Tarnished Stars : Pagosa Cliffs Book 1

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Home is the feeling that mends a broken soul...

Saddling the horse he borrowed from Lloyd, Tank rode check the Rocking M Cattle. Thor shook the falling snow out of his mane as Tank road back and forth, moving the cattle back toward the homestead. Lloyd and the hands from the Rocking M would be moving the cattle back to the bigger ranch while Tank was in Colorado Springs. There was nearly 600 feet in elevation’s difference between the two ranches which meant the Tanner Ranch pastures would be covered in feet of snow for the next few months while the Rocking M would only have inches. After the weekend, Tank would be completely alone for the winter. As the cattle moved toward the cattle sheds where he had dumped out range cubes, he turned and rode further up the mountain.

Coming out on the prominence that always seemed to catch the wind, Tank looked out over the valley. Below him, Pagosa Cliffs, glowed with colorful lights under the gray sky that sprinkled the town with giant flakes. The sun would be setting in less than an hour. Looking around, he wondered if he would ever be able to get Millicent to sell Vern’s retirement plot. He wouldn’t mind putting a cabin here when T.J. moved home to take over the Tanner Ranch. Thor stomped and shook out his mane with a snort; the further west the sun sank, the cooler it was getting. Climbing back up in the saddle, Tank looked back once more watching the wind push the snow upward and turned for home.

As he rode the half-draft horse, looking over the herd settling in for in the night, he breathed out a stream of crystal air over the scarf his Granny had made him before she passed. He could feel the mountain asleep around him. He could still feel his grandparents, Emma and Walter, and their love for him. He remembered his son spending his visits here and the love they shared of ranching. It was his son’s inheritance. Riding toward the homestead, he decided he would never be truly alone as long as he lived on this land. This was his home, he couldn’t imagine living in any other place under the stars.

He knew at home, in the center of the kitchen table, sat a bottle of whiskey. The amber inside whispered to him, but he wasn’t going to have more than one, if he had any at all. He was trying to be the man his pappy expected him to be. To be the Sheriff, he had trained to be. Putting Thor in the barn, he went inside. His temptation sat on the table.

Tonight, he went to bed without it.

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