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Chapter 12

Day 3

My parents and I sat until late into the night working through everything. They told me somemore detail about themselves and Sam’s parents. Apparently my parents saw the two of them making eyes at each other and Sam’s dad told my mom his feelings had shifted.

She suspected, of course, that his feelings had swung towards Sam’s mom but didn’t want to admit she was about loose both her boyfriend and best friend. My mom and dad started dating soon after Sam’s parents got married, but no one knew that. They only started dating openly once my mom found out she was pregnant. I had hurt Sam even more than I knew.

That Saturday my dad and I went out looking for Sam. I phoned every person I could think of to ask if they knew where she stayed now. We even tried getting in contact with her aunt in Iceland.

But no one knew, and her aunt couldn’t be reached. Knowing she loved her brother dearly, we went to the cemetery hoping she might be at her brother’s grave. We found the graves but no one was there. I found it extremely incongruous how her aunt, her dad and her brother were lying next to one another. I knew, or rather suspected she had been at the graves as her dad’s grave was broken and littered with rocks. She must have released her anger by throwing the stones.

Or so I thought. At the point of admitting defeat I sank down on the ground and looked out over the cemetery. Here and there a car was parked with a few people at graves either talking to their loved ones or leaving flowers.

Looking at the graves of Sam’s family, I could tell there hadn’t been visitors in a really long while. Only her brother’s grave showed signs of having received flowers a long time ago. The other two graves were bare, except for the stones Sam left behind not too long ago. It was either Sam orher mother who had left. . .

Her mother! Why hadn’t I thought about her? She might know where Sam was staying. I knew they weren’t close but maybe Sam’s aunt had told her mom. I ran back to where my dad was waiting in the car for me, jumped in and asked, “Do you or mom know where Sam’s mom is staying now, or working? I know she is out on parole and I know that Sam still hates her, but her dad’s sister might have told her mom where she is living now!” Fresh hope flooded through me.

My dad picked up his phone to call my mom. “It’s worth a try,” he said. I think he was irritated from running around the city all day with no new clue as to where Sam could be, but I knew he was also worried about her after I told them what really happened on Thursday.

“Hey honey. . . No luck yet, that’s actually why I’m phoning you. You don’t still have a contact number for Julien do you? We want to try our luck and see if she doesn’t maybe have an address for us. . . Okay, thanks honey. We will wait for your call.”

Turning back to me, my dad said, “Mom’s going to check and let us know. But I know who Sam’s mom’s lawyer was, so we will head in that direction till mom phones us back. If mom doesn’t know, her lawyer will – and then we can take it from there.”

Nodding to my dad I picked up my own phone and tried calling Sam again. I must have left about a hundred messages by then. Reaching her voice mail I left her yet another message:

“Sam it’s me, Brandon, again. Please phone me back. We are worried about you! Or just let me know you are okay. I’m not going to stop calling till I know you are okay. Bye.”

I hung up. As I looked over at my dad I caught the look on his face.

He could see I was not just a caring friend; that for me this was much more, and he, like me, was starting to really worry about her.

We finally reached Sam’s mom late that afternoon. We found her lawyer as he was leaving his firm and he told us she had been staying with him. They were married now and she was working at his company. After explaining everything to him he told us how Sam had barged into their home two weeks ago in hysterics, cursing and screaming at her mom about us, and her dad and aunt.

She was crying madly and made little sense, but from what they could piece together Sam had figured out how everyone knew each other.“We assumed you had finally told her the whole story,” he said. Sam had gone crazy, called her mom a whore and stormed out of the house. They had not seen or heard from her since then. They also hadn’teven known that Sam was back in the country until the day she burst into their house.

We followed him to their house, wanting to speak to her mom. Maybe she’d have a better idea than her new husband. I could finally see why, by Thursday, Sam was so wound up. On top of everything her mom was married again with a new family. Sam must have been in pieces about it.

We spoke to her mom for a few minutes. She and dad made plans to meet up with my mom for dinner sometime, and she made us promise to let her know once we knew where Sam was living.

I wasn’t too happy to promise, as it was clear that Sam didn’t want her mom to know where she stayed, but dad said he would let her know. We left after that.

Meeting with them hadn’t helped. I didn’t know where to look anymore. Apart from going to the cops or knocking on every door in the entire city, I was out of ideas. As we drove home and passing by the school, it hit me.
“The school, dad!” I exclaimed.

“What about the school, Brandon?” My dad was confused.

“The school will know where she lives. You have to fill out all those details when you enroll. You know Principal Lennon; phone him and ask him to please give you the address!”

“I’ll phone him when we get home. Clever! Don’t know why I didn’t think of that,” my dad said as we parked in our driveway.

Principal Lennon agreed to go into the school the next day to get the address for us. He wasn’t happy about getting calls over a weekend but agreed to phone my dad as soon as he had the details. I think he sensed there was something wrong. I was restless for the rest of the day.

The rugby team was having a party that night so I got ready and went out with the intention of only being gone for an hour or so. I could see the party was in full swing already when I arrived at Matt’s home. Paper cups lay all over the floor. Kids were making out in every corner of the house and about half the team was in the pool with the cheerleaders. I helped myself to a cup of punch and made my way to a corner where the rest of the team was gathered.

“Hey guys. I can see the party is a huge success. What did Matt’s parents do this time to allow him to wreck their home?”

“Hey man. I have no clue. But there is more booze at this party than at a liquor store so they must have messed up real bad.”

I stayed and chatted to them for a while then headed back into the house to mingle some more. That’s when Kimberly cornered me. I was very surprised that she actually came out of her house. Both eyes were blue and so was her nose. She had a white strip over her nose to keep it in place. The Kimberly I knew would never have comeout the house if she weren’t100 percent perfect.

“Hey Kimberly, didn’t think I would be seeing you here tonight.”

“I’m not here! I came looking for Danny. He was supposed to look after Danny Jnr. tonight as I had other plans and he never showed up. Instead he hired a nanny who came knocking on my door to look after my kid. I’m going to kill him when I find him!”

I had to bite my tongue not to laugh at her. I wished her good luck and decided it was time to leave. Needless to say, my wish to be out for a few hours turned into many hours and I only got back home in the very early hours of the Sunday morning. As I fell on my bed I kept hoping that Sam was okay!

That was my last thought as I drifted off to sleep. . .

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