Story 8 Hoody And His Gyal

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The concluding short story of eight that are linked and everything comes to a dramatic climax in the last story with a twist. James had a dream

Drama / Mystery
Vaughan Williams
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James Had A Dream.

James started to stir about 5.15 in the morning. He first thought he was standing in the middle of a merry-go-round at the fairground as images flew past and his eyes and they tried to follow each one. He realised his head was pounding as he moved the pillow. He rolled over and fell asleep again.

James started to come round again just after 7.30 in a strange world, and he realised he was having what he calls a vodka dream. It’s a vivid dream, and as long as he doesn’t open his eyes, he could remember every tiny little detail even though it doesn’t make sense.

The dream consisted of a mixture of things, and it went on for what seemed ages. There was someone in a long black coat leaving a house with a suitcase and slamming the door. James couldn’t see their face as they walked away from him along the hard shoulder on the motorway. A tractor went passed him on fire with the Beatles all looking out the back window and off to his right was one of his old girlfriends getting married in just a black hood. He went from there to someone booking a holiday in a field, and the shopkeeper kept saying no luck then repeatedly, and as he turned, he started jumping and shouting out loud in a tiny toilet with piss around his ankles. The room became massive, and James was paying cash for a Taxi with numbers all over it and driving off into the sky with the roof open. Then it went to some girls swarming around his car with a beautiful beach in the background.

James eventually opened his eyes suddenly. He panicked looking around the room wondering where he was. He sat up quickly in a daze and noticed the empty shot glass on the table next to him and with a nasty taste in his mouth he thought he had been knocking back neat vodka all night.

As he sat in the quite his memory started to reform, and he couldn’t stop thinking about the lottery. He wasn’t sure if it was part of his Vodka dream.

James had an overwhelming feeling of happiness and looked at the empty glass on the little table again, but there was no lottery ticket next to it as he remembered.

He lay back down and tried to piece together his dream with the back of his hand on his forehead. A few minutes past and he remembered dancing in the downstairs toilet. He sat up again and looked under the little table to see if the ticket had fallen on the floor, but it wasn’t there.

With his eyes closed again He thought he had got all the numbers on the lotto and was celebrating but he wasn’t sure. He thought more, and his memory slowly came back. “I did win!” he said to himself as he sat upright again.

A cold shiver went through him as he looked on the floor under the table again for the ticket. James sat back not knowing what to do when he thought maybe it was in his wallet. James tried to stand but his legs were shaky, so he lent to one side and pulled his wallet out of his pocket.

He found his ticket and put the television back on and while he was waiting for the page to load he thought how disappointed he would be if it had been in his dream.

James checked all the numbers again and sat staring at the ticket with all the numbers matching. He checked it four or five times before he smiled and thought about it.

Then James stared at the box where it said prize details and was scared in case lots of people had won and the jackpot would have to be shared out.

James plucked up the courage and pressed the button. He stared at the words.

One UK winner has won £1.6 million.

James was scared to move in case Samantha heard him.

James tried his hardest to act normal as he heard Samantha come down and make herself a drink. She opened the door she looked at him in disbelief and after a long tut. Samantha pulled the door too.

“No thanks, I'll get my own!” He shouted sarcastically

James waited until he heard her go back upstairs and let out a sigh of relief.

He sat fully charged he imagined the cars, the big house, and no end of holidays anywhere in the world.

He remembered his call to Harry about the holiday his memory was all coming back.

He sat and wondered if he could keep it from Samantha so she couldn’t claim half. He thought if they split up, and then he said he won, There’s nothing she could do.

James tried watching the television but the new lifestyle was all he could think about, and nothing could stop him thinking about the money. It was hard to think of anything else.

Just after 8.30 Samantha came down to make another cup of tea and James pretended to be asleep, and she went back up to bed.

After a while, James picked up the winning ticket kissed it placed it in his wallet and pushed it into his pocket with a couple of taps and a smile. Then went to the kitchen and made himself a coffee and tried to act normal. He went upstairs to get some clothes from his draw, had a shower got dressed while Samantha was tidying up he told her he was leaving for work. With a disbelieving look still on her face, she said: “Ok I’ll see you later!”

