Story 2 Hoody And His Gyal

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Drama / Mystery
Vaughan Williams
Work in progress
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Hoody's Delivery Gyal

Story 2

Friday morning at 7.30, Hoody stood almost naked, looking out over his balcony of the high rise flats where he lives. With his fisted hands inside the front his black boxers he stood yawning. He’s about 28 years old, though he isn’t entirely sure. He’s mixed race and has no facial hair at all. He is a Germaphobe and hates going to places he doesn’t know. He lives alone in his immaculate apartment with a 9mm hidden under the bed, a big roll of spending paper and a big bag of weed.

As he pulled his hands out of his boxers and opened them, he put a spliff in his mouth, lit it and placed the lighter on the rail in front of him.

Hoody has an apartment on the 12th floor in Bootle, Liverpool and has been there for almost a year. With his little finger, he wiped the sleep from his eyes and yawned once again. While he stood looking around, his phone rang. He pulled it out from the back of his boxers.

“Yo blud…!" "Yeah man, come up!” Hoody said with another yawn.

While he waited and still leaning on the rail, he watched the day start to unfold. He flicked the last bit of his spliff over the rail and watched it fall all the way to the ground.

“Yo Johnson, my main man.” He shouted as he walks towards him on the long landing dodging bits of washing hanging above his head.

They touched fists then Hoody said. “Wa gwan bro?”

“All good you know!” Johnson replied.

“Did you find me some wheels?” Hoody asked looking at him.

“Yeah, I picked some up Wednesday night and put him in the boot!”

“Did you manage to get his ring off?”

“No bro, it’s on tight!” Johnson said shaking his head.

“Well remove the thumb just above the ring. I don’t need him linked to me or de overs!” Johnson nodded. As Hoody carried on “Don’t worry, it won’t bleed, he's been dead for two days enit!”

They touched fists again. “Tell me when its all ready and I will get Harry to take it down to Birmingham. I have another little job I need doing at the same time enit.”

Johnson looked at him with a frown. “Is that a good idea boss it’s…?”

“Don’t worry!” Hoody said interrupting him “The boot will be locked!”

With that Johnson turned and walked away.

“YO BRO!” Hoody shouted, “NEW NUMBERS YE?” Johnson nodded and waved as he opened the door and disappeared.

Hoody lifted the phone to his ear. “Yo Harry, I need a car taken down to NEC train station today…!” “OK, and wear something smart with your black wig enit!”

Hoody switches the phone off and on again. “Waa gwan Moby…?” “Ye, I need a new pay as you go with ten credit…!” “Give it Johnson he’s coming bye…!” “bless.”

He stood looking down at the people walking around below for ages and then he answered his phone looking at the screen. “Yo…!" "Bring it around and park it between a blue Merk and the white transit enit..!” “Is it all done ye…?” “Ok, come up after!”

Hoody walked into his flat to get another spliff and came out again looking around. He lent on the rails then made another call. “Harry the car is on its way here now...!" "Be at mine in 15 enit..!" " The car needs to be in the car-park at 2 for collection...!" "Ok, and I have a little pick-up and drop at the station at 12.30 first...!” "Ye, ye!"

Hoody flips the lid over on his phone placed it in the back of his underpants and lit the spliff. He stood leaning on the rails with both elbows picking bits of tobacco off his tongue as the door bangs open at the end of the landing and Johnson appeared again. “Yo, my man!” Johnson held the keys up and a box containing a new pay-as-you-go mobile phone.

“Did you put the nail varnish remover in the glove box and tape a lighter to it?”

“Of course bro, you know I always do what you ask!”

Hoody and Johnson stood talking for a while. Then they set up the new phone for Harry.

“Oh boss, what shall I do with this?” Johnson lifted his hand out of his trouser pocket. As he opened it, the thumb with the black ring still on it, rolled along his palm.

Hoody grabbed it, closed his hand and dropped it in the front of his boxers as the door at the end of the corridor banged open again.

“Yo baby gyal, you is looking good!” Harry smiled as she approached him. “Love your red heels, babes,” he said as he put his arm around her shoulder and pretended to kiss her cheek.

“It’s all there!” He said, giving her a piece of paper “Read it and throw it out the car enit.”

