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Conversation With Adolf Hitler

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An anonymous interviewer seeks to understand the mind of one of history’s most vicious figures through a series of nightly interviews. Please allow me to introduce you to an extract from my manuscript, ‘Conversations with Adolf Hitler’. Plot of this Manuscript: An anonymous interviewer seeks to understand the mind of one of history’s most vicious figures through a series of nightly interviews. Originality of this Manuscript: The originality of this manuscript is in the fact that never before has Hitler been subjected to such a cross-examination, and given the interest people have with Hitler, plus the interest in the evil afflicting our world and daily lives, this manuscript would be of most relevance to a large number of people who are seeking to understand this seemingly intractable mental malfunction of the human mind. Relevance of this Manuscript: A study of evil is clearly important to psychiatrists, therapists, sociologists, historians, philosophers, students, artists, law-enforcement officials and crime profilers, seek to comprehend what is evil and what can be done to reduce its influence. This manuscript undertakes this task by anatomising the minds of the most intelligent, cunning mass murderers in global history. Interest in this Manuscript: Crime books, films, videos, TV programmes, magazines,

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Chapter 1

Conversations with Adolf Hitler

Ayad Gharbawi

Conversation 1

X: Herr Hitler, if I may, I will start these conversations with you.

Hitler: Yes.

X: I shall begin by asking you general questions.

Hitler: Yes.

X: Do you believe a dictator has the right to kill any race he defines as being unworthy of life?

Hitler: No National Socialist thinks like that.

X: All right. Now if –

Hitler: That is your first question?

X: Do you believe a dictator, any dictator, has the right, or does not have the right, to exterminate any race he deems deserving to be rendered extinct?

Hitler: No.

X: No?

Hitler: I have answered you.

X: Yes, but can you elaborate please?

Hitler: A leader can, and indeed, must only decide which race needs to be physically removed from the nation in question.

X: Physically removed?

Hitler: Yes.

X: Not to be exterminated?

Hitler: For the purposes of racial hygiene, it is clearly necessary for any undesirable race to be physically removed from one’s living spaces.

X: We’ll discuss this absurd concept of ‘racial hygiene’ later, but for now, we shall move on. All right. Do you know what your legacy is?


X: What do you think your legacy is, please?

Hitler: How dare you suppose I have no worthy achievements?

X: I did not say you had no worthy achievements. Evil is not of one colour only; it exists and thrives with the good, the civilised, the moderate and indeed, with morality side by side. Undoubtedly you achieved commendable things, but so have many thoroughly evil leaders, so if you suppose merely harking on your good deeds renders you beneficent, you ought to know that that is an altogether incorrect assumption.

Hitler: Preposterous words.

X: You say ‘preposterous words’; let me rephrase them so you may better understand them. Your sickening acts by far outweigh the few good deeds you did, and that’s what you will be known for. I would think, that’s a rather simple statement to understand.

Hitler: Is that the reply you expect and want to hear from me?

X: That’s the answer I was hoping to hear from you, yes. And, indeed, you must know, in modern history, there are no leaders who have come anywhere near the levels of your barbarity and criminality.

Hitler: Interesting.

X: During your twelve-year reign, you plunged the entire continent of Europe and North Africa, from glittering Paris to the ruins of Stalingrad, from snowy Oslo to the deserts of Tunisia, Libya and Egypt into one of the most beastly, malevolent eras. Given those simple facts, I would like to know, again, if you realise, or if you’re aware, how evil you and your legacy are in human history?

Hitler: When you insist I’m evil, you are, of course, referring to the supposed killing of those Jews, no?

