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Chapter Two

Jonah and I get onto the bus and take our normal seats in the middle. Me at the window seat, Jonah on the outside. Jonah looks me up and down for a moment. I look at him and give him the expression: 'Is there a problem?'

"Could you at least make an effort then, dude?"

I look down at myself. I was perfectly content with my outfit choice. I have a long sleeve white T-shirt with a short tee with a Game of Thrones logo on top. My pants are dark, straight army cargo pants with big pockets and below I have combat boots. You would think a sixteen year old boy would be cautious about his attire to school; but I simply did not care. I don't think I need to make an effort for school because I don't mean to impress these people. I have messy dark brown hair that I minimally touch in the morning so I don't look like I'm trying too hard.

Jonah, on the other hand goes all out with his outfits. Today, he has an athletic T-shirt on made by Nike with a sleeveless vest over it. He has skinny jeans on and ridiculously expensive shoes of which I don't know why people buy, and his oh so famous blue army print Beats headphones of which he switches out for a different color everyday. He thinks 'this is how you get the ladies'. Honestly, I don't know what generation he thinks this is. But, honestly, I don't know what girl he has gotten so far since this one crazy girl the he was with in middle school. Too bad she disappeared four months into 6th grade.

"I'll dress how I want, you dress how you want," I say.

"Hey, Sammy! Nice shirt!" Some obnoxious boy behind us says.

I turn around and smile. I see that it is Brandon "Cougar" Hawke. The idiot who finds it entertaining to pick on me everyday. I'm starting to think he has a crush on me. Cougars got his nickname when he was a kid. Always searching for new prey to pick on.

"Thanks." I say. He stares at me like I'm crazy.

"Wasn't a compliment, dumbass," he says, quite aggressively.

"Game of Thrones? That show with boobs?" He laughs. "What? You couldn't find what you wanted on Youporn?"

'I'm tickled by your ignorance,' I thought.

Sandra Pace, Cougar's "girlfriend", comes up behind him.

"Come on, Cougar. Leave him alone. He's not worth your time anyway," she say.

" Just teasing the little dork." Cougar backs away but still glares at me. "I'm expected your vote for Prom King today!" he heads to the back of the bus.

That obviously wasn't going to happen because I wasn't voting. Sarah smiles at me before she goes. I've got to admit Sarah's cute. I've known her since we were in elementary school when I moved here. She would always wear rippled skirts everyday with a pink outfit and a big, bright pink bow in her hair. Now she wears shorts skirts and crop tops. I would give her the time of day but I'm honestly the only boy not really interested in dating girls or having time for them. Considering I always had time. I'd be a terrible boyfriend.

We arrive at school and me and Jonah exit the bus. There's a pep rally today, for a reason I have yet to know, so most people, mainly seniors and staff, are outside. I see Janette Dawson skip up to us. Janette has been our friend since middle school and has a crush on me while Jonah has a crush on her and I have a crush on neither of them. Quite a love triangle, right?

"Hey, guys!" she exclaims. "Hey Sam."

"Hey Janette," I reply.

Jonah jumps in. "Hey. This place this full of people. Too bad we can't join. We're only sophomores."

"OK, students! No standing around around! If you're not a senior, you should be walking into the building...Now!"

We walk inside the school and breath in the cool air of the worst social group arranged places. None of which I'm apart of. Janette starts rambling on about her spring break mostly talking to me. Jonah looks over to a bunch of girls and walks over to them, seeming annoyed.

I don't know why he's mad because I told him he can have Janette because I wanted interested. I hardly was listening to her anyway. Later that day, after a super boring day of exams; Geometry, which I pass and Biology, which I also pass. Not to brag.

By lunchtime, I was exhausted. I sit with Jonah and Janette, which I do everyday. There's a last minute voting post up for the Prom King and Queen and people are running up to vote for their favorites.

"Ooh! Let's go vote!" Janette explains.

I try to protest but Janette grabs my hand and drags me over before I can react. When we get up there, oh so coincidentally, Cougar is up there. He spins around and sees us there. I stare blankly at him.

"Hey! Sam, I was looking for you!"

"Oh, really?" I ask

"You here to vote?" he says completely ignoring what I just said.

"Why else would I-"

"Good! So vote for me."

He grasps me shoulder, hard, and pulls me up to the table. I grab a card from the girl at the desk.

"Go ahead," he say, quite persistently.

I grab a pen and "begin to write something" I don't. Instead I write nothing. Because I didn't want to vote and don't intend on it.

I slide the paper in the box.

"Cool. Thanks, man," Cougar says "For that, I won't take your homework for tomorrow. I'll let it slide."

I walk away because if I stood there any longer I was going to punch him in the face. Right when lunch is about to end, there is some weird commotion going on at the cafeteria doors. The teachers look worried and confused and when I large man fully dressed in black with body armor and a gun comes in, I understand why. Once everyone notices, the place goes dead silent.

"What the fuck?" Jonah says.

The man grabs the mic and speaks loudly, which I don't understand because he has a mic.


Everyone looks around until they see me. Jonah and Janette stare at me, bewildered. I honestly have no idea was going on, so no matter how many times Jonah I asks me, I keep saying no. More men show up and eventually someone points at me. The men come over to our table and loom over us.

"You Sam?" one of them ask. I gulp


"Come with me."

I stand up slowly and the men lead me toward the exit. I look back and Jonah and Janette are staring at me, both bewildered and confused. Jonah mouths "What the Fuck?" and I just shrug, trying to cover up my fear and confusion as to what is going on. They lead me out of the school to a large black van across the street. I ask them what is going on but they look straight ahead, ignoring me. They open the van and gently shove me inside.

It's dark at first but my eyes adjust to seeing a woman sitting across from me smiling. One of those creepy-not at all friendly smiles.

"Hello, Sam. So nice to finally see you. We've been looking for you for a long time."

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