The Life of Kyle Lashner.

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Not ever knowing the truth, Kyle Lashner is trying to seek the truth from several people. But these people who he decides to trust betray him by tipping off his father his location. Not ever knowing the truth, Kyle Lashner is trying to seek the truth from several people. But these people who he decides to trust betray him by tipping off his father his location. Out of all the people in his life, he fears his father the most ever since he was a child. His father was the most intimidating guy that ever lived, since his mother died, his father became abusive. Wanting to escape his father, he tries to run away and find family that will support him against his father, but then Kyle realizes that such people may not exist in the modern world. So he decides to team up with a couple of reliable friends, a local hacker, a sniper in training, and a police officer's son. They work together to help each other overcome their own personal obstacles, and they help Kyle get back at his dad by destroying his personal life. Just a warning, there are some scenes of violence and coarse language in this book. For those soft-hearted people out there, I suggest that you don’t read this book

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Chapter 1, The Incident

I knew what was coming for me when I got home, he had received a call from the school saying that I skipped a class again.

My heart was pounding as I walked up to the front door, I knew what he was going to do to me as soon as I would walk into the living room.
I tried to quietly reach the stairs before he arrived-

“HEY! Get over here right now! “ I winced, “ we need to have a little chat before you go out tonight!”

I shuddered at the thought of what he was capable of doing to me this time. I hung my head down and trudged over to where he was standing.

“Turn around and keep still!” he chuckled evilly, I knew what was coming for me.

I braced myself for The Belt, I screamed as the impact nearly knocked me off my feet, the pain was overbearing.
I could tell that my shirt was being torn, the belt bit into my skin, I could feel blood pulsing out of the wound.

He did it several times, till I realized that I was screaming. Cackling he said,

“Hehe, now get out of my face.” shirt torn, I ran to the shelter of my room.

Slamming my door, I threw my backpack in my closet, and collapsed on my bed. My back began to burn, I could feel blood running down my back.
Tears began burning my eyes. I rubbed them away quickly. I would not be seen crying, even if there was no one around
I got up and looked in the mirror, my face was red, I turned to take a look at my back.

What I saw grossed me out, my back was bright red, there were several lacerations. That’s when a message popped up on my computer.

Hey kyle? Where’d u go after school?

It was Mia, the school’s hacker.


Hey mia! Uhhh I’m in my room…..

My dad found out that I skipped….

After a long silence…..



U okay?.........what he do this time?

Let me explain things a little, my mother died a couple of years ago. It sorta did something to my dad, he took the loss very hard, and he got crueler and crueler over the years.

I tried to run away once, but he found me after a couple of hours.


I’m going to try again! I can’t stand living in this home any longer! I wanna be free!

I knew what I had to do….but would I be able to do it?


R u sure u wanna try again? What if he catches u again! U know what he said when he brought u home the last time!

I gulped, right! I forgot about what he said to me!

Long story short, my father said that he would kill me if he caught me running away again.


A couple of hours later…..

“What the hell?! Who the fuck is Mia?” my father’s gruff voice filled my ears.

I wasn’t really in the moment until he grabbed the collar of my now torn shirt.

He swung me around with such force, it scared me. My head hit the wall, I tried moving my arms up to defend myself but they fell lifeless at my side.

Pain filled my world, I was leaning against the wall; my father slammed his fist into my face several times that I collapsed on the ground.

I was sure that he was going to kill me this time.


I must have been laying there for hours, the house was dark.

I sat up slowly only to find that there was a knife sitting in my chest…

Well it was more like partly in my shoulder, I grabbed my arm, and gently pulled out the deadly weapon.

My face felt like it was on fire, I reached up and I felt blood streaming down my neck.

He had punched me until I bled, what kind of father does that! Like what the fuck!

I never thought that he would beat me till this point, the point where I was unconscious and bleeding.

I thought my father was supposed to be protecting me, not beating me up. Isn't that what fathers are supposed to do? A father is meant to protect, not beat.

The room was dark, I painfully sat up and noticed that my computer was still on.

The message I saw horrified me,


Hey kyle?! Kyle! What happened?

My father must have been the one who sent this,



Mia has signed off.

