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"In this moment in time, you will be mine." These words, uttered in a moment of passion, change the world forever. Two men. Nine words. Blood shed, broken bones and a love story no one expected. Falling in love is hard. Add in the fact that you're half of the most powerful duo leading one of the most dangerous and powerful crime syndicates on the east coast, and it becomes impossible. Bryan Anders was a ruthless, sociopathic killer. He was also an impeccable dresser, talented business mind and wine enthusiast that loved French culture and romantic comedies. But killing was by far the most thrilling part of his life. Until he met Bobby Lowery. A dangerous man in his own right, Bobby's entry into Bryan's world stirred up more than an appetite for violence. Though Bryan became accustomed to the hazards of his lifestyle, he wasn't prepared for the dangerous feat of falling in love.

Drama / Action
D Brooks
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I hated working on rainy days. It made everything else inherently messy. I prided myself on my ability to do my job swiftly and cleanly, but the rain made mud and it just changed the whole atmosphere. If it was going to rain, I preferred to be working from home. At least then I had access a beautiful blowjob as a congratulation for a job well done.

I’m Bobby Lowery and among many things I was a notable crime lord. I could go into detail about the things I was involved in, but it was a long list. The highlights were the obvious things: drugs, smuggling all sorts of things and my particular favorite thing, murder for hire.

I didn’t start out as some underling in a criminal organization and then worked my way up. I started out as a kid, tall for his age, playing football practically as soon as I could walk. Even as a kid I was always rough around the edges. I ran faster so that I could drop my shoulder and hit harder.

I was a punisher.

By the time I was in high school I was known as The Beast. I was bigger than even most of my coaches, I had a chip on my shoulder and a taste for blood. Other teams would try and target me to get me out of the game, but I would drive them into the ground. That was the game for me. I couldn’t give a damn about the other stuff.

After high school I went straight into the military. I had other options, but the idea of getting into the thick of battle somewhere appealed more to me than a potential college football career that could be parlayed into an NFL career. And I damn sure wasn’t attracted to more time inside of anyone’s classroom.

So instead, I became a Marine and then, when that wasn’t enough, I joined the Special Forces. There was a demon inside of me and the things that I saw and was ordered to do fed into that animal. But I was never satisfied.

I could never be me.

Don’t ask, don’t tell meant that any errant thought I had that didn’t fit with the image of the womanizing bachelor bad boy I portrayed myself as, got buried deep down in the bottomless pit that had existed within me my entire life. I played the part so long it became a part of my psyche and was completely reflexive.

I hated it, but I had done it so long that I didn’t think it would ever change. I would die alone in this lie and maybe people would mourn who they thought I was. My body would be buried beneath a headstone that depicted my mask and, even in death, I would never be at peace.

But then I met Blake Anders.

She recruited me once I was honorably discharged. Apparently, some guys I served with were working for her and, when she needed fresh blood for some new projects, they mentioned me. At first I was just the muscle when she was acting as a fixer. But soon I was an outright mercenary.

The promotion was welcomed, and I excelled. She saw potential in me and, when she needed someone with a particular skill set to help in a kidnapping and torture mission that would surely end in a creative murder and body dump, I was once again promoted.

That particular case was my first time working with Bryan. I’d heard of him and the consensus was that he was a certifiable sociopath that shouldn’t be underestimated under any circumstances.

Bryan was unassuming and seemed completely normal. I expected someone akin to Heath Ledger’s Joker, but instead I got this mild-mannered guy in a tailored suit. I knew he was gay the moment I met him, but he was calm. I wondered how a guy like him got into this kind of work and it made me contemplate his sister’s ability to coerce people to do her bidding.

There were whispers that he was the boss but watching him drink his sissy little herbal tea while we were on a stakeout made me wonder. Sure, I found him physically attractive, but what intrigued me was the way he looked at, well, everything.

He had these sharp icy blue eyes that seemed to see every single detail around him. He was completely focused even though his face said that he was uninterested. I could see that he was cataloging every single thing to recall it later. I’d seen this type of focus before from some of the most skilled assassins.

Everything else, the sculpted body, the dark brown locks that contrasted with those piercing blue eyes and his smooth skin was just a bonus. He walked with poise and confidence. He wasn’t flamboyant or obnoxious, but I could tell he valued his appearance. Still, I doubted the tales I’d heard.

