished and ready.” I told him, wow did I just say that. “Really?” he asked me. “Yes as soon as I think they’re ready.” I told him, then I remembered my dream and leaned back in the bed, I was stuffed anyway. “What you thinking about?” he asked me. “Would you mind if I buy a guitar and stuff and practiced here?” I asked him worried. “I would love you too.” He told me. “But.” He said. “Don’t say you’ll buy my guitar because a genius you might be, but I have a guitar that’s calling me it has been for years.” I said seriously. “I was going to say I can get you the stuff from Milo. Hes got loads and just to get the guitar.” He told me. “Thank you Dylan.” I said meaning it. “You don’t play your dads guitar?” he asked me. “It always felt wrong to without him and I wasn’t allowed to in the house.” I admitted. “Kenny he would want you to have it. He would want you to play. They all would.” He told me kissing my head again. He took the tray of me. “Don’t go.” I told him. Not wanting to get up yet even though I knew we had to. “I’m just moving the tray before we spill syrup everywhere and the cleaners kill us.” He told me. I giggled looking at the syrup already over the bed. “Yeah I know a bit late.” He admitted. “I blame the fairy who brought me pancakes in bed.” I told him. “Oh really maybe I will make you come kitchen in the mornings for them then.” He told me jokingly. I sat up in the bed, “then you don’t get to talk to me half asleep.” I told him. “Hmm you mean I won’t get to hear you call me hot again?” he asked me. “I might call you that when I’m awake.” I told him moving so I was on my knees and the covers fell off me, I was dressed he didn’t have to groin. I wrapped my arms around his neck so I was hugging him from behind. “What else did I say?” I asked him. “You called me prince charming.” He told me. “I might have to admit your both my fairy and my prince now?” I questioned him. he turned his neck so I put my head on his shoulder and kissed his lips gently, I didn’t want to risk him hurting his neck on a day he was going to shoot a few scenes so I moved more so he didn’t have to. “You need to get ready for school or you’ll get detention again.” He reminded me. “I know, should I just drive back at 9pm?” I asked. “Yep I will wait up for you.” He assured me. “Alright.” I told him kissing him. “Don’t text me in class but I shall text you.” He assured me. I laughed. “You know I’ve only got 2 and a half months left of high school?” I questioned him. “Yes I’m aware.” He told me. “You know you’ve already got your GED?” I questioned. “Kenny graduate high school, you’ve put in almost 4 years only 2 months left then you’ll have graduated.” He told me. “I’m not going to quit now Dylan.” I told him rolling my eyes. His arms had reached behind him and were wrapped around the back of my legs. I wrapped my arms tighter around his neck. “You’re an A student Kenny you don’t need help with your homework. Maybe having the time to do it but not help.” He told me. Standing up holding me on his back. I started laughing. He started walking to the ensuite I was giggling holding onto him like a monkey. He gently let go of my legs after opening the ensuite door. I let go and slid of him as he had lowered himself down. “Could have just said it was time to get moving.” I told him still giggling. “You got less than an hour until you need to set off.” He told me. “Okay I get the hint. My uniforms in the car already.” I told him. “Are you going now or will you still be here when I come out the shower?” I asked him. “I’ll be getting dressed in my room, I will see you off to school before I go but my cars ordered.” He told me. “Dylan you can drive.” I pointed out. “I know but it’s impossible to find a parking space.” He told me. “I would love to drive my sports car on a day like this.” He said seriously. I went to say something. “No we got to get ready for work and school. I’m not having you late from school on your first weekend here.” Dylan said. He kissed me then walked off, leaving me actually stood laughing. I went in the bathroom, had a quick shower. Came out and blow-dried then straightened my hair, I was going to have to address the straighteners one day but I decided I didn’t want to know. I curled my pink hair but the rest of my hair I straightened, it took half the time it used to. I looked in the mirror, I was really happy with it. I got dressed deciding on a some black skinny leg jeans with holes in the knees and a light grey tank top that had a harry potter quote saying, I solemnly swear I am up to no good. Then I put on a black waterfall cardigan, wishing I had brought a leather jacket. But deciding I was happy with the look I had today anyway. I put on my black canvas shoes which thankfully were now dry from my swim in the pool in them. I put all my school stuff in my school bag then went downstairs, looked around but couldn’t find Dylan. I was in the kitchen when Helene came in. “Hello.” I said nervously. “Hello Kenny you look nice.” She said calmly looking at me. “Thank you, I feel more comfortable in this than I have in years.” I admitted, which was strange my designer clothes meant nothing to me. They never had. I might do what Pam and Laura had said and sell my old clothes. “What would you like for dinner tonight?” she asked me. “Don’t worry I will eat at work.” I told her. I pointed at the board that Dylan had put up in the kitchen. “This is your schedule?” she asked me looking at it I saw her eyes go wide. “Yeah Dylan and I talked about it last night. I’m going to get rid of my Tuesday night shift at least until I graduate high school.” I told her. “You realize this is 62 hours.” She said. I nodded. She swore in Spanish. I bit my bottom lip. “How old are you?” she snapped at me. “I turn 18 in 3 weeks.” I told her shuffling. Dylan came in the kitchen then. “Morning.” Dylan said calmly. “Morning Dylan.” Helene told him still looking at my schedule. Then she pointed at it. “No.” she said. “No.” she said again pointing at the schedule. I didn’t get what had got the woman fired up. I looked at Dylan for help. “No.” she said again, she started rubbing things out. I looked at Dylan. “Helene Kenny and I have already talked about her schedule, we’ve discussed that if she keeps going like this she will kill herself.” Dylan said firmly. I blushed why did this lady care so much? Dylan kissed my head, “See you tonight you better go or you’ll end up with detention.” He said. “Alright see you about 10 tonight.” I told him gave him a quick kiss then run off and out the house glad to get away from Helene, was it the fact she was a female? Or I still felt guilty that I might damage Dylan’s career. I climbed in my car, looked at the house but then drove away.

