Story 5 Hoody And His gyal

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The fifth short story of eight that are linked and everything comes to a dramatic climax in the last story Hood's gyal finds a dismembered thumb and she is convinced its her brothers.

Drama / Mystery
Vaughan Williams
Age Rating:

The Dismembered Thumb

Story 5

Harriet was scared as she sat on the edge of Hoody’s sofa looking at the red finger marks on her arms. She looked around the room listening to the shower running.

Harriet knew it wouldn’t be a good idea to try and escape because Hoody would find her again!

After a while, she calmed down and decided to make herself a coffee while she waited. After walking into the kitchen, Harriet flicked on the kettle and looked around. She saw the biscuit tin on the worktop and reached for it Sliding it along the work surface towards her. Then she grabbed a cup from the hook on the bottom of the cupboard and waited for the kettle to boil.

Harriet lifted the lid off the biscuit tin and placed it back down while she looked in the draws for a spoon and scooped some coffee out of the jar. After pouring the water into the cup, Harriet picked the biscuit tin up again looked inside. At first, she didn’t know what lay on the bottom until she flicked it with her finger. She jumped back when she realised it was a humans thumb with a black ring above the knuckle. Harriet dropped the lid on the floor, throw the tin on the worktop and ran out the door onto the balcony screaming, “THE BASTARDS KILLED MY BROTHER!”

Harriet stood there crying not knowing what to do. She knew Hoody was capable of anything and decided to run towards the door at the end of the landing and opened it with a bang. Harriet ran down the stairs and out onto the car-park then out onto the road. She kept running and running. The phone in her pocket was ringing as she ran along the pavement.

Eventually, Harriet stopped and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand to see where she was going. She turned a few corners and stopped by a lamp-post as a car pulled up next to her by the gutter.

“Aye love, how much for a blowjob?” an inimitable voice asked.

“Fuck off you pervert!” She yelled back at him as he pulled away in a hurry.

Harriet reached up her sleeve for a hankie and wiped her eyes looking around for a taxi or bus.

She was cold by this time with no coat. She walked a bit further and onto the main road still trying to find a ride home. She pulled her mobile phone from under her dress, and after wiping her eyes again, she looked to see if it was working, but the battery was dead.

Harriet walked a bit more and stumbled on a drinks bar with people standing outside smoking and laughing and went in looking around. She made her way to the toilets to see what she looked like in the mirror and then she composed herself wiping her eyes. She couldn’t stop thinking about her brother’s thumb in the tin as the tears welled up in her eyes and rolled down her cheeks again.

After a while, Harriet wiped her face rechecked her phone and pulled out some money that she had in a purse around her waist.

After pushing her hair up a couple of times, she looked once more in the mirror and walked out and up to the bar and ordered a large Vodka.

Harriet sat alone at the bar thinking about the thumb trying to convinced herself it wasn’t her brothers, but she knew he has a ring on his thumb the same. As she ordered another drink someone tapped her shoulder and she jumped up thinking it was Hoody.

“Harry, what are you doing in here?” a familiar voice asked.

“Oh thank goodness it’s you, Sarah, I thought you were… never mind. Have you got a phone I could borrow, I need a taxi to take me home!”

“Stop and have a drink, you can come home with Alexandra and me when we leave!”

“No, I’ve been out all day, I need a soak in the bath!”

“Have you been crying?”

“A little, I will tell you about it in the morning!”

Sarah passed the phone to Harriet and turned to talk to another friend as Harriet made the call and ordered a taxi.

“I WILL SEE YOU LATER!” Harriett shouted to Sarah as she passed her the phone back and left the bar waving.

Harriet waited outside as the taxi pulled up and she got in.

“Abbey road please!”

As the taxi drove along, she started to think about her brother again.

Until she heard the drivers voice. “What number love?”

With a sniffle, Harriet froze. It was the same voice she heard earlier in the street. “Just stop here!”

The taxi pulled over, and the driver shouted. “ Err that’s just a tenner love!

Harry jumped out and stood by the window and placed it in his hand nervously.

“Are ya Ok love?” the driver asked.

Harriet turned and ran across the road and waited for the taxi to drive off.

As it turned the corner, she walked along the pavement hastily looking around all the time and stopped at the end of her path. She glanced around again and went up to the front door.

When Harriet got to the front door, she looked around once more and bent down, pulled the key out from under the mat and opened the door quickly.