Hoody pointed to the car park leaning over the rail. “There is a red Vauxhall down there enit. Take the car and park it at the NEC train station on the first floor. Walk into the station for 12.30. Wait for the train from Leicester. Collect the bag from the hand, take your money out the front pocket and quickly walk over the bridge and wait for the next train that comes in at 12.40. Pass it back to another hand. Both hands will be in the front carriage. Then, go back to the car and wait for collection. Remember to look for the black circle at all times enit. Collect the suitcase from him and get on the train back here to Lime Street Station. You got all that sexy gyal?”

Harry nodded.

“Here is your new phone, only talk to me on this phone Ok? I will hook up with you later.”

Harry nodded again.

Hoody smiled and said “Maybe I will bring you back here. Then we can fool around and get high babes ye?”

Harry shook her head “No Hoody you aren’t my type, I told you strictly business with me!” she said abruptly.

Harry looked down as she turned to go. “You need to be careful with a lighter in your boxers, or are you that excited, when you see me?”

Hoody laughed covering the bulge with his hand. “You know I is always excited when I see you, babes, especially when you got black hair enit!”

Harry turned and left with her new phone in her hand. She tucked the instructions into her jacket pocket. Johnson walked off with her after touching fists with Hoody.

Hoody watched from the balcony as they all left and drove away in different directions. He decided there was nothing more he could do, so he went into his apartment and got back into bed. While he was lying there trying to sleep, he remembered the thumb in his boxers. Hoody leapt out of bed and wondered where he could hide it and then he remembered an old biscuit tin he kept by the cupboards in the kitchen. He placed it in there, had a shower and climbed back into bed. After a while, he fell asleep.

Hoody’s phone rang and woke him up. He reached for it. “Yo…!" "What makes you think its police…?" "Well, don’t take any chances, where are you now baby gyal…?" "Ok, turn off onto M5 at last possible minute enit. If all’s good, turn left on M42 to NEC station!" "Ok, and hurry times running out enit!”

Hoody sat up on the side of his bed and lit another spliff blowing the smoke around the room as his phone rang again. “Yo…?" "Well done baby gyal…!” he said and closed his phone.

Hoody decides to have another shower and grabs a towel from the cupboard. As he pulled it out, a thick bundle of notes fell to the floor. He gathered them all together, rolled them in another towel and put it back in the cupboard.

Hoody got dress and made himself a Coffee and sat at his laptop. He checked his e-mails, his bank accounts, and then flicks on to his porn channel for a peep, just as his phone rang.

“Yo…!” “What you mean the car broke down…?” “SHIT…!” “Where is you…?” “You will have to torch the car then enit….!” “Use the nail polish remover in the glove box, there's a lighter tapped to it. Put the phone I gave you and your instructions on the passenger seat. Pour the liquid all over everything. Take nothing with you. As soon as you have lit the fuel, get out the car as fast as you can. Climb the embankment and get away from it as quick as poss. Phone me from a phone box later!" Hoody closed his phone and stood up “FUCK!” he shouted with his teeth firmly together and opened it again.

“Yo Johnson, come pick me up bro, we goin down to Brum enit…!” “Well, they can finish cleaning it later!”

Hoody nervously paced the floor waiting, and eventually, his phone rang. “Yo…!” “Coming down bro!”

Hoody threw on a coat, got a face mask and a couple of pairs of sterile gloves, then grabbed his laptop and flew down the stairs and into the car. They all took off at high speed down the Motorway.

Hoody was just nodding off when his phone rang.

“Yo…!" "Sorry…? I don’t understand…!" "Let me bell you back enit!”

Hoody closed his phone and sat up looking out the window. “Where we at?” he asked Johnson.

“Somewhere by Staford!”

Hoody opened his phone again and phoned Harry on her new mobile without thinking. “Yo…!" "I thought I told you to burn that phone...!” “Did you still do it…?” “Well, why have I just had a call to say the man on the second train didn’t get anything…!” “Are you sure…?” “Ok, talk later!” Hoody closed his phone and went in too deep thought again.

“Where’s my laptop?” he said turning around and looking in the back seat. Finley who also worked for Hoody passed it to him.

“Are we still on the M6?”

“Yes, boss,” Johnson said.

“Find me a service station with Wi-Fi, I need to hook up!”

They pulled into the next services they came to and pulled up. Hoody looked on his laptop.

“We need to head for a village called... Coleshill Jnc 8 on the M42.”