Not only did I get to school on time. I was awake. I was early enough to get to class. I was in homeroom before my tutor even came in. She looked at me with a raised eyebrow. “Miss Allen did you spend the weekend here?” she asked me suspicious. I actually had to laugh. “No but do you think that’s a good idea?” I asked her. She shook her head and sat at her desk. Pam came in then no Max as he would be at college today. “Kenny!” she squealed. “You’re here early!” she squealed. “I know it’s weird.” I told her. She sat in her desk. The school day went brilliant. I felt more awake than I had in years. I felt fuller than I had in years. At lunch I had a text from Dylan, I was about to go in the music room.

Dylan – how’s school?

Dylan – you forgot to take lunch, Helene’s going to make you packed lunch apparently as your too skinny. Sorry but apparently you need fattening up.

I laughed and replied.

Kenny – schools fine, did you know when your awake you learn things? I’ve never had a packed lunch made for me before except what Pam and Max and Laura bring me in. Do you think I need fattening up? How’s work? How’s the scenes your recording going? What are you up to right now?

Dylan – I’ve heard that being awake is a very interesting thing :P. well I think it’s safe to say you’ll be having a packed lunch from now on. Kenny I think your perfect no matter what you weigh. Works fine except your stepmoms here again. Stasia is still not as confident as she needs to be, but still early days only second day on set so she will come into it soon. I told her how nervous I was my first movie and told her she’s a lot better than I was. It got a weak smile from her, she seems more like you than I first thought. Right now I’m sat in a big chair eating a bag of chips being shushed. You?

Kenny – what do you mean she’s more like me than you first thought? What chips you eating? You sound like you need the lunch Helene’s making me to take with you too. How nervous were you do I get that story? Does your chair have your name on the back of it? I’ve just gone to the music room, I booked it this morning for lunch period and want to try something out today. I often book it as it used to be the only place I could play and its sound proofed.