Harriet gave out a sigh of relief as she closed the door the first thing she did was to kick her red shoes off in the hall. Then she pulled her phone out and put it on charge and went into the bathroom and turned the taps on full blast.

She got undressed and put her purse on the side as she stepped into the water and submerged herself in bubbles for a while.

Harriet stood up wrapped a towel around her wet skin and went in to see if her phone had charged up a bit.

As she lifted it from the charger and turned it on, the phone lit up with many beeps. She could see Hoody had been trying to call her alongside a few messages.

Harriet took no notice as she scrolled down her contacts and found Janice. She sat on the settee looking at the name on the screen for a few seconds not knowing if she should call or not.

Harriet decided to push the button.

A voice said hello a couple of times as she listened.

“Hi, it’s me, Harry…!” “I saved it earlier at the pub when you went to the loo. Don’t worry I’ve changed your name to Janice on my phone in case anyone looks…!” "I was picked up by my… boss, he and his goons brought back home...!” Harriet said with a broken voice. “No, not really…!” Then she started weeping into the phone. “I think they have killed my brother Thomas...!” Harriet blurted out. “No my phone has only just come on the battery was flat…!” “OK…!” “I’m Home…!” “No I don’t think so; He knows someone has found the phone obviously...!” “Yes, I was just thinking about them coming here looking for me…!” “Good idea, I’ll walk up the road to a Hotel…!” “Err… yes, I suppose I could, they wouldn’t find me down there would they…? "OK…! “Oh, I was wondering how they found me…! “Thank you; I’ll talk to you tomorrow!”

Harriet sat on her bed and tried her brother's number a few times but didn’t get through. Eventually, Harriett fell asleep.

Harriet woke about 7 am Saturday and sat on the bed in her room. She tried to phone her brother again but got no reply. She glanced at her phone as it kept bleeping with messages from Hoody. Harriett looked out the window and noticed a car parked across the road with two men were sitting in the front and looked like they were watching the house.

After a while, Harriet decided to call her brothers wife Jennifer to see if she had seen him, but there was no answer.

Harriet paced the floor not knowing what to do when her phone rang. She looked at it expecting it to be Hoody and was surprised to see it was her sister-in-law Jennifer.

“Hello…!” “No…!” “When did you last see him…?” “He will be OK…!” “Don’t worry; he will turn up soon…!” “Let me know what the police say when they’ve been…!” “ OK BYE!” she shouted as she burst into tears.

After a while, with sore red eyes, Harriet made herself some toast and a coffee thinking about things and got back into bed. She knew she would be okay as long as someone else was in the house with her even though she was still terrified.

Just then the door opened and in walked Alexander with her pyjamas on and a cup of tea with a handful of biscuits.

“I fancy a lazy day today!” she said as she slid under the blankets cuddling up to Harriet.

Harriett nodded and burst into tears.

“What’s wrong?” Alexander’s said placing her cup on the draws by her side.

Alexander put her arm around Harriett’s shoulder. “What’s a matter H?” she said sympathetically.

Harriett flinched, and Alexander looked at the marks on her arm.

“Who did this to you?” Alexander asked.

Harriet thought for a while knowing she couldn’t talk about Hoody to Alexander and Sarah because they knew nothing about him and her job.

“It was a man in the street last night, he thought I was a prostitute and grabbed my arm.”

“Is that why you had been crying last night?”


“Sarah told me. You should have said something to us!”

“I’ll be alright,” she said wiping her nose.

Alexander held her for a while; then she jumped as the doorbell rang.

“Who could that be?” Alexander asked.

“If anyone wants me I’m not here!” Harriet whispered as she walked out the room. Harriet carefully peeped out the window and noticed one man in the car and decided to run after Alexander.

“Don’t answer it!” she whispered as the door knocked again. They both crept back into the bedroom and got back into bed.

“What’s going on H who is he?” she said pulling the covers over her legs.

“It’s no one just… an old boyfriend. He wants to rekindle something that never was alight really!” she said as her phone beeped again.

They sat watching the television for a while holding each other.

Then Harriet grabbed her phone from the side and looked at the screen to see a message from her brother’s phone:

“Hi, I’m Ok! I’ll see you soon.”

Harriet sat looking at the screen in a daze not knowing what to think as Alexander stood up and left Harriet alone in bed. Harriet’s phone beeped again, but this time it was her sister-in-law Jennifer saying she had a text from Thomas and he is OK and that the police were there.