I was fuming, what gives him the right to mess with my social life!! Like what the fuck!!!


Mia? Mia! Hey sorry I couldn’t message you earlier!....uhhhh I was busy!

She didn’t answer for a while after that, I pulled my chair out and sat down. I left the lights out for now I don’t want him to know that I was awake.


I must have dozed off because i woke to the familiar ding of the computer,


Kyle?! What happened to you? Did he hurt you?

I didn’t know what to write, should I tell her what he did to me?


….ummm...yeh he hurt me again…


… badly?


..ehhh I might not come to school tomorrow cuz I don’t want to be asked questions.


Kyle? You have to come to school! If somebody finds out then maybe it’ll be your one chance to finally escape your father!!! ;P

“He he yeah I guess it would be true!” I muttered under my breath.


Yeah i’m coming ta school tomorrow okay! Tell the others!

Send me a pic I want to see the damage…. Okay?

I rolled my eyes...great! She wants to see how bad I looked, even I didn’t know what I looked like!

I took out my phone and went to the camera and snapped a pic.

I regretted pressing send, but she wanted to see the damage; and let me tell you this… it was pretty bad!

Omg! You look terrible! What the hell did he do?

I smiled at her reaction, I knew she would say that, it was so predictable.


Bella has now joined the group chat:

Hey guys! Whoa kyle what happened? These messages are so… DARK! Hehe!

I rolled my eyes, typical bella!

Bella was training to be a sniper, nobody was really surprised when she announced it to the whole school.


Kyle are you okay? What the hell happened?!

Can I like… come over there and shoot your dad?


Uhhh….bella?! You’ll get charged with murder! Hehe so you might want to think this through a bit okay?!


You know what? Who cares!? Like who fucking cares?! Whoever hurts my friend is going to pay!

I just sat there and took it all in. wow! I have true friends here at this school!

Staring at the screen, I almost cried, not because of the pain, but because of the love that my friends were showing for me.


Hey kyle?! U okay?

I sat there in silence, not knowing what to say.


Yeah I’m fine now! Thanks you guys!

I heard the familiar footfalls, it was my father coming to check to see if I was awake yet. I quickly shut my computer off,and quickly limped over to my bed. I managed to reach the middle of my room when the door flew open.

My father barged into the room, his face showing no expression.

Shock filled his face when he saw me,

“Kyle what happened to you!?”

What the fuck?! Did he not remember what happened? Was he now the kind man I once knew?

“What happened?! WHAT HAPPENED?! You know what fucking happened!” rage filled my mind, “you happened, that’s what the fuck happened!”

I glowered at him, wanting to just lunge at him and beat him the way he beat me.

Sadness filled his gaze,

“Kyle, I’m so sorry about what happened! It’s just that losing your mother was tough on me, I’m sure it was hard for you as well!”

Was he apologizing? Has he finally found his heart? What would happen now?

His gruff voice broke my thoughts, “will you ever forgive me?”

No I never wanted to forgive him, or talking to him ever again.

“No! I don’t forgive you for what you’ve done to me! You’ve ruined my life!” was my calm response.

Rage suddenly filled his gaze, “ I’ve tried being nice, you just made the biggest mistake of your life kid!” he suddenly charged towards me, like a bull on a rampage.

His weight suddenly crashed into me, pain filled my world.

Black spots danced across my vision, my father’s screams filled my ears.

I felt the belt coming down on me several more times.


I woke up to a steady beeping, it was a heart monitor.

Where am I? What the hell is going on?

I opened my eyes slowly, I could see the faint outline of a person sitting next to the bed I was on.

It was mia, what’s she doing here?

“Kyle?” relief filled her voice, “hey how are you feeling?”

I tried to speak but my lower lip was swollen,she had a slight smile on her face.

“How bad do I look?” I finally managed to stutter.

She had an anxious look on her face as we sat in an uneasy silence, finally she said,

“Well just put on some make-up...a lot of make-up and you’ll look normal again!”

I chuckled, that was an expected thing for Mia to say.

I was in the hospital for a couple of weeks then they decided to let me out when they thought that I was well enough to start school.

But what I dreaded the most was seeing my father again, that man scared the crap out of me.

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