A Child's Last Hope

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Chapter 9

Jason had not expected the moody teen to have quite so much vigor. His fantasy about the girl was erotically arousing, but had played out to be violently arousing instead. He loosened his grip as Eve’s face turned purple from the lack of oxygen and blood circulation. He dropped her motionless body, thumping against the thinly carpeted floor as she hit the ground.

Disappointment set in, not from the possible consequences of his actions, but from how everything played out. He had many more plans for her. Of all the children he had abused, never had a child fought back the way that Eve did. He blamed the unfortunate outcome on her age. Eve was older than most the girls he usually had a fancy for.

The left side of Jason’s shirt was soaked in blood, causing him to become lightheaded from how much he had lost. He knew the bleeding had to be stopped. Based on the many movies he had seen, Rambo in particular, the knife wound needed to be cauterized.

Desperately scavenging around the house, the thought of Beth returning home and finding his crime scene motivated him to move quickly. It wasn’t the first time he had killed someone, but he had never murdered an adult before. If Beth were to discover his secret, he would surely have to take her life.

Starting in the kitchen, he considered using a hot pan, but that would be too big. He ran into the bathroom looking for hydrogen peroxide, and to his convenience found a curling iron sitting out on the counter. Beth had inadvertently helped Jason get away with her daughter’s murder by helping him realize the perfect tool to stop his bleeding.

Jason reached under the sink and pulled out the peroxide. He set the iron on its highest setting, placed a hand towel in his mouth, bit down hard, and pulled the knife out as carefully as he could. A stream of blood followed behind the blade, coating the counter and sink with blood. Within seconds, the bathroom transformed into a bloody operating room.

While bearing the pain that came from the knife re-cutting through the flesh in his shoulder as it was removed, he immediately placed the scalding iron against his wound. The sizzling sound of the blood boiling was accompanied by the smell of burnt flesh—his scream muffled by the towel in his mouth, which he bit down on as hard as he could.

After ten seconds, figuring the bleeding would have stopped, he pulled the iron away from his shoulder. Strands of hair that clung to the curling iron were now melted into his wound. Pulling the hair out of his shoulder pinched, feeling as if they grew directly out of his own skin. Parts of the wound were cauterized, but there was a portion of it that he had missed and continued to bleed. Once again, he placed the iron on his wound, sizzling like a fajita plate from a Mexican restaurant. While Jason endured the pain, he probably would have passed out had his life not relied on covering up a murder.

Sitting for a moment until the pain subsided to a manageable level, Jason went back into Eve’s bedroom and threw her lifeless body over his shoulder, barely causing his shoulder further pain because she only weighed about ninety-two pounds. He carried her to the front door and opened it. Before walking outside, Jason stuck his ear out to listen for any nearby vehicles that may be coming down the road. All he could hear was the chirping of birds, so he walked as fast as he could over to the bed of his red, pickup truck. He launched her body off his shoulder into the bed of the truck with zero regard for her corpse.

Walking nonchalantly back inside the house, Jason looked for a blanket he could cover her body with. He decided to use a blanket from the linen closet rather than one from Eve’s bed so that less attention would be drawn to her disappearance. He figured she would just be considered another entitled and undisciplined teenager that ran away from home.

Once he stepped back outside, he could hear the rumble of a car engine coming down the road. Jason’s demeanor quickly changed as he sprinted toward the truck and threw the blanket over Eve’s body with urgency. He then ducked down behind the tire as the car drove past. He was taking a chance that his truck would be identified by a neighbor when Eve was reported missing by her mother, but he had faith that those chances were slim.

He now had to figure out what to do with the body. As luck would have it—because God could not possibly have any part in Jason’s good fortune—the single story, two-bedroom home was located in Beavercreek, Oregon’s countryside. A rural, country road ran in front of the home, while the backyard contained a spring-fed pond surrounded by pine trees. Neighboring homes were a quarter of a mile away down either direction of the road. There could be no better place to cover up a crime.

Jason had driven away before Beth left the house to grocery shop, so she was under the impression that he had left the area. The most difficult part about covering up the heinous crime he had just committed, became cleaning up all the blood he had spilled.

The carpet in Eve’s bedroom was a light, tan color, similar to coastal sand. There were a few drops of blood that had dripped during his trip to the bathroom. He used scissors from the bathroom to cut the top of the blood stained strands. The carpet was several years old, so there were stains and impressions scattered throughout the room. The portions he had cut were barely noticeable.

Jason then used an old t-shirt from his car to clean up the blood in the bathroom. He wiped up the blood using the shirt, and then wrung it out in the toilet. The tiled, bathroom sink and floor had dark grout that didn’t take much scrubbing to clean up, but the curling iron had to be scrubbed in order to remove the burnt blood. When he had finished cleaning, he put the shirt in a plastic bag with the strands of carpet.

Jason scoured the entire house for any evidence he might mistakenly leave behind, covering all his tracks. He placed the clean knife back in the kitchen drawer and placed the curling iron back just as he had found it. All evidence of a struggle had been erased and everything had been placed back in its rightful spot, even eating the sandwich that Eve had prepared before her demise.

Once inside his truck, he took a deep breath and relaxed. All that could be heard was the birds tweeting and tree branches rustling in the breeze. Nature was calm and peaceful, oblivious to the atrocity that had just been committed.

With a smile on his face, Jason drove out of the gravel driveway and onto the paved road, where he stopped. He got out of the car and removed his tread marks from the gravel driveway by swiping his foot back and forth along the ground.

Jason knew he would have to stay with Beth for at least another month to help console Beth through the process of mourning her daughter, the runaway. Leaving her right away would be suspicious, so he would have to impatiently wait to find his next victim.

Filled with confidence that he had gotten away with murder thus far, he drove away in search of the perfect place to hide Eve’s body.

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