Dylan – yes it has my name on the back of it. Helene made me lunch I’ve eaten it already. Do I get to hear what you’re working on yet?

Dylan – talk later got to start recording a scene again.

Kenny – talk later bye Dylan

I laughed and put my phone in my bag. I looked at the guitar and the drums sat around and the keyboard. I looked at the Rota, I only had 30 minutes as someone had crossed my name out for the other half an hour and put three people’s names down. We often had a fight over the music room. I always made sure I was gone before they turned up so we didn’t have the argument in person, but they were always crossing my name out or beating me here and booking all the slots. Hey they might think I didn’t use it but I always did. I started playing and started writing and playing more. I don’t know how long it had been when someone walked in. “Sorry still using.” I said looking up. The 3 guys looked at me, oh they were the band performing at the prom. Fuck sake I didn’t want to be in there way or ever to meet them. “Hey.” One of them said. “Hey.” I said, I put the guitar on my lap down slightly. “Are you Kenny?” one asked me. “Yeah and you must be Tom Harry and Tyler?” I asked them. “That’s us.” One of them said, he had black hair. “Well I still got 10 minutes left.” I pointed at the clock. “We can’t threaten a girl.” Brunette said hitting the back of the other twos head. I had to smile. “You came to threaten me?” I asked trying not to laugh. The 3 of them were looking at me like I was an alien that was sat in front of them and not a girl. “Why were you going to threaten me? I know we’ve been fighting over this room for a year now, but hate to break it you I’ve been booking it for the last 4 years.” I told them. “Yeah which is why the music teacher won’t let us block you from booking the room.” The one with blue hair told me, they were hot but nothing like Dylan none of them attracted me at all. “Sorry about that.” I told them, “Mr Gresham and I have an understanding.” I said truthfully. An understanding of the fact he knows I can play every instrument in this place and knows I come in here to play and write. That I don’t use the music room to sleep. The fact he knows who I really was and was the only person I told because he asked why I seemed so familiar when I first started in his music room, the fact he carried on my exams and lessons which I pay for privately in here after school on days I don’t get detention. “Yeah he said not to bother you.” Blue haired told me. I looked at blue black and brunette wondering if I should pack up and go or finish what I was doing. “Can I finish my private time or is there a reason you’re here to threaten me?” I asked them calmly. The brunette hit both guys back of the head again. “What do you play?” black haired asked me. “What don’t I play.” I said calmly. “What kind of name is Kenny for a girl?” Blue haired asked. “I don’t know but it’s my name.” I told him shrugging, trying my hardest not to laugh. “Aren’t you the girl in my detention class?” Black haired asked me. “That’s the class 3 till 3.45 everyday?” I asked him. “Meant to be 3-4 but you always walk out the last 15 minutes.” He said shrugging. “Mr. C is the best teacher don’t you think?” I asked him still trying not to laugh. “So you’re the band performing at the prom?” I asked them. “Have you put your name down?” Blue haired asked me. “No.” I said deciding that was enough of an answer. “So why are you in here if not practicing for?” Blue hair said. Brunette hit him around the