Story 7 Hoody And His Gyal

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The seventh short story of eight that are linked and everything comes to a dramatic climax in the last story. Hoody tries to find Harriet after a parcel goes missing!

Drama / Mystery
Vaughan Williams
Age Rating:

Where's Harry?

Story 7

Where’s Harry?


Hoody woke at 7 and got showered. With clean boxers, he made himself a coffee lit a spliff then started pacing the floor. He grabbed his phone from the side of the bed. First, he tried calling Harriett with no reply; So he texts her leaving another message. At least he knew her phone was switched on and then he called Johnson.

“Yo Johnson, what’s happening…?” “What do you mean you haven’t found her…?” “Where are you…?” “Is her car there…?” “Well sit tight enit!”

Hoody paced the floor in deep thought not knowing what to do.

He was just putting the phone down when it rang again.

“Yo…!” “Are you 100% sure there was nothing in the bag, and it was empty…?” “Ok leave it with me enit!”

Hoody tossed the phone on the bed and sat next to it with his hands on his head. He was frantic and in some serious trouble because the package had gone missing. Either the bag was empty when it was passed over, or Harriet took it out before she gave it to the second man. Hoody thought for a while. He was confident it must have been empty when she took it because Harriett would have had it on her when he picked her up from the pub!

Hoody picked up the phone and called the contact he had.

“Yo…!” “Is there a chance that the bag was empty when it was handed over to my man…?” Hoody looked around the room waiting for an answer.

“Yo, anyone there…?” the phone went off, and Hoody chucked it on the bed again.

Hoody put another spliff in his mouth as his phone lit up.

“Yo…!” “Well if it comes to it, I will repay you enit…!” “Ok, so what was in the bag…?”

Hoody got a pen from the drawer and wrote it on his leg. He knew he would get the answer in code and he had to take the first letter of the word and add it to the numbers. He wrote Council 21, house 23, number 05. Hoody closed the phone tucked it in his underpants and opened up the computer. He typed the letters and numbers onto Google C21H23N05.

Hoody’s eyes closed and his head dropped as the results came up on the screen. He had a strange feeling that ran down his spine as he read the answer. He felt sick knowing it would be out of his Control when the word Heroin came up. Hoody grabbed his phone again.

“Yo Johnson, you have got to find Harry, I’m in a mess enit…!” “Well go knock on, ask for her… Call me back!”

Hoody felt helpless on his own; he couldn’t do anything. He always relied on others. He walked up and down, switched the television on and off again, he made himself another coffee and walked around some more and in-between kept phoning Harry but got no answer. Hoody thought for a while and remembered the phone Harry had that was tracked, so he put the computer on and waited for it to load as his phone rang.

“Yo…?” “Are you sure she’s not there…?” “Her mates should be in …!” “Ok, go to the brother’s house see if she is there enit?”

Hoody sat at his computer trying to find something to do while he waited.

Hoody closed the lid to his laptop and walked the floor again in deep thought as his phone rang.

“Yo…?” “Well knock on…!” “How long the police bin there?” “Ye, good thinking…!” “Ye Ok...!” “Get Fin to watch that house and you get back to Harry’s!”

Hoody suddenly remembered Harry’s brother’s phone and pulled out the drawer and put it on a charge, after a few minutes it lit up like a pinball machine. Hoody looked at it and noticed calls and messages from Harriett and his Wife, Jennifer. Hoody sent a text so they would think he is still around.

Hoody just put;

“Hi, I’m Ok, ill see you soon!”

Then he turned the sound off and placed it back in the draw hoping that would stop them thinking something was wrong.

Hoody rolled a spliff on the worktop thinking hard. He knew he had to find Harry. He needed answers from her about the package. Hoody suddenly remembered the thumb in the biscuit tin. He lifted the lid and rolled it on to some cling-film and after wrapping it up tight he placed it back in the tin and put it back in the cupboard.

Hoody lit his large spliff and went outside onto the balcony and lent on the railing looking out over Liverpool. He was desperately trying to think where Harry could be.

She has always been loyal and never let him down before. He couldn’t imagine Harry deceiving him because she knows what he is capable of doing.