Samantha put some clothes in the washing basket almost in a trance. She was depressed, worried about their relationship and the lack of money. James got in his car flicked the button to lower the roof then he reversed off the drive and drove off with a massive smile.

As he was driving along his phone lit up again, and he glanced at it while he was turning a corner. It said;

“Just left the house ok! I’m heading to Lime Street station. Call you in a while!”

James turned the music up full blast as he drove along the country roads shouting as loud as he could. He was in a different world to the one he was in 24 hours ago.

James pulled up and noticed the sign on top of the shop was lit up, and then he pushed the door it opened without a key. Straight away he thought he had been burgled again and heard a noise it the back room. James with a worried look on his face picked up a tripod and lifted it up above his head moving slowly towards the curtain as his assistant came out with a disgraced look on her face followed by a man pulling his shirt together.

“What are you two doing Susan?

“I’m so sorry!” She said with her head down.

“How long has this been going on?” James asked with a smile on his face.

Susan shook her head still looking down at the floor.

Listen it doesn’t matter at the moment just go. I’m probably going away for a few days so don’t come in, and I will talk to you later in the week!”

With that, they both left closing the door.

James burst out laughing and opened his laptop. Nothing was going to upset him today.

He sat in his office with his laptop looking for holidays again and then realised he had no cash even though he was a millionaire.

James thought for a while and remembered his mate, Don. He was a friend in Coventry who was stuck in the seventy’s. High boots, big collars with long brown hair. He’s in the same profession but “Donkey” as his friends call him, shoots porno videos illegally.

With a phone call, James arranges to meet him at the studio, so he drove over.

James parked the car and phoned Don to let him know he had arrived and one of Dons guards opened the door to let James in.

James walked along the corridors with his mouth open looking at all the gorgeous women walking around with barely any clothes on.

“How are you doing James, my man?” Don asked as he stood up and walked towards him with his hand out. They shook hands. “I’m excellent thanks!” James replied.

“What brings you to this neck of the woods?”

“Well I have won some money on the lotto, and I haven’t got any cash for a week or two! I wanted to have a small holiday to think about things!”

“How much do you need little Brother?” Don said as he walked looking around at James.

“Could you lend me… £3000 and I will give you £5000 back in a couple of weeks?”

“No problem!” he said as he opened his office door.

“Is it a big win?” Don said. “Don’t tell me how much just tell me it’s big!” He said with a smile.

James smiled and said nodding “yes…it’s fucking massive!”

Don opened his safe and dropped a pile of money on the desk in an elastic band. “There are five big ones have a good time man!”

James picked it up as Don said: “Just pay me the same amount back when you have it, Ok?”

James shook his hand again, thanked him and left waving.

When he got back to the shop, he put the £5000 in the safe and looked on the computer for a holiday just as Harry phoned him. "Hello!" “Ok, I’m on my way. Meet you on the front by the main entrance!”

James put the phone in his pocket locked the shop and drove to the station.

James pulled up, and Harriett put her suitcase in the back seat, got in the car and kissing James on the cheek as he pulled away.

“DID YOU GET AWAY, OK?” James shouted.

“Yes in the end!” she said holding her hair. “Can you put the roof up I can’t here?”

James stopped on the side of the road and pressed the button and waited while the roof closed and then he drove back to Meriden.

“That’s better I can hear myself talking now. Yes, I have had a fun day, but at least I’m away from it now!”

It was quiet for a minute, and Harriet started.

“I woke this morning to the sound of my flat mate’s headboard banging on the wall.”

James smiled.

“When I looked out the window first thing a different car was parked across the road with someone sitting in it.”

“How did you get out?”

“I sat on the bed watching the television for a bit and went to the loo. I noticed a man’s clothes all over the floor outside my mate’s bedroom, so I tiptoed into her room and got the rest of the clothes.”

“Good thinking!” James said.

“I put them on. I tied my hair up in a bun and placed a cap on it and walked up the shops to see if they would follow me!”

