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Chapter One

Here's the second chapter for you. Btw, this story is based off of and related to the TV show "The Tomorrow People". So if you watch that show you have an idea about what this is about. :)


Above is Sam at his current age. Yes, that is Logan Lerman.

"Psychokinesis or telekinesis, is an alleged psychic ability allowing a person to influence a physical system without physical interaction. Psychokinesis and telekinesis are sometimes abbreviated as PK and TK respectively. Examples of psychokinesis could include moving an object and levitation." (Source: Psychokinesis, Wikipedia)

I stare at the computer a long while. examining the words and pictures. I swear I've read this thing a thousand times but I just can't get enough of it. It's like that one thing in a movie you love some much, you can't get enough of it. Except this isn't a movie. This is real life. This is my life.

"Sam! Hurry you're gonna be late!"


I scramble to get my stuff together. It's a sad, sunless Monday morning, and yes I have to go to school. Awesome (not). School has been shitty ever since the worst day of my life. Which may be a stupid thing to say considering I've been a straight A student for as long as I can remember. Top of my class. Awesome (not). I shove my things in my bag and exit my room. Downstairs, my aunt is waiting for me at the bottom of the stairwell. A disapproving look. I glance over to Fred, my uncle at the breakfast table. He's made pancakes and there's one sitting on the table. Cold.

"Sorry, I was busy...Finishing up some homework."

"Mm-hmm. 16 year old boy up in his room a long time," She begins to walk away. "Who knows what you do up there."

"Keep thinking like that, my dear Aunt Helen, and it might come to pass." I grab the cold pancake and take a big bite then turn to Uncle Freddy. "See? I wont let Uncle's Fred famous pancakes go to waste."

I get all my things and begin to leave the house, before he can respond, when I forget something. I drop my things and run upstairs. I walk over to the room, the door ajar. I look in and see her in her rocking chair, reading a book. The same book from last week which she's already read.

The day my father died, my mother has never been the same. The day after the worst day, wasn't, in fact, the worst I've seen her. She was in the hospital for weeks. And during that time, the wonderful house I grew up in, that became my worst nightmare, was to be sold off and me to go live with my aunt and uncle in Minnesota. The transition from California to Minnesota wasn't easy' and not just the drastic climate change. My mother at one point was able to go on the plane to meet us. By the end of the flight, she was practically coughing up blood so we had to take her to another hospital until she could come home. She's been sick for a while now. With cancer. She was not too far along when we found out at her check-up. From that point on, she was miserable.

She never told me why that night even happened in the first place. I don't think she ever could. And I stopped asking.

"Hey, Mom," I say as I walk into the room. She glances at me away from her book.

"Oh, hey honey," She says. "How are you?"

"Good. Still reading that book?"

"It's so good. Never tired of it."

I smile and kiss her on her head.

"I've gotta go, mom," I say. "See ya."

She grabs my hand before I can leave.

"Have a good day, honey. I love you."

"Love you too."

She always has done that the most she can ever since that day. And I can't blame her considering what she's been through. What we've been through. What I've been through only at the age of 8.

I walk across the street and head to the small park at the end of the road because I left early. Didn't feel like eating all my breakfast. As I am walking down the sidewalk, some nut-job, jerk-face slams into me and makes me drop my 3DS, which I was playing. He yells "Watch it!" though he's the one who bumped me. I pick up my game. Without my hands. One of the many advantages of Telekinesis, as I like to call it. Psychokinesis sounds weird. I'm not a psycho. Depending on what you mean by psycho.

I look around. No one saw me and that kid was down the road by then.

I make it to Jonah and I's meeting spot. Jonah's sort of my best friend since I lost Ben years ago. He's probably the only person that gets me other than my family, though they don't really get me that much. I sit for a while wondering when he'll show. He pops out of the trees while dragging his bike along side of him.

"You're late," I exclaim.

"My dad was being a dick...Sorry"

"It's fine."

He sits on the next swing beside me.

"Today's the day we pick Prom King and Queen," He says. "It's gonna be crazy."

See, if only I took him seriously when he said it was going to be crazy. Really crazy.

We head to the bus stop.

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