Hoody’s Phone rang “Yo…?” “No I’m still working on it…!” “I’ll need a bit longer enit!” The phone went off. Hoody knew he was running out of time and without this package he was going to be deep in the shit.

Hoody pulled his phone out. “Yo my man…!” “All good …!” “Listen, Moby, I need to find someone, can I track their phone without them knowing…?” “OK, thanks, Moby talk soon enit!”

Disappointed at the answer Hoody closed his phone and looked out over the balcony still in deep thought.

Hoody flicked the remains of his spliff over the rails, and as usual, he watched it drop to the ground. Then he suddenly remembered that Harry has a friend called Tina on the sixth floor of the same high rise flats. Hoody grabbed his phone, and as he opened it to call Johnson, he thought it would be good to leave him watching Harriet’s house. So after a lot of thought, he decided to get dressed and go down to her flat himself.

Nervously, Hoody got dressed. He put on a cap, sunglasses, and surgical gloves. He grabbed a face mask from the cupboard that fitted over his mouth and nose. As he put it on, he squeezed the metal strip across the top onto the bridge of his nose and pulled his hood over his cap. He cautiously walked over to the door and hesitated for a few seconds before he opened it. He stepped onto the balcony and stood by the rails and looked over.

“I can do this!” he said to himself. He took a deep breath and walked along the landing to the doors and went down the stairs. He wouldn’t use the lift because of the germs and the smell of piss. A large woman with bags of shopping was walking up the stairs breathing heavy and sweating profusely. She stared at him as she got nearer and nearer. Hoody noticed the two kids were running wild shouting and playing. One of them came close to Hoody and gave out a loud chesty cough.

Hoody turned away leaning over the rails as they went passed and then carried on down to the sixth floor. He pushed the door open and stepped onto the long landing looking at all the flats. He moved forward slowly looking at all the numbers until he found the right one and hammered on it with his fist.

As he waited, he heard someone behind the door.

“Who is it?” a timid voice said.

“Tina its Hoody from upstairs, I’m looking for Harriett enit?”

The door opened with the chain on and half a face appeared in the gap “She’s not here! I haven’t seen her for weeks!”

“Let me in!”

The door closed and opened fully and Hoody walked in and pushed the door to with his foot and stood in the middle of the hall with his hands in his pockets looking at her.

“What joker did that to your face?” he asked.

“No one I fell over!” she said covering it with her hand.

Hoody knew she was lying.

“Can you call Harry from your phone to see if she answers?”

“I cant it’s been turned off for weeks now, I didn’t pay the bill.”

Hoody looked around and started to get anxious. In his mind, the flat was filthy and untidy. The handprints on the walls were crawling with germs. The little boy walked towards Hoody with no nappy. His runny nose looked like it was streaming down his face, dripping onto the filthy carpet. Hoody turned to grab the lock to open the door, holding his breath and shaking like a leaf. Tina knew Hoody was a Germaphobe and reached for the knob pulling the door open as he ran out onto the balcony lifting his mask away from his mouth to inhale fresh air. He was breathing heavy and his heart was beating fast as he leaned on the rails trying to calm down.

“Do you want a drink of water?” Tina asked.

Hoody shock his head, “No thanks, I'll be ok in a while.” he said replacing his mask.

Eventually, Hoody turned and said, “If you see Harry tell her I’m looking for her enit!”

Tina nodded and turned to go inside as Hoody added: “You look after yourself enit!”

Hoody hurried along the landing to the door and back up the stairs to his floor and back to his flat. He opened the door and went in leaning on the back of the door as it shut. Relieved he pulled his gloves off and threw them in the bin with his mask then went into the bathroom stripped off entirely and put everything he had on in the washing machine. Then he went back into the bathroom and turned the shower on hot and got in with a scrubbing brush and plenty of soap.

After he had almost scalded himself and tried to srub his skin off, he got dressed and called Johnson.

“Yo Johnson come get me!”

Hoody stood looking over the rails for the car with another mask and his gloves waiting. When he saw the car pull in and the lights flash twice. He waved and ran down the stairs and into the car-park. As he opened the door and looked in the back, he saw Finley.

