Picking the Wallflower

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Chapter 2

The bell eventually rang, and I picked up my laptop bag. I skulked for the door, not wanting anybody to stop me. The two girls that had been next to me were now behind me. They were still talking. “Do you think Em will post today?”

The one girl had just used the accepted abbreviation of my full blogger name – EmStar977. I didn’t react. I had trained my mind not to, not when it could get me into trouble. The other girl didn’t immediately respond, and so I moved on. I already knew the answer to that question in any case. At my locker, I pulled out a few books I had left in there, and headed for the front door.

Outside, it was just beginning to rain. I ran for my car, pulled the driver’s door open, and crawled in. Once I had dumped my things on the seat next to me, I shut the door, and rested my head on the steering wheel.

A knock on the window next to me.

I jumped, bashing my nose on the steering wheel. I sat up, rubbing my face. Most of the window next to me was filled with body. One particularly large body. I hid my scowl as I slowly cracked my window open. “Yes?”

The figure bent down, and surprise filled me. Surprise, and horror. I hurried to get my window up before the quarterback of our football team could insert the running hosepipe into my car. My baby, which I had bought with my own money.

Fear gripped me as I started the engine and floored it. Through the back window, most of the football team jeered as I pealed out of the parking lot into the quiet avenue. My tyres bit into the tar, causing the car to swerve. Easing off the gas, I got the small vehicle under control, although my nerves were frayed.

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