Hoody had set Harry’s mobile phone so that he could track it on find-a-phone. He knew her exact location. They follow the twisting country lanes to a little place called Shustoke and found a pub on a tight bend in the road. The car pulled into the car-park and screeched to a halt. Hoody jumped out and walked over to Harry and held her under the arm.

“Come, we need to go!”

Harry stood up and she kicked her shoe off.

“Hold on for fuck sake!” she shouted. As she bent down to put it back on, she threw the business card on the floor.

“How did you find me?” She shouted and pulled her self away from him. Hoody opened the back door and told Finley to get in the front seat as Harry threw the phone over by the parked cars.

“Come on I will explain on the way back.” Harry got in the car, and they all took off at high speed through the country lanes and back onto the motorway.

Hoody pulled the mask down from his face “Why was the bag you delivered to the other train empty baby gyal?”

Harry looked up. “I got it from the first train as you said, found my money in the front pocket and gave it to the black ringed thumb in the first carriage on the other train as you told me!”

“You ain’t lying to me are you babes ?”

“Of course not!”

”I’ve had de man on the phone givin me grief, sayin the bag was empty!”

“I gave it over!” She said frowning.

It was quiet for a while then Hoody held his hand out. “Pass me the phone!”

“I throw it away!” she said looking at his angry face.


“I throw it from the taxi window!”

“No baby gyal, I just tracked it to that pub enit!”

Harry had to think quickly hoping he wouldn’t go back for it.

“Where did you throw it?” He asked grabbing her hair.

“I threw it in the car park when I got in the pub. It landed on the floor. I thought the taxi would drive over it and smash it to bits!”

Hoody looked like he was under extreme pressure.

“How long you been at dat place?”

Harry had tears running down her cheeks. “Five minutes, I just got there and sat down!”

“There where two empty glasses on the table!” Hoody shouted.

“They were there when I sat down for fuck sake, what’s with all the questions?”

Hoody stared at her. “Are you telling me the truth baby gyal?”

“Yes!” she said, cowering up against the door holding her head.

Hoody wasn’t happy about the phone situation, so he decided to phone the number.

“Who’s this…?” “Listen, bro. I don’t know who you are and it’s not a problem for me. But if I were you, bro, I would smash that phone you are holding into bits. Because if you don’t, I will track it down as I did before, and when I find you, I will kill you!”

As he listened to the silence on the phone, Harry shouted: “JUST DO IT!” Hoody placed his hand over her mouth and slapped Harry hard on the head after he shut his phone.

“Who has got your phone baby gyal?” Hoody said staring at her

“I DON'T KNOW!" she shouted, then she started crying out loud with her arms over her head.

“I THREW IT ON THE CAR-PARK FLOOR!" she screamed. “Someone must have picked it up!”

Hoody could see she was upset. “OK Baby gyal, I’m sorry!” He said putting his arm around her.

“Yo Johnson, go back to my yard enit!”

It was quiet for the rest of the journey. As they pulled up in the car-park of his apartment, Hoody stepped out and held the door open for Harriett.

“Can’t I just go home please?” she said wiping her red eyes.

Hoody looked at her as he held the door. “Come with me baby girl, and when I’ve had a shower I will send you home in a taxi enit!”

Harriett slid over the seat and got out, with Hoody holding her arm.

As they walked up the stairs to his apartment Hoody whispered, “Don’t worry, I promised no-nonsense, and I will send you home after I had a shower enit.”

Hoody opened the apartment door still holding Harry under her arm. “Now I need you to calm down baby gyal. I need to have a shower, and then I will get a taxi to drop you home after we have a little talk about the missing package.”

When hoody finished his shower, he wrapped a towel around his waist. Then entered the room where he left Harry sitting. He was surprised to see she wasn’t there waiting for him. He looked in his bedroom hoping she had changed her mind but that was empty, so he went back into the kitchen and saw the biscuit tin lid was on the floor and the open container on the worktop.

“OH SHIT!” He shouted. He ran out onto the balcony hoping she was there getting some air or feeling sick. Hoody ran back in the flat and found his phone. He dialled her phone number but there was no answer. He quickly got dressed and phoned Johnson. “Yo, my man, I’ve lost Harry, she's done one after seeing the thumb. Go to her yard and bring her back here…?” He closed his phone and paced the floor with it in his hand and reached for a spliff, lit it and waited.

Hoody’s phone rang “Yo…!” “What you mean you can’t find her…?” “Put a car outside her house and keep lookin Enit?

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