Harriet looked out the window again and noticed the car driving off, so she quickly got dressed and left quietly. She jumped into her car with some money to buy herself some new clothes.

After she had bought some things from the shops, she went to her moms for a chat and coffee. While she was there, she got a text from Jennifer.

“Police have gone now, but I’m not convinced that text was from Thomas. Talk later!”

Harriet left her car at her moms knowing Hoody wouldn’t find it and told her mom she was going down to Birmingham for a few days to see a friend the next day.

Eventually, she left there and got the bus back home with her shopping. As she turned the corner, she noticed the car parked in front of her house again.

She looked at her watch it was just after 2 o’clock. She waited for a while. After 20 minutes it drove off in a hurry, so she ran back into the house and started packing her suitcase.

When she finished, she hid it under the bed from Alex and Sarah and noticed the car outside again, so she sent James a message.

“Sorry can’t get down yet. Still hiding because I know they are looking for me. Don’t worry I’m ok and I will see you soon. Text you in the morn! H x

Harriet was quietly watching the television in her room when there was a loud knock on the front door she waited for one of the others to answer it and looked out the window to see Johnson standing by the car and another sitting in the back. She sat quietly and realised the others had gone out. She hid under the blankets shaking like a leaf.

After three attempts it went quiet and she peeped out the window again carefully without moving the curtains and saw Hoody pointing at the ground where her car was parked, and then he got back in and shut the door.

Harriet lay there for a time, still not knowing what to do.

Harriet’s phone beeped, and she looked at the screen. It was a message from her sister-in-law;

“I think there are some men outside watching my house. What shall I do? Jen? ”

Harriet thought for a while and text back knowing that Jennifer knew about Thomas’s working with Hoody;

“Don’t worry; they are looking for me. I am going down to Birmingham tomorrow, and Hoody wants me to do a little job, but I don’t want to do it. H”

Harriet lay quietly on the bed, her phone beeped again;

“OK just keep me informed then! Jen. X”

Harriet peeped out the window to see the car had gone again and after a while, she dozed off.

Harriet woke as her phone rang out, it was hoody again.

Every now and again she would peep out the window from behind the curtains to see if they were still there.

Just after nine, her phone beeped. She picked it up and glanced at it thinking it would be Hoody still trying to contact her, but she was surprised to see it was James. So she read it;

“What doing?”

Harriet turned the television down and replied;

“Still awake, I’m too scared to do anything why?” She waited.

“Have you fond your brover?”

Harriet sat up and leaned back on the headboard to text back;

“No, but I have had a message this morning at about 10 o’clock saying Hi I’m OK! I’ll see you soon. It’s strange though; he always puts his initials after his message and his phone is still ringing out. I have left loads of messages for him.”

Harriet smiled as she read the next text;

“Do you have an assport?”

She carried on smiling with a frown as she texts back;

“Assport? If you mean passport then yes why?”

I was kust wondering!” came onto her screen.

Harriet shook her head in disbelief;

”Thanks for your help and understanding last night!”

Harriet placed the phone on the bed. She lit a cigarette then picked it up again to read;

“Are you still cunin down tomorrow?”

Harriett was still smiling as she replied;

“Yes hopefully. Are you drinking or is your spelling always this bad?”

Harriett chuckled when she saw; “Sorry I’m pished!”

I thought so she said to herself.

“I will be with you around 12! I need to get the train to NEC. They are over the road watching the house at the moment!”

Harriett stood up and went to the window again to have a sneaky look. She flicked her ash in the saucer as she lay back down and read;

“Ok, I will pock you up! Bring your passpot. Do you fancy a week in Geese?”

Harriett sat up again and wrote back;

“What’s the catch?”

“No cetch. I have got to goo there, and you can hide. All you have t do is enjoy yurself and put up with me for a wek!”

Harriett wasn’t sure what to make of the text. James was drinking and probably wouldn’t remember in the morning;

“I think that sounds a great idea, how much money shall I bring?” she texts back.

Harriett rolled over on top her front and waited;

“Your fair is pod. You need some sponding money.” Harriet looked at the clock on the wall above her bed and replied. “OK, I will talk to you tomorrow! Good night!”

The phone lit up for the last time “Godnit!”

Harriett lay there thinking of the holiday and how much fun it would be then rolled back over and fell asleep watching the television.

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