Story 1 Hoody And His Gyal

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The first short story of eight that are linked and everything comes to a dramatic climax in the last story. Due to popular demand, I have now written series 2. There are now 16 short stories Introduces Samantha and James. Their going through a rough time. They quarrel about passed relationships and struggle with very little money. Samantha is a hair dresser and James a photographer.

Drama / Mystery
Vaughan Williams
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Hard Times

Story 1

The alarm went off at 7.30am Friday morning. Samantha went down to make herself a cup of tea and popped her head into the front room. James was fast asleep on the settee with the television still on. The word “BLUE” was bouncing across the screen.

Samantha made herself a drink, got two biscuits from the cupboard and crept back up the stairs to bed. She put the television on to watch the news in her bedroom and dozed off again.

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