head again I smiled. “You know what I’ll leave you to it.” I said standing up, I wasn’t going to answer questions even I didn’t know the answer to. “It was nice meeting you all.” I said picking up my notepad and school bag and walking out there. I didn’t stop walking or look behind me until I was out of there. I got to the cafeteria. “Finished already?” Pam asked me as I fell into a chair next to Vincent, who was playing 3d chess with one of the other guys. I moved the other guy’s piece for him as he was looking at it like he couldn’t work out how not to be checkmate in 2 more moves. “Thanks Kenny.” He said. “No props.” I said shrugging. Vincent moved his piece. “You got lunch today?” Vincent asked me indicating a brown bag. “No. thanks Vinnie.” I said meaning it and eating a sandwich his mom had made him this morning, she made him double lunches on Mondays I don’t know if she knew he gave the other lunch away or if she thought he ate it. But I tucked into the tuna and sweetcorn on brown. “Have you got detention?” Pam asked me, looking up from a book. “Yeah but guess what no detention so far today.” I told her with a grin. “That’s brilliant Kenny!” Pam told me. I pointed out the spot to move a piece to so the guy would beat Vincent. “And I gave you my second lunch.” Vincent mumbled. “What are you a hobbit?” I asked him he smiled at me. “What’s with you no countdown today Kenny?” Vincent asked me. “I haven’t heard you say all day.” He said. “I don’t feel like I need the countdown anymore. I feel like the first time in years I want to live in the moment.” I admitted. “Wow someone broke Kenny.” Laura said wrapping her arms round my neck. I laughed, she looked at my neck then and spun me to look at her. “Possibly the same person who gave her a love bite.” Laura said a grin on her face. “Shit I don’t have?” I said, she handed me a little mirror. I looked at it and blushed, she laughed. “I’m going to the toilets to sort this out.” I said quickly. “I’m coming.” Pam said putting her book in her bag and grabbing her jacket, Laura did the same. We went to the toilet, the moment we were in there. Pam checked the stalls to make sure the toilets were empty. “We don’t even need to ask. But wow Kenny, just wow.” Laura said with a grin. “I thought we had the no discussing these sort of things rules.” I said. “That’s about Pam and Max. Not about you.” Laura said. “Hey.” Pam said but she was laughing. I borrowed a bit of Laura’s foundation and applied it to my neck. “Better.” Pam assured me laughing. A group of freshmen came in, we just all burst out laughing. They looked at us like we were idiots. “So college?” Pam asked me. “I don’t know, I still can’t decide.” I admitted. “You need to decide soon, I want to know if you’ll be my roomie.” Laura moaned. “Why can’t she be my roomie?” Pam asked. “Because there’s no way I can go Harvard.” I told her. “Your grades are good enough Kenny.” She pointed out. “I don’t think Harvard’s for me Pam. To many rules.” I pointed out. She sighed. “Girls I want to get a tattoo.” I said seriously. They both looked at me like I had grown two heads. “You can’t until next month.” Pam pointed out. “I know that, but I kind of spent the whole of 2nd period doodling what I want.” I admitted. “Show us.” Laura said. The freshmen all looked at the sink like they wanted to get to them and we were in there way. “Come on girls or we will be late.” I told them, “I will show you both later.” I assured them, we got to our next class with 5 minutes to spare, separating at our lockers.