X: It is not only the killing ’of those Jews’ – as you put it. That mammoth crime, of course, in itself makes you a criminal. Far from it! The fact is that you, the man sitting next to me, the man politely conversing with me, the man who seems utterly ‘normal’, civil and composed, deliberately killed a minimum of 46,000,000 men, women and children. And I am no amateur, Herr Hitler, on this terrible subject. Though I am by no means a historian, I have read numberless primary and secondary sources on you. I have read countless books, articles and primary and secondary source documents on the subject of Adolf Hitler. I’ve watched an unending stream of films and videos on your life and deeds. I’ve listened to your rambling, guttural audio recordings of lectures and speeches. They are all, collectively, an abominable mass of ludicrous stupidities, were it not for the fact, that you succeeded in enacting the will of these mad stupidities, and so thereby murdering millions. Now, I hesitatingly use adjective ‘mad’, because I do not know how else to describe you. And now that I’m facing you, for the first time in my life, I am simply trying to understand the nature of your emotions, the nature of your impulses, your thoughts. I am hoping I’ll be able to understand what is it that makes a human evil, and I want to find out what made you do what you did and whether you are remotely aware of your culpability.


X: All right, no response there, so, I will repeat my words, Herr Hitler - You murdered at least 46,000,000 human beings; a murderer is one who kills one human. A serial killer kills several people. A mass murderer kills in the hundreds, and a genocidal killer kills millions of peoples. You obviously fall in that abysmal category. Would you now like to comment, please?


X: About two out of every three Jews living in Europe before the war were murdered by you in the Holocaust.


X: By the time World War II ended in 1945, you butchered six million European Jews; more than one million of the victims were children.


X: So now, what category of murderer does that make you? You tell me.

Hitler: I will not stand for repetitive talk. You do not need to repeat yourself.

X: I am repeating myself because you’re disinterested, you’re unmoved by these stark facts. Don’t you understand what I’m saying to you?

Hitler: Oh, but I do! I do!

X: I’m quite simply asking you to contemplate the extent and scope of your crimes.

Hitler: Those are false opinions.

X: Those are the facts -

Hitler: No, they are –

X: Please allow me to finish. Having said that, I am simply asking you for your opinion.

Hitler: Such opinions cannot be cited.

X: And why not, Sir?

Hitler: Because they are not based on the truth.

X: I don’t understand what you mean. Do explain.

Hitler: The opinions of the majority you cite are an irrelevance, at best.

X: Perhaps we may be in that peculiar situation, whereby there’s a reality, in which the sane majority adheres to, and there’s another twisted reality, wherein thankfully, only a minority of mentally ill individuals live and breathe within.

Hitler: My ‘reality’, as you put it, was simply to serve the interests of the German nation, its historic civilisation and blood. Any other ‘reality’ may interest you, but they are far beyond my concerns or interests.

X: There’s quite a lot of human beings you despise, Herr Hitler, is that not so?

Hitler: Every human being despises, and that is a natural, not to mention, a healthy human attribute if one seeks the survival of his race, and therefore his nation.

X: Or more than despise. That verb is most certainly wrong of me to use.

Hitler: Now, I do not follow you.

X: You wished them dead. Isn’t that fairer to say, Herr Hitler? Exterminated. A very apt term and verb for you Herr Hitler.


X: You didn’t merely despise certain human beings. You wished them exterminated. Isn’t that so, Herr Hitler?


X: And when you came to power, you immediately began to implement your murderous desires. I spoke of the human beings you hated a moment ago. Who are they? Well, let’s list them, shall we?

Hitler: Yes, indulge your whims.

X: You butchered a myriad of innocent peoples such as homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, those who happened to be physically disabled, anyone with mental health problems, communists, socialists, democrats, aristocrats, priests, Freemasons, Gypsies, Russians, Byelorussians, Ukrainians, Serbs, Czechs, Ukrainians, Greeks, Rumanians, Hungarians, Czechs, Poles and countless others you declared to be unfit’ for life.

Hitler: You think the more lies you repeat, the greater your credibility becomes?

X: I thought that was a tenet from one of your sycophantic puppets, Dr. Goebbels - one heartily adopted and avidly espoused by you.

Hitler: I have nothing to add here.


X: All right, for now. May we discuss the Jews?

Hitler: Yes, let us talk about the Jews; I’m fully aware that that subject - and only that subject - is of supreme relevance to you.

X: That’s untrue.

Hitler: Lies! We all know what subject matter you seek to discuss first and foremost.

