The Anthropologist's Daughter

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Summer 2023

Evy was up-in-arms. At eight years old she was used to hanging around mostly adults all the time. She normally preferred it that way as she was well ahead of her peers educationwise. However, today was different.

Keri was pregnant. Quite pregnant. Keri was currently surrounded by women oohing and ahhing over every little decision Keri was discussing with them regarding the soon to come child. Wren and Hestia were among them telling stories. That normally didn’t bother Evy either, but they were telling stories of Evy as a young child and Evy didn’t know these women. Connor was sitting near his wife, adding his own comments and attending to Keri’s needs. He noticed Evy’d bored look and smiled apologetically.

It was in that moment the doorbell rang. Connor whispered something to Keri, then got up to get it. He motioned for Evy to follow him. She did so willingly. Arriving at the door, Connor opened it to reveal one Jack Rossier.

“Jack!” Evy exclaimed. Jack picked her up and swung her around.

“How’s my favorite girl?” he asked her.

“Bored. It’s all baby this and baby that... Really not at all interesting. Besides, Mum and Hesty are telling stories.”

“Stories?” he asked, looking a bit confused from the way the girl had emphasized the word.

“Yes, stories. You know, all those stories about me that you all think are so adorable. Like the one where I spit up on Connor’s face.” Connor suddenly looked horrified.

“When did they tell that story?” he asked.

“Right after you ran to the kitchen to grab a glass of water for Keri.” Connor groaned.

“Suddenly I find myself sympathizing with you, Evy...” Jack just laughed.

“You know she has that amazing power that just makes us all see everything from her side anyway.” Evy grinned. Then looked confused.

“What does sympathizing mean anyway?” Her eyebrow quirked up in a way very reminiscent of her mother.

Jack stopped for a moment, trying to think of a good way to describe it for the girl. “I guess the best way to put it would be, to see something from another person’s point of view.” He looked at Connor for help, but Connor just shrugged. He looked back down at the girl. “Are you really that bored?” Evy nodded her head vigorously, hoping she’d get her pseudo-uncle to bring her somewhere else. Jack had been wrapped around her finger ever since she was two years old when he had first danced her around the ballroom floor at the University of Vermont. “Okay. Let me go in there quickly, drop off my present and say hi to everyone, then let your mom know that I’m taking you out.”

Connor choked on his laughter. “You make her sound like a dog.” Evy snorted. Both Jack and Connor started laughing again. “I still can’t believe how much you sound like Wren when you laugh,” Connor continued. “Anyway, I’m coming with you. I’m not sure I can take much more estrogen anyway.”

“What’s estrogen?” asked Evy. Jack, put a hand on Evy’s head then turned and left the room, leaving Connor to answer yet another of the girl’s questions..

Arriving in the main room of the party, Jack put his present for the baby shower on the side table with the other presents. “Jack!” Hestia exclaimed, getting up to drag him over to where she was sitting next to Keri and Wren. “You need to be subjected to the oh so torturous state of hanging out with a large group of women. Connor appears to have disappeared.”

“He and Evy are in the kitchen. I wanted to stop in to say hi and drop off my present. However, Evy is just about bored to tears.”

“Oh no!” Wren exclaimed. “Did she finish her book? I had thought she’d be okay reading while we were here.”

Jack rolled his eyes a little bit. “She didn’t say anything about a book. And you know how active she is. Anyway, Connor and I were thinking to take her out. Connor wasn’t coming originally, but Evy snitched that you told that story about when Evy spit up on him. I think he needs a break for a while.”

Hestia rolled her eyes. “It’s not that terrible of a story. It’s just really funny.”

Wren grinned at Hestia, then turned back to Jack. “That’s fine. I don’t know how much longer we’ll be here, but we haven’t gotten around to cake or presents yet, so it could be awhile. And Hestia and I will both be able to call in case something happens here.”
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