The Anthropologist's Daughter

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June 2020

Evy stood on the edge of a small stage painted in primary colors. The young five year old smiled at her mother. Wren smiled at her daughter, phone in hand to video tape the whole ceremony.

Evy glanced at the people next to her mother. Aunt Hestia grinned at her. Hestia had made the cake for the after party. Aunt Keri had made Evy's dress. She and Uncle Connor were on Aunt Hestia's other side.

Evy grabbed her preschool diploma from the nursery school teacher when her name was called and gave the teacher a quick hug before smiling at her pseudo-family and racing off the stage. Wren gently handed her camera off to Hestia as she bent down to pick up her daughter in a hug. Hestia continued to film, smiling at the two-person family. Evy grinned at Hestia, showing off her preschool diploma over her mother's shoulder. Hestia finally stopped filming and dropped the arm holding the camera.

"Aunt Hesty? Can we go home and have cake now?" Hestia laughed at the girl as her mother put her down.

"Of course, sweetie," she said. Connor and Keri finally made their way to the girl.

"Congratulations, Evy!" Connor said excitedly. Evy grinned at her uncle and aunt and ran up to them to hug them too.

"We're going home for Aunt Hesty's cake!" she told them excitedly.

"Ooh good!" said Keri, "What kind did she make?"

"Confetti!" shouted Evy. Keri laughed.

"Looks like someone takes after her mother in cake tastes," she said.

"Hestia made grasshopper brownies, too," said Wren, taking Evy's hand. "Come on, Ev. Let's get to the car so we can have cake and presents."

"Presents?" asked Evy, a surprised smile gracing her face.

"Of course, silly! Every graduate needs presents!"

Evy's smiled only got bigger. She grabbed Hestia's hand with her free hand and started tugging her mother and her aunt toward the exit. "Cake and presents! Let's go! Allons-y, maman!" All four adults laughed at the small child, but very quickly moved toward the exit. It wasn't every day that a child of the ballroom team graduated after all.
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