X: However, one obviously has in mind the Holocaust when thinking about Adolf Hitler; indeed, that’s one of the immediate subject-matters one associates with your name.

Hitler: You’re speaking with a prejudiced mind and that renders -

X: You, of all the inhabitants on planet Earth, dares to speak of ‘prejudice’?

Hitler: The start of this conversation has been emphatically weak. What decent person can accede to such nonsense as this?

X: All right, maybe you’re correct. We certainly got off on the wrong foot.

Hitler: Yes, we have.

X: Let me start again.


X: I would like to ask you if you were aware of the existence of honourable German Jews who bravely fought during the Great War?

Hitler: I am aware of that.

X: Out of the 615,000 German Jews, do you know how many of them served in the Kaiser’s Army during 1914 till 1918?

Hitler: I believe some ten or thirty thousand.

X: That’s actually incorrect.

Hitler: So?

X: Over 100,000 German men, who happened to be Jewish, fully served in the Kaiser’s Army during the Great War, the same war you served in.

Hitler: That is plausible.

X: Do you know who Dr Ludwig Haas was?

Hitler: I believe he was a Jewish member of parliament.

X: Correct. Now –

Hitler: But what is the meaning of these questions here?

X: He was the first Jewish Member of Parliament to fall in action. I mention his name quite simply to put a proud face on a name, a name among many, many honourable, decent and principled human beings, who happened to be of the Jewish faith.

Hitler: And so?

X: Furthermore, of the German Jews who proudly served for their Fatherland, do you know how many of them fell in action, Herr Hitler?

Hitler: I don’t care to answer such idiotic questions!

X: No less than 12,000 German Jews gave up their lives for their Germany, filling the Rolls of Honour. I say ‘their’ Germany, Sir, because, as you must by now know, Germany is not only for your preserve.

Hitler: The characters you mention were entirely scoundrels!

X: Do you deny those facts?

Hitler: I do not deny any of those facts. This is already tedious. What is your point here?

X: Do you agree that German Jews fought for the exact same reasons and motivations as non-Jewish Germans fought for, yes or no?

Hitler: I can concede that some may have, but the majority joined our ranks merely to enhance their future working credentials, which in turn, was used entirely and in a systematic manner against the German people and the German nation.

X: So, they risked their lives in order to enhance their job prospects in order to somehow destroy Germany?

Hitler: Exactly.

X: And how are you so certain of that?

Hitler: Aren’t you talking to me about Jews?

X: Is it as basic as that?

Hitler: Indeed, it is as basic as that, Sir.

X: So, all Germans who happened to be of the Jewish faith, fought and died not for their Fatherland, but simply to enhance their personal power at the expense of German interests, correct?

Hitler: I did not say all Jews; but certainly, most of them.

X: All right, I’ll rephrase my question to suit your needs. You’re telling us, most German Jews fought and died in World War One simply to enhance their power, influence and wealth, correct?

Hitler: Absolutely.

X: Do you really believe that, Sir?

Hitler: Of course, I do; why else would I speak words I have no faith in? My entire life has been built on this God-given fanatical faith in my noble mission.

X: All right. I would now like to move on and ask one of the most important questions that anyone can ask of you, Adolf Hitler, Fuehrer of National Socialist Germany from 1933 till 1945.

Hitler: Who decided your question is to be categorised as ‘most important’?

X: The civilised world determines such matters.

Hitler: That’s a meaningless and contemptible statement.

X: My question that I put to you is this: Do you deny, or do you admit, that you murdered six million innocent Jewish men, women and children?

Hitler: Neither I, nor my German people, killed one Jew in any unlawful or in any immoral manner or context.

X: That’s both laughable and hateful.

Hitler: And I fully expect you to say that.

X: I must say, even at this early stage of our conversations, I didn’t expect this degree and depth of bland, banal denial emanating from the grand culprit himself. Now, what about the other categories of human beings you determined were unfit for life?

Hitler: Are we already moving away from your priority subject, the Jews?

X: No, not at all. I’m simply shocked –

Hitler: Shocked?