When we finally had our mark in the torture room of a warehouse I watched Bryan come alive. His eyes danced around in his head as he gazed at all the tools in the room. He’d requested all types of things and I’d been warned to wear clothes I wouldn’t mind destroying.

It was going to be a bloodbath.

I’d seen plenty of torture sessions and I’d led a few so, I didn’t expect to see anything particularly inspiring, but I watched his every move carefully anyway. We had spent two weeks working closely on this and, after all that time together, I was excited to see what all the fuss was about.

The mark’s hands were tied together in front of him with a rope that connected to a pulley system attached to the ceiling. At the moment he was sitting down in a chair where his hips were strapped down, a strap ran across his chest under his arms and both his ankles were attached to the legs of the chair. It was a metal chair that had holes in the seat and it was settled in a large tub of water that happened to be wired to a generator as a modified electric chair.

Bryan stopped admiring his toys long enough to finally pay attention to the man in front of him. I wasn’t supposed to actually be in the room but rather outside with everyone else and watching through one of those observation windows like the police have in interrogation rooms. I knew I wouldn’t actually be able to hear anything from there so I stepped into the shadows of the room where I wouldn’t be noticed to get the full effect of his tactics.

Bryan carefully removed his blazer and hung it in a closet where he retrieved a thick plastic apron and a pair of plastic gloves that would stop at his elbows. He laid the protective gear on a table and calmly placed a chair in front of the mark and took a seat. He crossed his legs and sat in such a way it appeared the two were just going to have a normal afternoon chat.

Then he started.

“Hello Mr. Laughlin, my name is Bryan. Now I know you have probably figured out what is going to happen but I see myself as a gentleman and I don’t believe this has to play out like some horror film or action movie scene. We can just talk like two adults. What do you say?” Bryan smiled at the mark.

“Fuck you!” The mark was not intimidated by him.

“That’s not very polite. You could at least try and woo me with dinner first. I’m not that kind of man,” Bryan laughed.

“I’m not scared of no pussy like you. Take your best shot!” The guy was confident.

“You know, you aren’t the first to say that to me. I mean, I would let you talk to the others but they are very dead so that just won’t do. So what happens next is I get to stop playing nice and have some fun. You see, I see this whole thing as a very intimate adventure we are about to go on. So how about I offer some details about myself since I already know so much about you.”

“I like to fuck, long walks on the beach and the sound of limbs ripping apart as a body is spread-eagled on a table and the levers are pulling in different directions. But enough about me. I want to know more about you. And before you keep wondering when I am going to take a break and ask you questions, just know this, I won’t. This is not a question and answer thing. This is a party for me and punishment for you. Now that’s out of the way, let’s have some fun.”

Bryan stood and walked over to a control that fired up the generator. He would press a button sending electricity through the mark as he took his time to roll up his sleeves and wait. When he tired of electrocuting the guy he unstrapped him and lifted him using the pulley system.

Carefully and patiently he made his way through the assortment of tools on the table as he masterfully carved up the mark while dancing around to the classical music he decided to play. It was artful the way the screams mixed with the music and he just twirled around to it like it was his favorite song.

Then he just stopped.

The mark was covered in all types of wounds and he was suffocating from the way he was hanging. It was as if he had perfectly timed everything. He lowered the guy back in the chair and scooped water out of tub and poured it over his head before inviting him to drink some of it.

He removed his protective gear, promised to return and proceeded to shrug on his blazer before leaving. He stopped at the door with a smirk on his face and then turned to the dark corner where I stood.

“Well come on Big Daddy. You can come back when we start round two,” he chuckled.

I emerged from my hiding place trying to figure out how he’d been alerted to my presence. It was easier to focus on that rather than the fact that every time he called me Big Daddy my dick twitched in response. He’d been doing it since we met despite the fact I hadn’t given him any type of encouragement.

Luckily, he only did it when no one else was around.

He stopped in a hallway that led to the break room, his office, and a canteen area. I was going to mindlessly watch TV until everything started up but the look on his face told me he was up to something.