“Brilliant, and did they?”

“No, I walked with a slight swagger; hands tucked into the trouser pockets and walked up the road to a small shop on the corner, got some cigarettes and went back. When I got back, the car was driving off, so I quickly put all the clothes back on the stairs, got dressed grabbed my suitcase and left.

“Well done!” James said looking at her.

They drove along while Harry carried on talking but, to be honest, James wasn’t listening, he was thinking about his lottery win and how he was going to spend it.

“Can we have the roof down again?” James asked, “It’s a beautiful day!”

James pulls over and put the roof down and drove into Meriden stopping by the shop to show Harry.

“This is where I work from!” he said pointing at the shop.

“Can we have a quick look?” Harry said.

“Yes, of course, are you hungry?”

“Ye I’m famished I haven’t eaten properly for two days!”

They went into the shop for a few minutes and had a look around. James grabbed the money from the safe and then they left. James dropped Harry at the Strawberry Bank Hotel and waited while she dropped her suitcase off and checked in.

She came out with a massive smile on her face “Food, I need food!” she shouted climbing into the car.

James drove off as Harry asked, “Can we go back to that pub we went to Friday?”

James nodded and put his foot down driving through the country lanes. They pulled into the car-park and got a table outside again.

While James got some drinks and a menu, Harry sent a message to Alex;

“Look out for a parcel it will be delivered on Monday or Tuesday. Put it under my pillow, be back in a few days need to get away for a bit. X

James came out and sat down and while Harry was looking at the menu. James’s phone rang, and when he looked, it was Susan, his shop assistant.

“Hi, Sue you OK…?” It was quiet to start with, and he heard a yell.

Who is this...?” he asked as Harry looked up at him.

Hoody put his phone on loudspeaker.

“I want the gyal your with?”

James froze looking at Harry.

“Who is this?” he asked again.

“Never mind that bro put her on the phone enit!”

“I’m not with anyone!”

“Don’t Fuck with me bro. I have just seen her with you in your black bema givin it large enit.

James and Harry stared at each other. "That's my boss!" she whispered.

“Sorry mate, I don’t know who you are or what you are talking about!” Just then James heard a scream in the background followed by, “Listen, Bro, I told you to get rid of that phone, didn’t I? I have your Shop assistant with no pants on. She was in your shop banging her fella. Unfortunately, he’s run off with his trousers around his ankles. I want Harriett back now. She has something of mine!”

A strange feeling passed through James as he closed the phone.

“He’s got my shop assistant,” James said shaking like a leaf.

“He said you have something of his!”

Harriet’s head dropped.

“What is it?” James asked.

“I don’t know!” she said shaking her head.

“Well before the phone goes again you need to talk to me!”

“The car court fire, I ran up the embankment and met you. In the train station, I did a pickup and a drop and then met you again!”

“Do you know there was a body in the boot of that car?”

Harry placed her hands over her mouth. Her eyes were huge.

”OH MY GOD NO!” she yelled.

Harriet burst into tears screaming like a mad woman.


James put his arm around her shoulders and tried to calm her down. “Listen...Harriet, you didn’t kill anyone. Apparently, he was already dead!”

Harry looked up with tears streaming down her cheeks.

“How do you know?”

“The police came around to my house and asked me about you. I only told them the truth. I picked you up and dropped you at the garage!”

“Well, how do you know about the body?”

“It’s been on the local news!”

“We need to call the police and say he killed my brother then!” Harriet said as she started to calmed down.

“Look I agree, but to be honest, I don’t need to be involved in all this. I have tried to help you get away, and I don’t need to get mixed up with murder!”

Just then the phone rang again. James picked it up, and Harry placed her hands on top of his. “What can we do?” she said looking into his eyes.

“If you call the police from a call box and ask for DCI… what was his name? It will come to me in a minute…!” James said tapping his head.

“And say what?” she asked.

“Tell them the car belonged to your boss whatever his name is and he asked you to deliver it to the train station, but it caught fire, and you had to leg it, and he is holding a hostage in my… no that’s no good, I don’t need to be mixed up in this. We need him to let her go.”