X: I am shocked at how casually you shrug off these horrendous accusations that we all know to be true. I’m shocked because I didn’t expect, or let me say, I didn’t quite imagine your demeanour to be like this.

Hitler: How exactly did you expect me to be today as I appear before you?

X: I expected, or, I hoped you would be somewhat horrified at these accusations.

Hitler: After all, have we not only just met?

X: Remorse, perhaps?

Hitler: How can I be remorseful for crimes existing only in your childish imaginations?


X: Don’t you feel any contrition, Herr Hitler, given the -

Hitler: Contrition?

X: Yes, contrition, remorse, horror, what more words do you need?

Hitler: And, so please do explain this to me, for whom do you expect me to be remorseful?

X: You’re still enjoying playing cat and mouse with the concept of ‘truth’, isn’t that so?

Hitler: Didn’t you know by now, all this life is a cat and mouse game, if you insist in putting it in those terms.

X: Where exactly is the truth you believe in, Herr Hitler?

Hitler: Well, the question now becomes this – for what is truth?

X: Interesting.

Hitler: What is interesting?

X: Echoing Pontius Pilate’s words. How very apt of you.

Hitler: Apt indeed, and so you too must consider that particular question, if you please.

X: What?

Hitler: Well, since you mention Pilate, he did not know the truth, and we do.

X: ‘We’, as in you National Socialists?

Hitler: Yes.

X: I’m puzzled by your behaviour.

Hitler: Of course, you’re puzzled. As I just said, haven’t we just met? Furthermore, clearly you are a fervent anti-National Socialist individual and one can therefore only expect ridicule and hatred from the likes of you.

X: Perhaps you’re genuinely unaware, I mean, perhaps, your mind is genuinely detached from the vile deeds your blood-stained hands did.


X: I think that would be obvious enough. After all, humanity, thankfully, doesn’t get to be acquainted with the likes of you very often. That would be macabre and absurd! Otherwise, poor humanity would have long ago been rendered extinct, not so? It’s obviously not ‘normal’ for any human being to coolly converse with genocidal murderers on your unique scale. And I confess, I can readily see you in your sleep, seeking pointlessly to wash your hands from the acres of blood you inflicted upon innocent Humanity - a mad performance, as Lady Macbeth attempted to do. And perhaps, I expected you too to say, “All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this hand!”, but alas, I hear naught from you, save an unrelenting smug, a contemptuous hatred, bobbing in a decidedly unhinged mind.

Hitler: Do you wish to discuss pointless poetics or serious history?

X: Isn’t history, in some contexts, rather ‘poetic’, in its Man-made murderous drama?

Hitler: Everything must be placed in its strict context if we seek any proper understanding – otherwise, you’re delving in pure nonsense.


X: I think, I asked you a question.

Hitler: What was your question?

X: For a man, reportedly with a phenomenal memory, I must say, you seem lacklustre there.

Hitler: Am I pretending denial, or am I genuinely detached from reality? Is that your question now? I’m confused.

X: Well, actually, allow me to say something here on this subject matter, as I’ve given it lots of thought myself.

Hitler: You ask a question, and next you wish to bore us with more of your billowy words.

X: Maybe you inhabit a shady, a twilight semi-schizophrenic sphere, inhabiting both the mad and the sane worlds simultaneously. Maybe that’s the only reality existing for madmen. And perhaps the difficulty throughout the ages, is this – the sane simply cannot understand this realm, and worse, they cannot even be certain if such a realm exists or not.

Hitler: I am speaking to you, as I have always done, in proclaiming the entire truth and in that subject matter, I have nothing further to add.


X: And then I have often asked myself this conundrum, can the sane ever communicate meaningfully with the insane and the vice-versa? Furthermore, and with specific reference to mad people such as you and Stalin are, can the sane meaningfully communicate with those who are evilly insane? It seems to me impossible, because for any meaningful communication to be achieved, one must assume an understanding to be achieved between the two sides, and such an understanding presumes a measure of agreement between the sides, while good and evil, surely by their intrinsic natures, cannot ever agree on any subject matter, and therefore communication ought to be impossible between the sane and the insane.