His eyes were dancing around in his head and he had a smirk on his face that just looked like trouble. That look, accompanied by his nickname for me, made my insides crave release.

“Seems like I have worked myself into a stiffy. Wanna see if we can put it to good use?” He quirked an eyebrow up at me when he propositioned me but my reflexes kicked in before I could even contemplate being brave and doing exactly what I wanted.

“The fuck you say to me pussy?”

Bryan looked at me and out the corner of my eye I noticed he stopped stroking his obvious stiffy through his pants and just stared at me. I don’t know what I expected from him but it definitely wasn’t the eye roll and sigh that said he was tired of the conversation before it even started. And I didn’t expect for that gesture to make my face quirk involuntarily into a smile that disappeared as soon as it came. It was cute and I couldn’t help myself.

“My office. Now.”

He was stern and he was my boss so I followed him to his office. He told me to close the door and I followed his instructions. When I turned around I found myself pressed against the door with a knife pressed against the throbbing artery in my neck as he stared at me with a hint of that look he wore while torturing that mark.

It was a turn on and it scared me at the same time. I felt my breathing falter at his close proximity and I mentally chastised myself for my lack of control.

“Big Daddy, we both know that neither of us is interested in pussy. Let’s not play that stupid ass game. This isn’t the military. Uncle Sam isn’t here saying don’t ask don’t tell. You’ve managed to skip down the Anders black hole right into my lap and I am quite pleased with this turn of events. Either you want to do something about this stiffy or you don’t. But don’t play fucking games Big Daddy. At least not right now.”

He lowered the blade from my neck and when he stepped away from me I realized that his dick had been pressed against my leg. The absence of the subtle pressure made me want him pressed against me once again.

I wanted nothing more than to bend him over and make him scream my name while I pounded his ass only to have him suck me off when I finished but I didn’t know if this was a game or not.

“How do I know this isn’t some test?”

“Have some balls Big Daddy. I don’t need that. I don’t play in these types of situations. I say what I want and I own it. You have been checking me out since we started working together.”

“What are you saying?”

At this point he’d shed his blazer and tossed it on a couch that was pressed against the wall and he was perched on the edge of his desk facing me with an amused look. With two steps I could close the distance between us and show him how to use a stiffy.

I could feel myself getting excited and I wondered if he could see my developing erection. I didn’t dare risk a look myself because I didn’t want his eyes to follow mine. When his smirk grew more confident I knew he had seen it. But like before, he caught me off guard and started quoting poetry to me.

“Por una mirada, un mundo; por una sonrisa, un cielo; por un beso... yo no sé qué te diera por un beso.” (For a glance, the world; for a smile, the heavens; for a kiss…I don’t know what I would give for a kiss.)

I just looked at him as I felt my own smirk develop. I didn’t need to ask him what he said since I grew up in Texas learning Spanish. And I knew he chose Spanish over his native French because he knew I wouldn’t understand him.

Something about listening to him speak flawless Spanish to me just added more heat to our current situation.

He expertly tossed the knife at a dartboard and turned his attention back to me. I had enough. Three steps. That was all it took to be right in front of him.

I immediately crashed my lips to his with years of pent up desperation making itself visible. Neither of us was willing to submit, we fought gloriously for dominance. I didn’t care about anything other than quenching a craving I had gone too long without satisfying.

I ripped his shirt open and pulled it down his shoulders, trapping his arms and forcing him to submit to me. The moment was just long enough for me to make quick work of his pants. After I had his belt undone and his pants open I snatched them down along with his boxers.

He finally freed himself from the shirt and made quick work of my pants while I pulled my shirt over my head. He laughed at his victory but I didn’t care.

“Big Daddy, think you can handle me?”

“I can show you better than I can tell you,” I gritted out as I flipped him around.

He fought back but I was bigger, stronger and far more motivated. I chuckled when I saw that he honestly thought that he was going to be in control once again. I slammed him against the wall, grabbed both of his hands and held them above his head while I kept my other hand around his neck to control the direction of his head.

My body was pressed against him and I could feel his erection just like he could feel mine. I tilted his head to the side roughly as he laughed and whispered in his ear.

“In this moment in time, you will be mine.”

