The Isaac Story (Work In Progress)

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This is our god. It is under Money that you are born, it is under Money that you will die, the water of life. May you live well, work hard and come to know Money's good grace. May you be deserving. I denounce thee, I denounce thee completely. I will live cold, starving, homeless and alone, but I will live free of your wrath. I will not serve you, I refuse. My life is my own, not yours. You are an evil, cruel, selfish god! I will not give my life to you, as so many others have, I will not. I will die out here before I return to you. I live in hell, I live abandoned by god, abandoned by Money and I relish in it. I live alone, I live for free.

Stuart Lancaster
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“What is that?”


“Two sixty eight degrees, fourteen millimetres from the centre.”

“That’s a fertilised egg, genius.”

“Yeah, I see that. Who is it? That area wasn’t supposed to be occupied.”

“Maybe we misplaced one. Give me a second.”

“You’re actually counting how many Zygotes there are in the dish?”

“Shut up... thirteen.”

“Schedule only says twelve”

“Well you count them.”

“That or we just sequence it and see who it is.”

“Fine, do it.”

“Running… Okay, that doesn’t match any of the specs we’ve got.”

“No. Did we put one too many in?”

“Looks like.”

“What is that, Scandinavian?”

“No, more central European.”

“Okay… Male, black hair, brown eyes… He’s clever, intelligence is right up there…. decent physique but nothing to go crazy about… not terrible.”

“What are you thinking, Adam?”

“I say we keep it, no point purging it really. I’m sure we can find a gap for it somewhere with extra room.”

“Fair enough, what should we name it?”

“Eh, we haven’t used ‘I’ much on this batch, what’ve we got under ‘I’ that we’ve not used?”

“Ian, Isiah, Isaac…”

“Wait, that one! Isaac.”

“Yeah, I like that, stands out doesn’t it.”

“Yeah, we’ll have that. We’ll fudge up the docs later, I’m sure he’ll be useful to someone.”

“Okay, done. How’re you doing, Isaac?”

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