Hitler: I cannot accept any of these idiotic assumptions, so once again, I have nothing to say on this matter here.

X: Of course, not, how could you?

Hitler: How could I what?

X: As I just said, good and evil cannot ever communicate. Or can they?

Hitler: Don’t you hear how foolish you are, already presuming yourself to be righteously sane, righteously correct and righteously moral in every sense of the word, while I’m the direct opposite, and yet we haven’t yet started our conversation?

X: All right then, let’s move on.

Hitler: Good.

X: I would like to quote a passage from General Alfred Jodl, one of your most trusted men:

’I witnessed Hitler in every conceivable circumstance – in times of fortune and misfortune, of victory and defeat, in good cheer and in angry outburst, during speeches and conferences, surrounded by thousands, by a mere handful, or quite alone, speaking on the telephone, sitting in his bunker, in his car, in his plane; in brief on every conceivable occasion. Even so, I can’t claim to have seen into his soul or perceived what he was after.”

These are the words from one of your closest associates or officers. I think we can both agree on that.

Hitler: Yes, we most certainly can.

X: Now according to Jodl, you were not a human being he nor anyone for that matter seemed able to understand, despite the fact he and others of your inner circle were so close to you.

Hitler: If their understanding of me was limited, I myself don’t understand why you choose to accuse me for their evident faults. That is their failure or inability, and far from my fault.

X: Perhaps that is true.

Hitler: You must learn to appreciate that everything I say is true, given the context and time it is being stated.

X: But you were the great communicator, were you not?

Hitler: Is that a serious question?

X: It is indeed; one of your attributes was the undoubted ability to impress and indeed enthuse your fawning listeners and audiences, be they in front of you or via the radio.

Hitler: I communicated only with, and only for, the sincere German people. I cannot be held responsible for failing to communicate with hypocrites and traitors, since no one can be a ‘great communicator’ unto every individual in Germany.

X: Are you saying Jodl was a traitor, then?

Hitler: Not at all. In fact, he was a most decent, upright soldier. However, I am merely telling you that I cannot be faulted if this person or that person did not understand me.

X: Let’s go back to our subject matter, if we may.

Hitler: Yes, absolutely. Any crime needs evidence, you do agree, not so?

X: Yes. Go on; I sense you wish to say something.

Hitler: So now - I - ask you; where is the evidence? - since you already pronounce me to be guilty.

X: You admit nothing and that’s to be expected –

Hitler: How can I admit what you want me to admit, when there exists nothing to admit to?

X: I expected such thinking and tactics from any murderer; so now allow me this much, if I may. Did you give the tortured and humiliated men, those who were accused for the July 1944 Bomb Plot, any presumption of innocence?

Hitler: Of course, not - another idiotic question!

X: Now I know, we’re moving off subject, but I shall insist on it to be so, and why not, since I -

Hitler: Because they were in fact indubitably guilty.

X: But surely, in any civilised nation, court procedure states that any defendant or any accused individual, is presumed innocent until he or she is proven guilty. Do you agree?

Hitler: I just told you, they were guilty! - so why should the judicial system or our authorities start legal proceedings from the idiotic assumption that they are or were innocent when, it was obvious, that was patently false? Do you think we had so much time to waste on such matters as you would have wished us to do?

X: Because in a civilised nation, Herr Hitler, the judicial authorities have to prove a man’s guilt, before sending him off to the gallows. Is that not the manners of any civilised nation?

Hitler: You’re speaking nonsense here, and I demand a change of subject please. Now who authorised you to interview me? And who exactly are you? Are you even qualified to talk to me?

X: Can we stick to our subject matter, please?


Hitler: With respect to the July bomb plot, all I will say is this - the criminals of that foul attempt were most deserving of the justice and the treatment we meted out to them. Now far more interesting for historians, I would think, is this question - every decent National Socialist, such as Goebbels and Himmler, urged me to eliminate every one of them since the first hour I took office in 1933, rather than mollify and cushion their every criminal whim and fancy.

X: Sorry, who is ’them’?