“Why didn’t you stay there while Johnson collected me?”

“Sorry Boss never thought!” he said.

“You never do!” Hoody replied.

The car took off at high speed and parked across the road to Harry’s house. Hoody sat watching for a while and then decided to see if anyone was home. So he got out and walked up the path.

He clenched his fist and banged on the front door nearly cracking the panel. He waited and tried again listening for a sound from inside. He walked down the path a few paces and went back one last time and banged harder grinding his teeth in frustration. Eventually, he walked away and noticed harry's car had gone, then he shouted.

“JOHNSON, WHERE THE FUCK IS HER CAR?” He stood pointing at the floor then he crossed the road and got back in the car looking up at the bedroom window. By this time he was extremely agitated.

They sat outside for a while hoping she might come back when Hoody phone rang.

“Yo…!” Hoody sat quiet, and his head dropped. “I NEED MORE TIME ENIT…!” he shouted. “NO, YOU NEED TO LISTEN, I need you to give me more time bro…!” With that, he punched the dashboard and closed his phone.

“Take me home; she’s gone off in her car enit? We are wasting time here, I need to find her quick time. I Cant believe she’s taken the package.”

Johnson looked away.

Hoody went back to the flat and had another shower, then he got himself a spliff and switched on the computer. He decided to see if he could track the phone Harry threw away. He made himself a coffee while waiting for the screen to light up. Hoody clicked onto the page and found the signal for the phone in Meriden; then he went on to Google to look where it was. After studying the area, he realised it had moved a few miles and whoever picked it up still has it.

Hoody sat thinking of a plan for a while then he went back to the page and looked once more. He noticed it had moved again and realised the phone was in a car because it was still charged and working.

Hoody tries to chill out for a while, looking at the porn channels but his phone started ringing. When he looked, he realised it was the people wanting their Cocaine back. He took no notice, but the phone rang three times in as many minutes.

Hoody paced the floor in deep thought and decided to hide his laptop with his gun and money. He was uneasy and had a feeling they wouldn’t let it go on for long.

Hoody took a deep breath as a loud thud hit the front door. He looked and could see the silhouette of someone large dressed in black.

“Yo?” he shouted as he walked closer to the door. Nothing was said as Hoody put the chain on and grabbed the lock. As he turned it, in burst three large men. One grabs Hoody around the throat with one hand and pinned him against the wall, while the other two ransacks the flat.

“Where’s the package?” he asked.

Hoody struggled to talk. “Don’t know… I haven’t found… my man yet!”

He said looking over his shoulder at the other two smashing the place up.

“My boss is not happy!”

Hoody knew they would only rough him up because they wanted the stuff back.

“Look, give me… 24hrs and I will… get it!” his words came out strained.

The man dropped him like a brick and kicked him hard in his ribs.

“We will be back tomorrow!” he said kicking Hoody a second time.

With that, they all left slamming the door. Hoody rolled over onto his side with a groan and managed to stand, grabbing the arms of the chair.

He grabbed his phone and called Johnson. “Yo…!” “They bin round after there stuff enit…!” “Ye come over!” Hoody closed his phone and sat in the chair holding his ribs.

It wasn’t long before they appeared. Hoody stud up and shuffled over the door to let them in.

“You ok boss?”

“Ye!” he said turning and sitting back down.

“Can you clean this mess?” he said pointing at the room.

Johnson and Finn straightened the room as best as they could and sat down.

“What we going to do then?”

Hoody looked up with a pained expression.

“We goin down to Brum again in the morning, enit. I’ve got to find Harry!”

“What makes you think she’s down there?” Finn said looking at him.

“She could be in trouble or working with someone. That phone I gave her, is moving about enit!”

“Shall we stay here tonight? Maybe we could get off early in the morn boss?”

“Good idea, Finn, but could you go and check out Harry’s home in the morn about 7 and let me know. Johnson and I will go off early enit!”

With that Finn left. Hoody got his gun, some cash and put it on the worktop then he lit a spliff and went outside. Johnson straightened the apartment a bit more. Then Hoody came back in and said, "I need another shower enit!”

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