I punctuated my point by licking the side of his face before nibbling his ear. I spun him around again and this time he didn’t fight me. I pressed him against the wall, pulled his waist back to me and teased him with my growing erection. I fisted my hand in his hair and pulled him back towards me.

With a firm grip on his hair I pulled his head back onto my shoulder. His back was pressed against my front and I used my free hand to roam across his hard pectorals before teasing his six-pack and ending on his erect penis.

I nibbled his ear before scrapping my teeth against his jaw. I took him in my hand and he released a moan so strong I could feel his legs tremble with his effort to remain standing.

“Don’t tease me Daddy,” he moaned.

He reached back and took me in his hand and began to stroke behind his back. I bit down on his shoulder to muffle my own moan.

“Lube?” I huffed.


I shoved him towards the desk and stalked after him as he retrieved the lube and condoms. I didn’t give him the chance to turn the tables on me. Instead I bent him over his own desk and fucked him senseless.

We collapsed on the couch to catch our breath. Bryan started laughing hysterically and it was contagious. After we stopped he grabbed two bottles of water from a fridge and we just sat there recovering.

I started to get dressed and he followed suit. He pulled a spare shirt out of his file cabinet and chuckled.

“Hey, next time I’m going to take you,” he said as a challenge.

I didn’t say anything. I looked at him and smirked before slipping back into my clothes and leaving his office. I got called to another job and left with the knowledge that we had just started something.

I knew it was dangerous. He was the epitome of a bad decision. Crossing him would be the death of me and yet, I was stuck on that dumb ass smirk and those crazy ass eyes.

Sitting here thinking back to how we started made me realize that we were always destined to end up where we are right now. A year passed, and we were in this limbo of my creation. It was one thing to start something but to bring our thing, whatever the hell it is, into the light of day was dangerous for so many damn reasons and beyond that, it isn’t anyone’s business.

Of course, Bryan didn’t agree and we’d been fighting about it. But what can I say, it made for some great sex.

But I knew that little psycho and I knew he was up to something. So, when I should’ve been focused on tracking the movements of these little punks trying to set up shop without paying their dues, I couldn’t focus.

A lack of focus is how you messed up; it’s how you died.

Why was I the only one that saw that? I couldn’t worry about whatever scheme he was pulling when I was out there tailing those little bastards that were itching to make a name for themselves which meant they would’ve loved to catch me unaware and use me as an example.

I made a name for myself by Bryan’s side. They called me Bash because I was known to just beat a person’s skull in on the spot if they pissed me off. It annoyed Bryan at times because he called my actions “premature” and “hasty” but, because it was me, I got away with it.

Everyone knew him. People heard the name Anders and they were ready to piss themselves on the spot. It didn’t matter if it was Bryan or Blake. Both of them had a ruthless history.

I called in back up to cover my post and headed to the main office to deal with whatever fallout was to come from discovering Bry’s scheme. The last time we argued about our relationship, or the lack thereof, he finally dismissed it.

He just dropped it and said he was tired of fighting me on something that I clearly wasn’t going to change. In the moment I counted it as a victory but, sitting there in that damn rain feeling like being in bed with him doing all that cliché couple shit like watching movies and eating pizza, I couldn’t help but replay everything and I realized that I fell for something.

I pulled up to the headquarters. Even though this was a criminal organization, it was a very sophisticated one and they didn’t have lairs and other stupid things like that. They had office buildings with legitimate work.

The Anders also happened to be some of the largest fixers in the business. Their crisis management consulting firm did a lot of legit business, so they came into the office for show but also because they had other responsibilities.

I’m not sure that they did any work on a regular basis because the criminal empire was big, but they showed up, waved at their employees, got coffee from the barista in the lobby, and headed to their offices with brief cases filled with only God knows what. Only a select few people in the organization could come there.

Those of us that were allowed had official titles in the company, so we had an excuse to be in the building. I was a security consultant which made sense because Uncle Sam put in all that work to make me real good at kicking ass.

Everyone else got access to them when they were at the compound. But that was a long story.

I sat in my truck for a few minutes to try and collect my thoughts. Bry had a way of making me want to just bend to his will. I may have been a stone-cold killer but that little psycho was my soft spot. I couldn’t stand it and I didn’t have a damn clue what to do about it.

