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Guilty Reservation

Aparu slips out of her uniform. "That's quite a power."

"Nobody was going to use that table. Some too-rich guy buys it out for the whole year. He's in Europe now."

She takes off her underwear. "It's still against the law."

"I guess, but it doesn't hurt anyone."

She lays down on the floor. "Would you hurt anyone?"

"I like your body."

She pulls him on top of her. "Don't feel guilty."

Isben works for a few minutes and then shudders to a sweaty stop.

She frowns. "Okay now that you can feel a little guilty about."

"I'm sorry."

"Are you a virgin?"

"Technically, but I've got a black book full of women I've had sex with in the Web."


"That's becoming normal for me."

"Well, you've got a golden ticket to executive life. They will be tripping over themselves to promote you if everything is as easy as a little tablet tapping."

"I could take you with me."

"I already sleep with executives more attractive than you."

"Marry me?"

"You do know my best attributes are artificial?"

"You complete me. Just don't betray me."

"No prenup and you pay for the wedding." Isben holds out his hand, and she spits in it. "Don't worry soon-to-be husband. It's a sign of respect."

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