Hitler: The aristocratic classes. And so, I confess, before history and before my German people, that was indeed one of my gravest errors, and one for which the German nation paid a grave price. Do you understand now?

X: I understand you. I really do. The plotters were obviously guilty in your eyes and since it was wartime, there was no need for a proper trial, you kill each one of them by hanging their necks from the sharpest piano wires Germany produces. Am I correct in saying that?

Hitler: That was and that should be the proper procedure, yes.

X: All right. The Holocaust which you planned, and the Holocaust which you instigated, and the Holocaust which you managed, resulted in the deliberate genocide of six million Jews and -

Hitler: That is a lie and –

X: Let me finish my question, please.

Hitler: No, you see, I know exactly what it is you wish to say and –

X: That may or may not be true, but for the sake of our audience and listeners, please have the courtesy to let me finish speaking my question and only then you may offer us your answer.


X: It can be argued, the civilised world had no concrete proof of your genocide until the final months of the war. We had terrible reports, yes, but frustratingly enough – it can be said that we had nothing concrete. And perhaps the Allies ought to have done more – much, much more – in their efforts to exterminate your extermination centres, but we cannot change what did and what did not happen during the war.

Hitler: That is –

X: Again, I ask that you please allow me to complete my question.


X: So, it was tragically only in the spring of 1945 that the Allied liberating armies finally discovered the millions of human beings, those tangled, putrefying dead and emaciated, dying men and women and children in your concentration camps. It was only in the last year of that hideous war, which you unleashed and inflicted upon Mankind, that the civilised nations finally saw for themselves what your foul deeds did. Here, at last, we, the witnessing human beings, we, the witnessing human race and every witnessing nation on earth saw for the very first time the final consequences, the final Hitlerian reckoning and the Final Solution emanating from your rabid madness, for they discovered, to their shock, the six million dead human beings whose sole ‘crime’ was in being Jewish.

Hitler: You must be an admirer of Churchill.

X: Why do you say that and what exactly is –

Hitler: Given these high-flown bombastic words! And, indeed, history is always written by the victors. So now, you answer me this question - who will and who can know the truth, since we briefly mentioned the matter and the question of truth previously? Well, it can only be those who are more refined, those who are more discerning - only such individuals will be able to see through the clutter and rubble of the ridiculous lies and filth that is mass produced by these criminal cliques that overwhelmed National Socialist Germany.

X: Allow me, please, to ask you this question.


X: If it were not you who committed that most foul deed, who then did it Herr Hitler? Do you wish us to believe that the Eskimos murdered six million Jews? Or, do you believe, perhaps, it was the Fijians who secretly murdered six million Jews?

Hitler: Now, look here - where do you get this oft-repeated 6,000,000 million figure?

X: I asked you a question and I shall wait for your response.


X: All right; I shall answer your question.

Hitler: Good.

X: U.S. prosecutor Major William Walsh gave us that figure on December 14th,1945.

Hitler: And who is this contemptible individual?

X: I just told you who he was.

Hitler: So, repeat your answer.

X: He was an American prosecutor in the American army. He went on to testify during the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal and it was -

Hitler: And you dare to take credence from an American officer’s mouth? This is ridiculous! An American officer whose fundamental job was to destroy National Socialist Germany and you dare bring me his twaddle as somehow ‘evidence’ for your thesis?

X: Yes, I do, Sir.


X: I certainly do. Now would you like to comment here, please?

Hitler: And on what statement or document did this unknown nonentity base his ludicrous number?

X: Document PS-2738, an affidavit dated November 26th, 1945, by SS-Sturmbanfuehrer Wilhelm Hoettl.

Hitler: I see. So now you surprise me with some renegade German officer?

X: Ignoring your word ’renegade’, the answer is yes.

Hitler: And who is this Hoettl?

X: Before I answer you, I was just reminded of the fact that when Eisenhower first saw for himself the mass atrocities you committed, he snapped at one of his officers, ordering them to record every detail of these concentration camps saying aloud:

‘Get it all on record now - get the films - get the witnesses - because somewhere down the road of history some bastard will get up and say that this never happened.’