I let out a deep sigh and dragged my ass into the building. I didn’t wear a suit or even any attempt to dress like I worked in an office because I hadn’t planned on coming in. Instead my jeans, sneakers and plain white v-neck shirt would have to do.

I even had the nerve to wear my black leather coat.

As I passed by a few cubicles I pretended not to notice the way the females reacted to me like bitches in heat. Any other day I would stop and speak and let them swoon but not today. I was on a mission and I didn’t have time.

Bryan’s office was cloaked in privacy when I arrived. All the blinds were drawn and the door was shut. This meant it was probably on lockdown. Of course, that meant nothing to me because I had a key.

His secretary, Sally, looked nervous when I approached. I’m pretty sure she knew about us because on more than one occasion we’d gotten pretty physical in his office which required him to activate the ‘silent mode’ which was basically this really fancy feature that allowed the office to go on lockdown and soundproofs the room.

It was installed for emergency meetings to ensure no one could eavesdrop, not even with high tech listening devices. But we enjoyed making sure it worked.

I knew better than to interrupt when Bryan was in a meeting with Blake. I hesitated in my approach and instead deviated towards her office. Sally visibly relaxed and that irked my nerves. As soon as I got close to Blake’s office I saw her on the computer and on the phone at the same time.

With that little fact confirmed I turned and stormed back towards Bryan’s office. I had text him several times and he hadn’t bothered to even respond to let me know he was busy which was very unlike him. He knew that not responding was a sure-fire way to make me show up.

I knew I was probably playing into his game, but I didn’t care. When Sally saw that I wasn’t stopping she stood in an attempt to get me to observe common courtesy but I didn’t. I quickly drew out my physical key and key card to override the lockdown and in seconds I had entry to his office. I snatched the door open and slammed it behind me so fast he didn’t have a chance to hide anything.

Bryan was sitting on his couch with a glass of whiskey in his hand and his head thrown back as some little twink wrapped his lips around his dick. He was so damn caught up in his blowjob that he didn’t even realize I was in the office. When I snatched his new friend off the floor and pinned him against the wall with my hand around his throat and his feet dangling Bryan took notice.

I’d never seen him panic before, but he did then. He tried to put his penis away and calm me down at the same time. The more he talked the tighter I squeezed his little friend. Then the Bryan I recognized returned and he gained his composure.

His only concern was trying to explain a dead body in his office.

I let the kid go and he crumpled to the floor. Next it was Bryan’s turn. I slammed him against the wall by his chest and put my hand around his throat. His eyes flamed but I wasn’t backing down. I got right in his face and just searched for some type of answer.

“So now you care what I do? We’re just having fun right?”

He was purposely antagonizing me. I knew he wanted a reaction. He wanted me to confess my feelings and all that bullshit but I was shutting down. I let my walls down just enough to let him in but, looking into his eyes, I saw a pleading there that I knew I wasn’t about to answer.

I couldn’t understand the rage I felt. I wanted to rip him to shreds and I knew I could. I could kill him if I wanted but I couldn’t do it. He made me conflicted and confused and bothered. And some stupid voice was screaming in the back of my head that if anything were to happen to him I would miss him.

All these feelings were too much so I did the only thing I knew how to do. I withdrew from the situation to protect myself. And so, while he was waiting for me to have some great epiphany and admit my feelings, I was coming to a different realization; this thing was breaking something in me and I couldn’t handle it.

I couldn’t handle him. So I let him go.

I stepped away from him and I could tell he wanted to reach for me because he didn’t even bother to fix his clothes. When he took a step in my direction I backed away. I straightened my jacket and walked out. I didn’t stop for small talk. I didn’t answer his calls or text. I went to find a punching bag so I could hear someone cry the tears I could never let out.


I am Bryan Fucking Anders. I didn’t bow, bend or break. I reveled in the pleas and cries of the unlucky bastards that ended up in my playroom. I was a twisted bastard. Some criminals claimed they had a code and maybe they didn’t kill women and children.

I didn’t have that kind of thing holding me back.

Well, not that anybody knows. I made a few kids disappear, but I didn’t actually kill them. I relocated them like witness protection, but it was better for people to believe I killed them. I put a bullet between the eyes of a female or two in my day.