The rest of the day went fast, I walked into detention without a care in the world. Throw my bag on the floor under my usual desk. I sat down, pulled out my homework and started doing the answers. I didn’t even look up when someone sat at the table in front of me and next to me. I did when someone sat in the table the other side of me, I never got surrounded in detention and there were loads of seats. I looked up from my book and raised an eyebrow at brunette from earlier that looked abit apologetic he was sat on my right. I looked at blue haired who was on my left and black-haired in front of me. “Do I even want to know how all 3 of you got detention today?” I asked them. “Can you play the drums?” Black haired asked me spinning in his seat to look at me. “Why?” I asked him suspicious. “Can you play them or not?” he asked me. I looked from one to the other. “I can play the drums.” I said. “How good are you?” blue haired asked me. I scoffed, “not that good then.” Black haired sighed. “Mr. C.” I said putting my hand up. “What is it Kenny.” He asked looking up from his book at the time. “Can I go, I’ve done all my homework and I promise I will be back tomorrow but I got to get work.” I told him. He sighed and indicated for me to leave. I grinned at the boys. “Want to know how good I am on the drums?” I asked them calmly as I put my bags on my shoulder. “Let me have the music room tomorrow lunch time.” I said and I walked out. I chuckled when I got out there.

Work was slow, I had a few texts from Dylan which I replied to. Nothing big happened, I was in the restaurant today rather than delivery which I could never work out if I preferred or hated. When I finally pulled up to the gated entrance I felt like I was going where I was wanted, where I wanted to go. It felt like home already which was rather dangerous if you ask me. I just showed the pass and my driver’s license and the gate opened and I drove in. I drove to Dylan’s, parked in his drive. My phone had gone flat hours ago. I hoped it was still okay I came, Dylan had let me in the gate to the property. He was also at the front door. “You alright?” he asked me looking at me in my pizza uniform as I walked up to him carrying my school bag and rucksack with my clothes in. “Yeah are you?” I asked worried. He kissed me hello when I was in the door, I dropped my bags and wrapped my arms around his neck melting into his arms “I am now I just got worried when you didn’t reply and I knew you’d finished.” He admitted once our kiss hello was over. “Sorry cleanup took longer than normal.” I admitted. “Phone flat?” he asked me. I nodded. “Did you know you had given me a love bite?” I questioned him, he laughed. “I saw it this morning, just before you left. I didn’t realize it would take you till after lunch to see it.” He admitted laughing. “Next time I’ll give you one.” I told him. “Oh really is that so.” He asked lifting me up. I laughed and wrapped my arms round his neck tighter. He took claim of my lips again and we just stood in his hallway making out, him holding me in his arms my legs wrapped around his hips his arms around me and holding me, my arms wrapped around his neck. “Is this how I will be greeted every time?” I asked him breathless when we separated again. “Oh defiantly as often as I can.” He admitted. I laughed. I kissed his neck giving him his own love bite. “Makeups going to hate you tomorrow.” He told me laughing. I laughed he put me down. “Mind if I wash my uniform and dry it for the morning?” I asked him. “Go get changed and I’ll put it on. Did you want anything to eat?” he asked me. “No I’m fine.” I told him kissing him gently. “How was work?” I asked him. “I told you in my texts.” He said but he smiled. “I know but I want to hear you tell me.” I told him. He kissed me gently. “You know you stink like garlic.” He mumbled. “Yeah welcome to my life.” I told him laughing. “Want to go for a swim or have a shower?” he asked me. “Swim with you defiantly swim, then maybe shower.” I said thoughtful. “Go get your costume on, bring your pjs down we can use the showers in the pool room.” He said. I laughed and we went upstairs. We both went into the rooms after kissing goodbye. I laughed the other side of the door, stripped and put my uniform in a red basket that was in my room, I put my clothes from earlier in there as well. I got into my pink one shoulder bikini top and the matching bottoms, and then I suddenly realized I was going to be in the same amount of material I wore as underwear with Dylan. Was this to fast? I reached for my pjs and thought about putting them on over the top. You know what, I wasn’t ashamed of my body, and I was excited to see Dylan’s. “Kenny have you got your uniform?” Dylan said knocking on the door. “Yeah two secs.” I said, I opened the door in my bikini, Dylan took the basket I saw him try not to look me up and down, but I think I was word stuck at the sight that greeted me. Dylan’s naked 6 pack was amazing, his black swim shorts were low on his hip and omg he was gorgeous, how the hell was this guy interested in me. “Let me just grab my pjs and I’ll be right down.” I told him, noting he had his own over his arm. “Alright I’ll go put this on.” He told me. “Just a quick wash will do Dylan.” I told him, and then I thought about it and pulled my black jeans out. “I got two don’t worry I’ll do a dark and light wash.” He told me kissing me. So I dropped the jeans back in. “Thanks.” I told him grinning. He kissed me, I kissed him back. Then he went down the stairs, I watched his ass go down the stairs. He turned around when he was half way. “Are you checking me out?” he asked me. “Yes nice ass.” I told him. He laughed and walked the rest of the way down. I went back in the room and grabbed my pjs then went down after him

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