Hitler: The words of that idiot are meaningless to me.

X: Yes, of course they are. But going back to our subject matter, the person in question, Hoettl, was second in command to Himmler, the SS representative in Hungary. I do wish, however, to offer one document, a statement, that confirms the deaths of 4 million Jews in camps and deaths of the mass murder of two million Jews by the Nazi State Police in the East, making a total of 6 million - Document 2738PS Exhibit USA-296 - during the Nuremberg Trials. I now put forward for your review the following statement by Adolf Eichmann, Chief of the Jewish Section of the Gestapo, and the source of the figures quoted- made by Dr. Wilhelm Hoettl, Deputy Group Leader – who -

Hitler: I am not interested in these details –

X: Please allow me to continue, Herr Hitler.


X: Dr. Wilhelm Hoettl, Deputy Group Leader of the foreign section of the Security Police Amt IV of the RSHA. In affidavit form, he made the following statement; and I quote from Page 2:

“Approximately 4 million Jews had been killed in the various concentration camps, while an additional 2 million met deaths in other ways, the major part of which were shot by operational squads of the Security Police during the campaign against Russia.”

In conclusion, I need to emphasize that the captured documents in evidence are, almost without exception, from your own official sources of the Nazi Party.

Hitler: More twaddle!

X: What do you mean ‘twaddle’?

Hitler: Because it is twaddle!

X: These are your own people I am citing, and I’m quoting from one of your own Nazi documents.

Hitler: He too must have been tortured into giving false evidence. Why else would any decent, honourable German speak such words?

X: So, if a person produces words favourable to you, so then he must be a decent human being, and conversely in your binary thinking, anyone who produces words against you, must necessarily be a renegade, correct?

Hitler: Absolutely.

X: But we need not only focus on Hoettl, since it’s by now common knowledge that his testimony has been validated –

Hitler: I repeat my words. How can any testimony be validated when the subject in question has been tortured?

X: Please allow me to finish my sentence, Herr Hitler.


X: Validated by every eminently respectable historian.

Hitler: You say ‘respectable’ historians?

X: I do.

Hitler: Respected by whom?

X: These historians are respected all over the world. They are respected and admired by the people who are civilised, decent, normal, sane and human.

Hitler: What does ‘all over the world’ mean?

X: All over the –

Hitler: And what is the nature of this ‘world’ you speak of?

X: You know perfectly well what I’m talking about.

Hitler: Well if we both know what we’re talking about, we should then be able to agree that it is only these rabble of anti-German historians, who produce this silly six million figure.

X: You say the murder of six million Jews is a ‘silly’ number?

Hitler: I’m informing you it is a silly number – because it is so.

X: Apart from a few, scattered so-called aberrant historians, the fact is, most serious scholars, professors, intellectuals and academicians believe in the Holocaust and in this ‘silly’ six million number.

Hitler: Do you think a figure produced by anti-German historians is acceptable in any court of law? No, no and a thousand times no! The victor will never be asked if he told the truth. The only matter that matters in life is the victor, and unto him belongs the truth and that is the truth!

X: First, it is preposterous of you to say that 99% of these historians are in any way anti-German. Secondly, you once more have the nerve to speak of due process in legal procedures?

Hitler: The entire story is a fabrication serving two purposes.

X: The story of the Holocaust?

Hitler: Yes.

X: What are these two purposes?

Hitler: The first is to demean and destroy German civilisation and the second purpose is to create compassion for Jews in their hope of establishing a Jewish state – and there, they succeeded.

X: I don’t wish to discuss those subjects. Let’s revert to the beginning of the Holocaust, please.

Hitler: I object to that word.

X: Which word?

Hitler: Holocaust.

X: What do you wish to call it, Herr Hitler?

Hitler: Who coined that idiotic term? Jews, no doubt. Believe me.

X: I’m afraid we must use the term Holocaust, since there’s no alternative; or, perhaps you’d wish us to use the Hebrew term for it, ‘Shoah’?

Hitler: How amusing of you.

X: Thank you, no further questions.


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