I tried to avoid it or kite it over to my sister but, if it comes down to it, I would drag a female to my playroom and have some fun. I was sick and I didn’t give a damn.

Then I met Bobby Lowery.

This beast of a man caught my attention immediately. Sure, he was a human sex god but he was also quite ruthless. And smart. He was not just muscle. And he couldn’t keep his eyes off me. Usually I didn’t mess around with people like him, people who are inherently a challenge, but he was too good to pass up.

And for the first time in my life someone put me in my place. I’d always been the dominant one, but with Bobby we stood on level ground. He knew what I was capable of, at least he thought he did, and he didn’t back down.

That type of shit would’ve usually made me want to break a person, but with him it just drew me to him even more. One hit and I was addicted.

But, like I said before, I was a twisted dude.

I wanted Bobby to commit to me. I wanted him to be mine. And my reasoning was simple. I needed that from him because somehow he came to matter to me on a level reserved for my dearly demented sister. I was his and in order for us to stay on equal footing I needed the same from him.

I knew he was faithful but that was about it. I was to get nothing more. So, I did what I do best. I found his weak spot and then I kept kicking it until I broke him. I just didn’t see this reaction coming. He managed to flip the script on me. I expected the physical violence and rage. I expected yelling and I expected my little fling to take the brunt of the assault.

I got what I wanted but then he took it all away.

He gave me my violent outburst but then it was as if he were some type of sponge and he just absorbed everything back into himself and left. His eyes turned cold and I knew immediately the little progress I had made in getting closer to him was gone. I watched him walk out of my office and practically out of my life.

He ignored my calls and text. He didn’t show up at my house and he practically avoided me at all costs. It took me two weeks to actually see him face to face. Every bit of communication between us had been either through other people or text. He refused to listen to my voice and tried his best to avoid seeing me.

Was this whole thing my fault? Yes, it was.

But that didn’t stop me from going on a warpath. He withdrew from me and left me feeling hollow at the same time a new group of punks moved in on my territory without permission. The timing was perfect for me and horrible for them. I dragged them into my playroom and tortured them until I was physically too tired to continue.

Then I would kill them and order their body to be displayed on “their turf” as a warning. Even Blake was concerned about the amount of bloodshed but I was trying to fill the void. I couldn’t even stand to let another man touch me. It was Bobby or nothing and that thought sickened me.

He was a brute. A beast of a man that lacked finesse and foresight. He acted impulsively and yet I craved him with every breath. So much of me wanted to kill him for turning me into an aimless monster. My torture sessions became less about the art of it and more about lashing out. I was destroying everything and he was just moving on as if I had never mattered.

Blake finally got sick of my tirade. She came to my room at home around three in the morning, the time when all the walls come down, and she sat down next to me on my bed. I didn’t want to give in at all, but Blake had a special power over me.

She may be obsessed with fire and she may be just as skilled at torture as me, but she was also my twin sister. She was the first best friend I ever had in this life and, when everything else failed, I always knew she had my back and I had hers. She didn’t say anything for a long time and then finally she decided enough time had passed by.

“Say his name out loud. Even if you only do it once you need to say it out loud. It’s just me in here.”

“I can’t,” I gasped.

“We will do it together,” she said as she wove our fingers together.

We took a collective deep breath and then we counted ourselves down from three. I squeezed her hand a little tighter as I said his name with her for the first time in weeks.

“Bobby,” we said in unison.

Hearing it out loud hurt and everything just spilled out. I told her everything, most of which she had already figured out, and then when I ran out of words I just lay back and cried. She cuddled up beside me and stroked my head like she did when we were kids. Eventually I stopped crying like a little bitch and just lay there in the silence with her.

“It’s going to have to be you. He’s as loyal as ever but he isn’t nearly as happy as he was before your little stunt. So you’re going to have to be the one to force the issue and make it clear to him. You two are so much fucking stronger together. Why the hell can’t you or him see that? I mean, for all the possible complications that can arise the one thing that is clear is that you two are a force to be reckoned with and you could rule the underworld as two kings. Fix this cause this little spree of yours is dangerous,” Blake preached.

I, Bryan Gaspard Anders, one of the most feared criminals was in love with Robert Trenton Lowery. And I was going to get him back no matter what.

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