“Threaten him with the police!”

James answered the phone and put it on loudspeaker again. “Don’t put the phone down on me again bro!”

“Look, I want you to know we are going to call the police and telling them you killed Harry’s brother and they…

“Hold on bro...!” Hoody interrupted him “YO, YO what you on about? I is looking after Harrys bro he is in hidin enit!”

James put his hand on the phone again. “What's going on Harry?"

Harry grabbed the phone, “What are you saying that was not my brother in the car?”

“No baby gyal. I wouldn’t hurt your bro; I hid him for a while because someone wants to get to him before he goes to trial this week enit!”

“What about his thumb? I saw it!”

“Come on baby gyal, I love your bro like my own.”

“I need to put the phone down and have a think!” Harry said as she closed it.

Harriet placed the phone on the table.

“So what are you thinking?” James Asked.

The phone rang again, and Harry answered it with the loudspeaker on again so James could hear.

“Baby Gyal. I need to know where the package is that was in the bag?”

“What package?”

“You know, you passed the bag to the second man, but they are saying it was empty!”

“I don’t know what you are on about!” Harriet said.

All of a sudden James remembered his money and didn’t need to get involved in a row over people he didn’t even know.

Harry closed the phone again and held it in her hand and with her head down. It was quiet.

“Whats happening?” James asked.

“I stole the parcel out the bag before I delivered it to the second train.”

James looked at her. “Well, where is it? Give it back to him!”

“I need the money for my mom she’s ill! I took it out the bag. It was already in a brown wrapper, so I bought some sellotape for the number plates on the car and a pen. As you know I stopped at the post office in Coventry and posted it to myself.”

James held her close, but he had lost interest now and wanted out.

“Look, go to the loo and tidy yourself up and we will deal with this!” James said in a caring voice. As she stood up, James hurried over to the car and got the phone from his glove box and sat back down. As she came out sniffing into some tissue, he finished his drink and asked Harry if she wanted another. With a nod he went to the men's toilet and using Harry’s phone, he called his assistant in the shop to speak to Harry’s boss.

“Hello… you let my assistant go, and when she calls me from her home and says she’s ok, I will bring Harry over to Meriden and drop her off. I didn’t know I was getting into this I just fancied a quick fumble with Harriet...!" ”You don’t, but I figure you have no choice. You need Harry to tell you where the parcel is. We could jump on a plane and disappear, and I’m assuming the parcel isn’t a present for your mom.” It went quiet for a second or two “Ok but I don’t want to see your face or have anything to do with this, I will go to the police if I have too!”

With that James closed the phone, and got some drinks from the bar and walked outside and sat down.

“What have you decided?” James asks.

“I will tell him that the stuff will be delivered to my house on Monday or Tuesday so he can pick it up from there and we can go away on the holiday as we said!”

James agreed, to keep her happy but he knew he had to get here back to Meriden.

“Are you still hungry or shall we go?”

“Let’s go; I’m not hungry now!” Harriet said finishing her drink.

As they walked across the car-park to the car, James popped the tracked phone into her handbag.

They drove along the country lanes as James phone rang. He answered it and listened. “Ok thanks!”

“Who was that?” Harry asked?

"No one it was to say some photos are ready for me to collect!”

“Oh,” she said looking out into the countryside.

As they entered Meriden village James said, “Run into the room and get your things while I wait, but be quick!”

As they drove slowly past the shop, James could see a man in the doorway nodding and pointing at him. As he pulled up in the car-park to the hotel, James saw a car pull in behind him. James waited until she was out of sight, reversed and drove off as quickly as he could.

James breathed a sigh of relief, and he was so glad to be out of it all. He turned the radio up again and put his foot down and drove onto the M42 motorway and kept going down south. When he got to Bristol, his phone lit up, and when he looked, it was a text from Samantha.

“I’ve just found your wallet in the washing! Is it Ok for me to get the winnings of this lotto ticket, I need some washing powder?”

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